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  1. The call of an hawk could be heard if one listened close. He was a messenger, returning from the kingdom that was across the wide mountain range that he now flew over. Birds were the best form of communication between the two kingdoms, and not many people dare trek across them for they were known for magic, and many people who entered never really came back.

    His eyes gleamed, he knew these mountains almost as well as the merchants who made the journey across every spring and winter to bring trade to and from the kingdoms. The hawk caught an updraft, and just ahead he could finally make out the gray and rose stone of Laoise castle.(So named for a great warrior, He had heard.) His home. As such the kingdom was called, 'The kindgom of Laoise'.

    He tilted his wings just so and flew down close to the river which gently winded its way through the mountains and then turned into a rushing waterfall, the sound a roar. He flew along, continuing on the rivers path as it winded its way, rushing twords the castle and city ahead. The river rushed into a waterfall once more, spilling into a wide area where one could swim if they wanted, before flowing out once more. The area at the base of the mountain was full of loose stone and massive boulders and reached a good while, before it slowly turned into rocky grass and lead up to the city wall.

    The walls surrounding the castle and high city where of the same rock the the city was made of. The city itself was quite large, and built in such a way that it winded about in circles almost. Smaller houses lined the outside, and the further into the city one went, the larger the houses became, and the more wealthy the people within. The city, unlike most, was full of trees, flowers and greenery. Many people had their own small gardens. The castle, however, was not in the middle of this circle of homes, it was to the back of them, closer to the mountains, a stone bridge leading to a black iron gate leading to the front courtyard. The castle boasted of a large cobble stoned courtyard, with a fountain in its center. Most days merchants set up shop in the courtyard and through the city streets, selling from bread, to goats to roses. People seemed always to fill the streets.

    The castle had stables to the side and a garden on the other. The hind end of the castle was planted well with a maze of tall hedges, the 'city'wall being its back. The maze only lead to the center where sat another fountain with a angle places at its center, water flowing from the horn at its lips. Aside from the hedge maze there were walking paths planted with many flowers. Inside the castle was grand as the out. Fires were lit in most rooms, with plants and flowers all about. Tapestries, quilts, portraits and weapons hung the wall, giving them colour and character. It of course had dungeons and basements and plenty of empty rooms, and full rooms. Two kitchens and servants quarters. Plenty of halls and library and studies.

    He was not due back to the castle til night fall, so he had some time to spare.(he knew this because he listened, though one might think that he did not) He cut his wings up to catch a updraft and beat them a few times in order to get past the city wall, yellow eyes on the ground below. Pastures of crop and livestock he could see below. People out working in the hot late afternoon sun. Small villages where scattered here and there. Soon his path took him over the forest. It was huge and thick, with many paths that took one many places, if they knew the way to go. He knew that if he went one way he could get to yet more villages, and if he went another and flew for a long time he would reach a large expanse of salt water that the humans called the ocean.

    He liked to visit the ocean when he had time too, though tonight he did not. The sun was setting now. He made a wide ark in the sky, eyes darting taking in as much as he could. He knew that if he flew long and far enough to the west he could find other kingdoms. If he went to the east, he could find a swamp. To the north was where the ocean was. South was now the way home, and he corrected his course and soon saw the farm towns come back into view, as well as the castle. This is where he flew making his way into a open window. He ruffled his feathers and stuck out his leg, a servant taking the letter which was tied there. Now, at last he could rest.

  2. His kind were forbidden among the Kingdom of Laoise. That is, unless the teaching took place within the walls of the castle. Sorcerers hiding in plain sight. They might be the baker or the cobbler but by night, they're one of them. Only coming together in the deep confines of the swamp to the east can they openly be themselves and not have to hide underneath a facade. There the King's men feared what lay beyond the sticky tree line for the sun rarely breaks through to the ground.

    Murky pools are dotted all over the surface. Merchants only cross through the swamp if they most desire to for many have gone in and never came back. These traitors knew their fate if they were caught using their tabooed magic within those walls. It doesn't mean they don't do it but they just have to make sure no one sees them and reports to the guards. Death is imminent with either the blade of an axe or the taught grip of a rope. This society knows that their secrets would be upheld through the darkest of days for becoming one of them requires great skill and dedication to black magic.

