The Kingdom Of Kalisa

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  1. In the thriving Kingdom of Kalisa, in the days of swords and shields, all is well and the throne sits more protected than ever. The Kingdom is named after the late Queen Kalisa who conquered the land with her army almost 500 years ago. Since, not one heir has dared changed the name. They respect the name, and the people do as well. While the class system is stable, it does not mean people do no suffer. There is poverty, on the lower end of the classes. People either live in luxurious royalty, work for a middle class standing or upper middle class standing, or fall short and live as a peasant. The classes don't associate much, but who knows what can happen if they do.
  2. Young princess Felicitas Kalisa was up to her shenanigans again. This time she had snuck out of the castle and was wandering the poverty filled streets. She had on a long red dress with sleeves that opened up wide and the bottoms fell nearly to her ankles with the top of the sleeve falling just short of her hands. Adorning the dress were spiralling iconic golden threads. These threads spiralled all around the sleeves and adorned the neck. The dress was low cut enough to show a bit of her cleavage and tight enough to show off her impeccable curves. Her long black hair hung to her waist and contrasted sharply with her bright blue eyes. Princess Felicitas was considered the most beautiful of all of the daughters of the king and also the most eligible bachelorette. Felicitas was oldest of the kings nine daughters at a peaking age of eighteen and ready to be wed. Her father had searched near and far for a prince for the beautiful princess so that she may ascend to the throne and he could retire in his old age. However,the king would not force his daughter into a marriage as she was spoiled and he gave her whatever she could ever want and as to date none of the princes that had attempted to court her had suited her fancy. Despite getting whatever she wanted the princess was far from vain and was known to be a very kind young woman. All the young princess wished was to marry for love, but unfortunately she didn't have the same opportunities as the lower class individuals and was required to marry a prince. All of who she found stuffy and boring.

    On this particular day the princesses snuck from the castle and was in the large market place. As she walked by each stall she investigated the wares for sale and did not stop until she saw a small stall adorned with homemade jewelry. At this stall she stopped to stroke the beautiful necklaces and her red lips parted in a bright smile. Searching through stalls was a favorite pastime for her and she loved to find exotic things and beautiful homemade crafts. She was well known for buying from the jewelry stalls, but especially enjoyed the homemade items and actually wore them.
  3. William sat on the steps of his small stone house. He was fiddling with a gem he happen to come upon while making a trip to the market for food. He knew not who dropped it, but being the curious one he was opted to keep to for himself. His home was not far from the market at all so he had to be wary that the original owner did not find him. His luck ran dry when his mother called out to him, "William! You forgot to get the spices, yet again!" William sighed and headed off towards the market, pocketing his new found gem. He could easily try to sell the gem, but he wasn't one to sell priceless items. he instead collected them. By now, he had a small fortune of collectibles he had found over the last few years. Being 17 years young, he was quite handsome for a guy his age, but being in the class he was it would be predicable that he would not be noticed by another fair maiden.

    William entered the market and the first thing he spotted was the most beautiful lady in the land. A princess? What was she doing in the common market. He tried not to stare but he found it hard. William looked at his old, torn clothing and realized he looked a fool. She would not spare a second for him. Although he did not know her well. It wasn't often he saw royalty. He decided to nod it off and continued towards the spice seller. "Hello there Ulric, I need, uhm, I need this and that and..." He did not know the names so instead he pointed out what he needed. Ulric simply laughed and collected what was needed. "Alright boy that will be 4 silver pieces." William searched his pockets and noticed he only had 3 from what his mother gave him. He sighed and pulled out his secret supply totaling out the price. He handed Ulric the pieces and took the bag. Perhaps this was the highlight of his day.
  4. Young Felicitas continued to search through the necklaces until she found a particularly ornate necklace. It was gold and had many chains to it. The chains fell down into a flowery design. In the middle of all of the chains was a small red ruby, thinking this necklace matched her dress perfectly Felicitas had bought it. The cost had only been one gold piece, but she had liked it so much that she had given the before two gold pieces and told her to keep them. As she turned away from the stall she saw a young man. He looked to be about the same age as her. He was extremely handsome and she felt an immediate draw towards him. The young princess had ended up following this man. He was dressed in rags, but she cared little of clothing. He was exotic and different and didn't require the fancy clothes to look handsome.

