The Knights Of Dawn

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    From the Tribal Lands of Inoan to the Deadly Mountains of Ayimir, from the Bloody Points of Mount Doom, to the Monstrous seas of the Gulf of Berondor, the Crystalis holds the balance of the universe & Justice & Villainy. After Millions of years of peace, a revolution began to spark within the country of Thilros, the people complained about why Justice comes with Villainy? Why must Villainy be part of the balance? They forged a group of warriors & mages, requesting also all the able men & women to join them in a quest to steal the Crystalis & purge the evil within the lands, & train them in the classes they wish to use & they will give a generous sum of gold. But, in order to steal the Crystalis, they must summon an Entity with imense power, that it can destroy the barriers, protecting the Crystalis from evil, they must summon the Gods of Destruction. They must summon Districhia, the beast of pyromancy. They called themselves: The Society of the Evening Star

    But, acolytes of the different lands know that the Gods of Destruction has power beyond imagination, so much power that the Society will not be able to control it. They told the warlocks the Society's plan to steal the Crystalis, & the warlocks summoned all the able men & women from the land & train them of their ways of their choosing, for a generous sum of gold. In exchange for the gold, they must stop the Society from stealing the Crystalis, let alone summoning Districhia. They call themselves The Knights of Dawn

    You, an able-bodied person, have been summoned by the warlocks to join the Knights in their quest, & battle different beasts in Therinsfold, & try to stop the Society's plan to steal the Crystalis. But you must choose wisely, for you will never know if fate will smile at your decision.

    1.) You must first sign-up your character before posting. Players who just barge into the RP will be Banned from the RP. Here is the link to the sign up:

    2.) The Kind is fine, just not too overpowered, the character needs to have strengths while having weaknessess too.

    3.) Out-Of-Character Chat is strictly for the Out-Of-Character Chatroom Only. The Link for the chatroom is:

    4.) The Administrator: xXxPffftxXx, shall be the Dungeon Keeper, that means, he controls where the storyline are, such as: the heroes are in the Tavern, sipping grog. Players who takes the Dungeon Keeper's role shall be rewarded with a warning, second time & Player will be banned.

    5.) NPCs can only be controlled by the Administrator. Players who control NPCs shall be given a warning, failure to comply & Player will be banned.

    5.) We accept reserves! But only for 8 Days.

    1.) Every Action the character does, consequences will follow. Bad Decisions equal to Horrible Consequences, but if your wise enough to make the right decision, Good Omens shall follow you throughout the RP.

    2.) I am very sorry but I decided to destroy out the Society of the Evening Star Section because it was too hard to keep up with. So all characters are going to go to the Knights side, sorry! but in any case, it added extra 5 players so it's still okay.

    3.) All posts below this thread will be deleted to make room for the RP. Thanks for understanding!

    4.) I am sorry, I went to a vacation so I didn't go too much on the RP Site, so I think the accepts on the Char. Sign-Up will be late.

    5.) If you were too late on signing-up you can still read the RP, because this thing is like a book. So you can read it!

    1.) ♣ Jazz (Clark | Assassin)
    2.) ♠ EtherealLights (Amelie | Mage)
    3.) ♦ Mr Stabby (Red | Knight)
    4.) ♣ BISHOP (Leon | Barbarian)
    5.) ♠ firejay1 (Danica | Mage (According through Demo)
    6.) ♣ Magic Spinosaurus ( V | Knight)

    Boxateer: Very interested!

    EtherealLights: I am quite interested!

    Mr Stabby: This appears to be very detailed and well-thought out, so I decided to make this one my first roleplay on this forum, if you don't mind.

    Dip: Oh, this does look very nice!!!


    I would like to say thanks to the Top 10 RPs to showing me to Iwaku, the most awesome RP website I have ever seen, Picmonkey for giving me the power to make pictures more awesome, Free Fantasy, which gave me the awesome map, tnx guys! NG artists: wartynewt & ElkDarkShire for those awesome pics I borrowed, Fantasy Name Generator for making those awesome (& sometimes funny :D) names for the map, Fablehaven by Brandon Mull is byfar the inspiration for the Knights Of Dawn RP. & Thanks to those users who are so kind to welcome a rookie to Iwaku! Shouting out to: Skyminer & Savannah-Clause :) & I should give a little thanks to you for at least coming to the RP!
    So Sorry if you are Late!

