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    Welcome to the Kingdom of Evertrue, an open-world style RPG where all sorts of characters are allowed! Please fill out the character sheet below to get started. We ask that you read the rules and RPG information before filling out a character sheet, and that you take the time to fill out all the sections of the character sheet. If there is a problem with your character sheet, I will PM you to discuss it. Remember, your only limit is your imagination! OOC chat - questions, concerns, seeking partners, etc. - is also allowed here.

    The IC for this RPG can be found here.


    Home city:
    Physical description:
    Personality traits:
    History/bio: Please use at least a paragraph, we want a good amount of information!
    Skills/abilities: This can be anything from your character's excellent cooking skills to their advanced fire magic.
    Preferred weapon:
    Notable features:
    Who (if anyone) invited you to Evertrue? The username of person who invited you/suggested this RPG to you. Only applies to newcomers; delete this category if making additional characters.


    To create your own inn or tavern somewhere in Evertrue, you must fill out the following form. You may choose to make a new character as your inn/tavern keeper or you may use an existing character provided that they are not already employed. You must fill out the above character sheet for the inn/tavern keeper in addition to the one below.

    Inn/Tavern Location: (remember, one per town/village and two per city)
    Inn/Tavern Name:
    Inn/Tavern Keeper Name: (if creating a new character, please include your character sheet in the same post as this form. The character MUST be one of yours.)

    Number of rooms:
    Price of a room rental:
    (per night, also please include any special rates such as rent 6 nights get the 7th free or anything like that)
    Food prices: (you may use the main RPG price charts for reference. Please include all foods from the price chart that you serve)
    Speciality brews & prices: (the names and prices of all the different beers, ales, and other drinks that you sell. Does not include water or milk.)
    Anything else:

    If you wish to create an inn or tavern but don't have permission for additional characters yet you may reserve a spot. Simply post in this thread saying what city/town you'd like to reserve and the date you'll be posting your information. The reservation will last until the end of that day, and if you fail to post the forms, it will be re-opened and anyone can swoop in and snatch it up. Your reservation date may not be any more than 31 days from the day you post the reservation.


    You can request a specific character be made by another player! This is especially useful if you don't want to be stuck RPing with yourself. To request a character, just fill out the following form - you can include as much or as little information as you want! Provide nothing more than a last name or provide a full description. A list of active character requests can be found here - you can have yours taken down at any time, or it will be taken down when somebody fills it.

    Requested character's name:
    Requested character's connection: (The other character to whom this one should be connected)
    Specifications: (include as many of these as you want!)
    Home city:

    Current Requests


    Requested character's name: None given
    Requested character's connection: Ashley Malota & Ashley's unborn son
    Relationship: Husband & baby's father

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    Photo credit: Emily Soto

    Name: Queen Clarice Angelina Charmaine

    Age: 27

    DOB: October 24

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Home city: Sapphire City

    Physical description: Clarice is very petite, both short and slender in build. She has fair skin, long dark hair, and brown eyes. Her hair is generally styled up, out of the way, and she typically wears beautiful and royal gowns.

    Personality traits: Clarice tends to be quiet, as she has always been taught to listen and observe. When it comes to those she loves, she is protective, and she will always be willing to fight for them, and for what is right. She has a short temper and will not hesitate to become opinionated, a trait that causes some problems in her royal life.

    History/bio: Clarice hails from Mount Sartrand. Her father was a retired soldier from the King's army working as a trainer in the academy and her mother worked as a healer at the same academy, helping those who were injured in their training. She had an older brother who was killed in battle when she was young. Though she never officially trained at the academy, she did pick up a great deal of knowledge from her father and brother.
    A few years ago, after the Queen died, Clarice was hand-selected by the King's knights to be brought forward as a viable candidate for marriage. Agreeing to be considered as a candidate, she travelled to the Sapphire City to be presented before King Phillippe for his consideration. Out of the handful of women brought to him, the King chose Clarice, making her his wife, the Queen, and the stepmother to his existing daughter.
    After four years of marriage, however, Clarice has failed to conceive any children of her own. Though they have tried, and have even sought out magical and medical assistance, she still has yet to have a child. To make matters worse, her husband is suffering the effects of his advanced age and grows ill. He is currently bedridden and his duties have fallen to his wife and advisors, who all work hard to ensure that the Kingdom is adequately ruled/