    Being unaware of his fate, Aeon, coming from the Kingdom of Del'lor to the north, looks out into the waves of the sea. All he knows is that he has to make a living in this new Kingdom, not knowing the laws. His father wants him to start his own life and the only way to accomplish that fact is to start anew. Not knowing anyone or anything and working up from there. The transport below him cuts through the waves, the salty spray hitting him while he leans up on the handrail of the large wooden maiden. Master Phellan might have faith in Aeon, showing him with praise before his departure but the closer the port comes into view, the less comfortable in his own skin Aeon feels. This will be the first time he isn't stepping over the cobblestones of Del'lor and entering the belly of the mountain where the miraculous city lies. He is alone for the first time.

    At least he knows his purpose as he and the fellow men on the transport pull the ropes tight to the dock, stopping the ship. No longer will he feel the chilling howl of even a summer breeze shoot down his spine. Do the people of Laoise even know what snow is? He guesses he will have to find out. Back there, in Del'lor, he is proud of who he is, not afraid to show some offensive magic if needs be. This twenty-four year old man, with only a bag of torn clothing slung over his shoulder, makes his way across one of the fields.

    Holding a hand out, his fingers are tickled by the growing wheat, a smile coming to his face. The lack of a flickering light in one of the windows signals the owners of such a run down house are either not home or asleep. He will make do with their barn, being sure to get up before sunrise to be on his way. They'll never know. Aeon doesn't think twice before settling himself in the hay of the creaky barn, his face settling against the smooth leather of his bag. Like most nights, the natural smell of an animal puts him to sleep.
  3. She rode in secret. Though in fact it only seemed that way because at this hour (five in the morning) no one was awake, and those who were did not care. They were tending to livestock and such things. The horse she was riding was her favorite from the stables, given to her from her father who said ' i would not trust another horse with my daughters life, for he is true and sturdy, I trust him with my life, so I can therefore trust him with yours.'

    There was much truth in that. Storm was a seasoned warhorse and there was no horse she had ridden whose gait was so smooth, nor step so sure and sturdy. He was a proud looking horse, coloured gray and specked with white all over, aside from his face, which was gray with a white star on his forehead. His mane, tail and fetlocks where all black.

    She was dressed in the simplest dress she could find. It was black, and had smooth lines, with no random tassels or fluffs of fabric to waste space, and was roomy enough in the skirts to allow for easy ridding. Over top of that, and drawn about herself was a burnt orange cloak, the hood drawn over her head, shadowing her features though one could see the pale lines of her face, just so. A pair of knee-high black ridding boots were the completion of the simple outfit.

    Now, the reason she was out so early is simply because she is grounded. Last week she had taken it upon herself to take a trip out to the ocean, and has not been allowed outside of the High City walls since. (not that she quite got the chance to go out much before.) It had been a long ride and she had spent much time by the strange salty expanse of water, dipping her feet and playing in the sand. (Yes, Playing.) The area she had ridden into was a might bit desolated, though she could see the harbor and docking boats in the distance.

    On her way home, (not even three quarters of the way there) She was apprehended by a patrol sent out by her father, and the court. Everyone was very displeased with her, and she heard no end of the lectures. From her father, to her tutors, even to her maid servant. She was then grounded to stay within the high city walls, until told otherwise. She had not much time outside, between all of her classes and such. They were all trying to keep her busy, as if she had a mind to take such a trip so soon again. Which she did not. But the suffocation of it all had her out today, leaving before even her maid servant was up, and before the stable boy had come to give breakfast to the horses.

    Her father was Sir Michael Van'belle. A knight of Laoise, adviser to the king, owner of a village close to the swamp,and of noble blood through and through. She too, had this blood, therefore not much freedom. Being noble of course had it's perks, but many things were always off limits. She was not even able to go on trips with him to his Village near the swamps, and had never been to the ocean before, though she was already eighteen.

    It was her hope that by going out for a ride today, and returning by a decent time (She was thinking seven or eight) She could get her ban lifted. Perhaps at least to being able to go out with an escort, though ti would be better if she could go out by herself, as long as she did not enter the forest. She was thinking about stating these stipulations to her father once she returned. She was sure he would throw a fit...but it could be dealt with. She would see to it that she was not kept in.

