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The Knights Arcane:
Wardens of the crystal

In the dawn of ancient times, the Aetherian empire rose to a technological providence that was unmatched by all. Their mastery over innovation and advancement knew no bounds, yet within the grandeur of their achievements lurked an insatiable thirst for greater knowledge and power. In their hubris they sought to overthrow divinity itself, bringing the wrath of the gods themselves upon the emprire. The gods responded with divine retribution, unleashing a horrible blight upon the lands.

The entire continent of Ethrys was plunged into darkness as the blight corrupted everything it touched, twisting the very essence of life into a grotesque shadow of its former self. Fields turned to ash, the rivers ran dry, and from the scorched earth creatures so grotesque they defied comprehension began to rise. Humanity teetered on the very brink of annihilation, and in their desperation, our ancestors turned to the heavens, seeking forgiveness.

Yet where the gods would not hear them, the Crystals responded to their desperate prayer, bestowing on some the sacred ability to wield the power that dwelled within them. Their eyes came aglow, and their veins began to pulse with magical energy. In their radiance these chosen heralds became the beacons of hope that would guide humanity out of an era of desolation. Their divine gifts restored fertility to the land, creating safe havens where the twisted abominations created by the blight could not reach us.

Even now, they remain our protectors, safeguarding our lands and granting us a chance to prosper once more.


The Blessed

The Blessed possess the ability to draw upon the magical aether stored within the crystals without becoming corrupted by the sheer concentration of raw, magical energy. This in turn enables them to perform feats of magic, such as healing, elemental manipulation, or other extraordinary abilities. The ability is largely hereditary, which is why power has remained consolidated amongst those whose heritages are believed to trace back to those chosen by the crystals. To prevent the blessed bloodlines from becoming diluted unions between nobility and the common folk are generally frowned upon. Of course, they still happen, and in the case that the subsequent offspring should display signs of being blessed, they are typically brought into the fold of the Crystaline Dominion's primary religious institution.

One of the most distinct and defining features of the Blessed is their eyes. They radiate a subtle luminescence, exhibiting vibrant colors that can range from brilliant hues of blues, greens, pinks and purples, and even shimmering shades of gold or silver. Additionally, in the presence of charged crystals, glowing vein-like patterns manifest on their skin.

Their abilities are essential for maintaining and managing the purification of the blighted lands, and because of this they hold esteemed positions within the hierarchy of the Crystalline Dominion and some other territories where they have come to be revered. However, it is important to note that the blessed are not looked upon so favorably everywhere. In regions relatively untouched by the blight, they are often treated with suspicion and mistrust. This has become particularly pertinent since the rise of the Crystalline Dominion, and led to more than just a couple of conflicts.



The CrystalLine Dominion

The continent of Ethrys is a realm divided. Large swathes of the land are still heavily affected by the blight, and traversal between the purified towns and villages is fraught with danger. This has made the maintenance of anything larger than petty kingdoms and smaller, independent territories challenging, though not for lack of trying. The most ambitious, and so far successful attempt at unification has been that of the Crystalline Dominion. Their collaborative rule has enabled the Dominion to pool resources, manage the extraction of crystals, and navigate the challenges posed by the blight while maintaining a semblance of order and progress within its controlled territories.

✧ The Luminary Council ✧

The Luminary Council stands as the apex of governance within the Crystalline Dominion, wielding considerable influence and authority over the realm. Composed of representatives from each major noble house, this council acts as the governing body responsible for policy-making, law enforcement, and decision-making at the highest echelons of power. The Luminary Council also arbitrates disputes between noble houses, ensuring fairness and adherence to Dominion-wide laws.

Beyond that, the Luminary Council engages in diplomatic negotiations and manages relationships with neighboring regions or entities. They oversee trade agreements, alliances, and territorial disputes, safeguarding the Dominion's interests across Ethrys. However, despite the Dominion's relative success, tensions persist. Internal rivalries, territorial disputes, and differing ambitions among noble houses serve as a constant threat to the Council's unity.

✧ The Order of The Crystal ✧
christian-dimitrov-throneroom-2500.jpgThe Order of The Crystal acts as the bedrock of faith and moral guidance within the Crystalline Dominion, interweaving religious beliefs deeply into the fabric of daily life, governance, and societal norms. Operating under a hierarchical structure led by high-ranking clergy, the order consists of a network of priests, priestesses, and religious scholars who disseminate religious teachings, administer sacraments, conducts rituals, and serves as spiritual advisors and healers within local communities. The Order of the Crystal has representatives within the Luminary Council, which offers it significant influence over government and policy decisions.

