The Kingdom of the Dimensions

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  1. Alexandria was leaning against lone of the tall pillars inside the kingdom waiting for Tenya. The king had told her that she was to keep watch on her when they were both out in the field. She had agreed immediately and had been told to wait while the King told his daughter. Looking up at the sky and grimaced. Grey clouds could be seen in the heavens, almost as they were weeping. Caught up in her thoughts she paid little attention to what was around her.
  2. Violet was walking silently down the streets. She was heading towards the fields, having heard the King's daughter would be there, she thought maybe she should stay nearby. After hearing of the Queen's death, she did not want anything bad to happen to the daughter. She kept her head low, but her crystal blue eyes scanned everything around her.
  3. "WHAT!?" Screamed an enraged Tenya. "You told them to PROTECT me?! The whole point of this expedition was for me to get revenge, not to have everyone looking after me! I don't need a babysitter dad. I am just as good a fighter as the rest of them!" She continued, her cheeks red with her anger. "I know dear, but I can't have anything happening to the future heir to the kingdom. You're no different than the rest of them, and they are actually waiting for you now." With a huff Tenya threw herself at the king and hugged him vigorously. "Okay daddy." Was all Tenya said before she went outside to meet the rest of the guard. Seeing her adopted sister she let a small smile grace her lips. "Hey Alex." She said as she leaned on the pillar next to her.
  4. Alexandria snapped out of her thoughts as Tenya got there. She flashed a smile at her in return to her own. "Hello, did da already tell you the news? Hm...I suppose he probably did. If it makes you feel a little better I was told to be the main guard. more thing." She pushed off the pillar and faced Tenya and tried to look serious, "As a representative of the Red Guard I am to extend our welcome to you. You have proven yourself worthy to be considered among the elite and for that you have been accepted into our ranks. Hold yourself with honor and remember that you now represent the Red Guard. What you do reflects who we are." She smiled a bit again. "Now that was me being official and all proper. Please be sure to tell the General that I managed it. He doesn't think I am good at it." She grinned then. She had to admit she acted a bit too outspoken sometimes but hey it had helped her so far. She had pretty good ranking in the Red Guard after all.
  5. Violet saw Tenya go to Alex and watched them exchange hellos before she turned her attention to the surroundings closest to her. She had dropped her pace a little and raised her head, staying a small distance as so she could see anything trying to attack from further away.
  6. Sylvus walked out of the nearby woods, headed towrds Alex and Tenya with an almost bored gait. Much as he would have prefered meeting in a much more wooded area, he finally acquiesced when asked to join the party. He pulled a small leaf out of his pouch, and put it into his mouth, chewing absentmindedly.
  7. Chandler walked through the woods on his way to the castle where he was to meet the rest of the troop. He hasn't wired with others in a battle in a long time so this was going to be interesting for him... He figured that most of them would get annoyed with him in the first couple days and stop talking to him. That's what he thought would be most likely anyway, considering the fact that he doesn't work well with others very much. He shrugged to himself and came out from under the cover of the trees to see the castle in the distance. Chandler wasn't very far but he knew that they wouldn't be able to see him very clearly, at least not enough to recognize him. Because he was a vampire however, he was able to see who was who. He saw the princess, the 'adopted' princess and a couple others who he assumed to be the other soldiers. His eyes zoned in on Alexandria however because the last time he was there they became friends, he making it his personal duty to try to scare her. He smirked to himself and ran with vampiric speed toward her, making himself like a blur. He stopped right behind Alex and put his mouth by her ear, "Boo." He then quickly moved back so whatever attack she gave wouldnt immediately hit him.
  8. Violet sat up straight as someone came up behind Alex, but she figured he wasn't a threat when he stepped back. She stepped over where she could get a better view of the gates and she watched out, her ear twitching under her hair as she listened to the wind to hear anything outside the castle.
  9. Sylvus walked over to Alex "Hello, my name is Sylvus, and I am supposed to accompany this group. I take it that you are the leader?"
  10. Alex jumped a bit and whirled around lightning already around her hand. The lightning immediately dispelled as she saw Chandler. "Oh my goodness! Chandler! It has been a while, and the first thing you do is try to scare me? What happened to regular greetings? Too overrated for you?" She laughed a bit, and was about to say something else when she was interrupted. She turned to face the person who spoke to her. "Welcome Sylvus. I am Alexandria. While I would love to say I am the leader I am not. Well not yet. I do have a pretty high ranking in the Red Guard though."
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  11. Chandler simply chuckled at her and crossed his arms. "Since when would a normal greeting even suit me? I have to test your reactions, kid." He told her. When the new guy walked up, chandler didnt even glance at him, he wasn't that into 'new people' so why would he care? "What have you been up to since I last saw you? I see you grew and got farther up in the Red Guard at least."
  12. Violet stepped out of the shadows, but didn't wave or anything, still scanning outside the gates. She was too cautious for her own good, but that was the way she had always been. "I'm Violet." She said simply.
