The Knights of Dys'Mariy

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  1. The King of Dys'Mariy stood atop his palace, hands behind his back, as he stared off in the distance. He was a powerfully built man, once a Knight of the Dragoons. His ascension to the throne had been a difficult one, all those years ago, which made him cherish it all the more. As a child, he had been adopted by the previous King, since his wife had been unable to bear children. As he grew up, the King had named him his heir, and when he died, other family members tried to take the throne from him. In the end, he had won.

    King Brem stood, waiting for his faithful Knights, the Knights whom he had called for personally, to arrive. The sun was high in the sky, signaling midday. As he waited to meet his Knights here, he noticed a dark silhouette cross from above. The only Knight summoned to live in that part of his country, Len and his Drahkaar arrived first, landing on the roof of his palace, where he stood. As Len dismounted he quickly checked his Drahkaar, then turned and walked over to King Brem, and dropped to one knee, right fist over heart and left hand resting on the hilt of his rapier.

    "My King, I have arrived as you called," Len said, as the King signaled him to rise.

    "Sir Len, you arrived sooner than I expected."

    "Of course, my King! One can never be too early for his Majesty's call." Truthfully, Len was curious as to what was so important that the King himself had written and signed the letter. All that was mentioned in the letter was that it had something to do with the country's security and the impending war, but it stated nothing further, aside from the common pleasantries expected from in a letter.

    "Do not worry," the King said, as if reading Len's mind, "I will tell you why it is I summoned you once the other Knights arrive."

    "Other Knights?"

    "Yes. I summoned Dame Esmarelda, Dame Persephone, and Sir Illyrin. They should be arriving shortly."

    "I... do not know of them. I've heard of them by name, only."

    "Dame Esmarelda is a Pegasus Knight, Dame Persephone a Liger Knight, and Sir Illyrin a Roc Knight."

    "Ah, none are Dragoon Knights, then. It explains why I do not know more of them, since they did not come from my Knight's Order."

    "Yes. Now, if you will, I shall take my leave," the King said. "If you could, wait for Dame Esmarelda and Sir Illyrin here? I shall have my steward wait for Dame Persephone below. I will send my steward for you all when it is time, and meet you in the meeting hall. Once the other three arrive, feel free to enjoy the palace's hospitality." With that, the King nodded and turned, entering the palace through a door.

    "Huh. Well, this will be an important mission, don't you think Treig?" As usual, Treig gave an annoyed shake of his head, his nostrils flaring as a small burst of smoke puffed out. Laughing, Len patted his partner's head. "Now now, don't be like that!"
  2. Persephone didn't hesitate going to the palace once she got the King's message. She was just a woman on a mission, really. If she didn't fulfill her duties as a knight, what other purpose did she have? Otherwise, should the kingdom crumble to ashes, she was certain she would find something else fulfilling. She truly did care about the kingdom and its people... It was just silly to her, if she outright admitted that. Despite her lack of emotion, people still depended on her for safety. That was reason enough to put an end to this war.

    Upon the back of Koji, they headed to the location which summoned her. It did not take too long, since her liger could travel impressively fast. No time was wasted to rest; they raced through scenery without looking back.

    They hadn't met any of the other knights before, who doubtlessly would be there as well. Persephone didn't much look forward to it, but she knew how to be a team player. Hopefully they had lots of experience, and didn't treat this as a joke. Nobody would like Persephone in a bad mood... It would be remorseful beyond belief.

    Koji came to a stop in front of the royal structure. Not much time was spent looking it over, since they've seen it quite a few times already. A young man was standing near the entrance, who was no doubt a servant to the King. Persephone just nodded to him and then jumped down from the giant cat. Silently, she waited for what to do next. Koji seemed a little uneasy because of the nearby strangers, which his mistress calmed with a pet on the side.

    The woman was clad with sturdy armour, a giant axe strapped to her back and a small bag on her shoulder. She reached into this bag and pulled out a container of water, half of which she drank from. The rest was poured into the open mouth of her liger, a very dangerous display of teeth showing. "I'll get you some more later," she promised, her voice quiet as she stroked his fur some more.
  3. Walking alongside the dark-furred Liger was a knight with a very poor reputation... the Ex-Bandit King, Sir Rubens del'Monte. He eventually finds a place to rest in the castle - he got suspicious glances anywhere he went, but it always felt a little easier in the main hall... everyone used this as an easy way to get from one place to another, so they were too busy to tell him their dislike of him. Patting Murmur on the head, he adjusts the black studded leather armor he wore, trying to spruce it up a bit...