    By now the sun was beginning to rise, casting the sky in shades of red, orange and yellow. She had left the city walls a short time ago, and was passing now by the beginning of the crops and the outside village. She tilted her head back. It was no nice to be out in the fresh out, away from the walls of the high city. She has never before felt so...cramped in there. It was the oddest thing, to suddenly feel so. An after effect of her freedom last week? Either way, she was bent on enjoying her self-allotted time outside this morning.
  4. Feeling the warmth of the suns rays on his face, Aeon is slow to open his eyes to greet the morning. The air around him is stiff with the grassy smelling hay of his uncomfortable bed. At least he has slept peacefully and no farmer or child has come to wake him. Feeling the prickles of the hay against his bare arms for what seems to be the first time, Aeon is quick to sit up. Wiping off these yellow strands is the easy part but the sensation is still causing him to wince, his mind believing that they are still there when, obviously, they are not. Running his hands through his dark burgundy hair, he knows he needs to cut it. The strands are split and he will need no protection from the icy wind in this sunlight place.

    Frowning, his first thoughts are of home in his kingdom. Every single morning he would wake up and have his family by his side for their home was a single room with a kitchen to the side, table, fireplace, a few select chairs, and two large beds. One for the adults and the other for the kids. The nuclear family is of most importance in his Kingdom, wishing to further the community as a whole rather than the individual. Aeon doesn't understand why he has been sent away for it's odd but he is, after all, the eldest son and his parent's want him to see the world.

    Looking up, Aeon can just barely make out the structure of the square barn through the rays of sunlight peeking through the cracks. "What is the time?" He mutters to himself, itching his head once more before not even bothering to remove the straw. Moving from the pile, he picks up his bag and rearranges his dark violet cloak around his shoulders. One of his kind, at least where he is, never goes a moment without having the bright blue runes shine brightly on the cloaks surface. Each stroke is subtle, moving around the next pattern with purpose. Strong arches spring back and forth over his back and arms but they never intersect. His hood, however, lies untouched from such magic.

    At least, that's how it was back in Del'lor but in this strange new land, Aeon knows he better watch his step. Who knows how friendly the commoners are. Who knows how willing or accepting they are to a sorcerer, one who has dabbled in the black magic arts. His glowing eyes turn back to his cloak and he frowns. Nearing the entrance of the barn, he peeks through a split in the wood that remains unfixed, the gray boards barely holding up the roof. Touching his fingers to the silk fabric, he decides against wearing it today. Perhaps under cover of night but not while the variety of rays hit his face. Placing it back in his bag, Aeon hears footsteps approaching the barn. Not thinking twice, he jumps over to the corner and waits for the door to swing open so he can slip out.

    A round bellied man with the arms of an ox comes through and Aeon has the tingling feeling if he is caught, the farmer will surely rip him to pieces. Gulping, he can't help but feel his heart start to race, pulling his hood further down over his diamond shaped face. Stepping back, he touches the grain of the wood with his fingertips, gaging how close he is by feel instead of sight. The farmer has no idea thus far, whistling a merry tune as he moves right to a plow and starts to inspect the device before trying to take her out of the barn. Taking his chance, Aeon slips from the door, immediately feeling a force knock into him from behind. "Ooof!"

    Turning around, Aeon meets a pair of bewildered green eyes and he reacts before he has time to think upon it. His hands come to her shoulders and he spins her around before she has time to study her, causing her to scream. Shit Comes his thoughts, eagerly pushing her towards the pair of bulky arms trying to grab at him. He couldn't hear what they're screaming, his heartbeat is far too loud in his ears. All he thinks to say is, "Sorry!" but is he truly sorry for his actions? He is just a foreigner trying to survive in this world - using the safety of the commoners to shield him from the elements. The nights are cold but the days are at least warm.

    Having no idea what direction to go, Aeon just takes off, hearing them scream at him to stop. Their yelling only makes his legs work double-time, wanting to get away from this mess before they have time to stop him. Magic, I can use magic! The grin appears on his face and he turns around, a single palm shooting a bolt of shadow from its core, feeling the negative energy around him from their anger. Wading his way into the wheat field, only yellow wisps of the strands smack at him, scolding him for hurting the innocent. In all honesty, he does care for people even though he uses the black side of the magic spectrum. It's the only way to survive in the cold and demanding north. Light energy cannot be found there so his people feed on the darkness.

