The Kings Mistress

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    Now, onto the story.

    My OC, Atropa Belladonna La Roux was sixteen when she went to court four years ago.
    She caught the King's eye and, in an attempt to gain his marriage, spread a rumor that his wife
    was caught sleeping with her cousin.
    divorced her and beheaded her, and married Atropa.

    Five years later, they're still married, but haven't had a son- only two daughters.
    He himself is a flirty man, but he has never cheated on Atropa,
    But there's a new girl in court, and she might catch his eye as well..
    He loves Atropa, and they're very passionate for each other.

    But years ago, when she was at court, she also caught the eye of a young noble named
    They had fun, but she married the king. He was not rich back then, and he left.
    Now, five years later, he's back, and he's got
    money now.
    Atropa and the man meet again, and she begins a relationship with him on the side.
    But in the end, will she stay queen, or will she marry this new man?

    I'll be needing someone to play the king, and someone to play the young man,
    or, someone to play both.
    I'll play the queen/Atropa, and if someone wants to play as the young woman who catches the kings eye on the side,
    that's fine too.
    If need be, I'll play as her.

    Character sheet:

    Position: (King, young girl, young lover)
    Appearance: (pictures, please, if possible)
    Relationship status:

    MY CS:

    Name: Atropa Belladonna La Roux (La Rue)
    Age: Twenty
    Position: Queen/lover
    Appearance: coming soon
    Relationship status: Married to the king, making love with -----.
    Likes: Sweet things, little gifts, silk, dresses, theatre, baths
    Dislikes: War, politics, business, idiots.
  2. Name: Mardin Nalisam
    Age 25
    Position: King
    Appearance: *Coming Soon*
    Relationship status: Married
    Likes: Dominance,War, Gold
    Dislikes: Pettiness, beggars, liars

    Name: Jethil Barnstone
    Age: 18
    Position: Queen's young lover
    Appearance: *Coming Soon*
    Relationship status: Single/ Adulteress relationship with Queen
    Likes: Competition, Secrets, Business, Intelligence
    Dislikes: Fighting, Power Figures, Inferiorness