    She watched as he pulled four silver pieces out and handed them to a vendor. It was obvious that it pained him to pay so much for spices and so she approached. "Please allow me to cover the cost." said the princess as she handed the vendor four silver pieces. "Yes your majesty." Gaped the spice vendor as he handed back the money to the other boy. Felicitas turned to William and smiled.
  5. William was shocked when he saw the princess. "Uhm, you don't ha-have to do that princess. Really." He was too in shock to act any sort of appropriate. He stepped back and stared at her, scared to make an indecent gesture. "Well, aha, I will make my leave now my princess." He made an attempt to make a royal leaved but ended up acting ignorantly. "Goodbye...Ulric." He then scurried off towards his house. William was sweating extremely and nearly choked on the air. What an idiot! He thought.
  6. Felicitas gaped after him. He had acted so nervously and yet all she had wanted was to converse with him. Slowly she started after him. "Wait. Come back. I just wanted to speak with you." Felicitas was not used to being treated so aloof. That handsome young man had caught her attention and now she wasn't going to stop until she knew who he was. Used to getting what she wanted Felicitas had followed him to his home. Once more she yelled after him, "Wait come back I never even got to speak with you."
  7. William turned and faced the goddess made human that stood in front of him. "My lady, please do not mistake me for rude, but if I am caught talking to someone with your title, I am sure to be charged with faulty lies and thrown into the dungeon. As much as I would love to talk to someone as bea-" He stopped himself before saying the wrong things. "I just don't think it would be wise princess." William was mentally kicking himself. Why not indulge? It was the princess that wanted to converse, not the other way around. He stuck to his wisdom though, not to end up like his father whom was serving a life sentence as they spoke.
  8. Princess Felicitas had caught his little slip. He had almost called her beautiful. This realization made her smile a bit. She had been told she was beautiful before, but that had mattered little. Now that someone who actually intrigued her had said it she was flattered and didn't want the conversation to end. "Do not worry about getting into trouble. I wouldn't let anything happen to you for talking to me." Felicitas had never had someone so concerned about speaking with her before and of all times it had to be someone she actually wanted to talk to! "Please," she paused, "I only wish to know your name." She said quietly before placing her hand on his arm. "You won't be in trouble for this I swear to you." she whispered once more.
  9. Her touch made William jump a bit. It was one thing to talk to royalty, but now she touched him. "Well father, I'll see you soon." William thought as he blushed. "My name is William." He locked eyes with her and almost melted. This was a dream. It had to be. Maybe it was a trap. Why though? He hadn't done anything wrong. Unless perhaps they had found out about his stash of priceless items. No, he hid them too well. Eventually William shut his mental rampage off.

    "Wh-why do you want to talk to me princess? I am nothing more than a mere peasant. Surely there are richer, better looking guys then me you could talk to. This is risky...very risky." Perhaps it really wasn't. They were only exchanging words. The princess said nothing would happen either. He started to believe it.
  10. After he had introduced himself Felicitas curtsied and smiled. "Hello William, I am Princess Felicitas, heir to the throne of Kalisa. I'm pleased to meet you." She had no idea why William was acting so very strange and kept blushing. No one had ever acted this strange and flustered around her before. It was slightly amusing to her.

    "You are right. There are much richer men I could be talking to. I could be courted by none but the best. But they seem so drab and boring and you seem... Exciting. It is not risky for you to speak with me. I often speak with my subjects. Unless your only using that as an excuse to get away from me?" She said a little bit quieter. No one had ever wanted away from her this badly and she was beginning to think that this had been a bad idea.
  11. "N-no no no, not at all princess! I have dreamed of the chance to talk to you!" The words escaped his mouth and there was nothing he could do. William often had trouble keeping his mind out of his words. This was just another prime example. "I mean you a re royalty and all, it is an honor." While it was a great honor, he was also lying. Being royalty wasn't the reason he felt honored. He just hoped she would not figure out he truth. The way he was speaking, however, it would seem she would find out very soon. Which meant trouble to William.
  12. Felicitas' laugh bounced off of the sides of the nearby buildings, sounding like the tinkling of many bells. "Please William. Royalty or not does not matter. I am simply just another woman. Don't treat me so highly, I do not deserve it. Those who are of the working class deserve the highest of treatment not us of the ruling class." Felicitas removed her hand from his arm and gestured towards his house that they were standing right in front of. "Would you care to invite me in young William? I am most eager to see your life style first hand." she asked sincerely.
  13. "O-of course princess." William led her into his humble home where his mother was preparing dinner. "William dear did you get the-" The sight of the Felicitas caused her to drop her bowl, letting it smash onto the hard ground. "Oh my! Princess Felicitas! Oh I am not proper for you! Please let me freshen up!" She ran up the stairs, into her room. William became red in the face from embarrassment. "I am so sorry princess. That is my mother and she is not usually so crazy." He was much to talk after his reaction earlier. "Please, sit if you'd like. There isn't much room but it's home. That's all that really matters."