    Exiting the nearest field, he hops over a fence, only having time to put up his hands when his body collides with a black blur. Easily, he is taken down by the impact, his mouth screaming once more and his whole torso throbbing in pain from rolling on the dirt path. He is not sure how far he has come but the world is spinning. Blinking only resets the panoramic movement of the ground, his hand moving to his exposed head, the hood drawn back by the blow. He scrambles up from the ground and makes it a few steps down the road before his body weight pulls him back to the ground on flimsy feet. "ooof!" comes another exhale as he meets the ground once, this time with his chest. Dust swirls around him and yet, his persistence causes him to try and get up.
  5. The ride was going quite pleasant until she saw Storm's ears twitch to the side in a distracted manner. She had time to notice something leaping the fence, but by then it was way to late to even do anything but hold on. Storm reared onto his hind legs as something collided with his muscled body, his hooves kissing the air before they touched the ground and he whips up his back hooves to jump over the screaming man on the ground. He prances for a moment, snorting angrily, dust flying about his hooves. If once watched, they could see the thought cross his features that he would very much like to trample the man, but Storm had sense, and would not.

    She held on through this, reigning him in to prance further away from the man who was trying now to stumble away. He however he only succeed in a few steps before he fell once more.

    The girls features had been thrown into the light during Storm's movements. She was pale with high cheek bones and bright green/gray eyes. Her hair was long and black, reaching her waist, though it was now braided, with bangs and strands that fell to frame her features, making her look softer. She rose an arched brow, and suppressed a small snicker at his continued persistence at trying to rise after running full force into a beast like storm.
    "You sir, are lucky he had sense enough not to trample you. "
    Roisin said, as she leaned over her horses neck, patting him affectionately.
    "And if you had sense, perhaps you would look before..." She glanced to the fence, "Jumping into roads..."
    Not forgetting her manners, of course, though this man seemed to be a stranger to these parts.
    " Are you alright? " She turned Storm to walk a little closer to the man.
  6. His burgundy hair is striking to most, most hair colors blonde to black, brown is the most seen in his village. Aeon does something again he never thought he would do that again, apologize. The pain in his right side, festering right inside his ribs. He isn't quite sure if the throbbing feeling will just leave a bruise or if he has fractured ribs. Even worse, they might be broken. With each breath, he feels that fire come swooping down to his ribcage and only dull once he exhales. It never goes away though. Collapsing on the ground, he turns on his back. All in one moment, he knows that the farmer will be coming after him - wanting to throw him in jail or worse kill him.

    "I am... sorry. I just, gah, I don't know." Throwing his head back to the ground, he feels the sharp gravel dig into the back of his long hair. "What I do know is that I have to, I have to get away. Do you hear me?" Glancing up at her, he tries to sit up, only growling in pain and faltering back to the confines of this ground. "I just need to get... away from here." Not caring what she thinks, he wiggles his way to the other end of the road near the fence he didn't just vault over. Wrapping his arm around the first long log, he hoists himself up just enough to sit up. "Can you just... help me? I'll explain everything. Aagh, after. Just help me up and get me out of here." Trying to stand, he throws his arm around the second horizontal log of the wooden fence. In return, he feels the rough carved bark of the semi-shaven beams. "I'm, ow." He doesn't finish his statement, his hand coming to his set of injured ribs, trying to ease the pain by pushing on them.

    The farmer picked his best pitchfork and easily makes his way through his crop fields. What Aeon was smart with, is his choice to run in an opposite direction from which way he ran in. Zig-zagging through the wheat fields. Leading false trails is what Aeon does the best. He can feel through the earth three pairs of running feet. "Now!" He orders her, his voice quickly calming, knowing anger is no the answer. "Please..." Gasping for breath, he holds out his hand to this woman. He is, in essence, putting his entire life in her hands. "I'll be in your debt. I'm... I'm looking for work. I can work for you - do whatever you want. Just... take me from this damn wheat field." His backpack is still wrapped around his arm, waiting to be taken away with him to wherever she may decide. Leave him or take him wit her.
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  7. His hair was an odd shade, she took time to notice. One not see much often in these parts, where hair was moreso often black, browns or blonde. Many things about him seemed quite strange, indeed. Did he have a strange accent too? She hence decided that he was most defiantly a stranger, and did not belong to any of the kingdoms on this land. Perhaps he had come across from the ocean?