    Skills/abilities: Clarice has a limited amount of skill in battle, able to effectively wield a sword and hold her own in a fist fight against an opponent with a similar level of training. She has some, but very little, talent in the art of healing, and can mend a simple break or cut.

    Preferred weapon: Sword

    Notable features: She's the Queen.

    Other: None.
  3. Photo Credit/Face Claim:, Ferli Achirulli
    45151211-happy-asian-pregnant-woman-smile-while-touching-her-tummy-on-the-beach.jpg \
    Name: Lady In Waiting Ashley Malota
    Age: 24
    DOB: May 27th
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight
    Home city: Sapphire City
    Physical description: As an Archer, Ashley has an Athletic Build, has fairly broad shoulders and toned Muscles. She stands around 5' 5", making her a bit taller than most girls her age. Because she takes good care of herself, her skin is mostly clear and has fair hair, which can sometimes reflect light. She has brown eyes and natural black hair. Ashley likes to have her hair down unless she is eating, where she will then usually tie it into a ponytail. Because she's pregnant, Ashley's skin glows and her stomach has expanded quite a bit. Her feet do swell up from time to time and so do her fingers, prohibiting her from wearing rings. In Clothing, Ashley likes to wear battle-style dresses, because she finds them easier to move around in than the dresses that most noble women tend to wear. In addition, she likes to wear cloaks, but will not put on the hood in fear that it'll ruin her hair.

    Personality traits: Ashley is an overall nice and caring person. When in a relationship, she is fully committed, dedicated and focused. A mother-to-be, Ashley has been having a lot of mood swings, so its hard to tell what mood she is in, because she is sad one minute, angry the next. Besides being Mature and all grown up, Ashley still retains a playful personality with people that she is close to.

    History/bio: Ashley is a member of the Malota Family, a Noble Family that resides in Sapphire City and are close with the ruling Noble Family, the Charmaines. Like her Mother, who was the previous queen's Lady In Waiting, Ashley herself is Queen Clarice's Lady In Waiting. Her Father was a Knight in the King's Army, but served as a Archer, being one of the best Marksmen of all the King's Men. Most of his Combat Techniques would be passed down to Ashley. Like her Father, who was the youngest of four siblings, Ashley is the Youngest out of not only her siblings, but her cousins as well, so it is a wonder how she ended up the Lady In Waiting instead of any of them.

    Even before she became Queen, Ashley has been good friends with Clarice since they were Teenagers. While they have little in common, they still got along very well and became fast friends as the years passed. A year after Clarice became Queen, Ashley ended up becoming the Lady in waiting because she was practically Clarice's Best Friend since Childhood. While the King has fallen ill, Ashley herself is now on the way to raising a Family. She is currently expecting her first child, whom midwives have predicted to be a baby boy. Despite being heavily pregnant however, Ashley refuses to leave Queen Clarice's side in her time of need.

    Skills/abilities: Since her youth, Ashley has exceptional Archery Skills, and is adept in Hunting, Tracking and Stealth, all of which her Father trained her in when she was in her adolescence.
    Preferred weapon: Bow and Arrow
    Notable features:
    Part of a well-known Noble Family
    -Seven Months Pregnant
    -Lady In Waiting and Best Friends with the Queen

    Other: None
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  4. She's beautiful!! I love how in-depth you went - my only question is where exactly she's from? You say her family is from the Sapphire City, but Clarice is originally from Mount Sartrand and only came to the Sapphire City when she got married. Did Ashley travel to Mount Sartrand on occasion with her father? It would make sense since that's where the academy for soldiers and fighting is :)
  5. Yeah, she traveled there on Occasion with her Dad because he had to go up there every so often to train new Recruits or other Military Duties.
  6. Alright, sounds good!