    The house consisted of a small living room with an even smaller kitchen at the edge of the room. The stares lead to an upstairs which had two rooms, both William and his mothers. The first floor walls were covered in paintings by both William's father and himself. William painted in his free time. He also sculpted and some of his small statues were placed around as well. William felt as if the princess would judge the house comparing it to her royal dwelling.
  14. "Oh no William I'm so sorry!" Felicitas bent and began to pick up the pieces of the bowl. "I didn't mean to make her drop her bowl. Don't worry I shall replace it." As she picked up the final piece she stood and dropped them into the waste bin nearby. "It is not crazy of her to get over excited although I don't understand the excitement of seeing me." she said laughing just a bit. Slowly she glanced about the house and smiled. "There is nothing wrong with this house William. It is nice... Comfortable."

    Felicitas examined all of the wonderful paintings and sculptures around the room and then stopped at a particular painting. "Wow. Will, this painting is... Well its extraordinary. Who did this?" Softly she stroked the beautiful colors and hues all blended together perfectly.
  15. "Uh, ha, that painting is mine." He cleared he throat, he felt uncomfortable when someone complimented his work. He was very modest and it was a bad trait. "It's nothing special. I was bored one afternoon. It's just randomness if you ask me." he laughed awkwardly and kept silent. He didn't know what to do or say. The whole idea of the princess in his house was different altogether. He went and sat in a chair. He fiddled his thumbs as she examined the painting. He could here his mother frantically trying to put on her face and make her self decent, which after today even William thought it was really unneeded.
  16. The definition of randomness is something without reason. These definitely have reason. Will, they are so beautiful. How can you be so modest? You have a real talent here!" Felicitas smiled at him and nearly died on the spot. What she had been doing this whole time finally occurred to her and she blushed crimson. She had been flirting with one of her peasant subjects this whole time! Quickly she turned away and feigned interest in another painting to hide her blush.
  17. William had taken notice to her flirtatious attitude which only made him more nervous. It was one thing for a young man to be nervous around a lady, but when the lady was royal it became much more intense. He smiled and laughed slightly at her praise of his work. He didn't deserve praise for he thought they were bad. He had always wanted his mother to take them down.

    Once his mother came to his mind, she was walking down the stairs. "I am sorry Princess Felicitas, I believe I am to be more presentable in your presence. I see you have met my son, William. His is my only child, my baby boy." Her words caused a streak of embarassment to course through him. Of course it was a motherly thing to say, but of all times this had to be the worst. "Will you be staying for supper princess? It is all your decision, though." He mother said returning to the kitchen to continue preparing supper. William just stood there awkwardly, he hadn't the slightest on what to do.
  18. Felicitas smiled laughingly at William before turning to his mother. "Ma'am you truly did not have to change. I do not care about your appearance. Don't get me wrong, you are quite lovely, but I wish you would treat me just like Williams other friends. For that is what I am here as, a friend of William." Felicitas touched her hand to Williams arm and smiled at him. "Actually ma'am. I need to be getting home, before someone notices that I'm gone. But I wonder if William wouldn't mind walking me out?" She asked the last question of William instead of his mother.
  19. William's mother smiled and nodded at her son. He had gotten over the embarrassment and walked over to the door opening it and extended his arm gesturing for her to walk out. "Princess, this way." He said smiling. William was beginning to see Felicitas as she saw him, another person and a friend. He let her walk past before walking out with her. "Do you want me to escort you to the castle, or uhm, is this alright?" He was nervous at the thought of approaching the castle. He family had bad luck with it and he didn't want to become just another statistic.
  20. "This will be fine thank you. I may be in trouble and I wouldn't want to exact any wrath upon you." she said as she exited his humble home. "But I hope we can see each other again?I had fun today just getting to know a little about you and the way you live. Could I see you tomorrow?" Felicitas was excited at the thought of getting to see her new friend again. Not only had he been cute, but charming as well and she admired that.