    ...No easy feat. He had kept his bandit colors, right down to the old Murk Cloak. Brown and green - great colors for hiding in a swamp, poor colors to try and be presentable in, unless one was an earth magic-user... which he wasn't. Running his right hand through the Liger's fur, he smiles serenely. He had not been called to the castle, but had made his way here on his own power... for a multitude of reasons.

    He wasn't oblivious to troubles elsewhere... he had a small border property himself, and often made himself useful as a scout.. "We know the swamps, don't we, sweetheart?" He says this out loud, without thinking about it, to the Liger before him. The Liger responded with a low growl - at much happiness as she was known for, glancing at each passerby with interest.

    Patting her to signal that she should lay down to rest a bit (they HAD been running most of the day), he lowers himself near her, sitting nearby - trusting each other enough to rest his head upon her shoulder, waving to a few maids... who, after noticing who he was, began to walk much faster. The feline snorts in an amused fashion... soon after, Rubens does as well. "Heh." He'd relax a bit, unless interrupted. He'd see the King eventually about wt he has to say, but he understood that the man could be very busy at the moment...
  4. Illyrin and taka had been flying for nearly three straight days. they had only stopped at night. It was exausting for both Roc and knight. They were high in the sky following a river that would help lead them to the kings palace. illyrin left as soon as he recieved the letter from the king. he only had enough time to pack some provisions and his armor and weaons. He was fanatically devoted to the king.

    In truth illyrin was uneasy about leaving Marys. He had recently uncovered a plot too secede from the kingdom. The ruling council, wanted to go back to complete isolation. Illyrin gathered the soldiers at his command and started a coup. he had each of the members of the council dismembered in public view as punishment. then he replaced the ruling council with some of his most trusted friends and advisors. this was unpopular, as they were all military officials. the people of Marys were unhappy knowing that a military junta had replaced their elected councilors.

    The palace came into view. Taka began to descend. They leveled off less than a hundred feet from the ground. farmers would wave at the knight as they passed by. Illyrin didn't wave back, because he knew thay would not be able to see it. they came closer and closer to the castle. Taka began to rise sharply , they flew just ov er the battlements, and the great bird softly came to rest atop the castle. illyrin dismounted, and walked to the front of his mount. "Good jod Taka. Rest my friend." Illyrin said to the roc. he turned to see a fellow knight, a dragoon, standing not far from where thay had landed. " Hello, I am Illyrin Sarrassa. Chosen champion of Marys. Knight of his majesty the king of Dys'mariy." he said with a slight bow.
  5. "We're heading to royalty, Dena. Seems something has come up with the King..." Talking steadily to her mare, Dena, Esmarelda finished braiding her mare's tail. The last thing they needed was it's length to be stuck in a brier patch. Stepping away after snapping a blue tie onto it, Ez headed out of the stall.

    "What do you suppose is up?" she still chatted away, joyous her private sanctuary was not interupted by the chaos of the outside world. Picking up the bridle, which was also a dark blue, Essa latched it onto Dena. No saddle was needed.

    "Come on, then. I suppose we have best be going, if we wish to arrive on schedule." Dena trotted alongside, never behind, Esmarelda. After all, Essa treated Dena as an equal, not a servant.

    A hoof was extended, shoulder bent, for her master to mount. Wings were lain close to the ground, nearly brushing in the brown dirt. Ez easily slipped up, years of practice coming handy. Weapons were packed. Dena snorted, adjusting to the extra weight before pushing off from the harsh land below...

    * * *

    The wind blew her pure white outwards, behind Esmarelda, as it was left unbraided. Straight as an arrow, it simply billowed. She observed the lands below them as they glided past. The sights ranged from grassy to dark brown to snow, even.

    Finally, though, the palace came into view. Dena and Ez circled once before coming to a smooth landing. Dena trotted, before slowing, and completely stopping. For a moment, neither creature moved, before the mounting process was reversed.

