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    Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
    Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls
    And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
    Keep watching over Durin's sons

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Breifen where a tyrant dark elf rules over his people and make sure they follow his strict laws. This king rules over dwarves, elves, fairies, halflings, drows, orcs, eladrins, tieflings, and other races of the like. Despite how many different races he rules over, dark elves are all in higher positions. He made sure of it. Dark elves are nobles, aristocrats, soldiers, and any other position he decided to make a dark elf while all the other races are middle class and/or poor, living on the streets trying to survive without breaking one of his cruel laws.

    These are some of the laws that he holds so dear to him:
    1. No man or women may steal from someone of higher class
    2. The penalty for a guild leader striking a noble is life imprisonment.
    3. The penalty for impersonating a guild leader is the loss of a limb
    4. The penalty for committing acts of public indecency is a brief term of servitude.
    5. The penalty for inciting rebellion is a flogging.
    6. The penalty for a cleric illegally trafficking gems is a considerable term of servitude
    7. The penalty for a courtesan maiming a slave girl is branding.
    8. The penalty for a slave striking a draft horse is exile
    9. The penalty for a warrior killing a rare animal is execution.
    And these are only some of the laws. The king is always angry and sometimes even abusive to his own subjects. Rumor has it that after man took everything from him, he has never forgiven them.

    Some folk we never forget, some kind we never forgive

    So of course, dark elves are the main race in this kingdom but there are also other races. Fairies live in the forest in order to hide from the dark elves because of how much the elves hate the magical fairies. With the fairies in the forest, witches also live in forest surrounded by the fairies. Then there is the dwarves who tend to live in mines where they work and live in order to claim their gems but in recent history, they have come down from their mountains and are currently living in cities with the other races. Some dwarves still live in mining cities. Then there are the different races of elves(eladrins, half, drows, dark, and any other you can think of). They live in the cities. Of course dark elves are all high class but so aren't the rare eladrins who are all noble elves. Drows have only come to the kingdom in recent history and used to live only in the dark lands but now have come to the kingdom in order to escape the oppression of their land. However, they didn't go far from oppression since a lot of drows have been captured by the king and forced into slavery. Also forced into slavery are tieflings because the king doesn't trust half demons.

    Besides the usual races, in recent history demons and angels have also come to the kingdom but have been forced to stay in hiding because of the oppression of the king. They are terrified of him.

    This is the Kingdom of Breifen and I hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. Alright. I pretty much have already set up for the role play already. Its just a matter of when were going to start
  3. Right now I am spreading the word about it and trying to get as many people as I can to join.
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