It is not uncommon for noble families to commit at least one of their children to the order. They view this as a form of dedication to divine service, portraying their contribution to the Dominion's spiritual well-being as an extension of their duty and status. Simultaneously, it offers a means for these families to exert their influence beyond political corridors. For the Order, the inclusion of noble-born individuals within its ranks reinforces its connections to the ruling class, ensuring a mutual exchange of support and guidance between the realms of faith and governance.

✧ Social Hierarchy ✧

The Blessed Nobility

As the ruling elite, the Blessed Nobility occupy the highest echelons of society. They wield significant political power, comprising the Luminary Council that governs the Crystalline Dominion. They typically enjoy immense wealth, influence, and prestige, residing in grand estates, palaces, or fortified manors to showcase their status and authority.

The Blessed have a responsibility to lead, protect, and govern the Dominion. They are expected to maintain order, ensure prosperity, and defend against external threats or blighted incursions. From a young age, they receive rigorous training to harness and control their powers, often guided by mentors, family elders, or the Order. In addition to political duties, they oversee matters related to magical education, training, and the purification of the lands, which is essential for the Dominion's sustenance and survival.

There are both lesser and major noble houses. The major houses enjoy significantly more power and influence, and are also the ones that primarily occupy seats on the Luminary Council.

Religious Elite

Individuals serving the Order of the Crystal hold esteemed positions within society, guiding spiritual beliefs and enforcing religious doctrines. They provide moral guidance, education, and wield considerable influence over societal norms and values. Many, though not all within their ranks are blessed, and they commonly utilize their abilities to purify and heal. Others become members of the Knights Arcane.

Blessed Commoners

Though it is rare, it happens that a commoner is born with the blessing of the crystal. They do not enjoy quite the elevated status that is granted to the members of the noble houses, but are looked up to and revered nonetheless. Normally upon being discovered they are brought into the fold of the Order of the Crystal, where they are taken care of and given the opportunity to hone their abilities. Some become members of the clergy, while others end up joining the Knights Arcane.

In some rare cases, blessed commoners are taken in as wards by noble houses. This can be done for any number of reasons, but the most common one is that the child is a bastard who is taken in by their noble parent. In other cases the family may choose to do it as an act of charity, or because they have been unable to produce viable heirs of their own.


The commoners within the Crystalline Dominion form the bulk of the population, encompassing various occupations, social standings, and daily livelihoods. The majority of work in agriculture, tending to crops on the purified lands surrounding towns and villages. They cultivate essential produce and rear livestock to sustain the Dominion's food supply. Laborers often work in mines or construction, performing physically demanding tasks. Meanwhile merchants and artisans constitute the backbone of commerce and trade, operating shops, markets, and guilds. Merchants engage in local and long-distance trade, while artisans practice crafts such as blacksmithing, weaving, carpentry, and pottery.

Indentured Servants

Some individuals might choose indentured labor to settle debts, gain passage to a different region, or as a means of survival in times of financial hardship. Others might find themselves in this position due to coercion, exploitation, or as punishment for a crime committed.

Indentured servants work under stringent conditions outlined in their contracts, often enduring long hours, low wages, limited freedoms, and sometimes inadequate living conditions. Many face restrictions on movement or personal autonomy until the contractual period concludes. Upon fulfilling their contractual obligations, indentured servants might be released from their servitude, receiving compensation or a degree of freedom. Some might choose to assimilate into commoner society, while others re-enter indenture due to ongoing financial constraints.

Prisoners that have been condemned to working the crystal mines technically count as indentured servants.


Individuals affected by the blight are often ostracized. Seen as a danger to society they are marginalized and forced to dwell in remote and undesirable areas.



The Knights Arcane

The Knights Arcane are a specialized military organization with close ties to both the Order of the Crystal and the Luminary Council. Comprised entierly of blessed individuals, they are renowned across the realm for their exceptional magical abilities and unwavering dedication. During times of war, the Knights Arcane rise as stalwart defenders, utilizing their arcane abilities to combat external threats and repel invaders. In times of peace, they assume a more multifaceted role. Apart from their military duties, they play vital roles in maintaining internal stability and order within the Dominion.

