The Kingdom of Astaeron

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    ”Hey you. Yes, you there.”

    You turn around to face source of the voice behind you, a pair of fierce purple eyes meeting your gaze as a tall, black haired man in his mid-twenties comes into view. Raven black hair frames his face, and a friendly smile plays on his lips, somewhat masking the almost penetrating, inquisitive look he is giving you. All the while, his left hand is resting on the hilt of his sword.

    “You look a bit lost… and I haven’t seen you around before, so I would assume you are new around here, no? There is no need to be shy about it. In fact, if that is the case you have arrived at precisely the right place. Currently you are at the castle located in the center of Astaeron. At this time of day, you should be able to find the queen in the throne room. She is able to help you find a job, buy a house or provide your assistance in certain other matters.

    Where we are, you ask? This is the Kingdom of Astaeron, a place of your wildest dreams and imagination, where only the sky’s the limit. Truly, here anything is possible- ranging from your deepest desires,” his expression darkens for a split second, “to your darkest nightmares,” as quickly as it vanished, his gentle smile returns.

    “Oh, forgive me, I have been rude. I should at least have introduced myself,” an apologetic smile crosses his features as he sweeps a slight but elegant bow, “I am Sir Christopher Ward, head of the royal guard. Whatever your reasons may be for coming, who you are or what lingers in your past, dear stranger, matters not. Everyone is welcome in the kingdom of Astaeron- and as such, on my queen’s behalf and my own, I welcome even you, dearest stranger.

    May a new chapter of your life, filled with experiences and adventure of all kinds begin here.”
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  2. Rules
    I apologize, they are long and detailed, but there is a lot of important information in there. Rules are subject to change so it is recommended that you review them from time to time. I will make an announcement if any important changes are made.

    1. Follow all the rules of Iwaku! This one should be obvious, but I will restate it just so it’s there.

    2. No godmodding or Mary-Sue characters. Both of these take away a lot of the fun of roleplaying. If you don’t know what either of these mean, a quick google search should clear up any questions – godmodding is, essentially, playing god, in which your character is invincible and you try to control the actions of others. Mary-Sues are characters who are essentially perfect and have no flaws.

    3. We expect you to be kind, courteous, and respectful towards others. Your characters may hate one another, but that doesn’t give you any right to be mean OOC.

    4. We expect the best effort in spelling and grammar that you can provide for us. Nobody’s perfect, so it doesn’t need to be perfect, but we want to be able to read your posts in order to respond appropriately.

    5. Romantic relations and children are allowed, but as we are not in the mature section, you will have to time skip through the creation of these children. This includes mature content and childbirth. Simply add an OOC tag that says “Fast Forward” or something like that at the end of your final post before it begins, and then your partner can respond with their first actions after it finishes.

    6. You may begin with one character. In order to prevent people from going character crazy and having tons and tons of characters listed that they never use, you must wait 1 week before creating another – however, you can have a new character every week and there is no limit on how many you can create!

    7. No advertising. This includes other sites, obviously, as it is within the rules of Iwaku, but we don’t want discussion of other roleplays here either.

    8. If you have taken the time to read these rules thoroughly, you must include the word ‘chip' within a sentence in your introductory/sign-up post. Failure to do so will show that you have not read our rules and we will tell you that something is missing.

    9. This is an old-fashioned, magical and medieval setting. Modern-day technologies didn’t exist back then. This includes, but is not limited to, phones, computers, iPods, television, radio, CD players, MP3 players, stereos, sewing machines, etc.

    10. You may have an unlimited number of children born in-game. These children, after being born, must have the Offspring Registration Form filled out for them before they become playable. This form is found with the regular form in the sign-ups forum. This only applies to children born in-game, so registering a character who is a child as one of your weekly/regular characters is fine, as they were not born in-game or within the Kingdom. Note: Twins do count as two characters, so you will have to wait two weeks if you wish to have twins. The same goes for any other multiple births.

    11. If a character dies in roleplay, they must also have a form filled out. The form is found with the others and must be submitted within 24 hours of the death in-game. This is simply to keep the character listings clean and up-to-date.

    12. If two characters marry, you must also fill out a form. I know, it’s a lot of form filling-out-ing, but the marriage form can be found with the others and must be filled out within 48 hours of your characters tying the knot in-game.

    13. You can have any kind of character you want. Any species is welcome, you can even have a pet as a character! Please not, however, that pets DO count as characters and as such, you must wait a week for each one you wish to create.

    14. If you are new and a lot has happened, please do not ask for a summary of what has happened within the Kingdom leading up to your arrival. It’s much easier and more realistic for you to simply join in and learn as your character learns.

    15. If you’re talking to the Queen and you don’t reply within 24-48 hours, the Queen will move on to speak with others who need her attention.

    16. If you change your username for any reason, please take a moment to let PrincessLala95 know. We have to keep the character list up-to-date, and while some of your name changes may become evident to us right away, others may not.

    17. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to either Gladis or PrincessLala95. We will be happy to answer any questions, explain anything you need explain, address any of your concerns, or even alter the rules if you feel something hasn’t been well-explained or should be added!

    18. If you ever choose to leave the Kingdom, you will always be welcome back.

    19. If you have any stories or ideas for little tidbits in Astaeron's history and lore, such as myths or short stories about historic events, send PrincessLala95 a PM so we can discuss! Make sure you check out her blog to read up on what's been posted so far, a post is made every few days under the categories of history, deities and royalty.

