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    OOC thread


    There is a kingdom that nestles deep within the Dark Realms. It's skies are always blood red and no sun ever shines upon it, time is also none existent. Days bleed into each other like infection from rotting wounds. There are very few animals in this realm, they are simply bred to be eaten. The lakes are also red, and tend to be highly polluted.. but it is the only water source that this kingdom has, so no one knows any different. The lands are barren and trees are a rare commodity, but they do exist. The kingdom itself is built in a strange style of Victorian with hints of modernisation. This world, this kingdom, houses countless residents that are all ruled by the royal family. This world parallels our own, but only the most unfortunate enter it. This kingdom is a kingdom of Demons, or rather ruled by Demons.

    The king awaits for you in his throne room, he is a strong built and handsome man. Handsome in a cruel way, he turns his steely eyes towards you and a smirk twists upon his lips. “well, hello there..” he purrs as he sits up in his throne. “welcome most dear guest to my kingdom, I know it may not look that appealing to you.. but this world is easily shaped by those within it, or rather.. it is shaped by myself and the ruling class, you just simply live here.. or at least you will do.” his smirk widens. “..but that is not to say that you have no control over your life.. you will be free to find your greatest desires, of course.” he stands up, towering over everyone else at an unnatural 7'ft in hight. He cracks his broad shoulders slightly as he gazes at you. “..or you might just find your greatest fears.. I do wonder.. what fate will await you.. true happiness? Or agony?” he waves his hand and a piece of paper floats over with a pen. “this is the official document for those who wish to move into my kingdom, those who control their own fate.” he smiles darkly. “it states that you and you alone are held accountable for your actions, no matter what happens... so, wanna sign?” he smiles shows that you don't have much of a choice.

    He runs his strong fingers through his sliver hair, his sharp features masking a monster as he smiles. “ah, how stupid of me.” he says once you've signed it. “I forgot to introduce myself.” he tsks and shakes his head at himself before folding his arms. “I am king Gladarniel Silencia, the mighty ruler of this land.” he waves his hand around the room slowly and deliberately. “I bid you the fondest of welcomes to my domain and I hope you will find everything you seek and more, I look forward to seeing how you will contribute to my kingdom.” he starts to walk towards his throne slowly.

    “untill we meet again, dear guest..and welcome to The Kingdom of Silencia!”

    So this RPG is based upon an RPG I did about a year back called Lost in a nightmare, this one's had a bit of a makeover. So, what's it about? Well, that really is up to you. This is an open RPG that supports sandbox elements, so in other words do what you wanna! As long as you don't destroy the kingdom, I really don't mind what you do. Though if you're a character who's lived in the kingdom all their life, you may find it useful to read up on the Kingdom's lore.. which is rather long and totally optional, so with that said if you have any questions you can always ask me :]

    the main races in the RPG are demons, Angels, humans and Halflings. Humans and halflings are pretty rare in the kingdom.

    You can use any photo you wish, it can be realistic, anime whatever! As long as it's not X rated, any photo may be used and any style of photo is welcomed. From normal to Chibi, if it's how you see your character then please feel free to use it.

    You can have as many characters as you like, and I'm not bothered about equal genders ether.. all that counts is we all have fun! So I'll swarm the RPG with my men! Heh..heh..

    you can play as a member of the Silencia family by blood or marriage :] the king currently searches for a husband or wife *coughs * if you wanna be a member of the royal family, please let me know! :]

    there will be three types of forms in the RPG, long, medium and short.. you may use whichever you like and mix and match for your characters, you can also do the basic information and fill in the rest at a later date.

    All sexual preferences are welcomed, Yaoi, Yuri, heterosexual.. whatever you're most happiest with :]

    This RPG is an open RPG with unlimited spaces, anyone can join and join whenever they wanna :]

    there's a lot of info about the RPG, but don't worry! It's an optional read and will be in the OOC thread when created :]

    if in the event you need to drop or can't post, please let me and the person you're rping with know :]

    The offical rules, Lore and races will be added in the OOC.. but if anyone really wants to know more, I'll post the stuff here :]

    and finally, this is a pretty laid back RPG that anyone can join.. from newbie to die hard RPGier, everyone and everyone is welcome to join and have fun! Post lengths don't matter, just do your best and write how you wanna! Just kick back, relax and let your creative juices flow!

    And finally, finally.. I'm a pretty busy person for various reasons, so my co Owner Karo is also incharge of the RPG.. they can take care of things in my absence :] if I'm really busy and your stuck with one of my characters, feel free to god mod them a little.. as long as you don't kill them, or cripple them without asking you can move them around as much as you like.. but this is only if I'm not on for two days and more :]
    phew.. that turned out waaay longer then I expected.. so, if you survived the boring intro and stuff..WHO WILL JOIN ME?! *Strikes a dramatic pose as tumble weeds roll past *
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  2. Looks interesting. One thing though. Actually more than one thing. 1. Level of technology. So far you've only said that the towns look victorian with a bit of modern. You haven't specified available tech. 2. Magic or no magic, and if magic, any limitations?
  3. hi thanks for your interest! in terms of modern tech, Demons are modernising rapidly due to aquiring objects from the human world.. like ipods, comps, ect.. the only modern things that aren't avalable yet are cars and planes. however Demons can only get modern technogy from their black market, and it tends to be the younger generation that leans towards modernisation. so demons have acesses to all the things we do in this day and age, it's just harder to get :]

    and that's a very good question about magic :] all demons have the capacity to use magic, however most of them can only do very basic magics.. like.. light small fires and things, and it's not something they lean towards. there are some demons that have hightened magic potental and two are born in every 200 years (which may seem long for us, but it's a pretty short time for demons) Angels (the second race in the RPG) can do magic, and they are at a better level of magic skill then most demons :]

    I hope this helps :]
  4. That most certainly does clarify things, however, I'm afraid I probably won't be joining. I imagine the red-sky and demons thing would probably be optimised to an older setting, such as an isolated Japanese-style mountain town or a heavily superstitious dark ages Christian church-oriented village.
  5. that's fine, thanks for taking your time to read the thread and your interest anyway :]
  6. *dusts off hands* the OOC thread has being added- it contains more infomation about the RPG within.. I.E background infomation, races, locations ect.. sorry for the fact that it's pretty long :]
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