  13. Alexandria rolled her eyes and turned to Chandler again. "I am not a kid Chandler. Also I have accomplished a lot more than ranking up and getting taller. I have been very busy since you were last here you know." Sarcasm dripped off her words, "Oh wait. You wouldn't. You never bother sending word or visiting. Now if you don't mind I have to talk to much more pleasant people." She then spun around and smiled at Violet as she approached. "Hello Violet."
  14. Violet nodded. "Hello Alex." She stopped scanning the outside, deciding they were okay for the moment. "So, is this everyone?" she asked.
  15. Eton strode in late as usual and folded his arms. "I see we are all bickering, I suppose we are off to a great start." He looked around at the people of the group making his assessments of each of them. "Do we not have giants, monstrous creatures to help save this land? I see not, I am Eton Strongwind your strongest ally. Now when are we to battle?
  16. Chandler looked up at the newcomer, Eton he said his name was. He raised an eyebrow at his words and narrowed his eyes at him, "Oh? And what makes you our 'strongest ally'? And do you usually judge people that you just met simply by how they look? People don't have to be large to have power." Chandler told Eton, his more... Rude personality traits coming to light.
  17. "Excuse you." Was Tenyas reply to the latecomer. "Don't readily assume that you are strongest amongst us. We are the most elite fighters in the kingdom. Don't be so egotistical." She spat as she moved around Alex and the others to sit by herself. Although the others could joke and mess around, challenging to fight each other, Tenya couldn't do that. The loss of her mother was still fresh in her mind along with the betrayal of her father. She was allowed to come, but only if the others were going to protect her. This was bullshit. She had rightfully earned her place in the Red Guard and now they were going to treat her differently! Sighing she sat down in the grass away from everyone, her back turned on them.
  18. The brisk air was fresh and clear to the inhale, grey clouds turned white as they passed over. On the ground were scattered villages and the people that inhabit them. Farmers who'd tend to their stock, children who'd relive a story told with sticks and stones; all of them aware of myth and legend... Just never were they informed of the myth that approached the valley from the sky.
    "Remind me again, Thane. Why are we helping the Elf kingdom?" asked Drogo.
    Thane leaned his body forward, holding a single hand out to his rear. "Because they mentioned something about needing power they don't have.... and that's you buddy," answered Thane. "They said they have a small group waiting for us near the main kingdom. If they are as the message said, they should stick out like diamonds among coal." The gliding giant made a growl-like chuckle. He looked back over his shoulder with his large golden eyes, thane looked back into Drogo's orbs and smirked, then leaned back and nodded his head upward. Just then, Thane spotted the kingdom down below, and in turn so were they seen and not welcomed as expected.
    "Dragon! Dragon! Run!" rang from down below as they began to scuttle about, running for the nearest shelter, and some running to the keep to alert the king. "I don't think they know we're supposed to be here, Drogo." said Thane. "What was your first clue?" answered back Drogo. Before they could be attacked, Thane pulled back on his harness. In reaction Drogo spread open his wings and climbed the winds around him, higher and higher they went until those below simulated ants. Estimated miles ahead he saw the main castle where he assumed he'd find his group, the only obstacle would to be getting past castle defenses to meet them. "Well, boy, looks like we're gonna have to out run them. Wouldn't be a good first impression if we turned their forces into roasted mutton, now would it?" he joked.
    Drogo's eyes went sharp as he closed his crimson wings and darted forward like an arrow, the winds gusting against Thane's skin. Just as he began to close in on the outer walls of the fortress, his wings flew open wide and grasped the wind. Just as they turned the ballista to face them, Drogo shot over them like a speeding bullet--the bottom of his talons knocking over a turret or two. Drogo then again hugged his wings to his sides and dodged through the city like a snake in the grass. The wide-open clearing to the keep was like a flash of fantasy once they punched through, and up ahead was a small circus of warriors--his group Thane assumed. Drogo shifted forward and posed like a hawk on the hunt. He let out a terrifying roar as they closed in the distance, and shook the ground with a quake on landing.
    Thane hopped up from his seat and slid down Drogo's neck, as he came to a stop on the ground, he took a bow in front of his... more than diverse comrades.
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  19. Violet shot to her feet. "Dragon?" She breathed. As it landed she blinked a few times and stood still. "Who are you?" She didn't recognize the man. Her hand was sitting gently on her sword, but was poised to draw if the man showed a sign of danger.
  20. Standing Tenya observed the dragon and rider before her. Thinking hard she recalled all of the task forces races and names. Stepping forward she moved up closer to the dragon rider and therefore the rest of the group. "It is alright Violet, he is with us." Turning to the rider once more Tenya gave him a slight nod. "You must be Thane. It is a pleasure to meet the last of the Dragien and your dragon. I am Tenya." She informed him with a formal tone. Lately that was all she could conjure up, it wasn't all bad though. The only person in this group that might understand what Tenya was going through was Alex, and that had caused her to be open only with her fathers ward. Shaking the silly thoughts from her head Tenya offered her hand for a handshake.
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