The King's Pet

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  1. King Thorin sighed as he waited for the warriors arrive. The kingdom of Nargalond had grown prosperous under his and his wife's rule. His wife had done great in convincing her people, the Elves, to stop feuding with his people, the Dwarves.

    He tapped his fingers on his large throne. It echoed throughout the marble room. The tall statues of different warriors stood at attention and made the room seem intimidating. The large dome ceiling made the dwarf king feel smaller than he already was.

    "Where are they... they should be arriving here any moment..." The king muttered, all alone. He had sent his guards out because this was a secret mission. From one of the statues, a large pair of blue eyes watched the scene, curious.
  2. The doors the the throne room flung open with a gust of harsh wind, He walked through a cloak on his body covering it and his head. His face was concealed for the moment but as he got closer and closer to the king he removed his hood slowly, Lifting his face he stood in front of the king a smile on his face. He then said " You summoned me? " looked at the king with a small furrowed brow and then said " There must be a good reason for a king like yourself to summon me " His cloak fluttered behind him with small tatters at the end of it. He crossed his arms his eyes blankly inspecting the king as if to say, he better have a good reason to have him here in the place were he once had to work for scrounged food. He wasn't to much of a royalty lover but he enjoyed his job so he took the opportunity to do something along the lines of secret.
  3. "Yes, I have. I will explain once all of the warriors have arrived." The king said, leaning back in his throne. A squeak echoed through the room. King Thorin sat up straight, alert. The squeak came again, seeming to come from one of the statues.
  4. A mysterious man enters through the large doors into the throne room, taking his time to reach the king and queen. He stops beside Akuma, kneeling before the king and his wife.
    ''My king, I am Billy Watson. You have called for me?'' He looks up, a sinister mask covering his face.
    The hero Billy Watson never wore a mask, why wear one now?
  5. "Ah yes... you are among friends here, Billy. Why don't you take off your mask?" The king asked. His wife was off in the Worgen's territory so it was the perfect time for him to summon the warriors indiscreetly.
  6. Billy shook his head. ''I do not wish to do so, sire.'' He rises from his previous stance, now side-to-side with Akuma.
  7. "Alright, I will respect your wishes. I assume you have met Markov." The king said. A third squeak came from the statue, making the king look toward it, suspicious.
  8. " What is that noise..." He looked back his ears twitching a bit, he looked around the throne room pondering what was making that noise but then he tried to forget it and looked back at the king.
  9. "Now, we just need to wait for the other two to arrive..." Another squeak came from the statue causing the king to stand up. "Vahalla forbid, what is that noise?" He asked, annoyed.
  10. " hmm just everybody be quiet " He closed his eyes and focused as a squeak came through the room, His elven ears twitched at the sound and he slowly began walking. He continued to walk until he walked into a statue, He hand placed to the statues leg and he ran his hand up and down the statue leg. " Are you squeaking mister statue? " His eyes looking up at the statue wondering why the noise came from a statue.
  11. Billy continued to stare at the statue and Markov, none could tell the expression under his mask.
    ''Perhaps it came from behind the statue?'' He suggests, then looking to the king.
    In the letter, he had heard about a pet, perhaps this 'pet' was making the noise.
  12. "No! Mister statue wasn't speaking!" A young girl's voice said from behind the statue. The voice seemed to hold a degree of shyness in it.

    The king smiled fondly and called, "Come out, Braida!"

    A small head poked out. The small girl had long blonde hair and large innocent blue eyes. She tilted her head as she looked at the men in front of her, shrinking back slightly.
  13. " Aren't you a cute one " He smirked, he saw a small girl not to long ago who had blonde hair but she wasnt human not at all. He knelt down and looked at her when she shrunk back he said " Dont be afraid " He then looked at the king " Is this your "
  14. Billy gasps, noticing the king's 'pet' is human. Inside, he obtained a happy feeling.
    But anger overcame that feeling, the thought of a dwarf keeping a human as a pet? Disgusting!
    ''You keep a human as a pet, sire?'' He glares through his mask, crossing his arms.
  15. "It is merely for her protection. Once she is old enough, I will set her free." The king said smoothly. "Come here, Braida."

    The girl ran over to the king, keeping as close to him as possible. She wore a brown, dirty dress and no shoes. She had a leather collar on her neck to show her status as pet. She tried to hide behind the stout king, her eyes looking at the two men in fear.
  16. Billy caressed his mask for a moment, befoe looking back to the king and Braida.
    ''Do you not know there are other humans in the world?''
    He clenches his fist in anger, glaring at the king. Blind with rage.
    But holding it back, as there is another warrior in the room.
  17. "We haven't found them if they're out there. She might be the only one left." The king said, petting the small girl's head. The girl just hid behind the king more, wondering if these new comers were anything like Miss Borca.
  18. Billy took a deep sigh, calming himself down. If he revealed his identity now, it may have consequences.
    He slowly walked over to Braida, leaning down. ''Hello, Braida. I'm Billy. Nice to meet you.'' He holds out his hand for a handshake.
  19. Braida looked between the two men, whimpering. The king heard the chiming of the clock tower and swore under his breath. "I must leave. Please inform the other two that I have already left and they are to guard Braida closely." With that, the king left, his fur lined coat billowing behind him.
  20. " I'm on babysitting duty...what a job this will be " He chuckled to himself and leaned on one of the statues, His eyes still examining the human girl who which he didnt even realize there were still some left. But she was interesting he face so innocent but her attire so vulgar and demeaning he frowned feeling how she must of felt being probably locked away like a pet.