    If you want to go ahead and begin RPing now, we can - I've already done a first post with Clarice, after all. As more people join they can jump in, since they'll be starting out in their hometowns anyways, and obviously everyone can branch out once we have more people to work with.
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  7. Sounds great! Their Friendship is going to be so adorable. Wonder how everything's going to go for Clarice, because not only her Husband is deathly sick (Or at least I think so), but her Lady In Waiting (and best friend) is pregnant. All I need for Ashley now is a Baby Daddy, but I'll let a player fill in that void. Roleplaying Couples gets difficult after a while to be honest.
  8. It really does, I've done it before, so I totally understand.. Having a friend for Clarice is gonna be nice, she won't be alone :) She deserves it, you know, considering that her husband's deathly ill and she can't have a kid and she's taking on all his responsibilities and all that..
  9. Spoiler

    Theodore Ezra Clements


    "A lot of people call me Theo so just Theo's fine."


    "November 13th, just imagine the birthdays I had that fell on Friday the 13th."

    "I don't think I look like a girl. I really hope I don't."

    "Well, I don't know, I've never really had the chance to find out."

    Home city:
    "I just recently moved to Sapphire City, just arrived a few days ago, and, uh, I think I'm lost."

    Physical description:
    Theodore has mahogany brown hair and olive green eyes that turn bright gold whenever he uses magic. He is, as his friends would describe him, 'lanky' due to his height of 5'7 and lack of gracefulness in movement - he could be quite a klutz. His usual attire would consist of pants, a plain one consisting of a dirty white shirt with a blue coat and his favorite grey scarf.

    Personality traits:
    Theodore is a carefree and cheerful young man. But when meeting someone for the first time, he is shy and awkward with the tendency to ramble, especially when embarrassed - he's easily embarrassed. One compliment and he'll be pink like a strawberry. He's friendly and tends to be playful, sometimes joking around, "I also like doing puns. I'd like to think I'm very punny." Well, just because he likes doing it, doesn't mean he's very good. "But hey, if my terrible puns can make someone smile, I'd be happy with that." Despite being forgetful and clumsy - as well as dense - he has a kind heart and never turns away anyone in need. He will put others before himself, and once he puts his thought into doing something then he will try over and over again to succeed. He is a curious one, always eager to find answers and learn new things. "Except weapons training. Tried it. Never again."

    One of Theodore's traits that he considers both a gift and a curse would be his inability to lie. Though he tries, a lie would be immediately detected. He's quite honest with his thoughts, although once he gives his word, he never takes it back. "Well, you know, promises are meant to be kept, right?"

    Theodore originally came from the small village of Mondalia where he learned to harness his magical abilities, with his father as his mentor. Once a year, he and his father would visit his mother and little sister who lived in the village of Riverside. Unlike his father, his mother did not have magical capabilities and in fact, disliked magic in general. Having grown up in a place where magic was everywhere, Theodore became reliant in it and as a child, was eager to show his younger sister what he had learned, "Well, she liked seeing magic and as a kid, I liked showing off to my younger sibling". Naturally, the visit often ended badly.

    Wanting to spend more time with his younger sister, Theodore, as a child, dreamed of making a name for himself. But not in the business of magic. Rather, he wanted to achieve something with a mundane occupation and what better place to do that than in Sapphire City, the capital of Evertrue? He had to wait until he was eighteen but now that he is, his father allowed him to travel and go to the city. His father never ceased worrying about him, "Though I don't understand why, I mean, I can handle- Ack- Right, I'm okaay, definitely did not trip or anything." Therefore, he may have been allowed to leave, but he had to stay with his uncle, Elijah, who ran a bakery. "My tasks are pretty much to just help out in baking and go deliver bread and whatnot to people." True, he still practices magic here and there but his main focus is with the bakery - sort of considering he still prefers to go on a mini adventure looking around.