    The Dark Realm
    Our RPG is partnered with another RPG! It is called The Dark World and its lore describes a world to which people are dragged in their sleep. Visiting/joining this RPG is fully optional. What does this partnership mean?
    • Astaeron members can use their characters from Astaeron in the Dark World and vice-versa.
    • Astaeron members will have something to do with their characters at night if other people are still RPing while their characters sleep. The Dark World is a place where people are dragged in their sleep, so anyone sleeping in Astaeron can go there.
    • More fun members to play with!
    • Members who are active on both RPGs will receive special rewards.
    Are you here from The Dark World? Interested in moving your character over to Astaeron! It's very easy! Please make sure that you have read our rules (above) and then head over to the sign-ups page. You will see a shortened character sheet that allows you to provide a link to your character sign-up in the Dark World RPG, allowing you to use the same character here without going through the same lengthy registration process all over again or having to copy and paste all your information into the correct slots.

    - Because multiple births take extra weeks, it is recommended that you split up the twins between users. That way, instead of taking two weeks before you can have your twins, you can take one week and then each have a twin. That also knocks time off all other multiple births – triplets would take two weeks, quadruplets would also take two weeks, quints would take three…

    - You should head to the castle first to meet with the Queen. Because you do not start out the game with a home, she can help you to find a house and a job, if you’re interested, as well as get you jumpstarted in the interactive part of roleplaying.

    - If the castle is closed for the night, there's still plenty you can do! You can head to the inn for the night, you can go meet people, you can explore in the moonlight...the possibilities are endless!

    - Make sure to check the Current Details (below) to see what the Queen's status, as well as the castle's status, are. That way you won't walk into the throne room only to find that she isn't there!

    - If there’s any doubt about your character (for example, your character is from the future and time-travelled here) don’t follow the “If there’s any doubt, don’t do it” rule – just message myself or Gladis to ask what we think! Chances are we’ll be super understanding and okay with it.

    - Take some time to read PrincessLala95's blog, as it is filled with information - if you aren't interested in reading about the history or mythology of the Kingdom, at least take the time to read Castle of Astaeron: Fact vs. Fiction

    - You should follow PrincessLala95 and Gladis, because they, as the owners, may post announcements on their pages.

    Lords and Ladies/Nobility titles

    You may have noticed that time passes very slowly in Astaeron. It is difficult for the Queen to attend to all the newcomers in a timely manner, so to help, she will be enlisting the help of some nobles within the Kingdom. If you see in the RP that the throne room is crowded, you may instead opt to visit one of the Lords or Ladies of the Kingdom. Nobles are able to do the following:
    • Accept and deny people into the RPG on the sign-ups page depending on whether or not their form follows the rules
    • Sell homes to newcomers
    • Recommend/give jobs to newcomers
    • Warn people who aren't following the rules
    How can you become one of these Lords and Ladies tasked with the job of helping the Queen? It will be a difficult task, because I only want trustworthy, active and dedicated members to play Astaeron nobles.

    1. Please notify PrincessLala95 via PM that you intend to try for this position. That will allow me to keep track of your posting.
    2. Between the day that you PM me as of rule 1 and the day that I PM you all the official details and information about playing as a noble, you must post at least once every day and a minimum of ten times a week. You are allowed three no-post days, after you miss three days I will notify you that you are no longer eligible and must wait a week before you can start trying again.
    3. You must have at least 5 people join the RPG with your name listed as having invited them. Of these 5, at least 3 of them have to make 5 RP posts after joining. Inviting as many people as possible is recommended so we are guaranteed to get active players.
    4. You must acquaint yourself with PrincessLala95! Send me a sweet comment, love fifty of my posts, ask me how my day went, bake me cookies, mail me a postcard, do something! I won't noble-ify complete strangers.
    5. Study the way that Arianna handles business. I obviously can't give you a mark for this one but once you have your title, I will keep an eye on how you handle things to make sure that they are appropriate.
    6. Send me a suggestion or two for rule 8 words. I like to change them often but I'm bad at thinking of things that are random and unlikely to be used in a character sheet but can still be worked into a bio somehow. If you want the job of helping me, help with that one.
    7. Post good quality stuff. If you can't write worth a dime then how do you expect to fulfill your duties? It doesn't have to be perfect and detailed but it has to be good and thorough writing.

    When you have completed these tasks and if I feel that you are ready, you will receive a PM from me containing all the necessary information you will need. If you have yet to receive a PM, try sucking up more, improving the quality of your posts, inviting more people, or posting more frequently. Don't PM me asking about the status of your position.

    Current details (right now)

    This section is updated whenever one of the details changes. This allows newcomers to see where they can begin, just in case it is nighttime in the RP but
    The Queen is: in the throne room
    The castle is: open for the day

    The nobles are: Lady Lucille
    The time is: morning
    The RP goal is: 2 characters under each letter of the alphabet (below)
    The reward is: A surprise event!
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  3. Character Listings

    Name - Age - Gender - Species - Username - Post # on Sign-ups

    Adolin Sinnet - 25 - Male - Spriggan - zico - #13
    Aelin Srivastava - 12 - Female - Mage - Snowflake09 - #154
    Agni Rendrom - 20 - Male - Fotheea Soma - Closer - #17
    Aiden - 1 - Male - Dragon - DiamondGhosts - #276
    Aiden Edmund Mercer - 20 - Male - Human - Flickering_Flames - #208
    Akita Soulram - 25 - Female - Low level wolf demon - Xeriaos - #130
    Alaric Blackwood - 26 - Male - Human - Clockwork - #189
    Alavyra Laedwyn - 23 - Female - Elf - TheSakuraBreeze - #406
    Alexzander Young - 28 - Male - Neko Anthro - Esakrel Alkaos Young - #366
    Aliah - 17 - Female - Human - Coralaliah - #106
    Alysia Novya - 95 - Female - Elf - Sot-El-Luna - #15
    Anivia - 28 - Female - Harpy - Nocturne997 - #123
    Arcturus - Unknown - Male - Unknown - GeminasM - #207
    Argenta Chevallier de Salvare - unknown/forgotten - Female - Highlander - Accelerator - #168