    Roisin was not daft. She could easily see what pain he was in, and trying to listen to the poor man speak made her cringe. She shifted her weight, making Storm walk closer as she gazed down and he continued to try and escape from the road, going as far as to attempt to lift himself to get over the fence.
    She narrowed her gray-green eyes slightly, pursing her lips as she thought, though he could see he thought he had not much time.
    Ros would have much preferred to thoroughly question him before even daring help, but his pain filled words turned to anger, and then pleading. It was too much really. Hell, even if he did try to hurt her or something, she had a dagger, and she had Storm. Also, if she was not back by a decent hour the guard would soon be on her trail. Safety pretty much guaranteed, she made her decision.

    She spurred Storm forward to stop along side him and she reached a hand down to pull him up behind her.
    "Come on now, get on. Hurry. " She said, using both of her hands to help pull him up.
    "If I do find I am helping you escape for you have committed some crime I will punish you myself. " She told him as she pulled her hood back up over her head, spurring Storm on once again. He took off at a smooth gallop, his hooves kicking up dust, before she turned him to leap over the fence and out of sight of the mans pursuers, whomever they may be.
  8. Aeon does have an accent, his words spoken slow and with an air of knowledge. The men from the North have all been scholars as well as soldiers. From a young age they're taught the importance of their heritage, knowing that family is paramount within their life. It's another reason he is confused when he thinks of his father who sent him away. Is it because his studies were lacking? No, he has kept up to date on everything. So perhaps his excelling nature has pushed him forward enough to be an entrepreneur? Blinking, he has no time to think about such matters. His eyes give her the gratitude she deserves for saving him. Her words and offered hand giving him the strength to push himself off of the fence. Stumbling and growling in pain, he grabs her flesh in his, hoisting himself behind her.

    Knowing he will likely fall off if he doesn't, he is quick to wrap his arms around her waist and hang on tightly. With each gallop, he has to force himself not to scream out in pain. Squeezing his eyes shut, he prays silently for some higher force to stop his pain. To make it all cease and fade away but no spirits answer his thoughts. Just letting out sharp breaths is the best he can do for he has to suck it up and "be a man" in front of his lady. His father was always telling him to never let the enemy see your pain for they'll twist it on you and use it against you.

    "i am no criminal. My name is Aeon and I am from the ... gah... the North. You do not have to worry about bloodying your blades." Taking a moment to breathe, the fire only makes him grip on tighter to her. "I used a farmer's barn as shelter for the night. Harmless... right? It's not like I stole anything from him for what is there to .... steal there but hay and... gah, hay and farming tools. They'll never sell anyway. I have no idea the currency in this place... I only have shards of bone." Growling, he turns his head back and forth, finally resting it on her back. He smells of the earthy strands poking up from the ground, giving man his food. "So I just slept and I wanted to wake up, ow, before the dawn but I forgot how early a farmer rises. I was slipping out the door. Free and he would have never noticed. But I ran into someone and just ran. Ran as fast and as far as I could. I would have kept running if I didn't collide with you and your horse." Stopping, he questions next, in a soft tone, "What's your name?"
  9. From the north. Wow. They did not often get northerners in these parts, unless there was something big going on. She wondered idly about why he was here, but did not really want to make him talk more. Just listening to him made her cringe. She assumed he must have broken a bone or some such thing to be talking so. He clung to her and she stiffened for a moment, before relaxing again. If he did not hold on he'd fall. She knew that. Especially in such a state as that.

    "Aeon from the north..Well met." She mused, soon slowing Storm down to much gentler walk. There were plenty far away now. In fact, she could just see the edge of the forest, and the few paths that led into its depths. She would have to turn back and head home soon, least the guard find her out here. What to do with him though? He did say he wanted work...That would be easy enough to arrange, she supposed.

    Mildly uncomfortable with him resting on her in such as way she listened to the rest of his story. His story seemed much truth and she tsk'd at him.
    " You could have just asked him if you might stay, then you would have avoided the issue all together, and I am sure he would have given you a bit of breakfast also. "

    She shifted her shoulders in a shrug. Perhaps in the north people did not do such things? She knew the people close to town were rather nice, and more often then not would not mind putting someone up for the night, depending on what they thought of them on their meeting. People further out in the outlaying villages however were not so keen to be near strangers. People closer to the castle could easily depend on the guards for help. They often wandered in and out of the High City.