Clad in resplendent armor adorned with crystals, their presence instills a sense of security while their mastery of the arcane ensures they remain a cornerstone of the Dominion's strength and prestige. For blessed individuals without a clear noble lineage, the Knights Arcane provides an opportunity to gain fame and fortune, as well as opening a path to ascent within the social hierarchy of the Crystalline Dominion.

The Knights Arcane consists of eight classes that each specialize in specific arcane disciplines, allowing them to fulfill unique combat roles and strategic objectives.

✧ Arcane Disciplines ✧

✧ The Path of the Flamewielder: Flamewielders harness the power of fire, manipulating flames to their will. They can conjure, control, and extinguish fire, shape it into various forms, and even resist its heat. Their abilities range from creating fiery projectiles to generating protective barriers or heating objects.

✧ The Path of the Watersinger: Those who follow the Path of the Watersinger command mastery over the element of water. They have the ability to manipulate bodies of water, control currents, create water-based constructs. Watersingers are often revered for their ability to purify water.

✧ The Path of the Windancer: Windancers are skilled in the manipulation of air and wind currents. They have the capability to create gusts, powerful gales, and control the movement of the air around them. Windcallers can utilize their abilities for transportation, creating barriers, and even fly for short durations.

✧ The Path of the Earthbringer: Earthbringers have command over the earth and minerals. They can shape stone, manipulate soil, and control seismic forces to a limited extent. This discipline includes abilities to create barriers, launch rock projectiles, or cause small tremors.

✧ The Path of the Thunderlord: The Thunderlord embodies mastery over lightning and storms. With aetheric control over electricity, they can summon and direct lightning bolts and generate electric shields. They can infuse weapons with lightning strikes, channel electricity through their bodies for enhanced speed and agility, or create blinding flashes to disorient adversaries.

✧ The Path of the Frostbinder: The Path of the Frostbinder specializes in wielding the power of ice and cold. Practitioners of this discipline command frozen elements, manipulating and generating ice in various forms. They can create barriers, freeze objects, conjure chilling blasts, and sometimes even manipulate the moisture in the air to form icy constructs.

✧ The Path of the Shadowmancer: Those who tread the path of the Shadowmancer harness the power of shadows. They cloak themselves in darkness, create shadowy constructs, and even manipulate the perceptions of others. Shadowmancers tend to excel in stealth and deception.

✧ The Path of the Lightweaver: The Path of the Lightweaver harnesses the radiant essence of aether, wielding it as a versatile source of power. Capable of emitting blinding light, crafting shimmering shields, or channeling intense beams that pierce through darkness, they use their radiant gifts to illuminate the world around them and dispel the most malevolent forces.

✧ The Path of the Mindbender: Mindbenders have telepathic abilities, allowing them to read minds, communicate telepathically, and influence the thoughts or emotions of others. Their powers also extend to mental defense, psychic barriers, and in some ways, illusions. However, while the illusionist can conjure illusions in the physical world, a mindbender creates illusions by influencing the mind.

✧ The Path of the Lifewrought: Lifewroughts tap into the essence of life itself, understanding the intricate connection between rejuvenation and devastation. They can knit flesh together to heal grievous injuries, cleanse maladies, or harness that same life force to inflict debilitating agony upon their adversaries.

✧ The Path of the Illusionist: Illusionists have the ability to create lifelike illusions that deceive the senses. They manipulate perception, creating illusions of sight, sound, touch, and even taste.

✧ The Path of the Oracle: Followers of the Path of the Oracle are seer who have visions of the future. Their prophetic insight enables them to interpret signs, predict events, or uncover hidden knowledge that might influence the destiny of others.

✧ The Path of the Enchanter: Enchanters imbue objects with aetheric energy, enchanting them with magical properties or enhancements. They infuse items with protective charms, augment their properties, or bestow them with unique abilities. Enchanters are highly sought after for their ability to empower various objects.

✧ The Path of the Transmuter: Transmuters specialize in altering the properties of objects or substances. They can transform one substance into another, temporarily change shapes or properties of objects, and perform minor alterations in their physical structure.

✧ The Path of the Necromancer: Necromancers manipulate death and the undead, communing with spirits, reanimating corpses, and wielding necrotic energies for offensive or defensive purposes.

✧ Classes ✧


Primary Discipline:
Path of the Enchanter
Secondary Discipline Suggestions: Any elemental path, Path of the Lightweaver
Description: Runemasters have learned the art of imbuing their armour and weaponry with magical aether through intricate runes and enchantments. They typically excell at a combination of close quarter melee combat and enchantment magic, which they combine with their secondary discipline to enhance their arsenal and combat versatility. Most commonly they tend to choose one of the elemental paths, or the path of the lightweaver as their secondary discipline, but it is entierly possible to choose one of the others for a more unique build. The Runemaster ability to seamlessly fuse martial prowess and arcane mastery grants them a distinct advantage in battle, enabling them to adapt to various adversaries and situations on the battlefield.