    "Well, I tried to go basic with elements. Water was cool while Air was a breeze. Hehe, get it? Earth, I can control plants but not rocks. They're pretty hard headed. Yeah, okay, I'll stop now."
    Theodore's most dominant elements are water and air, attaining an advanced level in magic which results in his ability to combine the two. Currently, earth and fire are works in progress. He could control Earth well enough to have flowers bloom - this usually ends up with an abundance of flowers all around and him having no idea how to make them disappear. As for fire, it would inevitably end up with Theodore setting something in flames. Usually the sleeve of his coat.

    "I'd like to think I'm quite good at baking and folding paper. No, not just folding paper into half. Folding them into other stuff like flowers."
    Surprising to many, Theodore can actually bake edible and well tasting treats - well, assuming he doesn't burn them. He's done so ever since he was young because his younger sister was fond of sweets. It was one of the few hobbies he dedicated time to master, other than learning to wield his magic. He often makes sweets such as cookies and cakes.

    "I am so terrible at using a sword that I think it's a skill. Also, getting lost and being a klutz. I mean, I try not to but I think I've got two left feet."

    Preferred weapon:
    "Magic? I'm not very good with a bladed weapon. Actually, I'm not good with any weapon. At all. It's not like I ever had to train with a weapon."

    Notable features:
    "Um, I have no idea. There's really nothing notable about myself."

    "I'll get back to you on that when I think of something."

    I'm terrible at puns, I did try though, I'm very sorry if you're doing a facepalm at the moment >< I hope my character is alright, if I need to change anything, just tell me and I shall edit (and if my font is too small, I could make it larger) ^^ I've never actually been in a roleplay that's similar to an RPG game, I hope it's alright? :<
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  10. He's awesome, you're definitely good to go. You can go ahead and start posting if you'd like, though I probably won't be making a post until after work today.
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  11. Alright, thank you very much. I will do my best to make a post before I go to sleep ^^

    Well, I posted and I hope it's alright.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Nymeria Lothbrok
    Age: 20
    DOB: March 29
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Lesbian
    Home city: Mount Sartrand
    Physical description: Heavily muscular, amazon like woman however lacking the height. Standing at 5'7" and weighing 160lb. Nym would never be caught wearing a dress but she does keep herself clean at least. Normally sporting her light metal armor when out and about.

    Personality traits: Nymeria is your typical barbarian; Stubborn, brutish and vulgar. She is the definition of the saying "quiet before the storm" in most fighting cases, keeping a watchful eye of her surroundings and opponents before diving in. Fighting and taking pride in her home land is the only thing she takes seriously, everything else is just fun and games e.g Mead and women. Nym is often bored when not faced with a combat situation, thus normally seen slouching and care free and not giving a damn.

    History/bio: Hailing from the Skellige Islands; a vast green land settlement with sky piercing mountains, where battle-hardened marauders will shout boasts of their latest raids and a feast is not complete without the odd brawl or two. Nym, the youngest child and the only daughter of the Lothbrok clan's Leader; Ragnar Lothbrok. Her mother was merely a peasant woman that was taken captive during one of the clans raids. She grew up tough as constant competitive tussles with her older brothers caused her to be thick skinned. Her father encouraged Nym's eagerness to fight and to match up to her brothers. He ordered that Nym to be trained in using a sword and shield and close combat skills from a young age.

    Years passed and Nym began to find her place in her home as one of the many warriors. She loved to drink, eat and have a merry time with her brothers and clan fighters but the realization of her father wanting her to settle down and wed began to way heavy on her shoulders. It was the last thing she wanted. And so after many arguments with her brothers and father, Nym asked for her fathers permission to leave their home. It was granted and so set sail on one of raiding parties ships.