    It wasn't until after dismounting, Ez became aware of eyes. She had not noticed, because it was her first time to the palace. Next time, though, she would be aware of all aspects. Turning, body looking relaxed but instead taught like a bow string, she raised a sculpted eyebrow.

    "I do suppose I am in the right place?" Her pink lips curved upwards, eyes twinkling. Still, though, cautiousness radiated from her.
  6. A young boy waited for the arrival of Persephone. When she arrived, he couldn't help but stare. Knights were always amazing and honorable warriors, but she was a Liger Knight. As she approached, he quickly ran to let the King's personal steward know. Within minutes, the steward arrived. He was a relatively old man, with slightly stooped shoulders. Regardless, he moved quite quickly and carried a large folder with him, as well as a pouch which contained dozens of quills and, though not visible, ink jars.

    "Ah, you are Dame Persephone, no doubt? I am Steward Degar." Bowing, he gestured to her Liger. "Would you like to leave your Liger with the Knights here? They will take great care of your partner." Degar spoke with a somewhat dry voice, one that seemed fit for describing numbers and statistics. "I would be happy to take you to the other Knights.

    Len waited patiently on the palace roof, arms crossed. Eventually, he spotted a Roc flying towards the palace. "Must be one of the Knights, then." Waiting until the Roc landed and Knight dismounted, he nodded as the Knight approached. Bowing his head in return, he introduced himself. "Sir Len of Katre. A pleasure to meet you." As he spoke, yet another Knight arrived. A Pegasus Knight. "Ah, this Knight will be a female?"

    As she dismounted, he grinned and gave her a deeper bow. "Lady Knight, it's a pleasure!" he said amusingly. "Yes, you are indeed at the right place. Now that the three of us are here, we can head down. I assume the Liger Knight has already arrived." Turning, he petted his mount once. "Ah, the three of them can wait here, for the time being. We shouldn't be too long."
  7. "Please, call me Essa or Ez; Esmarelda if you must. Lady makes me feel old," she relaxed now, wind gently tossing her hair all over the place and catching upon the shiny rings in her ears. Though a cold chill had nipped the air, she appeared unaffected in her brown shorts; cloak mimicking her hair. Unlike the usual attire, a sword case looped lazily around her hips, uneven and loose. Her sword was covered in it.

    Her mare stood behind her, dark eyes on the two nights and their mounts. Her wings were still open, matching her master's choice of colors. Mane tossing defiantly in the wind, Dena snorted unladylike. All in all, the pair looked like they.. Fit in. Belonged.

    Though cautious of leaving her mare behind, Essa nodded. Dena would be able to take care of herself; after all, she had up until about five years ago. Essa gave her mount a small nod, before turning back to the knights.

    "Shall we go, then, or stand here admiring the weather?"
  8. Illyrin was uneasy. It had become apparent to him that these knights were not royalty like he was. Many knights nowdays were those who fought their way to the top. He was born inot the role, he would have taken his position regaurdless of any qualifications. Thoses who did not inherit their title tended to get along poorly with those who did. Illyrin knew he was deserving of his title. He was amazing when it came to fighting while airborne. Not only that but his discovery of, and being chosen by Taka showed as a divine affirmation. That still didn't stop those whop felt that the few remaining knights from royal families were spoiled, and unskilled.

    "Yes" Illyrin said trying to hide the uneasyness from his voice. "His royal majesty should not be kept waiting." he walked towards the door into the castle. He still didn't know what this was about. He was nervous, and a little paranoid. he took a deep breath as he opened the door and entered.
  9. Surprise, surprise. As if to worsen Illyrin's uneasiness, the corridor that the group walked into happened to be the one that Sir Rubens was reclining in, against the Liger, 'Murmur'. The two turned their heads to look at the motley crew, matching pairs of skull-like earrings jingling audibly. An eyebrow raised in question, before he finally rose a hand to wave... Though his curiosity was now going full blast, he didn't show it. Murmur, however, didn't seem enthusiastic at all.