    Arianna Monadalia - 22 - Female - Fairy - PrincessLala95 - #2
    Winter 2014
    Arius LaVari - 22 - Female - Demon of Death - Arius LaVari - #32
    Arratay Shadowblade - 26 - Male - Human - Captain_Hawkeye - #260
    Arron Steele - 24 - Male - Human/Elf - Naswjk6 - #143
    Asta Cyszik - 24 - Female - Elf - Ricci - #53
    Atlys Tacitus - 15 - Female - Human - Snowday - #322

    Benny - 6 - Male - Living doll - VicViper1 - #226
    Benton Thorne - 31 - Male - Shapeshifter - PrincessLala95 - #96

    Winter 2014
    Brunhilda Fatima - 21 - Female - Elf/Human - Breethang021 - #200

    Celeste - none - Female - Leanan Sidhe - Strawberry275 - #73
    Celeste Deluna - 221 - Female - Elemental Mage - koolkat4595 - #11
    Channer Flynn - 15 - Male - Gin - Morgaine Hayes - #148
    Christopher James Ward - 27 - Male - Human - Gladis - #3
    Christopher Poulsen - 13 - Male - Human - Thundor - #36
    Custos - 350 - Male identity - Animated Object - CoreyXIX - #349

    Winter 2014

    Delphine Neveren - 19 - Female - Human/Cat Sith - KaeomiDrake - #44
    Dionysus - 19 - Male - Selkie - Sepdemonium - #101

    Era Saint - unknown - Female - Warrior Angel - Rain - #129
    Esther Rommel - 23 - Female - Human - AAB - #22

    FuuKusaku, Kaizer - 18 - Male - Homosapien - Adenthos - #111

    Gabriella - ageless - Female - Siren - insaneSilence - #55
    Ghaurl Halidon - 31 - Male - Human - Osys Ceproses - #28
    Gladarniel Avantasia Silencia - old - Male - Demon - Sepdemonium - #65
    Greyson Lathan - 19 - Male - Werewolf - Stormfur - #51
    Grok Redclaws - 28 - Male - Orc/Red Dragon - poisonbite01 - #157

    Harken Alseif - 22 - Male - Human - Harken Alseif - #158
    Harman Metzger - 25 - Male - Human - CoreyXIX -#285

    Winter 2014
    Haruka Kurosawa - 16 - Female - Half Yokai - Gladis - #25
    Herzius "The Harbinger". Zandinara, Son of None - 50 - Male - Avinat - Herzius56 - #76

    Winter 2014

    Illiasriel von Lorenz E Phobos-Bernedine - 18 - Female - Human - chukklehed - #316
    Indira Rey - 27 - Female - Exiled Fire Spirit - Kit-Kat - #246
    Isabella Goldgard - 24 - Female - Human/Elf - PrincessLala95 - #142

    Winter 2014

    Jericho Averon - 21 - Male - Lycan - ProfessorNv - #304
    Johnathan "The Panther" Fitzalan - 93 - Male - Elf - Herzius56 - #131
    Julius Redgrave - 28 - Male - Human - CoreyXIX - #362

    Winter 2014

    Kalista the Raven Witch - 25 - Female - Harionaga - Nocturne997 - #353

    Winter 2014
    Karine Silkborne - 25 - Female - Human - liddi - #37
    Kirintuviri "Viri" Grentuliant - 28 - Female - Void Wisp - Techno Spectre 0-85.5 - #174
    Krados Doracen - 23 - Male - Mage/Wizard - ProfessorNv - #345

    Winter 2014
    Kyo - 10 - Female - Human - ☆Luna☆ - #40

    Laleh Nokomisa - 18 - Female - Witch - Lyra Meiko - #235
    Lance Goldgard - 29 - Male - Human/Elf - PrincessLala95 - #142

    Winter 2014
    Loques "Loque" Saventhian - 37 - Male - Tauren Elf - HellHoundWoof - #335
    Lucille Eleanor Locke - 653 - Female - Vampire - PrincessLala95 - #340
    Winter 2014

    Marabella - 8 - Female - Human - PrincessLala95 - #423
    Maven Lakri - 24 - Male - Half Demon - King_Dalmasca - #221
    Mi' Haick - 3 - Male - Altmer Hybrid - KawaiiJunky - #261
    Mija Munas - ??? - Female - Griffin - Archwar - #301
    Mr. Goat - 15,000 - No Gender - Demon - Archwar - #333

    Winter 2014
    Myrwen (Myr) Nallvir - 20 - Female - Elf - Mosaic - #136

    Névé - several hundred years - Female - Ice Spirit - Nocturnia - #156
    Nine Charlotte Kostic - ancient - Male - Demon - zodic - #49

    Oralen - 18? - Male - Elemental - Kostuno - #186

    Peural Angst Agnew - 19 Male - Human - LION™ - #298

    Raikov - 73 - Male - Kiger Mustang - ResolverOshawott - #205
    Rayne Thorne - 7 - Female - Ghost - PrincessLala95 - #96

    Winter 2014
    Reaper - 22 - Male - Reaper - Nocturne997 - #204
    Winter 2014
    Ruric Fatima - 20 - Male - Elf - Chris Miller - #202