    The softer tone of his voice made her turn to look at him a moment before she replied. " Roisin, and I live here, in the High City."
  10. His tense body relaxes once the beating hooves underneath them slow to a canter and then a graceful walk. The pain has slowed down to intervals instead of a tsunami sized wave every second. Being thankful is the best option right now for Roisin is his ticket from a certain death. Or so he thinks for there is truth in her words. Admittidly, Aeon sinks as she talks of how foolish he was. Yes, she didn't say -quite- that way but her tisk is enough to send a clear message that he is foolish. In the north there are both kinds of people throughout that barren wasteland of mountains and frozen lakes. Aeon's family would welcome a traveler but his neighbor shoos them off, thinking they're cursed for visiting a land that doesn't belong to them. Most northerners have the mentality that if you're stupid enough to make it as far as their gates, they'll let you in but it's up to the commoners if you have a warm meal and a roof over your head. Most travelers freeze during the night from exposure to the howling wind.

    Peeking his gaze over her shoulder, Aeon's jaw drops at the size of the city with the strong fortress against the mountainside. "Oh... wow..." He breathes, sure that she heard him. "That's... you live there?" Never before had he seen such a fortress just out in plain sight for in the north, everything is sheltered by the unforgiving mountain range. "What did you call it? High City?" Keeping his gaze locked on the structures, he feels his stomach tighten. What is he feeling? For the first time in ages, he is... scared? Blinking, he pulls himself together for he is twenty-four for gods sake. But this is the first time he is away from home without his siblings to guide him. "Do you think it's plausible that I'll find a job? I can imagine lots of spots being open... and I'm in your debt so I'll gladly do what it takes to repay it."
  11. "Indeed, I live there." She lifted a brow, though she was facing front, a small half-smile on her face. She was proud to be able to live in the high city, and spend much of her time within the castle walls. The Kings children were her friends.(Though not all of them are children of course) Lucky indeed.
    She nodded an affirmative to his question as to it's name.
    "Of of course. I quite have something in mind already, you see," She tipped her head turning Storm around in a loop to head back twords the city. It was sure to be safe now, and they had nothing to worry about.
    "You can take up a serving position within my house, or perhaps we could find you a spot within the castle walls? The farmers often don't mind taking on help, either." She smiled to herself, for he could not see. " Either way something is easily assured. " She told him.
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  12. ((No problem, I understand what we've discussed through PM.))

    Although the bumping of the horse unsettles Aeon, he says nothing and just holds on for dear life. "Your brain works fast, my lady." Smiling through his hurt, the man loosens his grip ever so slightly, not wanting to suffocate her to death. "I'm assuming you are of some royalty or at least the daughter of some Lord and Lady who own half the countryside? Living in a large manor on the, ow, outskirts of your city here." Although his words may spill freely from his mouth, he takes careful calculation to speak in a slow manner. He figures that with his gruff accent, he would be hard to understand if he spoke plainly.

    "A serving position within your house? Well, that'll make one less unfamiliar face around." He gasps out, chuckling just a little. "It'll be nice to serve under you, for you seem sweet enough and I do owe you for saving my ass back there." The rest of the ride is quiet for he just waits to be transported from the saddle to a bed where he can be examined. The room he is put in has clean sheets, nice curtains on the windows, a small reading table with a set of chairs, dresser and a cabinet or bookshelf for he cannot see it's contents from his angle. Almost immediately after falling into bed, or being placed there, he starts to doze off into a dream. Perhaps it's just the pain slowly wished to be mellowed by the singing hum of sleep or he didn't realize how much he had to walk yesterday.
  13. Ros smiled. "Quite, my father does own land quite near to the swamp. The Village of the Lost is there." She tipped her head, "A spooky name for a spooky place. You should hear all of the legends and stories that come from there. The village of the lost only got its name, however, from the fact that most of the folks whom live there are people who settled there because they were indeed, lost. " She gave a small laugh and shrugged her shoulders. "My father is also a knight, and close friends with the King."

    Ros turned to smile at him, for he seemed happy with her suggestions, calling her sweet for saving him. "How could I not?" She said.

    Once they arrived at her house, he had seemed to be faint with the pain, and she called for help as soon as she reached the stable. The stable boy came to her first and she instructed him to take him inside to a room, and go for a doctor immediately.

    Her father, home still for it was early yet started off with a glare and seemed to have the mind to start yelling at her for being out, and he started iwth just that before pausing when he saw the man and instead,
    "And where do you go off where you are picking up men who are hurt like such!?" He was mildly outraged, though she calmed him with a few words and sat him down in the study to tell him her tale.