    A fellow brethren aboard the ship gave her word of an academy in Mount Sartrand. She paid a fee to travel the extra distance into the new land. Once there Nym stood at the gates, looking up at the high walls.


    Nym's latent abilities seem to be linked to blood, or intense combat. Seeing as her very being resonates with a small portion of the old warrior's ability of what most commonly refer to as "Going berserk". This state is a small chemical reaction in the brain that increases the rate at which her nervous system fires off, making her react faster than previously. It also shuts off the portion of her brain that enables pain to be felt for a short period of time. Also allowing Nym to push her body past the normal limits that would be put on it naturally by the mind.

    Constant beatings during training and getting tormented by her brothers led Nym to having daily blood gushing injuries to the point that Nym began to see it as a form of weapon. It allowed Nym to activate her Berserker Rage and control blood to a small limit.

    Berserker Rage - The moment blood is spilled or the adrenaline increases her blood flow. Nym's berserk rage begins. The longer she remains in this state the more twisted her appearance becomes.

    Devour - Absorbing the lingering blood of all nearby bodies partially restoring own health. However this is still a learning process for Nym.

    Preferred weapon:

    Sword and Shield - A simple sword and shield crafted with a mixture of steel and silver in order to fight any mythical, bizarre creatures.

    Notable features: Her golden hazel eyes that shine bright at night and her clan tribal tattoos
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  13. Name: Ithric Thompson
    Age: 21
    DOB: March 21st
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Pansexual
    Home city: Monadalia
    Physical description: Standing at a rough height of 5'7", Ithric is one of the taller males in Monadalia, as well as one of the bulkier ones. His hair is a shaggy length of platinum white, which he often keeps up in a small ponytail, with eyes of a pale violet, and his skin rather tanned. He is sometimes seen wearing garb akin to knights, or blacksmiths, in colours of red, white, and black. His normal wear is a blue, loose shirt, and black pants. For dueling, he will don his knight gear, but for going shopping, he will don his normal wear with a black cloak. He almost never wears shoes, unless required. The only shoes he owns are black boots.
    Personality traits: Refer to Charahub
    History/bio: He'd never been interested in magic, not even at a young age, but had only been into things that involved his hands and creativity. His parents, frustrated with his choice, abused and forced him to instead train in glorious battle as a knight. They forced him into tourneys and competitions, which is how he got the majority of his scars. After a long while, he began to enjoy sparring, and got into many fights outside of traning and competitions, leaving him with the rest of his current scars. Although, as a teenager, he began to dislike the weapons he used, and aspired to become a blacksmith so he could design his own, but he didn't live in a city in which a blacksmith would be needed. Being unknown to the world outside, he believes that there is no occupation for creating weapons, as all he has ever seen were Monadalia's occupations. At this point, roughly age 14, he allowed his parents to teach him magic, particularly alchemy and enchantment, but soon grew tired of it.
    When he was 16, his parents purchased him a cottage in Monadalia, complete with alchemy tables, a couple swords, and a large abundance of magical ingredients.
    It is at this age that he began to drink, often getting him in more trouble than he bargained for. By the time he was 21, he had gotten placed in the dungeons 47 times, and had never bothered to even consider a partner. Just recently, he had bought himself a pale blue dragon(named Raiko), very small, but large enough that it wraps around his entire arm. He cares for it, and it turn, it brings him supplies he needs.
    Skills/abilities: Woodcarving, smithing, pretty much anything that has to do with intense focus and long drawn out hours. He occassionally writes, and it's noted he has never lost a duel, but at the cost of it, he is left in an inoperable state for weeks, even months at a time, being left in the intense care of the local doctor, whom he often flirts with despite the situation. His arrow shots are almost near perfect, but he abhors the use of bows, as it takes him too long to set up an even half-way decent shot. Two-handed weapons aren't usable for him, as he thinks the time it takes to get in another swing is far too long and leaves the attacker prime opportunities to hit.
    Preferred weapon: One handed long-swords or small throwing knives
    Notable features: He's got multiple scars from duels, most notably, one that goes from his lower left hip on his back to his right shoulder blade, approximately 4 cm deep. His accent can't be described other than by real world references, that being a thick Italian accent, which is rather rare in his home town.
    Other: His family lineage is very long, going on for many millenia. Often, species get lost in his birthright, but there are some that are heavily prominant in his figure. His ears are slightly pointed, denoting an elven lineage, a spacious throat that allows him to practically breath small amounts of fire, denoting a distant dragon race, and oddly enough, the ability to use Song Magic. Strange thing it is. As far as he's aware, no other being in Evertrue can even sing, except for his sister Timpani, whom he hasn't seen since he was eight. When he isn't busy getting lost in ancient tomes or teaching himself languages, he often sings for the people of Monadalia, who are entranced by his ability to sing. It often earns him gold to pay for small things like food, or his next adventurous novel. He is also able to summon things and can shapeshift at will- but it doesn't ever seem to go entirely right. Often, he'll attempt to turn into an animal, but human limbs will come into play, odd growths happen, and abnormal colours appear on the pelt/skin of the animal. He now refuses to shift.

