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Dark clouds are looming upon the horizon. Dys'Mariy, a monarchist country, is in deep peril. Bordered by three countries, it now faces a three-front war, from its' neighbors. The peace that had begun nearly seven hundred years ago, and lasted up until five years ago, is now but a memory.The King of Dys'Mariy has called forth his Knights, each who rules a province of his country in his name, to now undertake a perilous quest. In order to protect their kingdom, the Knights must find a legendary Mage, long since thought dead, and an ancient artifact known as the Myrkaan Shield, which will protect their country with a magical barrier, until a proper army is assembled, or the King can negotiate peace once more.

The Knights are loyal to the King, having each sworn an oath to protect the royal blood. While the Knights are a part of one Knighthood, it is not uncommon for most Knights to have never met one another. Each Knight Captain is capable of powerful magicks, as well as have a mastery of some type of weapon. Each Knight is also allowed to be of a different fighting class, giving the Dys'Mariy Knighthood a known uniqueness. The Classes and Magicks are as follows:


Dragoon- Long ago, before even recorded history, mighty Dragons ravaged the land. In retaliation, the humans were able to tame their weaker, yet versatile cousins, the lithe Drahkaar. Dragoons wield mighty spears and swords in combat, while atop their Drahkaar. Drahkaar are capable of flight and magick, but unlike their cousins, they tire after the use of magick, or prolonged flight. Drahkaar are picky, and do not allow women to ride them to combat, though a few exceptions have existed.

Pegasus Knight- As the name implies, Pegasus Knights are Knights who ride to combat on a powerful Pegasus. Pegasus are as picky as Drahkaar, and absolutely refuse to have a male be it's master. Much to the ire of men, there has never existed an exception to the Pegasus Knight. Pegasus Knights are similar to Dragoons in that they wield spears and swords to combat, but the swords tend to be of a lighter variety, for better movement while on the Pegasus. Pegasus are the only creatures, other than humans, to be able to cast Light-based magicks.

Roc Knight- A Roc Knight is a Knight who takes to the skies on a mighty, giant bird. However, unlike Dragoons and Pegasus Knights, Rocs aren't picky when it comes to genders. Most Roc Knights are highly skilled archers, as they use the feathers of their Roc to fletch arrows. Om incredibly rare occasions, a Roc might have a hidden power, and might become a Phoenix. Thus, the Roc Knight is promoted to Phoenix Knight, an honorable and rare title. Rocs are mighty Fire users.

Liger Knight- As the others, a Liger Knight is a Knight who rides a massive Liger to combat. As Ligers are incredibly rare, Liger Knights are even rarer. Many Knights have died trying to form a bond with a Liger, but once a Liger's trust and friendship has been earned, it is unwavering. Ligers are skilled with Earth-based magicks. Ligers are incredibly skilled runners on land, and even when running through a heavily wooded area, a Liger can keep its top speed while skillfully evading trees and branches, while innately taking in it's rider's height into consideration. Liger Knights tend to wield swords, axes, or maces to combat. Ligers can also travel much longer than Drahkaar, Rocs, and Pegasi.

Mounts, like Drahkaar and Rocs, cannot communicate telepathically.

Magicks: Magick revolves around Elemental magick, such as Fire and Wind. Magicks can be used in an infinite number of ways, limited to the user's creativity and imagination. The more of an element is used however, the chance of the user losing control is also increased. Elements can be combined as well, such as Water and Wind to make Ice, or Water and Earth to make Nature.

The Elements are as follows: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Light, Darkness, Spirit. No magick is truly able to beat another magick. For instance, Water can douse ire, but if the Fire is hot and strong enough, it can evaporate the Water. A powerful Lightning bolt can shatter Earth, but if it isn't strong enough, the lightning is grounded. Spirit is only used for creating Elemental Wraiths, such as Fire Wraiths, which can be large and powerful. By combining Spirit with Fire, a creature of Fire can be created. However, the caster must constantly send Spirit to the creature, for if the flow of Spirit is cut off, the creature vanishes.

Everyone can use all magicks, but everyone is proficient in one or two types.