    "And such, being new here he is in need of a job. I offered him a serving position within the house of course, i am sure you don't mind? " she asked her father. Her put a hand to his head and gave a great sigh, with narrowed eyes.
    "I see there is no containing you from leaving the city walls, however do not go into the forests again, unless you take a guard with you. As for the boy i see no harm in letting him have a position here. There is always something that needs doing...once he is well that is. " He frowned at her and added in, "This may not be quite the time to be traveling, but in two weeks time I must be off to the Village of the Lost. There are things that need to be taken care of. As such, i am expecting you to stay here and take care of things." With that he turned to look at some papers, which she took as a clear dismissal.

    Ros stood and exited the room, heading to the quarters the boy had been taken to. As she reached the door it opened and the doctor was stepping out.
    "How is he?" She wondered. She was told he was fine and that he just needed some rest for now, he was sleeping. When he woke make sure he took the tonic on the bedside table. It was mostly for the pain. He was to take is easy until healed. She thanked the doctor and headed into the room. A fire had been lit in the fireplace to take the chill from the room. It looked indeed as he was sleeping just then, and the tonic was on the table beside him just as she was told. Ros took one last look at him before heading from the room.

    Things to do of course, lessons to take. She was going to be late. She knew he'd be taken care of by the other servants. She told them to look in on him every now and again.

    The classes she took were mainly things she would need later on. A few languages, swordplay(She insisted, though her father thought women should learn to defend themselves as well, especially if she were to take over for him one day) math and writing, politics of the court and other such things.

    After her study she headed outside to the back of the house where they had a small yard with bushes, flowers, a few trees and a small garden with a table and chairs in the middle. She sat to eat lunch.
  14. Aeon, for the most part, recovers well. Beside the occasional jolt of pain targeting the fractured area, he walks well. While getting accustomed to this whole new world, he has his crutch but more importantly, he has Roisin. Trying to figure out the ropes of this new environment would have been hell on earth if it weren't for her. From the beginning she has shown him great kindness apart from nearly running him over. Now that he thinks about it, it's really his fault. But in the spur of the moment, anything can happen.

    On the day of the half moon, Aeon sends a bird across the sea to greet the Kingdom of Del'lor. He knows well that his family is worried about his voyage, let alone having to fend off new predators in this new experience. Everything seems grander, even the farmer's sheds or the beaten up ploughs. Nothing catches his eye like the castle though. It's a monumental achievement that his people could only imagine for their homes are carved into mountains, not stacked high as the sky. Every day, when he brings the cart to and from town, Aeon spends a moment just admiring the looming walls. It will indeed fend off any intruder - many of his letters talking about the people, structures, and way of life here.

    There is, however, with all this good, one worry that clings to him. Magic. His magic. Or sorcery as it's called here. It's not his fault that his kind are forbidden here. He is not like his reputation even though he has been brought up to think and feel as they do. The other servants have informed him well on what can and cannot be done here in this Kingdom. The last thing Aeon wants is trouble - to make it or be a victim of it. The more and more he hears about the persecution of "black magic", the more he craves to learn more about it. There is one man who works in very mysterious ways. At times this green eyed man tells Aeon to come to him with any questions and other times he forces Aeon away without so much as a second glance.

    He met Aeon in the fields near the swamp on one bright afternoon, much like the one today. Every morning he gets up early, forcing himself out of bed and into the rolling yellow maze. Harvesting, cutting, trimming, digging, and watering. It's all good work and he enjoys it all when his side doesn't retaliate against him. What he finds odd though, is that there is no pain, no hint or trace of it when he is with this green eyed shadow. For whatever reasons, Aeon is not sure, he is drawn to the swamp and the man who stands on the outskirts. He, Aeon knows, has given him the most information and this burgundy haired man can only crave more.

    Walking through the fields, he hears the crunch underneath his feet in the dirt but pays no attention to where he is going. Aeon, for now, just wishes to wonder. He does silently hope though, that he will run into this green eyed shadow. No one has seen them meet for they slip away quickly into the comfort of those weeping trees with long dripping branches. Comforting, quiet, and secluded.
  15. The day quickly approached when her father was to head out to The Village of the lost. He was to leave at dawn the next day. And he was still trying his best to convince his daughter not to go. He made the maid tell her horror stories of the things that go on in the outskirts of the town, and her history tutour in the castle taught her about the battle of souls, which happened in the swamp/marsh and around the fields of the town, that is the town now. Still she would nto be deterred. Finally she approached her father, just as he was leaving for a meeting with the king determination in her green-gray eyes. He was about to tell her he had not time for her nonsense, but she cut him off.