    Sepiroth Anramath Silencia - 26 - Male - Werewolf - Sepdemonium - #6
    Ser Rein ? "The Rook" - 24 - Male - Human - SirDerpingtonIV - #415
    Soleryu - unknown - Female - Tempadre - Iris 8th - #121
    Stevo Fiendmourner - 18-12 - Male - Fire genasi - Zarrock - #282

    Tamashii no hikari - 22 - Male - Wizard - Hikari no kami...光の神 - #254
    Tanaish Caytius - 26 - Male - Lizard - Sir Leo III - #9
    Tenebris - none - Masculine - Ethereal Wraith - Grakahnarulash - #127
    Thanatos - unknown - Male - Unknown - Thundor - #132
    Tom Tildrum - Unknown - Male - Cait Sith - Strawberry275 - #26
    Tomus Lyn - 141 - Male - Wrifter - Archwar - #283

    Winter 2014

    Vanlith, the Giver of Life and Time - Very old - Unknown, appears female - Dragon - Cry - #167
    V - 300 - Male - Tigerachnid - Bones - #396

    William of Carn - 21 - Male - Human - hezzer3 - #296
    Woaken - 500 - Male - Dryad - LazyBasil - #256

    Xanthi the Swordsman - 17 - Male - Human - Gamedragon - #161

    Zariel "The Bloodletter' Merrith Son of Algorn - 316 - Male - Elf - Herzius56 - #108
    Zephyrus - 100 - Male - Griffin - Waters Knight - #152
    Zero - 24 - Male - Human - DiamondGhosts - #258
    Zeusifer - 200 - Male - Zeus Ancestor Mythology God - Zeusifer - #343
    Zoroark - 19 - Male - Human - Gladis - #59
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  4. Locations of Astaeron

    The Castle – Located right in the middle of the bustling town, Queen Ariana's palace is magnificent, glorious, and symbolic. Filled with a rich history, marvelous décor, and twisting corridors, the castle has housed the Royal family for many generations. Here is where you should come if you wish to meet with the Queen to discuss careers or anything else. You are also free to roam the castle as you please, to visit the library, the theatre, or the fancy kitchens. The castle is watched by guards, but they are only for the visual appeal, and they have no interest in your business at the castle.
    The Inn – Bustling with people of all shapes and sizes, the inn is the late-night place to be. In the inn, everyone is equal. Visitors and citizens without housing arrangements can rent a room, grab some drinks, or meet new people. Tear up the dance floor if you want to, but watch that you don’t offend anyone, or perhaps a fight might break out…
    Hot Springs – A beautiful temple once stood around the steaming pools of natural sparkling water. Now, though, they simply sit on the edge of town, surrounded by a few trees and lush green grass. They are a place to bathe, a place to relax, or a place to sit with friends and loved ones and socialize.
    Royal Gardens – Regal and magnificent, these gardens hold thousands of different types of flowers. Tended by Queen's faithful servants, these flowers bloom year-round, planted to form intricate patterns of bright, vivid colour. They are a very serene and peaceful place, with the occasional stone bench beneath a lush green tree for visitors to sit upon and admire the colours of the gardens, or to sit and chat with a friend.
    Cemetery – In Astaren, all those who have passed lie in the town cemetery, located right on the edge of town against the walls that keep evils outside. It is an eerie, spooky place, typically filled with an odd green fog and perfect for witches to perform rituals.
    School – The school of Astaeron is a place of learning for all the youngsters of the kingdom. It is small, sure, with only five rooms and a little playground, but it is warm and welcoming and full of teachers eager to help you learn.
    Town Square – Located right outside the castle, Town Square is known for its beautiful, massive fountain centre-piece and busy cobblestone paths. People from all over come here to sell their goods and to purchase services and goods for their own use.
    Waterfalls – The waterfalls are glorious to behold, and a very calm place to be. You can swim in the cool waters of the lake, perhaps even duck beneath the falls for a quick shower. You can sit on the edge with some friends and talk, or you can simply sit and watch the breathtaking natural waterfalls run their course.
    Dark Woods – These woods, on the western edge of the town, are very dark and mysterious. They are said to be the home of outcasts, those thrown from the city for their misdeeds. They are an excellent place for vampires to feed, or for witches to cast their spells, but those who enter must watch out, for many stories are told within the town of people entering the woods…and never coming out…
    Sunny Forest – On the eastern side of the town is a forest opposite from the Dark Woods. These woods stream in sunshine and are filled with sweet fairies, pixies, and even some unicorns! It is eternally day in this forest, and the sunlight never goes away!
    Rumbly Mountains – The mountain range is north of the town, and though it is a bit of a trek, it is absolutely breathtaking to behold. Dragons inhabit these mountains, and sometimes when you visit you can even meet a dragon, though they are often very antisocial towards those from the town. The mountains themselves, meanwhile, are magnificent, tall, and rocky. It is cold at the peaks, surely, but beautiful and worth seeing. Perhaps, if you wander in far enough, you might come across some ancient caverns, or a small volcano...
    Unicorn Meadow – Located just off the Sunny Forest, this is a flowery meadow full of, well, unicorns! They graze on the grass and are very open to those from the town, as they know, love, and trust Ariana and assume that her people will be the same kind-hearted people.
    Ocean’s Shore – The sea is located south of the town, and it is wide and vast. The salty waves crash against the sandy shore of the beach and the smell of the air makes for a relaxing ambience. In the sunlight, the beach is fun and energetic, and when the pure white moon reflects off the sea, it’s very calm and romantic, a perfect getaway for you and your friends or loved ones.
    Battlefield – Many a battle have been fought on these barren wastelands, with so few trees and plants growing. The rocky ground is cold and harsh, and many people come here often to remember those who were lost in battles… or to engage in battles of their own. Note: If any real, big fights are to take place, they are to take place in the battlefield.
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  5. Sunlight streamed across the pristine marble floor of the majestic throne room through a glass door on one side of the room, which opened on to a balcony. Painted murals of flowers and gardens and angels covered the walls, and a sparkling chandelier dangled from the ceiling. At the front of the room sat an elegant throne, carved of a dark wood with intricate and ornate designs. The cushion of the throne was a deep plum in colour and made of a soft and velvety material that shimmered when the light caught it. Sitting on the floor beside the regal chair, positioned there in a way that was obviously deliberate, sat a pair of simple, short white high heels. The throne itself, meanwhile, was empty. The balcony was made of shining marble that matched the floor of the throne room, with elaborate designs chiseled into the marble railing. With her elbows propped up on the flat surface of the railing, Arianna's blue eyes sparkled in the sun's dazzling morning rays as she gazed out across the Kingdom. The streets were barely awake, and the Queen ran one hand delicately through the loose brown waves that tumbled past her shoulders as she looked upon the city. She did this almost every morning when she awoke, simply came down to her balcony and looked out across her Kingdom and its beauty. It was a marvel to her, especially since she spent so much of her time cooped up in the castle dealing with official business, greeting newcomers, sorting out housing and job matters... It was tedious work, and for a lively young woman such as Arianna, it was difficult to imagine that she would be doing it for the rest of her life.