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  2. Very interested! If I could reserve a spot for The Knights, that'd be great.
  3. I am quite interested! Do I just start writing my CS, or do I need your approval?
  4. Okay! :D
    I'll write mine now
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  5. This appears to be very detailed and well-thought out, so I decided to make this one my first roleplay on this forum, if you don't mind. Can I reserve a spot? It doesn't actually matter which side, since I suppose my character will fit well in either. But maybe the Society would be more appropriate since it's a bit quiet over there?
  6. I second Mr. Stabby's sentiment! Usually I don't go for the more radical sides, but I'd love to reserve a spot in the Society since it's a bit more sparse :D
  7. Oh, this does look very nice!!! I'll get my character sheet up ASAP!! Save me a spot for the Evening Star!
  8. I would love to join it's like the online games I play. Just got think out a battle scene xD.

    From Gallant Laughter, Audible Gulps, & Conversations of all kinds, to Freshly - Brewn, Ice - Cold Grog in Giant Wooden Mugs with Sexy Slaves to serve them, the Beartooth Tavern is the most heartiest place in all of Oseshi, reknowned for its Top - Notch Grog & the only tavern where creatures of the night & light, come together in harmony. As a burly ogre sat beside cutthroats & bandits, & a wandering warrior sat with mages & barbarians, a man in heavy armor & a red scarf suddenly shouted: "Has any of you know the Petrified Forest?"
    Everyone in the Tavern went Silent, dumbfounded at the stranger's words, like a silencing spell from a warlock. "Who's the Pinkissie that said that?" a muscular thief in black clothes shouted to the man, the other bandits on the table laughed like the man in the armor was crazy. "Sir Newar, of the Knights Of Dawn. Although I would very much like to see your head rolling on the floor, the peace in this tavern compells me to just negotiate politely." The Thief, embarassed by the Knight, mumbled a curse & sat down on his chair. "Anyways, judging by your expressions that are stamped upon each of your faces, you must know the Forest, & its Legend." Newar paused "& I have been told by our Spies that there is Significant Society Work in the Heart of the forest, I need at least 6 people to join the Knights & Destroy the Disturbance in the Forest. All of which, are going to join will be given a generous sum of gold. Anyone can also volunteer." The customers looked at Newar & to each other & to Newar, then a burly troll suddenly screamed. "Are you crazy!? The People who go inside that Fucking Forest either Die, or maybe another option... DIE! We are not so fucking stupid that we will risk our very souls for a sack of gold! Who do you think we are? Goblins!?" "Which is why I shall only be the one who shall pick." Newar replied.

    Anxious as the People in the Tavern, they silently wished that they weren't the ones that are picked to go into the very Stairway to Hell & get eaten by the Demons voluntarily. As Newar eyed the hundreds of people staring at him, he raised his hand. & for a at least a second, nobody breathed. "You." pointing at a Woman in light armor & in a black hood. "You." pointing at a Woman with Hair as yellow as the Sun. "You." pointing at a Man wearing a set of gleaming armor. "You." pointing at a Muscular Man with a head that resembles a Lion. "You." pointing at a Woman carrying a silver basket, wrapped in a ribbon as blue as the sky. "& You." pointing at a Spider Humanoid with Armor as red as Blood.

    "Are there any other volunteers?" Newar asked. A man in a red cloak replied: "It doesen't take a mage to answer this. No-" "Yes" replied 2 Men with an outfit that looks like Engineers. "We need the extra money to buy more gunpowder." answered the fat one. "We make explosives!" The thin one replied "Plus we destroyed an entire village!" the fat one said "It was once Berondor..." the thin one explained. One by one, the customers in the tavern's jaw drooped in utter Amazement. "We used almost 320 Kilograms of Gunpowder!" both men exclaimed. "Well, then" Newar replied, walking toward them. "We are awestruck by your impressive feat of turning a whole village into a deep crater, that was devoured by water. & We are glad that you volunteered for the Knights." They both shook hands. "Now, we must talk in private." Newar said to the 8 People. "Meet me in the Oseshi Cathedral. This thing is a serious matter, & we musn't kill anymore time, for every second is precious. But for now, enjoy your grog, I shall be waiting for you." & as if he was torn into pieces by a wraith: He Vanished.

    Well, here is the long awaited starting point for the Knights of Dawn! The 2 Men were based on the Techies from DotA 2. & The Tavern was inspired from The Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy. I hope you enjoy the RP! I shall be waiting for your reply! :bananaman: :bananaman::bananaman: :bananaman:
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