SU Sheet:

Knight Class:
Magick Proficiency:
Mount's name, appearance, ect.:

We shall all begin as Knight Captains, who rule separate provinces. Feel free to come up with the name of a province as you wish.
Name: Len Shiroce
Age: 25
Knight Class: Dragoon
Appearance: Len is of fair skin, and of mid-height. He is strong in appearance and, at first glance, seems cold and aloof. He has long black hair which falls over one eye, and is tied back in a ponytail, which falls to just past his shoulders. He lost an eye early on during his training to be a Dragoon, after he had become a regular Knight Soldier, and now wears a cloth wrapped around his left eye, though the fiery red scar is still visible. The cloth itself is slightly decorated, his reason being, "If they're gonna notice the extra hole in my head, they might as well have something nice to look at!" His Dragoon armor is black and silver, matching his Drahkaar's scales, and the crest of his King, the Spear and Sword (the spear being golden and the sword being silver, both crossed), emblazoned on the breast of his breastplate. He doesn't wear a cape, but instead chooses to wear a cloak atop his armor or tunic, which he also uses as a makeshift blanket when sleeping in the wilderness.
Personality: Len, as expected of a Knight Commander, is incredibly loyal to his King. Surprisingly, he is quite laid back, and isn't above going to a local tavern for a drink, or making friends with the common folk. Training, however, he takes seriously, as an effort to make himself better, so that he may protect his kingdom better. However, he is not so blinded that he doesn't see the faults in his kingdom, and is truly saddened when he sees people in poverty.
History: Len was an orphan when he was young, his parents both dead when he was around three. His father was a Dragoon, and was off fighting a war in a somewhat distant country. His mother became greatly ill, and soon died. His father, having received news of his wife's illness, rushed to return, but was ambushed by the enemy and killed. Thus, Len began living on as a street urchin, unknowingly honing his survival instincts, always dreaming of becoming a Dragoon like his father. Once he became a Knight Soldier, he quickly traveled to the Dragoon's Order to train. He was noted for his natural skill, and quickly became a Dragoon. Upon doing so, he traveled back to his country, and soon became a Knight Captain.
Weapons: Len uses a spear as his main weapon. The tip of the spear is made of a sharpened piece of diamond, roughly one foot in length, and is infused with Dark magick. The diamond blade is a cross-blade, the two spikes coming off the bottom of the blade also just as sharp. As a secondary weapon, Len has a rapier that is enchanted with strong Wind magicks.
Magick Proficiency: Wind and Darkness
Mount's name, appearance, ect.: His Drahkaar goes by the name of Treig, and is black scaled, though each scale is edged in silver. Treig is sleek and well built, and his magick breath is Darkness. Treig's mood is generally that of annoyance, usually not liking people.
Name: Esmarelda (Likes to be called Ez or Essa) Charttell.

Age: 21

Knight Class: Pegasus

Appearance: Esmarelda had long, pure white hair. It reaches past her butt, and is usually worn in a braid; starting high on the back of her head. Blood blue coloring is woven into it. She stands tall and proud at five feet eight. Light silver eyes taken in many details. High cheekbones, a full bottom lip and stubborn jawline. Her ears are pierced six times on each side. The lower three are small, silver hoops.
She wears a single, pure black cloak. It snaps at her collarbone with a white broach and stops at her knees. She wears no other armor, besides a mesh shirt underneath. Short, mid-thigh shorts are worn, with a skin-tight body armor underneath. The shoes upon her tough feet are white moccasins.

Personality: Likes to be laugh and joke, but can also be very serious when the situation calls for it. She enjoys running streams or big bodies of water. Essa is like a small monkey, and will often times launch from nowhere to latch onto. She likes to curl up to people when scared or cold. Normally, though, she will shrug off affectionate comments, knowing saying and actually meaning are two seperate things. Ez is a harsh leader, but cautious. She trains almost every moment of her free time, and when she isn't, Essa loves to just... relax. Creativity practically flows from her. Instead of charging into battle, per say, she will find a different way to pick off enemies. Putting humans in danger bothers her like a bur under the saddle of a horse; she hates useless slaughtering.

History: Ez was raised by a single parent. Her mother had died in childbirth, leaving Ez and her father alone in the world. At the time, Essa's father was barely eighteen. They lived poor for a great while in a small hut on the outside of town. Growing up in such conditions, they made do and Ez learned many valuable lessons. Hard-work pays off being one of them. Always hanging around the stables, Esmarelda was taken on as a stablehand; but forced to dress as a boy. Soon it was discovered she had a natural talent for horses--the moody Pegasuses in general. It was during a small struggle with several soldiers Ez was discovered by the Pegasus Knights. She was soon taken on, to train the pegasuses and then, working her way up the scale, to be in charge.

Weapons: A small dagger lays in Esmarelda's boot, in case of hand to hand combat. It is big enough to be concealed up her sleeve in case of the need for stealth. She, like many Pegasus Knights, wield a sword the length of her arm. The handle is of pure blood blue, with a small silver diamon between where her forfinger and thumb rest. The tip is not of a regular sword, but instead also a four sided diamond. The blade twists down into a spiral to the handle.