    A gentle breeze tousled the Queen's hair, fluttering through her long dress. The light pink skirt touched the ground around her bare feet, and the slim-fitting skirt and bodice were covered in white lace. The skirt had no straps or sleeves, leaving her shoulders bare. A short silver pendant dangled at her throat, a round diamond hanging just above the upper hem of the pink dress. A smile was on her rosy lips as she stood there in silence. All was peaceful around her, and for once, she was free to be herself. Even if it was something as simple as walking around the castle with bare feet, Arianna relished every second of liberty she was given, for she would have to put shoes on before people started to arrive. Her parents had always given her a hard time about being proper, and as much as she disliked it, she tried to maintain the image of a regal and noble Queen when she could be seen. After all, it was better to let them see what they needed than to let people know the truth, better for them to see a mature and elegant woman rather than the free-spirited and bubbly young lady that Arianna was.

    There came stirs of activity down in the streets, and Arianna's attention snapped downwards. It wasn't much, just the distant form of somebody leaving their home, perhaps heading to work or for an early morning walk, but it was all Arianna needed. The Kingdom was awake, and it was time for her to return to being their Queen. A faint sigh escaped her pink lips as she turned, her bare feet soundless against the floor of the throne room as she entered, making her way to the throne. As Arianna slid her feet into the white shoes that waited for her, she felt a brief sense of longing, a faint desire for more than just the business of being Queen. It had seemed so fantastical when Arianna was a child, but she knew nothing of the truth. She knew only of the luxury of the castle and the freedom of childhood - once that freedom was traded for duty, the luxury didn't seem to matter any longer. Even if it was just for a few minutes, Arianna would give anything for a chance to be herself, to go out and dance in the rain, to lie down in the grass, to gaze at the stars... Taking a deep breath, Arianna pushed aside that desire, turning and seating herself on the violet cushion of the throne to await the arrival of someone, anyone who may have had business that required the Queen's attentions.
  6. "Don't look at me like that," Adolin frowned as he leaned forward. His arms dangled casually on the other side of the short fence as his elbows, propped against the sturdy wooden post, held him in place. His pale eyes glimmered with faint sadness as the Spriggan pursed his lips. A small sigh escaped his soft mouth, and he shook his head. "No. No time to be feeling sad. We both knew what we were getting into when we first met those long months ago. Astaeron was to be where we part ways - we both agreed to that."

    Adolin's eyes darted to the ground. "And yet...I've grown fond of you too, you know. At least hold that to heart." The Spriggan smiled softy, his eyes glazing over as he reminisced momentarily of the wonderful times they've shared together. Memories that will forever be stored in a special place within his heart. He ran a slender hand through his graceful, dark hair, closing his eyes as a soft breezed kissed his skin. " is in our very best interest that we see each other no more. I have no need of you any longer, and you deserve someone else who can care for you more rightfully than I ever could." He opened his eyes slowly, a sad smile curling upon his lips as he gazed at her.

    "So, it is time to say farewell. Goodbye, you beautiful, beautiful beast."

    Adolin reached out and patted her snout. The horse gazed upon the small Spriggan with one of her black, endless eyes.

    She then turned around and grazed on a nearby haystack, ignoring him altogether.

    Adolin, chuckled letting his hand fall limp. "Guess the feeling's not mutual, ey?" The Spriggan grinned, straightening his back and threw his arms over his head for a hardy stretch. He glanced to the East as he gave an audible yawn, letting his arms drop, and saw the brilliance of the sun peeking from the crested hills that lined the horizon, far beyond the Sunny Forest. Already he could feel the warm embrace of the day.

    Behind him, someone hollered for him.

    "'Ere ye go, laddie! A purse full o' coins for this big beaut o'er there." Adolin turned around to see the barrel-chested horse breeder hauling towards him, a bearded grin spread across the older man's face. The man wore typical garments that were of his trade - a leather jerkin over a tanned tunic, with knee high work boots over cotton breeches. Kevin flashed a smile as he approached, bowing slightly in thanks.

    "I'll take care of 'er, don'tcha worry, boyo! A shame you can't keep 'er, she's a mighty fine breed, she is." The man whistled as he dropped the pouch onto Adolin's hands, turning to gaze at the pure, white, and strong beast that now belonged to him. Adolin nodded, sighing softly.