    "Hoi." He calls, before the lot of them had passed into the room more fully. "...You lot are going to see the King, right?" Reaching into a breast pocket, he pulls out two pieces of paper, folded together. "I've never had much luck gaining audiences with him, though I felt it... pressing, that this information reached him. I'd do it myself, but most of you lot are uneasy around me... not sure why." He says the last bit jokingly, offering his sharp-toothed grin. "I'd consider it a favor, to be repaid in the future."

    The Ex-Bandit King doesn't get up, continuing to sit there with the piece of paper... then he looks to each of them, "Hoi, I recognize you lot. Sir Len, Sir Illlyrin, Dame Esmarelda." Shaking his head with a sad sigh, he shrugs, "Nevermind. What you're doing is likely more important anyway. I'll just keep waiting, I guess." Folding his arms behind his head as a pillow, he continues doing just that.
  10. Len was surprised by the sudden appearance of this new Knight. Even more interesting, he didn't introduce himself like most Knights would, yet knew who they were. At least by name. "Ah, I think I know who you are. You must be Sir Rubens. I've heard of you." Looking at the piece of paper, he instead grinned, gesturing for him to get up. "Come on in with us." Sir Rubens was infamous, in a way, but Len was never one to condemn a man based on hearsay. "I'm sure the King would rather you give him the info personally, in case he has any questions."

    Just as Len was about to enter the room, the King's steward arrived, followed by Persephone. "Ah, Sir Len. I am sure the King told you of the Liger Knight who would be joining you as well?" Turning to face Rubens, he made an audible sniff, then glanced back at Len. "The Lady Knight, of course," he added, gesturing to Persephone. "I shall take my leave, now, my Lord Knights." Bowing, he retreated silently, vanishing around the corner.

    "Ah, a pleasure, Lady Persephone," Len said, bowing dramatically again, just as amusingly. "This is Sir Rubens, Sir Illyrin, and La- ah... Esmerelda. She likes being called Essa, or Ez," he added, giving Essa a friendly yet amused grin.
  11. A light chuckle erupted from Essa. Perhaps upon returning to her own territory, she would invest in an introduction class. Or, at the least, a manners one. After all, never had Ez been taught more than just the basics of manners. That included how to make polite chit-chat those who knew nothing of their own opinions and how to voice her's. It wouldn't do to never be heard; to never suggest advice.

    "Hello, Lady Persephone, Sir Illyrin, and Sir Ruben, please to make your acquaintence." A small smile slid over her lips; twisted them upwards as light twinkled in her eyes, and she gave a cordial nod to the liger. One hand slipped up to readjust the broach of her cloak, and she turned away again; distracted within her own tangle of thoughts.
  12. Persephone kept her distance from the other knights so she'd have a better view of them. She folded her arms behind her back and gave each of them a stare with her cold, dark eyes. All of their names were familiar, but she didn't know them. Hopefully, this would be a pleasurable experience shared with them... People seemed to get intimidated or angry with her short temper.

    The knight known as Len then introduced himself to her, as well as the others. Persephone bowed in return, with her hands still behind her back. She had to try not to guffaw at this man as she straightened herself; at least he was amusing.

    "A pleasure," she told them, her voice thick with an English accent and unusually deep. Hailing from a rather barbaric clan of people, she often came off as sounding like a brute. "I needn't be addressed as Lady, either. Not by those who share the same rank as I."

    Persephone then brought her arms from behind her to cross them over her armoured chest. She was waiting silently for this meeting to begin, giving the wall across from her a stoic expression.
  13. Sir Rubens rubbed his chin for a moment, chuckling. "Heh. Sure, I'll come with you... the King's not that fond of me, ever since I used the logs intended to be used to build fortifications to squash a rival bandit clan." Patting Murmur on the shoulder, he rises to his feet. Turning and addressing the liger, he states, "I'm going to go with them for a bit, sweetheart. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

    The liger looks up at the man with... what some could mistake for a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

    Sir Rubens winks at the beast, before turning and swaying over to the group of knights. Shorter even than the female knights, his dark outfit was a contrast to their armors. His skull jewelry jingles a bit, and he scrapes a cheek with one of his almond-shaped nails. "I suppose, then, with one of each of the Knightly Orders being represented, this'll be... important?" He grins, flashing teeth filed into points, happily asking a question with an obvious answer.

