The Kingdoms of Travania Characters Needed.

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  1. Hello! We are in need of people and if you feel like joining please do type up a CS and then come on over here.

    Welcome young folk! I am Sir Varion, king of Blazeran. Please help us. The lands of Travania was once a peaceful continent where farmers tented to their crops, merchants sold their goods, soldiers fought in battle and kings ruled over their lands. There were sometimes the small territorial disputes between kings and allies between them. This all changed when all kingdoms decided to have a peace treaty to help one another build a temple for their goat headed god Hathial. They started to excavate when the miners dug up a forgotten portal leading to the depths of their underworld. (BTW in your character sheets type in Travania so i can see you have read the plot) Suddenly on that day an evil force emerged from the depths. An army of monsters from Hell emerged from the darkness. In a matter of months they almost took over 40% of the lands. Now it is not safe for travelers and merchants to roam around the kingdom alone. Only the bravest heroes, bandits and soldiers dare to walk the monster ridden lands. Only the kingdoms and villages are safe. But even some old towns had to move locations since the event we call the "awakening" happened. It now has been 25 years since this event occured. The treaty between the kingdoms have broken, only few alliances have been kept.

    You can either be a king of one of these many kingdoms of Travania, a soldier, merchant, wandering traveler, monster etc. Just please follow these rules and use this character sheet. Before going to play in this vast world i must approve character.


    Rank/Affiliations/Class (King, merchant,soldier, mercenary, etc.):



    Physical Apearance (You can put a photo but it's not required):

    Weapons (If any):



    Biography (A story of your characters life, you can leave some parts of their story for the RP or just leave the backstory for the RP, if so than please note)

    Other Details:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.