The Kingdom Of Waves

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  1. It is dark in the ocean today, the sunlight is having trouble filtering through the water so brightly, as it usually does. Alexandra awoke with a start to the sound of her name being shouted from somewhere. Upon flicking her tail, she swan to her window and pushed it open. She looked out into the grayish water and listened for her name once more.
    "Alexandra Valium!"
    She looked down from her window to see a distraught Wylan with a piece of enchanted parchment in his hand. He waved it at her, as if he were trying to make it look enticing.
    "The King has summoned you Miss Valium." He bowed awkwardly, making his tentacles flow into his face. Alexandra guessed he must be half squid. She easily caught a current through the water down to the Wylan and snatched the parchment from his webbed hand.

    She read:

    Alexandra Valium, The king requests that you are to meet before him immediately.
    -Killnah Proply (King's advisor)
    Alex smirked and turned the piece over, blank. She looked at the Wylan. ​
    "Who else is this being delivered to?" Her voice sounded sticky in the thick water. The Wylan seemed to freeze at the question, but answered her promptly. ​
    "To a good handful of others..." he was shaking slightly, "They are all requested to the King as soon as possible." He raised a hand in an awkward salute and swam off in a hurry. Alexandra read, and reread the note, debating whether she should go to the castle or not. ​
  2. In the depths below where sunlight could hardly be seen, a creature consumed with anger and hate twisted her tentacles. A shark snapped in two and a grin spread across her face at the creatures death twitches.

    She slithered her way into a cave below the "Kingdom" as she thought of it, where most sea creatures of intelligence lived. Except her,and a few others. Outcasts, exiles, criminals. She did not hate them as much as the surface dwellers she suspected took her family. A family that had prestige despite being part squid and not regular, with a fin tail instead. Her eyes pierced the darkness of the cave. Soon she rested in a makeshift home. Tomes of arcane magic lined bookshelves carved into the rock. In the back was a stone with black coral and gold freshly mined out of the sea floor. "Asun die naga bla mutaro adun." She chanted her hands raised eyes shining blue as she concentrated.

    The gold and coral swirled around and merged. When the dust settled a Black Trident with gold undertones floated in her midst. A seaweed and spidersilk sling attached to it resting it across her back. The humans were getting closer, other armies were making their moves. She smiled anxious. "Almost time, Selene, almost time." She cooed to herself in the blackness.
  3. In the dark part of the ocean, there was a small cave. Dark Rain woke up and moved out side of the cave. He looked around as he was stretching. He decided to go to the kingdom today. He grabbed his two small spears and headed out. He saw something out in the dissent, as he was going to the kingdom. He looked at it. It did not concern him. So, he started to move again. He got to the kingdom and move to his favorite spot. He lied down and stared into the darkness of the ocean.
  4. Outside the city proper, just on the edge, where the city dissolves into wilderness, is where Zane made her home. It was makeshift and simple, driftwood tied down by home-grown kelp. The back have was part of the rock face, dug out and sculpted to serve as shelving. Her bed was of kelp, her blankets discarded or lost woolen things from the surface dwellers. Ships often sank and she would often scavenge. This morning was dull, but it didn't bother her. It wasn't terribly odd. She took things at her own pace, eating something for breakfast before combing her hair with a spiny shell. She thought, briefly, about trimming her hair--it was getting a little outrageous. But it wasn't too bad just yet, and the firey red was appealing to her.

    Once that was out of the way, her gardens needed the daily tending. She drifted casually to her door and paused at it, staring at the swollen wood. Her webbed hand touched the wood lightly before pressing force against it, pushing it open. Her kelp gardens were systematic, organized, and well-cared for. The stalks grew tall, and she trimmed them carefully to stimulate growth and harvest. That would be what she did this morning--harvesting some stalks to continue growth, and pruning out the dead kelp. Sounded like a perfectly good morning.
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  5. Alexandra made her way back into her home, strongly debating following the King's order. She knew that the same message had been sent to the others in her area, but she didn't know why. After a time of serious thought, she decided to pack a few things and head into the Kingdom. She packed her knives and a couple of sea stones, (snack food), began the ten minute swim to the King's Keep.
  6. Zane had been minding her own business, she was certain. So then why was there someone approaching her humble garden with such purpose and worried determination? Coiling her tail around the base of a kelp stalk, she awaited the messenger's arrival. It was a male wylan, a strange hybrid that the seahorse mix couldn't identify at a simple glance. He looked so worked up over something.. perhaps it was about the enchanted parchment he was carrying.

    Zane did absolutely nothing until the messenger drifted to a stop just in front of her. His shoulders and chest were heaving as he tried to catch his breath, then he thrust the rolled parchment towards the red-headed wylan.

    "A message from the King," he gasped.

    Zane almost didn't take it, but gave in and snatched it from his hand. She carefully unrolled it, eyes scanning the words quickly. A royal summons. It was strange, and Zane definitely wasn't expecting it... but who was she to defy their king? With a soft breath, she turned away from the messenger, ignoring him as she slowly floated back to her house. She would need to pack a few things before leaving. Food, some extra garments. Her comb. She would have to look her best if she were to meet with royalty.

    It took her no time before she was making her steady way to the city from her home in the outskirts.
  7. As Dark Rain was lied down. He set up and looked at the other swimming around doing there own thing. He breathed in deeply and let it out slowly. He put his hands behind his hand and lied down again. He shut his eyes.

    A Guard swim around the others and set Dark Rain. He went to him. "Are you Dark Rain?" He asked.

    Dark Rain open his eye and looked at the Gaurd. "Yes. Why do you ask?" He asked.

    The guard hand him a piece of paper and left.

    Dark Rain opened it and started to read it. "So, I am summon to the palace." He said.
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