  14. Lloyd had been a bit surprised by the letter, but nonetheless he took the message to heart, informing his people that he must depart to the castle in order to take care of some business. While the word of his departure would reach everyone in his province until after he had left, the ones who were in the same town that he was wished him luck and that he would soon be with them again. As Lloyd smiled and waved goodbye before taking off in flight with Sol, he wished and doubted that things were that easy and simple.

    While Sol and Lloyd flew quickly through the air at an impressive rate, their province was one of the farther ones away from the kingdom, a mountain range directly between them. This mountain range was the main source of bandits that seasonally plagued Lloyd's province, but with his might he was able to keep them in check. After a few days of hard travel, the castle rose up from the horizon in its glory, parapets with their flags streaming in the high winds indicating who ruled there, as if there was anyone in the land who didn't know.

    As he arrived at the front gate, not wanting to be disrespectful to the other guards and fly over, they immediately opened up for him, recognizing his status near immediately. Lloyd gave each he made eye contact with a warm smile and a wave, and even though such acts seemed insignificant, the morale of the guard was boosted, glad to know that at least one of the revered knights had some common courtesy for those of a much lower station. A messenger boy left after seeing him, soon returning with the Steward Degar. "Ah, I see you have finally arrived Sir Lloyd. The other knights have already congregated in the main hall, if you hurry you should be able to meet up with them." Then Degar went off to tend to other matters that, while dull and boring to many people, was well suited for someone like the Steward.

    Realizing that Sol would not be able to attend the meeting with the king, he asked some nearby knights if there were any facilities in order to take care of his Drahkaar. They replied with a yes, but that the winged steeds of the other knights were already residing on top of the castle. Deciding that Sol would prefer to be alone, he simply asked the guards to merely guide Sol to the stables, providing him with a trough to drink out of, and otherwise staying out of his personal space. Before leaving, he gave a comforting pat to Sol, as if to say he'd be back soon. Sol, far more intelligent than most would think, began to follow the guards, though he snapped at any who grew too close.

    Upon entering through the main doors of the castle, Lloyd found it easy to spot the other knights, a hodgepodge group as they were. You would think that such a high station would have some sort of dress code, but Lloyd supposed that even his golden hued armor was out of place in comparison to the others. Walking up to them with a warm smile, he gave a brief introduction, "Hello there, I am Sir Lloyd. I trust we are making good time in making our way to the throne room for our audience with the king?"

    Lloyd paid no special attention to any of the knights, his mind on what possible reason they could've all been called for. As such, he never checked to see which knights were with him and which ones, if any, he recognized. Because while his eyes and smile gave the feeling of politeness, his mind was on other important matters, and considered pleasantries not worth his undivided attention.
  15. Len nodded at Rubens, when he spoke. "Yeah, from what I can tell." As he turned to enter again, a new Knight appeared, wearing quite noticeable armor. "Ah, Sir Lloyd... The King didn't mention you... I don't think... Well, if you're here, then you must have been summoned. I'm Len, Dragoon Knight. This is Persephone, Esmerelda, Rubens, and.. Ah, Illyrin is inside. Perhaps we should go too."

    Finally, Len followed Illyrin in, walking into the meeting room. A long, oak table was set in the center of the room, the legs incredibly well decorated. The table was edged in gilt, but only modestly. Dozens of chairs were set around the table, the head of the table set with a more ornate and large chair; it was clearly meant for the King. Once in, Len sat at the chair near the King's, and the Steward took his spot standing next to the King's chair.

    Once everyone was seated, the King arrived within minuted, and another man behind him. As the King reached his chair, Len rose, waiting for the King to seat himself. Once he was seated, the King gestured for his Knights to take their seats. Finally, the man who was with the King spoke.

    "I am Mage Krin. Blue Robe of the High Mage Order. I am also His Majesty's adviser." Mage Krin was a relatively old man, his face only beginning to show signs of age. He had a fairly short beard, gray in color. His robe seemed to fit him somewhat loosely, and he held a black, gleaming staff in his right hand. The staff was topped with a large shard of what appeared to be diamond, clutched in a golden talon.

    "Well," the King finally said, "with introductions aside, let us begin." Glancing, he raised a brow at Lloyd. "Ah, Sir Lloyd. I don't remember..."