Primary Discipline:
Path of the Shadowmancer
Secondary Discipline Suggestions: Path of the Mindbender, Path of the Illusionist, Path of the Lifewrought
Description: Voidstalkers are adept at navigating the shadows, slipping through darkness with an eerie grace. Proficient in stealth and subterfuge, they use the abilities granted to them by the Path of the Shadowmancer to blend in with the shadows and conceal their presence. Some Voidstalkers delve into the Path of the Mindbender, allowing them to peak into the thoughts and emotions of others. Others explore the Path of the Illusionist, heightening their skills in creating complex and convincing diversions or concealing their movements in darkness. Meanwhile the Path of the Lifewrought, with its duality of rejuvenation and devastation, can aid Voidstalkers by offering the ability to heal injuries, purify maladies, or inflict debilitating agony on adversaries. Voidstalkers primarily serve as clandestine operatives, scouts, or infiltrators, utilizing their mastery over shadows to gather intelligence, carry out covert missions, or navigate dangerous territories unseen.


Primary Discipline:
Path of the Windancer
Secondary Discipline Suggestions: Any elemental path
Description: Stormcallers are formidable wielders of the tempest's fury. Specializing in the Path of the Windancer they command the might of the skies, manipulating air currents and channeling the elements to create intense storms. The selection of their secondary discipline determines the nature of the storms they conjure—whether they manifest as electrical storms through the Path of the Thunderlord, raging fire storms with the Path of the Flamewielder, or torrential downpours by mastering the Path of the Watersinger. They often serve as strategic combatants, manipulating weather phenomena to thwart adversaries or control the battlefield, turning nature's fury into a powerful ally.


Primary Discipline:
Path of the Lightweaver
Secondary Discipline Suggestions: Path of the Enchanter, Path of the Oracle, Path of the Lifewrought
Description: Radiants epitomize the embodiment of lght and purity within the Knights Arcane. Their mastery of the Path of the Lightweaver allows them to harness luminescent aether, manifesting as radiant energy. These knights channel radiant aether in combat, projecting beams or bursts of searing light to smite adversaries. Their abilities are enhanced through the secondary disciplines they adopt, such as imbuing their radiant powers into enchanted objects with the Path of the Enchanter, healing their allies with the Path of the Lifewrought or gaining heightened foresight through divination with the Path of the Oracle.


Primary Discipline:
The Path of the Lifewrought
Secondary Discipline Suggestions: Path of the Necromancer, Path of the Mindbender, Path of the Transmuter
Description: Liferenders are revered for their unparalleled mastery over restorative magic and the arts of healing. Proficient in the Path of the Lifewrought, they possess extensive knowledge of anatomy, aecane manipulation for mending wounds, and restoring vitality. Through secondary disciplines, they expand their healing prowess. Some delve into the Path of the Necromancer to understand the intricacies of life and death, deepening their knowledge of healing. Others embrace the Path of the Mindbender, using mental abilities to amplify their healing powers. Others yet choose to explore the Path of the Transmuter, allowing innovative approaches to healing methods or substances. Liferender's typically serve as healers, but depending on their choice of secondary discipline, they can combine that role with other functions.


Primary Discipline:
Path of the Earthbringer
Secondary Discipline Suggestions: Path of the Lightweaver, Path of the Transmuter, Path of the Enchanter
Description: Sentinels are guardians trained in the art of defense and protection, rooted in the Path of the Earthbringer. They harness the elemental powers of the earth, shaping rock and stone to fortify positions and shield allies. Known for their unwavering resilience, Sentinels can create sturdy barriers, fortifications, and construct defenses to safeguard their allies from harm. Their connection with the earth enables them to sense seismic movements, allowing them to predict and mitigate incoming threats.. Additionally, some Sentinels delve into the Path of the Lightweaver, enhancing their defensive capabilities with radiant energy, or the Path of the Enchanter, imbuing defensive structures or equipment with protective aetheric enhancements. Others yet delve into the Path of the Transmuter, allowing them to alter the composition of the earth, solidifying loose ground, shaping cover, or creating barriers infused with certain properties. All of these options make Sentinels formidable protectors capable of withstanding and shaping the battlefield to their advantage.