Magick Proficiency: Water and Light

Mount's name, appearance, ect.: Dena (Day-Naw) is a malicious mare. She is harmful to practically any other creature besides her master. She loves to run.
Blood blue streaks run through Dena's long mane and match her eyes. She has a small diamon upon her forehead. She stands tall, at seventeen hands. Dena's wings have silver running through them, which match her hooves. ((If they have wings))
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Persephone Leonty


Knight Class:


Although she comes off as cold, she still has a pure heart. Showing emotions is weakness, especially if it's sadness, so she's generally stoic. Persephone doesn't take jokes very well, nor does she ever laugh. The only one that gets affection from her is Koji, her dearest friend and mount. People have seen that she's lived through a life of turmoil, but no one can break the barrier to find out what has made her so aloof.

Persephone was born into a family that lived in a village of mighty people. Like the other capable children, she was raised to be a fighter, a warrior, a protector... In time, she proved to be the most formidable of the females in her age group. It made all of them envious, therefore cruel towards Persephone. She became miserable as they continued to torture her, calling her unattractive since that was the only element they could think of to insult. The only way she could stop the women from bothering her was ignoring them, and acting emotionless towards their childish teasing.

A young, wounded liger came charging into Persephone's village one rainy day. Everyone interpreted it as a threat, and prepared to attack the beast, since he was basically alien to them and made attack stances. He collapsed near Persephone, who was about to kill him with her axe, until she could see the plea to spare him in her eyes. She stared at him for a long time before putting her weapon away, and then threatened to hurt anybody that came near the cub. Aware that he would probably harm her for trying to tend to his wounds, she just stayed close by during the weeks of recovery.

In time, she grew closer to the liger, and eventually named him Koji. Since she saved his life and he was young, therefore a bit naive, it only took a short time to grow trusting of Persephone. When Koji was no longer weak and hurt, she left the miserable village with him and they trained together to become an inseparable team to serve under the King. She is one of the only known Liger Knights, but has proven to be one of the fiercest warriors still.

She handles a heavy axe that's strapped to her back when not in use. That is the only weapon she chooses to trust her life with, aside from the sharp teeth and claws of her mount.

Magick Proficiency:

Mount's name, appearance, ect.:
Koji found Persephone, and if he hadn't, he would have died. He was separated from his parents and attacked by animals bigger than him, because he was a cub, therefore easier to target and inexperienced. Like Persephone, he doesn't trust anybody except his partner, unless she deems them worthy of such. Like most ligers, he is very quick, nimble, ferocious and intimidating. Having an armoured women with an axe that rides on his back only makes him scarier.
Name: Illyrin Sarassa


Knight Class: Roc Knight

Appearance:Illyrin is a little taller than average, and is robust. He has lighter colored skin, and brown hair, with green eyes. He tends to wear his armor as much as possible, this with his slightly large build make him look bigger than he really is. Illyrin's ands are scarred from years of bow use.

Personality:illyrin is not a leader. He is very quiet and prefers that someone else tell him what to do. He is strong emotianally. He prefers to fight than to talk things over, he feels he does better that way. he is not the best with a sword, and in fights he intimidates his foes and tries to finish them off quickly. He is generally kind hearted, though he tends to be violent sometimes.

History:Illyrin sarassa is from the Northern mountain province, known as Marys. One of the youngest provinces in the kingdom the people of Marys had always tried to isolate themselves from the rst of the world. Unfortunately the mountains in which they reside are extremly rich in natural rescources. The people of Marys made a compact with the king of Dys'Mariy. They would harvest rescources and give them in tribute, and the king would protect them from outsiders. The People of Marys are well known for being hardy, and excellent warriors.

Illyrin grew up in luxury. He was raised learning the arts of war, especially archery. Illyrin was taught that the kingdom is the only thing that kept Marys safe from outsiders, he became very devoted to the monarchy following them without question. When he was sixteen he was climbing the tall jagged mountains of hi homeland when he came across a strange looking Roc. This Roc was unlike others.Almost all rocs look like eagles, this one had the appearance of a hawk. The Roc had been injured. illyrincared for the bird, returning every day to tend to it. after nearly a year the roc dissappeared. illyrin believed that it had finally been able to fly away. That was until he returned to the castle in which he lived and found the roc waiting for him.

The next few years passed on without very many notable occurances. it wasn't until the breakout of the war, that Illyrin's life changed. Illyrin's father was killed in the initial battle of the war, leaving Illyrin with the responsibility of ruling the province.

