The Kingdom of the Dimensions

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  1. The kingdom has suffered a great loss: the loss of our loyal and lovely Queen thanks to the Shadow Lord and his people, the forsaken. We now prepare to send out our best to avenger her death, The Red Guard. This group of dimension walkers are made up of only the best fighters and magic users through out the different dimensions. Despite their great skills the battle will still be difficult.


    "Take up your arms! The dimension walkers, great warriors from all races! We must not leave the Forsaken unpunished! This is not merely for our queen but it is for the place she loved until her very death! If we do nothing we say we are weak and we say that anyone can walk over us! Our lovely queen, my wife, would hate for us to sit and wail and do nothing!"


    In this kingdom there is no technology (phones, computers, etc.) and you cannot find guns in the kingdom either. Fighters here rely on weapons such as swords, bows, spears, and other such weapons. If they don't use melee they rely on magic. Dimension walkers are just the best fighters or magic users from various different mythical/magical races. The group is based in the Royal Kingdom.

    You can also join the side of the Forsaken if you choose. The Forsaken are the people of the Shadow Lord. They are dark, cruel, and savage. Tales of them travel throughout all dimensions and they are only known for the destruction and chaos they bring. Not to mention that there are a rare few that are extremely cunning. This group makes there home in the Shadow Rift, a place that is dark and very dangerous to enter if you are not one of the Forsaken.

    Rules (not many so no worries):
    1. No killing unless you have talked to the person you are knockin' off
    2. Please, if you join post. I would appreciate it. :3
    3. Try to update often. I don't really want to see this RP just die :'(

    Dimension Walkers:

    Power(s): (be reasonable)
    Appearance (Pic's are highly appreciated though ^^):
    Other: (why? well why not? :P)

    The Forsaken:

    Power(s): (still asking for reason :P)
    Appearance (Pic still appreciated ^^):
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  2. Name: Sylvus
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Forest Elf
    Power(s): control over plants (To an extent obviously). This includes: Sharpening leaves, creating structures (varying in size), Energy Transfer, and Mild Healing through use of plants
    Personality: A bit shy and timid, he'd prefer to be with his plants than on some journey, thats for sure.
    Bio: He was born ot a poorer family, though his fasination with plants led him to study meticulously and for long periods of time.Eventually he learned the art of magic, being self taught, rather than studying at an academy or something similar. Around the age of 15, he really began to take off, which eventually landed him in the court of the Queen at age 16. Never one to speak up, he soon became part of the scenery. It wasnt until the Queen was killed, at which point he was called upon to go and kill the perpetrator.
    Apearance: He has Green eyes and brown hair, in addition to the pointed ears that gift his race. He stands at about 5'10, and weighs 120lbs.
    Other: What other?
  3. Name: Alexandria Greyhaven
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Race: Snow Elf
    Power(s): Lightning magic/manipulation, Wind magic/manipulation, Really good at using metal tessen fans
    Personality: sarcastic, brave, outspoken, caring, often wants to stand up for people
    Bio: Alexandria was born in the land of the Fay and as she grew up her magic skills were acknowledged to be very great. At a young age she, along with her older sister, was chosen to join the Dimension Walkers. Some point after joining her sister perished in a battle against the Forsaken, due to this Alexandria studied the magic her sister used (wind magic) in honor of her. Her proficiency in her two magic types earned her a valuable position in the kingdom. Later on due to some problems among the Fay and the death of almost all Snow Elves she was made the King's Ward so that she would not be harmed.
    Appearance: Girl 203.jpg
    Other: She has a tennsen fan that she uses with her wind magic.

    Name: Alessia Morrowheart
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demon
    Power(s): Expert swordsmanship
    Personality: Quiet, valiant, more of a loner, spends a lot of time practicing her swordsmanship
    Bio: As a child Alessia didn't really dwell in the art of weapons and watched it rather than participate. When she turned 9 she wanted to start participating however and began training every day so that she could get better. Over time she slowly began to surpass many people that practiced in her area and was soon called upon by the Dimension Walkers. She usually acted as a guard in the castle and little else. When the queen died she was moved out off guard duty and into the main fighting group.
    Appearance: Girl 53.jpg
    Other: She is shown to be strong and can carry swords that are sometimes harder for others.
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  4. Name: Thane Korthus

    Age: 199

    Gender: Male

    Race: Dragien (dra-gi-een)

    Power(s): Can summon his Dragon, Drogo, and bends fire to his will.

    Personality: Like his dragon, he is prideful, bold, courageous, and wise. Most of the time he is expressionless and unreadable. With ever look in his eye, you see a pool of mixed emotions.