    Click here for Charahub!

    As soon as I can, his sister will definitely be a part of this.
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  14. Name: Aros Vilren

    Age: 22

    DOB: March 26

    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Straight

    Home city: Eastway Bluff

    Physical description:

    Personality traits: Rarely will you see Aros without a smile plastered on his face. No adventure is too daunting, and no enemy too terrifying for this intrepid dark elf. Always eager to win the adoration of those around him, Aros will jump at any chance he can find for work. This often leads to him finding himself way out of his depth, but by no small amount of luck and a deal of experience in evasion tactics, Aros yet lives.

    He'll do anything to achieve his dreams, and is more than happy to help lift his friends up with him along the way. While he usually is fast to make friends, he can come off as belligerent and stubborn to those who would doubt a street-rat's capabilities--so, basically everyone he meets for the first time.

    He hates arrogance, and is angered by those who grow complacent in their societal roles. To him, life is a game about self-improvement and settling down just isn't worth his time. Years of fending for himself have had the opposite effect on his soul. Instead of being cynical, selfish and deflated, Aros is perpetually optimistic, ambitious, and yet humbled by his experiences.

    His personality appears to be different from most street urchins, but underneath his happy-go-lucky personality is a vulnerable man unwilling to face his horrid reality. Holding himself to strict moral standards, Aros is careful to fight the temptations of his dark ancestry and is perpetually terrified that one day his dream to be remembered may push him over that edge.

    History/bio: Aros wasn't always a resident of Eastway Bluff. In fact, he was born in Dekus Steppe to a Dark Elf mother and human father. The way his dad told it, his mother died from the overwhelming joy of having birthed a child. Of course, even when he was old enough to understand his mom died in childbirth, Aros was still fond of describing it that way. It took the bitter taste out his mouth to pretend it wasn't him who killed her.

    His dad was a retired adventurer of sorts, and as a youth Aros aspired to one day lead a noble life of grand adventure and become the man he saw in his father. What was a child's wish molded itself over the years into a deep desire that would follow him for all his days. When he was ten, his father came out of retirement: he had been strong for his boy as long as he could, but could never put his wife's death behind him completely. His condition had been worsening for a time: the last couple of years Aros saw him he was often wracked with depression and fits of despair.

    When Aros was ten he returned to his home one day after exploring the town bazaar to an eerie silence. A wide arc of semi-dried blood cut across the baby-blue wallpaper of his living area. Stunned, Aros stumbled between rooms, calling his father's name at an increasing tempo. Blood stains covered various walls and floors, and the furniture was in disarray indicating that a fight had taken place. When Aros found his father's corpse, a single orange feather, threaded through a skull pin had been left on his forehead, just above his empty, glassy eyes.