Weapons: Illyrin prefers to use his longbow, but he is also trained in sworduse. he always keeps a bastard sword with him at all times. He carries a longspear whenever he is mounted

Magick Proficiency: Water, Lightning.
Mount's name, appearance, ect.: taka is different from most. he looks more like a hawk than an eagle. His feathers are a mix of light brown andwhite, his tail feathers are a deep red.
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Name: Rubens del'Monte

Age: 22

Knight Class: Liger Knight

Appearance: Rubens' clean-shaven face gives him a youthful appearance, as does his messy black hair. He slouches slightly, even in the saddle - as if weighed down by his armor... which is light, at best. Bags under his eyes denote a lack of sleep, and his pale face hints at time spent indoors. Even so, he holds himself with pride, and both his steed and equipment are well-kept. He seems to have embraced the rumors surrounding him, and has embraced a darker-looking appearance, filing four of his teeth to points... both ears are pierced, and he favors earrings with skull decor.

Personality: Despite rumors that his allegiance with the King is shaky at best, Rubens is ludicrously loyal to the man on the throne. Scholarly and witty, he brings a wealth of knowledges - from architecture to geography - and gives it his all. While he pretends to not be bothered by things like insults, he's easily offended, especially when it comes to questions of loyalty. Out of all the knights, he is the most underhanded - preferring stealth and ambushes to a "fair fight". He believes his own honor to be below everyone else's, and doesn't mind dragging his own name through the mud to keep the other knights' (and his King's) names sparkling clean.

History: Rubens was born to a swamp... his family filled his head with mysticism and superstition at a young age - and he ate it up. This danger-filled area... filled with disease, monstrous beings, and bandits made him cynical to the world around him at a very young age... embracing the only hope he could find - the dark magic of his family, he took to the life of a bandit himself. Poisoning the leader of the group, the ambitious young lad led this group of bandits with mysticism and mirror tricks... It was very successful.

The group of bandits - the "Murk Cloaks", as they became known, were a terror to anyone passing through the swamp. This went on for years, until the King finally sent a knight to deal with it. Most of his bandits fled at the sight of the mounted man, though Rubens held his ground. Commanding his bandits, he assaulted the knight with impressive tactics brought on by experience... still, the knight had the upper hand. It was not long until the rest of the bandits were subdued, with only Rubens and the knight.

Letting forth a spell, he was surprised to see the knight lob a spell right back. Moving swiftly through the woods, the fight went on - Rubens scrambling from tree to tree, moving over terrain as his magic aiding him, the knight close behind... his mount moving him equally well over the terrain. Finally, Rubens had gone on enough, and turned to face the knight...

The knight dismounted, and the two fought... finally, Rubens could go no more, and threw down his weaponry. Kneeling before the knight, he waited for the deathblow. It never came. Impressed with the bandit lord's perseverance, tactics, and skill, he apprehended the bandit instead, bringing him to the knight's own lands and telling the story before the king, who gave Rubens an option: Serve him, or be truly punished.

Nervous at first, Rubens agreed, and started as a squire... distrusted by all but the knight that he fought - his master. His thirst for knowledge suited him well, and though he never gave up his underhanded tactics, he threw himself into his work... and, eventually, forgot any grudge, becoming as loyal a knight as possible. Though his relationship with the other knights has been... shaky, at best, his status as a Knight Captain has made his trainer proud... and gifted upon him the Liger that Rubens rides to this day.

Weapons: A single blade-fingered glove. He lost the other in the fight against his tutor, during his time in the swamp. It's the left glove - a pity, since he's right-handed. He wears it, though usually fights with a scimitar - serrated on the edge opposite the blade. Beyond intimidation, it's good for catching the swords of others. He utilizes a crossbow for ranged fights.

Magick Proficiency: Darkness, Spirit

Mount's name, appearance, ect.:
Murmur is a close match for her owner. Contemplative and quiet, she's a huntress in the extremes. Her fur is dark, and her harness is decorated with skull designs (not actual skulls, since that would defeat the purpose of stealth). She's smaller than most (again, like her owner), but she makes up for it in hunting instinct. The night is a scary place for enemies of the King with Murmur on the hunt.
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Name: Lloyd Trinitan
Age: 28
Knight Class: Dragoon
Personality: Lloyd is the picture of righteousness. A smile is always upon his lips, and when working with the people of his province is always polite and has a soft spot for kids, always going easy when asked by parents to give them a stern warning. He constantly helps out with whatever he is called to do, whether that means running out some bandits or helping to construct a new school for the children. Lloyd does all of this out of his love for his province and his kingdom as a whole, causing most of the young men in his province to idolize him and fill them with dreams of knighthood.