    (Note: Ignore the drawing)

    Other: Dragien are a race of humanoids with the powers of dragons. Inhuman strength, unmatched endurance, they cannot fly but are very agile. Thane and Drogo are marked as the last of their kind. Thane is the last Dragien while Drogo is the last Black Land Fire Dragon--a rare and extinct race of dragons for near centuries. Thane's species can live up to just as long--the oldest recorded being 1,035 was their icon, Arashu, the first of them to exist.

    By the age of 90, Thane's people were rendered extinct. The cause of this genocide was a massive war between Dragien and Demons; they fought to either control or over-throw the balance of peace. Neither side's intentions could be discovered, for both used brutal tactics.Due to their appearance, mankind has barely noticed their disappearance without ruins to remind them. Yet even those to this day continue to vanish into the dust. With the existence of magic, none question who he is without physical or eye contact. Dragien eyes are born red with sharp irises, like a lizard. They also have noticeably sized fangs that are visible only to the careful eye.

    Thane's life has allowed him to explore the world, and learn it's lessons to memory. Over time he has become an expert swordsman, but isolates himself from compromise. His age considers him a teenager among his people, that said, as an adolescent he blames the world for the loss of his kin.
  5. Name: Eton Strongwind

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Race: Centar

    Power(s): Eton has and incredible amount of speed and is able to shoot anyone with a bow.

    Personality: Eton is strong willed, stubborn, and a good fighter at heart. His side is always the right side. If he is quiet then he is thinking about what he is going to do next. Most people see him as the head of a house, or the leader of a large army. His voice carries as he shouts orders and makes sure that his fellow warriors understand him. Eton is precise and orderly, yet brutish and strong.

    Bio: Eton was born in a pack of many centaurs. He was trained to be a warrior from the start. In his lands, dominance is key to survival. As a child he had to kill many animals to be able to show that he would be able to survive on his own. His mother and father were apart of the pack but they were not one of the leaders. Eton soon left the pack to able to go out into the world and prove his dominance. Then he joined the dimension walkers.


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  11. Name: Violet Acer
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Werewolf
    Powers: She can heal minor injuries in 30 seconds - 2 minutes, but for major injuries she'd need 20 minutes - 1 hour and medicinal herbs, which she carries in a pouch. She can also create barriers around her team that deflect incoming arrows and flying projectiles or anything that is thrown or flying.
    Personality: She's stern and loyal, she sticks to the rules and never strays. She's too serious for her own good, and finds it hard to ever relax.
    Bio: Her father was a werewolf, and that's where she got her black fur and hair from. Her mother was human, but she had the same icy blue eyes as Violet. As she grew up, she always wanted to be a warrior for the royal family. She trained every spare second she had. She became a great warrior who is very vicious and the word 'mercy' has never been found in her vocabulary.
    Human Form (open)

    Wolf Form (open)

    Weapons (open)
    Sword: [​IMG]
    Weapons (open)

    Bow: [​IMG]
    Dagger for surprise close surprise attacks: [​IMG]

    Other: Don't get on her bad side..just a warning.
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  14. Name: Chandler
    Age: appears 22 (he's a vampire so he's older than that technically)
    Gender: male
    Race: vampire
    Power(s): controls water/ice, great fighter
    Personality: sarcastic, can pass off as mean to most people, flirty, actually does care about the people close to him (even if they don't know they are), will do anything for his friends/loved ones, can be a troublemaker, nice to the people he knows well
    Bio: He has traveled all over for most of his existence, helping people when he saw fit and perfecting his fighting skills and abilities. He visited and stayed at the King's court for a period of time years ago before continuing his travels. Once he heard about the death of the queen he came back to aid their forces in avenging her and thus joined the Dimension Walkers.
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  16. Name: Tenya LightHeart
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: High Elf
    Power(s): Manipulation of fire and sometimes ice if she's got her head in the game. Tenya is also a wonderful swordsman.
    Personality: Tenya is a kind hearted woman, something her mother instilled into her. Her morals are important to her; devotion, loyalty, and leadership are her basic principles.
    Bio: Tenya was the only true daughter of the king and queen. Her mother instilled high morals into Tenya from a very young age. Her mother tried to raise a young lady, but her father tried to raise a warrior. In the end Tenya became a woman of high society, but joined the Red Guard to train and get strong. When the queen was murdered Tenya took her death hard, but pledged revenge. Using her high connections Tenya had herself placed on the attack force.
    Other: Tenya can also play the lute and sing like a bird.

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  17. [MENTION=3145]EpitaphQueen[/MENTION] I like your character, but when you say basic elements how many do you mean? And which ones? I don't really want the character to be able to manipulate more than two elements. :/
  18. I meant like earth water and fire, but I can change it.
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