    "Alas, Astaeron is where I'll be staying indefinitely, at least for the time being. I have no need for an endured traveler's horse such as she any longer. She will be useful to someone else, I'm sure. Beautiful as she is, this is where we part ways." The Spriggan grinned, pocketing his money underneath his cloak. "I will be back in a few weeks time, however, for a more compact horse that should serve me well for this city. Until then, have a good day, sir!"

    The breeder chuckled, slapping the smaller Spriggan on the back. "Aye. Welcome to Astaeron then, you lanky fae!" Adolin lauged, managing to hide the wince as his back stung painfully.

    With one last farewell from each of them, Adolin Sinnet turned and strode away, making his way deeper into Astaeron, his new home.
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  7. Celeste was coming to an end of her trip. She had just been to another far off land, the last of her traveling for a while. Celeste had been considering settling down or a while, and she had the perfect place to do just that. Her carriage was coming up towards the kingdom of Astaeron. So far she had hear only great things about the place. That was a plus for Celeste. She had seen many wars, many battles, and plenty of death in her time. She did not want start living in a place where there was feuds and high crime rates. Celeste looked out the carriage window to see the beautiful surrounds.

    She dreamed for many things in this new life she was having. A lovely home, a steady job maybe?. "maybe a husband?" she said it out loud to make sure the high forces above could hear. "a beautiful family would be nice too." What was the use of having eternal youth with no one to share it with. Sure she made many friends on her travels across the world. she looked beside herself to find her small bag. celeste produced a comb from it and began combing her long hair. slowly celeste braided her hair, placing hair ornaments here and there. She had collected too many things on her travels. accessories were a girls best friend. Her carriage was filled bags apron bags of things she brought from her trips, including a large bags of money given to her by a certain prince she befriended. Celeste knew the money was a bride to come back and be more than friends, but she did not want to among the 3 other wives he had.

    Her carriage had finally reached the kingdom outskirts. Celeste had wrote the ruling queen a letter requesting an audience with her. She had planned to make sure the queen did not see her as a threat. She has had experience with rulers with less than honest reason for allowing herself to stay in their kingdom. Celeste did not want any trouble. in fact , her knowledge of healing could come in handy to the queen.
  8. Arianna twirled a single lock of hair around one slender finger, leaning heavily on one arm of her throne. Her blue eyes drifted towards the balcony again, the warm sunshine and blue sky seeming so far away. She turned her gaze towards the door as she heard a small set of footsteps approaching, and then saw a young servant peer in. Arianna smiled slightly.

    "Come on in," she said with a light wave of her hand, and the young man approached, carrying a folded sheet of parchment in one hand.

    "Your highness, a letter from your advisor," said the servant, and Arianna held out one hand for the sheet. He laid it down in her hand before bowing deeply and hurrying out, and Arianna sighed lightly. The new servants and the young servants were always so nervous in her presence, so shy. At least the older servants had been with her as she grew up and saw her as a person, whereas the new servants always saw her as...well, as a Queen. She gently unfolded the sheet and took a look at it. It was simply a list of reminders, etched in black ink, letting her know of appointments she had and people she was expecting. "And so it begins," Arianna said to herself with a light sigh, shaking her head and dropping the piece of paper, letting it fall down to the marble floor by her feet.
  9. “father..master.. is time to go..” Sepiroth says in a respectably soft voice, his father says nothing. “I-I understand how you must feel, my master.. but if we wait around here, we will die.” Sepiroth says as he helps his father's muscular body into the floating chair. “and I'm s-sorry if it's uncomfy, master. I tried to attach those wheel barrow wheels to it so I could push you around, but that..never worked.” his cold eyes cannot meet his father's steely cruel ones, Sepiroth's afraid of what he'll see within them. His father is never normally this quiet, not Gladius. Sepiroth was expecting curses, threats, obscenity and pain. But his father has being totally silent, not reacting or even bothering to. Sepiroth's worried. When his father finally speaks it's very calm and controlled. “I will wait here, toy.. speak to the queen, get us that house and then come back for me.” Sepiroth nods and starts to put food and drink on the table, and herbs to help with his father's pain. “can you get to everything, master?” he asks, flinching as his father roars. “GET THE HELL OUT, I'M NOT THAT USELESS! I'M NOT, I'M NOT! I CAN STILL LOOK AFTER MYSELF!” Sepiroth runs out as a plate's thrown at him, but what breaks Sepiroth's heart is the sound he'd never thought he'd hear. His father weeping.

    Sepiroth gazes at his map as he walks. “Astaeron..” he whispers. “it's so different then I thought, it's so unlike home. If I'm right then there should be the herbs that I can use to help father in this land and-” he suddenly puts his hand to his head as a memory flashes through, him lying broken on the floor and his father standing over him with a cruel looking sword. Sepiroth shakes his head quickly as beads of sweat start to form on his body. “t-that doesn't matter now.. the toy must always obey the master, the son must side with the sire!” he whispers as he continues to walk.