On a more personal level, Lloyd remains polite but also is seen as more serious. He views his job as a serious matter and argues that he acts happy around the populace in order to set their minds at ease. If he appears calm, then they will assume all is well. Lloyd is well aware of the weight of his station and carries it well. However, he frowns upon slackers or those who abuse their power, believing that they are only given that power to serve the people, not for their own ends.

With all this said, Lloyd appears to be the perfect knight: Works well with the commoners and also takes his duties seriously, never caught slacking, complaining and always doing his best in all tasks. However, there is a side of him that few have seen and only rumors of it float through taverns in the kingdom. This side only comes out in the heat of combat, and is the reason why he allows no one to accompany him when he goes to take care of brigands. For when combat starts, a bloodlust comes over him and he becomes the opposite of himself. He's ruthless, heartless, and refuses to stop until all opposition is dead. Even things as hostages mean nothing to him, only that his enemies die and that their blood is on his blade. It is said that when the king saw this side of him, he promoted Lloyd to the position of Knight.

Lloyd fears this side of him, and has tried many methods to subdue, control, or even eliminate it entirely. He hates how he becomes, but it is a big a part of him as is his hand or his heart. It is why he tries so hard to be seen as gentle and kind to all those he meets, in hopes that one day that other dark side of him will be abolished forever.

History: Lloyd grew up as a simple commoner, from a simple family. Lloyd was the eldest of 5 children, 1 other brother and 3 sisters. Initially he had been called to carry out his father's craft, but as he aged his longing for the honor of serving in the royal army won out. Serving the royal guard was an honorable service, and his younger brother had already taken an interest to the family craft, meaning that their father would have someone to pass his skills onto.

Upon enlisting, he was taken through basic training and it was soon found that he possessed above average talent for combat and was one of the few selected to become a Dragoon. However, being selected and becoming one are quite different things, as a Drahkaar newborn that finds you worthy is not an easy thing to do, and most applicants fail due to being unable to find a suitable mount. Lloyd, upon seeing the dragon-like beasts, was simultaneously filled with fear and curiosity. While the first few Drahkaar hissed and snapped at him, indicating their dislike of him, the 7th newborn he was taken to gazed deeply into his eyes and immediately the two of them knew they were meant for each other.

Naming his mount Sol after the sun, they quickly became inseparable. While Sol was initially much smaller than Lloyd, after a few years Lloyd was able to put a saddle on him and ride for the first time. While awkward at first, it soon became second nature to him and his tireless devotion and trustworthiness earned him a good name among those above him. Though the event that made him a knight is one that Lloyd rarely tells, being one of his least favorite memories.

Having taken place in a tavern, Lloyd had been drinking out with fellow knights, laughing and having an overall goodtime. Then, out from a private room, a young girl came out with a sheet wrapped around her otherwise naked body, followed by a drunk knight by the name of Leskar. Having been angered by the girl running out on him while he attempted to have sex with her, he backhanded her with his hand still in his gauntlet, knocking her to the floor. Lloyd immediately rose to her defense, to the ire of Leskar. Things escalated and, before Lloyd knew it, he was bashing Leskar's head into the bar, the man long been knocked out and bleeding.

While around him knights applauded his skillful disabling and beating of Leskar, a knight known for his combat prowess, Lloyd only felt shame for having lost control. A few days afterwards, Lloyd received word that he was to be promoted and although Lloyd knew it was because of what the king had been told of his bloodrage, he accepted nonetheless, viewing it as just another way he can service his country, putting it above his own personal feelings.
Weapons: Lloyd fights with a longsword and shield, proficient in both either mounted or on the ground. Nothing is notable about his weaponry, only that it is magically imbued to be light for him, and heavy as a rock for anyone else wielding it. This way, his weapon can never be stolen.
Magick Proficiency: While it is not his main form of combat, Lloyd is skilled in his use of magic. However, in place of pure offensive spells, he uses Light magic to heal allies, as well as stun and bind them, making him seem somewhat like a paladin. He is also trained in spirit to summon, as a last resort, powerful sun titans to aid him in battle.
Mount's name, appearance, ect.: Sol:
Generally is well tempered, but that is only when Lloyd is by his side. Otherwise Sol trusts no one, even if Lloyd does. Sol uses a powerful mix of fire and light magic in his breath, making him formidable without Lloyd.

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