Primary Discipline:
Any elemental path
Secondary Discipline Suggestions: Path of the Shadowmancer, Path of the Lightweaver, Path of the Transmuter, Any elemental Path
Description: Spellslingers are skilled at long-range combat and precision spellcasting. Their primary focus is on elemental manipulation, specializing in one of the elemental paths to harness the raw power of fire, water, wind, earth, ice or lightning. To complement their ranged prowess, some Spellslingers also delve into the Path of the Shadowmancer, enhancing their stealth abilities. Others may explore the Path of the Transmuter, manipulating the battlefield by altering the elemental properties of objects to their advantage. Some also just choose to specialize in a secondary elemental Path, or the Path of the Lightweaver, broadening their arsenal of attacks.


Primary Discipline: Path of the Oracle
Secondary Discipline Suggestions:
Path of the Mindbender, Path of the Enchanter, Path of the Necromancer
Description: Diviners are masters of divination and vision, capable of using their abilities to interpret signs, unravel cryptic messages, and foresee forthcoming events. While primarily focused on the Path of the Oracle, some Diviners delve into the Path of the Mindbender, honing their mental prowess to influence the thoughts and emotions of others or create psychic defenses. Others explore the Path of the Enchanter, enchanting objects with precognitive charms or imbuing their divining implements with unique aetheric enhancements. A few may even venture into the Path of the Necromancer, seeking knowledge from the deceased. Diviners serve as advisors, seers, and guardians of arcane secrets, wielding their knowledge and insight to guide others and protect the balance of fate within the realm.

✧ Knight Ranks ✧

Recruit: Initiates or novices who have just begun their training within the order. They undergo rigorous instruction to familiarize themselves with arcane manipulation and combat techniques.

Squire: After initial training, recruits may become squires, assisting higher-ranked knights in their duties. They continue their education and start honing specific arcane abilities.

Knight: The core rank within the order, comprising the majority of active members. They possess formidable arcane capabilities and combat skills, assigned various tasks to protect and serve the Dominion. Knights typically specialize in two arcane disciplines.

Elite Knight: Knights recognized for their exceptional skills, leadership, or accomplishments. They might lead squads, undertake critical missions, or train younger members. Elite Knights have truly mastered their primary discipline of arcane manipulation, and are at least adept at their secondary choice. Some have even start to dabble in a third discipline.

Commander: Leaders of divisions or specialized units within the Knights Arcane. They are responsible for overseeing operations, organizing deployments, and managing the overall strategies of the order.

✧ High Commander: The highest-ranking member, leading the Knights Arcane as a whole. They sit on the Luminary Council, representing the order's interests and advising on matters of security, defense, and governance.

✧ Divine Champion of the Crystal: A rare and prestigious rank reserved for the most exceptional and legendary knights in history. Divine Champions of the Crystal are renowned across the Dominion and are honored for their unparalleled valor and service.



Questions & Answers

Q: What will be the primary focus of the role play?
A: For the sake of simplicity, the role play will primarily focus on a squad within the knight's arcane.

Q: How will the role play be structured?
A: To start off I want to make clear that this will not be a sandbox. I am planning to run this somewhat like you would a tabletop RPG, which means that I will primarily be controlling the NPC's and world around you, slowly ushering you towards a set finish line. However, that does not mean you will have no influence over what happens. What story beats we hit and how I design the overarching plot will largely depend on the characters you create, and what you want to do with them. So please don't be afraid of telling me your thoughts and ideas! As the GM, it is my job to make them happen.

Q: How many characters am I allowed to make?
A: Multiple characters will be allowed, but please be responsible about it. Don't bite off more than you can chew!

Q: How often will I be required to post?
A: At least once every one to two weeks. If you have multiple characters, you only need to post the ones that are or are about to be involved with other characters. If you won't be able to meet the deadline, contact me! There will be opportunities for you to have your characters opt-out of a chapter, but I need to know what's going on so that I can plan for it. Inactivity is a disease that spreads among role plays like wildfire – and just so happens to be the most common cause for role play deaths. To prevent this from happening I reserve the right to remove you from the roleplay if your inactivity ends up putting a strain on the flow of the story or the other players. If you don't think you'll be able to post frequently, don't join.

There is no limit on how often you may post.

Q: Should my character have pre-established connections to other player characters?