    His feet ache, he has not rested. He finally stops to catch his breath and pants a little, brushing the hair out his eyes he causes. Blinking and smiling weakly when he sees the kingdom in the distance, he stands up strait and his smile fades. “at least..” he bites his lip nervously and casts his eyes around fearfully, without his father he's on edge. He takes a deep breath as he starts to walk into the kingdom. “how would I go about seeing the queen and getting a home without going into the details?” he murmurs to himself.
  10. Forest.png

    The Castle


    The sharp noise of metal grinding against sand sounded through the weaponry chamber where Christopher was seated on a small, wooden chair. His purple orbs were fixed on the the long blade of his sword as he sharpened it, the ghost of a smile dancing on his lips. It was rarely that he smiled genuinely, and although it now was small, this was indeed one of those cases. Even if Christopher generally disapproved of blood shed, especially blood shed in vain, he did like swords. Especially light ones, with sharp blades that relied on speed just as much as force. Combat by sword was not only the single kind of dance he approved of and enjoyed- he loved it. The feeling of holding the leather bound hilt in his hand, feeling it grind against his skin as he slashed with it through the air, letting the silvery steel find its way into his enemies bodies- feeling it bounce of another blade as he countered an attack and the heart pounding moment when he just barely dodged the enemy sword... the art of swordplay made him feel more alive than he cared to admit.

    Once he was satisfied with his work, the lord commander of the royal guard allowed himself to smile properly as he gazed back at his reflection on the sword surface. This would definitely do. Standing up, Christopher slid the newly sharpened katana back into it's scabbard which was fastened to his waist. He yawned and stretched, sneaking a peek outside to decide how much time had passed. As always Christopher had been up early, quite a while before the castle were to stir. At this time, however, Christopher believed the queen was already up and about.

    Christopher's black, knee long leather booths made a light clicking sound as they made impact with the hard stone floor. The light streaming through the large, elaborately decorated windows danced on the walls, illuminating the hallway with a mild but warm, golden light. It was a beautiful day, to say at the very least, and Christopher couldn't help but feel usually happy and at peace.

    "On the walls it dances, the sparkling light... like a fairy in the fog at midnight..." a slight frown creased his forehead, "no," he murmured to himself, stopping in front of one of the windows as he gazed out thoughtfully, tapping his chin lightly with his gloved hand, "gold through the window streams, it appears almost like in my dreams..." he paused as he heard a sudden burst of laughter behind him. Swift on his feet, Christopher swirled around, narrowing his eyes as he trained them on the young female standing behind him. She was average of height, with slightly toned skin and thick dark hair cut short so it barely reached to her shoulders. Her eyes were honey colored, and she was wearing the clothes of a man. Christopher recognized this servant girl. She was one of the few who not only seemed to have little respect for him, but also had made teasing him one of her habits.

    "Oh my gosh," she said after a while, gasping for breath as she tried to keep herself from bursting into laughter again, "you really are a terrible poet! 'it appears almost like in my dreams'," more laughter erupted from her and she wiped her eyes, "maybe you should keep to slashing up people. At least that's something you're good at..."

    "As if you could do better, stable girl," Christopher huffed, folding his arms over his chest as he regarded her through narrowed eyes, hoping she hadn't noticed the slight, barely noticeable pink flush present on his cheeks. The fact that he loved poetry was a secret, and that he was a terrible poet... well... even if he was aware of it, it wasn't like he wanted everyone to know. Besides, he liked writing poetry, even if he wasn't particularly good at it.

    She winked at him, a smirk dancing on her lips. "Obviously I could... oh well, at least you made my day. Gotta get to work," and with that said, the dark haired female darted off, leaving the slightly flustered and annoyed commander behind. Sighing, he racked a hand through his raven black hair, his purple eyes taking in the view of the world outside from the window briefly, before he resumed his walk. He might as well head to the throne room to see what the queen was up to. Besides, it was his job to remain by her side at almost all times (even if she was more or less safe within the castle), and he believed he was already running late...

    Christopher entered the the throne room, his face once again a calm and composed, masking whatever emotions or thoughts present at the time. His purple hues found the queen seated on the throne, dropping a piece of paper, which slowly floated down until it kissed the earth. Tilting his head to the side, he regarded her silently for a brief moment.

    "Good morning, your highess" Christopher made his presence known while sweeping an elegant bow, keeping his eyes trained on the queen.
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  11. From the inside, the Dark Woods looked like any other forest. Esther had come across three bandits, but they had been sleeping. Esther had made a quick slit with a knife, just as her dad had taught her. Now only two would wake, and one would find a bloody knife beside him. Hopefully he would find that difficult to explain.

    The noise of falling water approached Esther as she left the Dark Woods. To her left, a river from the mountains broke apart on the rocks and fell several yards into the pool below. It was a pretty sight...Esther looked up the mountains, her thoughts turned to damming and redirecting the water. didn't look like it would be worth the trouble.

    Esther turned sharply right and passed through a graveyard as she moved further into the city. The small dirt roads on the east side of Astaeron seemed to converge on a single wooden building. "The Inn," the sign read. It seems the owner lacked imagination. Esther went inside and seated herself beside a hairy half-drunk fellow.

    "I just arrived in town," Esther explained, "who rules this area?"
    "Why, tha queen," the man answered obviously, "Queen Arianna. Been ruling since last year."
    "Is the royal family large?"
    "Nah, just her. Might be some cousins I don't know of."
    "Who would be next in line for the throne if something happened to the queen?"
    The man blinked stupidly. "I don't know. Why so many questions?"
    Esther shrugged. "Like I said, I'm new here. Do you think it would be possible for me to see the queen?"
    "Sure, anyone can see the queen. I haven't m'self, but I've been to the castle. Nice place." He took another drink.

    That was all Esther needed to hear. She stood and left. The castle was easy to see. Esther chose to take the main road there, which wound through the town square.
  12. Arianna gave a warm smile, her blue eyes sparkling kindly as she saw Christopher enter. She gave him an absent wave of her hand to dismiss his deep bow. Arianna cared very little for all the formalities that accompanied queenship, though many of the employees within the castle seemed to forget that. Perhaps they had spent so long serving her parents that they were simply accustomed to their traditional ways. Arianna shifted her gaze towards the glass door of the balcony.