    He left Dekus Steppe not long after, wanting to be rid of the emptiness he felt there. His dreams for success were magnified: his desire redirected at becoming strong enough--and of enough renown--to travel the world in search of anything that might lead him to his father's killer. Being a half-elf of sorts, Aros is perfectly content taking his time in building his rapport, but he never has allowed himself to lose sight of his true goals.

    Now, in Eastway Bluff, he spends his days as a thief, using his lithe build, acrobatic prowess, and street-smarts to get rich enough to get started in his life as an adventurer.

    1. (Active Ability) Being of predominantly dark-elf blood, Aros can cast an illusionary magic that melds his entire body with shadows. This is most effective at night, but even in daylight, the magic acts as a camouflage, making his features all but indistinguishable to any outsider that looks upon him under this spell.

    2. (Passive Ability) Years of running from bigger thieves than himself have molded Aros into a lithe, acrobatic physical frame. There are very few walls, fences, rooftops, canals, and rope-wires that he cannot traverse with finesse and ease.

    While not much of an ability, Aros has a magical line of ancestry on his mother's side, meaning--if he were to happen upon someone worthy of teaching him--he could learn. Unfortunately, he's far more comfortable swinging a blade around than using magic.

    As for skills, Aros possesses all those you might associate with a thief who's been operating for twelve years. He's a very good lock-pick, a decent pickpocket, and as deceptive with his words as he is with his craft. He's used to quick sword-play as well, as he's had to defend himself on the run more than once.

    Preferred weapon: A sabre of any sort will work in his favor. He leaves his off hand empty so that he can wield whatever miscellaneous weapon or item an individual scenario might throw at him.

    Notable features: He wears the pin he took off his dead father on his collar.

    Other: He's a thief for the time being, but when he feels suitably prepared, he intends to take on the Gorge of Confusion to make a name for himself in town.
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  15. They're all great!! You're all accepted, and I'll have you all on the character list in a few minutes!
  16. I can't wait to post, but I was wondering how being a thief works as a profession in your RP. Obviously it wouldn't be fair for me to post that I just happen upon some industry mogul's purse with 999,999,999 gold inside, but I do wonder to what limit I can make money for my character, and how the risk factor involved is determined.
  17. That's up to you. Be reasonable with how much you're stealing - the price chart on the information post should give you an idea of just how much gold is worth - and be creative with the risk factor. It will also help when there are more players and you can attempt to steal from them. I intend to keep an eye on all the posts and read everything that comes through - in part, obviously, so I can moderate, but also so I can keep track of people obtaining gold and update their character information on the cast list post. If someone who plays a thief is being unreasonable about how much they're stealing I'll likely address it in a PM.

    Also, and I intend to update this in the information posts, there will be a salary for anyone who obtains an occupation. The salaries will all probably be pretty similar, with perhaps a few differences for particular careers, and they'll be awarded once every two weeks to anyone who a job. I won't message anyone or anything like that, it'll just appear in your character information. I haven't decided yet when they'll be awarded, but when I do, I'll include it in an update.
  18. Would I be eligible for a salary if my career is thievery? If everyone has some level of job security does that include non-traditional jobs as well or nah?

    As a thief am I also limited to stealing gold? Or, can I steal items and treat them with the same risk factors and such as the gold equivalent in market pricing?

    Also-- I assume you're good with us creating npc's and the like to interact with given the scale of the world.
  19. Yeah, because not everyone posts at the same rate and sometimes things come up IRL that keep us from our computers, non-traditional jobs will still get salaries just so it's a bit more fair. And yes, you can steal items, and then you can sell them for more profit if you want. Items you steal will go to your inventory. And yes, you can interact with NPCs as much as you need to, though it's obviously preferable to interact with other players as much as you can. Which, as I said, will be much easier when there are more people.
  20. Well yeah if there are any other players they are going to be a priority. I just meant in the meantime.
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