A: That is up to you. Since the primary focus of the RP is going to be on the Knights Arcane, it is entirely plausible that your character would have a shared history with some of their comrades. That said, the Crystaline Dominion is large, and depending on how long they have been with this squad, where they were trained and how they ended up in the Knights Arcane, they may also not yet know anyone.

Beyond connections to player characters, I do encourage that you come up with and write about some of your characters' connections to NPC's. It could be a childhood friend, family members or a lifelong rival. Who knows? Some of them might eventually show up in the story. ;)

Q: What are your expectations in regards to post length?

A: This will be a semi-literate to literate role play, so I will expect at least 2 - 3 good-sized paragraphs. That said, don't fret too much over post size. I would honestly prefer that you write short posts and post frequently, rather than that you write extremely long and detailed posts but only reply once a month. That is not to say that you aren't allowed to write long posts, however! All posts are welcome, provided they add something to the role play.

Q: I feel stuck and don't know what to do with my character. What do I do?
A: Contact me! We can work something out together. Some of the people joining may already know each other, other players will be brand new to the group, but I want everyone to feel welcome and included. If you're unsure about how your character fits into everything, please don't hesitate talking to me.

Q: Will smut be allowed?
A: Yes, I will allow it. However, in accordance with the site rules, players may only write sexual content with members in their own age group. Furthermore, I request that these scenes are written in collaboration posts so that when they are posted they can be put into a clearly labeled spoiler tab. This way anyone who wants to avoid sexual content can do so, and the rest are equally free to partake in it.

Q: I want to make a character who is not a part of the Knights Arcane. Would that be allowed?
A: The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes but I would recommend that you in this case also create a character that is member of the Knights Arcane, since depending on what sort of character you make, they may not become relevant for some time. It entirely depends on the idea you have, though, so don't hesitate to pitch it to me. We can definitely work something out!

Q: In order to make for example a Runeblade, does my character's primary discipline have to be the Path of the Enchanter?

A: Yes. All of the primary disciplines are more or less set in stone. The reason for this is that the classes were built on the use of those specific abilities. That said, the secondary discipline is flexible, and you don't have to combine your character's primary discipline with one of the suggestions. They are just that — suggestions.

Q: Does that mean that I could potentially make a Liferender who's secondary discipline is the Path of the Shadowmancer? Or a Runeblade who's secondary discipline is the Path of the Mindbender?
A: Absolutely! The suggestions I made are just some combinations I figured would work well together, but I'm sure there are many other really interesting options out there. When you decide on your secondary discipline, consider how the two types of magic can be combined or otherwise complement each other. The world is your oyster, so don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild!

Q: What rank should my character have?

A: For now I will only allow knights and squires.

Q: I don't want to play a human. Can I make an elf or dwarf?
A: Unfortunately not. This setting only has human characters.

Q: How technologically advanced is the world of Ethrys?
A: Think medieval fantasy. It's a little more complicated than that, but this is what applies for now.

Q: What were your sources of inspiration for this RP?
A: Funny that you should ask! As I'm sure some of you have already noticed, this setting was heavily inspired by various Final Fantasy entries (16 perhaps being the most prominent) as well as Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn and Stormlight Archives.



Character Sheet


Full Name:
Class: (See 'Classes' section)
Rank: (Knight or Squire)


Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Body Type:


Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:
Brief Personality Description:
Motivations: (What is it that drives your character to action? Power? Friendship? Money? Why is your character motivated by this specifically? How does it tie into their personality and background? This is really important, so take some time to think about it.)


Hometown: (Feel free to make one up! The more you tell me about it, the more I will have to work with. Though do remember that the vast majority of the Crystalline Dominion still consists of wastelands. Only the areas surrounding towns, cities and villages have generally been purified. Additionally, every town, city or village is presided over by a noble family that has the responsibility to maintain the land. It is also possible for them to have come to the Dominion from elsewhere. If that is the case, consider where and what drove them to migrate).
Marital Status:
Other Relationships: (Feel free to make up characters here! Who knows? They may show up somewhere in the story. ^^)

Powers & Abilities

Primary Discipline: (This is based on your class. See the 'classes' section for more info).
Secondary Discipline: (Entierly up to you! I have made suggestions, but feel free to combine your primary class with something else! As for right now, you may only choose one secondary discipline.)
Arcane Abilities Description: (Describe in a fair amount of detail what your character is capable of doing with their abilities. While you do it, consider how your secondary discipline interacts with your primary discipline and class).
Weapons of Choice:
Skills of Note:

Anything else you might want to add!

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