    "Is it not beautiful out this morning?" she asked, her voice soft and delicate as she spoke, gazing towards Christopher. "Yet here I am, all cooped up within my castle, forced to stay put and tend to those who need my help...meetings and appointments, it's all so tedious..." It was not usual for Arianna to be so outspoken with those working for her, but there was something about today that just made her want to speak, to make friends, to learn, to be free...
  13. Celeste carriage stopped in front of the castle. "what a beautiful castle. This Queen Arianna sure has quite a taste. " She elegantly stepped out her carriage. Celeste was wearing kimono inspired purple embroiled gown that ended below her knees at the front and black satin heels. With her katana and purse at her hip and staff in her hands, Celeste waved her hand towards the carriage. An invisible barrier surround the carriage to protect her belongings. "you can never be too safe"

    Celeste walked up into the castle to await her turn to see the Queen.
  14. [​IMG]

    (sorry.. the banners rather large.. I'll decrease and replace it asap :] )
    Sepiroth took a deep breath and slowly exhaled it, blowing a few strands of silvery white hair out his face. He mutters. “get it together, the master is somewhat counting on you!” he shuts eyes eyes and prays silently that the wolf within doesn't decide to awaken, it would be shameful to turn while seeking an audience with the queen.

    He continues to walk through the kingdom, looking around thoughtfully. 'it's so different from home.' he muses once more. Home, a land so far away. The kingdom of his namestake, the Kingdom of Silencya.. the daemonic kingdom that his family ruled from, a kingdom very few people have heard of bar it's eternal subjects and the few unfortunates that ended up there. Under his father's iron fisted rule, things seemed more chaotic then ever. But everyone was to scared of his father to even think of committing treason. 'until dumb Lucifer had to interfere..' Sepiroth seethes silently.

    Sepiroth walks into the castle, pausing only when he sees a women also awaiting an audience. Sepiroth likes her outfit, her style. Out of politeness, the kind his father would have belittled, he steps back to show that she has being waiting longer then he has therefore he doesn't mind waiting to see the queen after the stylish women has. Sepiroth leans against the wall, cringing as pain shoots up his back. He ignores it and half shuts his eyes in thought.
  15. An attendant wanders past, pausing at the sight of a man and woman waiting outside the doors of the throne room. He gives them both a smile. "You may enter, the Queen is not busy," he says to them before hurrying off to attend to his duties.
  16. Sepiroth smiles a little and thinks to himself. 'I cannot back down now, I cannot.' he slowly walks forward, glancing at the women that's also waiting before striding into the throne room. He clears his throat and bows polietly. “queen Arianna Monadalia..” he says in that flat and cold voice of his, not looking up. “do pardon my intrusion, but I have come on behalf of my lord in order to seek accommodation in your land. Sadly my lord due to health reasons cannot be here today, so I must act in his stead. Sepiroth's cold eyes flicker up. “..I am Sepiroth Anramath, proud servant of Gladarniel Silencia.”
  17. Arianna's gaze snapped towards the door as a figure entered, tall and almost sickly thin, and the Queen was quite uncertain whether she gazed upon a man or a woman. As the newcomer spoke, however, she relaxed in the knowledge that it was a man, and she smiled pleasantly as she listened to his words. The way he spoke left her curious as to who this Gladarniel Silencia was, as Sepiroth referred to him as his lord - obviously some sort of nobility, though certainly not from anywhere near Astaeron.

    "Your lord, you say?" she asked in a kind tone, keeping the same pleasant smile on her lips. "You are new to Astaeron, that much I can see. Where do you come from?" Arianna was always curious to hear about the lives of newcomers, as many of them had travelled and wandered and seen so many amazing things. It fascinated the Queen, intrigued her, left her dying to hear more, so she always asked as many questions as she could when newcomers came to see her.
  18. Sepiroth gazes at the queen for some moments, contemplating his question carefully. “we hail from the land known as Silencya, though I am not offended if you have never heard of it. We prefer to remain a closed kingdom, or rather we did.” Sepiroth smiles faintly to himself before standing up strait and rubbing his back a little. “our kingdom mainly housed Demons, and was ruled for centuries by Arakan Silencia.. dearly departed for quite a while now, however. My lord was the man who took his place.” Sepiroth trails off in thought for some moments. “though I must admit, our kingdom is very different from yours.. I don't think I've seen as much greenery in my life.”

    “due to my lord's health, it was thought best that he should come here and recuperate the best he can. Also the environment might soothe the Demon within him, he has being rather.. grumpy as of late.” Sepiroth permits himself a soft laugh, what he's said isn't really a lie. He's just leaving some things out, though he realises that referring to his psychopathic father as grumpy is something of an understatement. “with luck on our side a change of area will do him a.. world of good.”
  19. Celeste walked in behind him. She gazed at the boys hair, secretly adoring its length and color. She didn't mind the wait, since he seem to have urgent business. Her mother taught her to always put someone else first. She was curious to hear what he issue was.

    she took great concern upon hearing so many demons were swarming in one location. It reminded her of a small nation she once traveled through long ago.
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  20. Arianna sat quietly, eagerly listening to every word the man spoke. That same pleasant smile remained on her lips, though it was slowly giving way to a bigger and brighter one than would befit a Queen. She gave a quick nod of acknowledgement to the woman who had entered to let her know she had seen her come in and would be with her shortly. She then turned to Sepiroth as he finished talking, and she nodded.

    "So he is the King of another Kingdom? It isn't often that we see play host to noble guests as there aren't many Kingdoms terribly near," Arianna said to him. "You seek a house for him while he stays here? That can certainly be arranged. May I ask where he is staying now? In the inn?"