    "Your Majesty, I thought it would be good to have Sir Lloyd here as well," Krin said. "He is an honorable man, and deserves the honor to protecting his country."

    "Very well. That aside, I guess we should now speak of why I brought you all here."
  16. Illyrin was nervous. he had no idea why he had been called here. He stood when te king entered, and did not sit until after the king did.
  17. Esmeralda's grey eyes took in the sights around her, absorbing and filing information away for a later date, when she had time to rewind and glimpse through this event. Silently, she moved across the glossy tile floors to take her spot. However, hands folded behind her back, she did chose to not sit at all until the king had arrived and been seated. Ez then took her spot next to Sir Rubens and Lady Persephone. Politely, hands were clasped in her lap; white halo of hair lying still around her. No smile twitched at her lips now, as she surveyed everyone; taking note of certain things before glancing to the next. Curiousity, mingled with seriousness now, ebbed from her.
  18. Sir Rubens smirked, excited to get to know what this wa all about. Unlike the other knights, he had not risen from his seat when the king entered... He did sit a lot straighter in his chair, offering a Frontier Salute... Placing a palm over his heart and bringing it up so the palm faced the king - an old swamp sor of greeting, meant to address an elder or prominent person.

    Soon, though, he moved to a more comfortable position, leaning back into his chair and placing his feet on the meeting table. He took the pieces of paper from his vest pocket, playing with them as he listened - not ready to give the information within until the others had been addressed with this... Mission of national security. He was about to be privvy to teuely juicy information, and he fought to hold back the salivation that such information tended to give him.

    For a good long moment, he looked to the Mage. He always had more respect for them than others - mastering magic was something he admired, and it was the thing that allowed him to raise the ranks of banditry. What puzzled him though was the colors of their robes... He could never remember of that was a method of denoting rank in the organization or their specialization as a Mage... Never got many Order mages in the swamps. Still, he felt it better to sit and wait than offer a question - he was rude enough without interrupting the King.
  19. Within minutes, a large map was unrolled by the steward, and the corners weighed down by paperweights. The map was a detailed map of the continent, revealing the borders of all the countries. Another map was unrolled behind it, similarly held down, this one a closer view of Dys'Mariy and the bordering countries.

    "I have kept this from most of my people," the king began, "but we are already at war. The borders of Dys'Mariy have been surrounded for a month, now, and are only being held back by magic Krin and I have cast. But the magic is waning..."

    "This," Krin continued, "is where you all come in. You need to find the legendary ArchSage Nodren. He was an incredibly powerful Sage several hundred years ago, but, while many believe him to be dead, he is in fact alive. We need you to find him first, and then find a sacred artifact, known as the Hyga Shield. With it, ArchSage Nodren might be willing to help us erect a barrier until we can gather enough Knights to prepare for war. This way, we won't be assaulted by all sides.

    "Ah, I see," Len said. "Do you have any idea where the ArchSage and shield are?"

    Pointing to the map, the Mage circled a spot on the map, using magic. "The shield is in this temple. It has long since been forgotten, but you must hurry, nonetheless. The enemy may have remembered. The High Mage Order is not sided with anyone; only individual Mages are. Meaning the other countries may have Mages with them as well, giving them the same information I am now giving you."

    "Ah!" Glancing down, Len noted the circled spot. "That's not too far from the Dragoon Temple!" As he spoke, the Krin marked another spot on the map, east of the first circle. "That's... where the ArchSage is supposed to be...?" The second circle was much larger than the first, encompassing a vast portion of the land. And a lot of it was mountainous. "How long do we have?"

    "Approximately... three weeks. It should suffice. Retrieve the shield first, then the ArchSage," the king said. "Do any of you have any questions?"
  20. Esmeralda was quiet for a few moments, enclosed within her thoughts. One hand absentmindedly reached up stroke a piece of hair behind her ear. Her mind absorbed the information, filing away small details and focusing on the larger ones. She was already planning ahead, designing possible routes and supplies. Many supplies.

    Then she spoke, melodious voice echoing in clearity. "Will we have time to build together a pack to take, or will one be assigned to us?" Clothing, supplies, the like, would need to be taken with no doubt.