    "Listen Father. If you do not allow me to come with you to the village of the lost, then I will have no choice but to follow after you on my own. Now I am sure we can both agree it would be much safer if I were to travel with you and your guard then head off into that dangerous (mild sarcasm here) place all by my lonesome. I wouldn't even ask Aeon to accompany me.(that was a lie, she would of course ask him along,) And don;t even think of locking me up in the house with people to guard my every move, because I am sure I will not doubt find a way to escape. So that is that, then. "

    Her father put a hand to his head, and let out a sigh.
    "I have indeed been thinking about this, and it seems you give me no choice." It looked as if it pained him to agree to let her come along. He sighed, and headed for the castle, muttering to himself. She caught a few words, which sounded like, 'going to need extra guards...those two are always trouble'.

    Ros grinned and glanced around. Where was Aeon!? She had to tell him the news! She glanced to the sky and sighed. Out and about surely. She donned a light blue cloak (Which of course matched the white springy looking dress she wore) And headed twords the city walls, and for the fields, to find him.
  16. Squinting, Aeon sees the flickering light of a torch moving through the brush. "Shadow?" He asks, now realizing that he has no other name for the figure. Is it even a human? Then a thought strikes him, Is this mirage even real? Rubbing his eyes, the forest green cloth falling from the man's shoulders doesn't disappear into the darkness. Swallowing, the sticky sweat of his starts to form on his brow and on his neck hairline. "Are you taking me into the swamp today?" Aeon may ask but the hand comes from the long draping sleeve, signaling Aeon to join him at his side. No words are spoken but Aeon can hear his voice in his mind. He, in return answers.

    If you lead, I shall follow. He answers those green eyes burrowed underneath the thick cloak. Crouching over, he parts the branches, giving him just enough space to slip through. Grasping, the branches heed to his wishes and bend back. They do not snap and scream out. But then he hears Ros' voice asking what he is doing. Swallowing, his heartbeat throbs in his head. She is far enough so that he may slip into the safety of the willows and never be found. Yet, he has an obligation to Ros, not this green shadow. Their eyes meet and the hooded man nods his head once, the torch simply sizzling down as if struck with a wind. But there is no wind present. So he CAN use magic! Aeon delightfully thinks, feeling as if that man can hear his pleasure. I swear to you, shadow, I will return and next time I will join you. Teach me how to control--

    "Ros!" He calls out, forgetting about the swamp and making distance between him and those looming branches. "What are you doing here? Your father doesn't let you out of your house. Hardly out here in the fields. Is something wrong? Are you hurt?" His eyes scan her but find no trouble. A brow raises and he seems stumped on why she is here. He doesn't think Ros would ask too many questions about his peeking into the bushes there. At least, he hopes so.
  17. Ros tipped her head eyes narrowing. Was that his shape out there near the willows and bushes? Surely it was. She had thought she had seen a light also, but shook her head. Surely she was seeing things. What was he doing all the way over here anyways?
    As she reached him she jumped off of storm, forgetting the small worries and grinned at him, laughing softly over his worry, and the the confused expression on his face, while assuring her that she was fine, indeed, and had great news.

    Storm pawed the ground, twitching his ears and eying his master. She was so excited over something, it did not matter as long as she was in no danger. He flicked his tail, as if it were to be a shrug, and started to graze while he waited for her, eyes flicking over every now and again to keep watch on her. That was his job after all, though she may not know it. He is still a proud war horse.

    "Aeon, You'll never believe it!" She said, giving a small bounce, half a mind to hug him, though that would improper, (not that anyone was around to see) years of 'training' was hard to overcome though. She did however, reach out for his hands.
    "Father has decided to let us go to the Village of the Lost with him tomorrow!" Her eyes sparkled with joy at the chance, why, this was one of the most exciting things to happen in a while, surely. "Isn't that wonderful...we can explore all kinds of things out there. That swamp, and hear the legends...the know some of the trees there are ancient! We leave at dawn," She told him.
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