The Kingdom of Arandalyce

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]”May you enjoy your peace;[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]For the Otherworlder is come,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]And your long-lived prosperity will cease."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Exactly two hundred years ago, on the day the first King of Arandalyce was crowned, a great dragon descended from the heavens, delivering an ominous warning to the King and all his people. But, it has gone unheeded; dragons, after all, are known to be tricksters, and so why ought this one be trusted? But little did the people of Arandalyce realize, as they wrote their children's books and folktales about this deceptive dragon, that this beast was a messenger of the gods themselves.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]And now, the Otherworlder is come.[/BCOLOR]
    The World of Arandalyce (open)

    The Government (open)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Kingdom of Arandalyce's banner unites all of the seven continents on the planet. Each of the seven continents has a representative known as a Lord, who decides how their respective continents are governed. They form the Council of Lords, whose job it is both to choose the King of Arandalyce - this title is given regardless of gender - as well as provide him with advice on serious matters and make sure his law is carried out.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Arandalyce does not have any sort of written document outlining its government.[/BCOLOR]

    The Continents (open)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Asgard is the land of the humans. It is a collection of islands both large and small which float in the air above the Middle Ocean. It contains the king's palace of Zion, which also doubles as the chief military HQ of Arandalyce. The capital of Asgard is Midgard, which is the largest city in the world, and the most diverse. Asgard is ruled in the exact same way as Arandalyce itself, wherein the Lord functions as the king and the Dukes function as lords. This is also the most populous continent.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Valhalla is the land of the valkyries. It is a large island directly in the center of the Middle Ocean, left behind by the humans. It is connected directly to Zion via the Bifrost, a one-mile-wide rainbow-colored bridge that takes four days to travel over via horse-drawn carriage. It is much like an island resort; brothels, taverns, spas, and all sorts of other things are run by the valkyries, and are free of charge to any humans that manage to get to Valhalla without the aid of a portal. The Lord acts as a manager of sorts, making sure everything on the island is in working order. It is the 6th most populous continent.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ise is the land of the elves. It is a large, crescent shaped island to the east of the Middle Ocean. In its center is a large dormant volcano known as Mt. Supirittsu. On the western side of the mountain is the HQ for the Isean branch of the military, and on the eastern side is the residence of the Lord, who rules over his land as a dictator. There are very few cities; there are mostly just large and small residences. Of its few cities, Ise does not claim a capital city. It is the 4th most populous continent.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Theseum is the land of the dwarves. It's a mountainous and desolate region - especially in the tundras of the north - inhabited by monsters, and is located to the northwest of the Middle Ocean. The dwarves live underground in a vast network of connected caves and tunnels. The dwarves do not consider any of their settlements to be cities, although the most populous area is the Forum, the place from which it is governed. All the oldest dwarves gather to discuss issues, and votes are taken democratically. The Lord is merely another of these old dwarves and has no more or less power than any other. It is the 3rd most populous continent. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Uruvela is the land of the fae, a large swathe of forest split down the middle by the River of Reincarnation. It is connected to Thar and Aalu via a tiny isthmus ten fifty miles wider than the River of Reincarnation, which flows into Aalu. This collection of continents is directly south of Theseum. The fae do not have any settlements in Uruvela and the Lord has no power over any of them. The Lord merely makes suggestions based on the laws of Arandalyce, as the society is essentially anarchist. It is the least populous continent.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Thar is the realm of the demons. It was once a paradise inhabited by humans, but the demons razed it to the ground long ago, and now it is a desert. It is connected via a tiny isthmus to Uruvela and Aalu. The demons are separated into nomadic tribes whose chiefs listen to counsel from the Lord of the realm, who lives in an old human palace that was left standing by the demons. It is the 5th most populous continent.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Aalu is the land of the angels. It is a lush rainforest paradise connected via a small isthmus to Uruvela and Thar. The River of Reincarnation also cuts Aalu in half, and is the source of the continent's lushness. However, the angels call this river the River to Duat. The Lord is worshipped as a descendant of the god Ra, and rules the land like a dictator. However, the minutiae of running Aalu is left to a very extensive bureaucracy. It is the second most populous continent.[/BCOLOR]

    The Races (open)

    Note: These are generalizations and do not apply to everyone of each race.

    The humans are the most adaptable, stubborn, and unpredictable of the races, and can thrive in any environment. They are jack of all trades, capable of picking up any kind of magic or profession that the other races specialize in. Although their society changes rather frequently, compared to the other races, their culture places value in combat proficiency, honor, and religious piety. Humans are about 53% of the Arandalyce military. The humans dislike the demons for being barbaric and the fae for not contributing to the military. They are on great terms with the dwarves. Their patron gods are Odin, for Midgard, and Yahweh, for Zion.

    The valkyries are an artificial race created by humans to help them fight the Great War. They are an all-female race who "serve" the humans by providing them with leisure on their island, although remain independent aside from that. They are particularly fond of great warriors. They make up about 2% of the military, but are typically very high-ranking because they're natural warriors. The only race they really like is the humans. Their patron god is Freyja.

    The elves possess a natural affinity for nature-based magic and spirit summoning, as well as tactical combat. They are typically very in-tune with nature and the spirits that reside in nature. They don't like to harm the natural world, and so do their best to preserve the environment of their continent, and so build structures around trees and such or in open fields, as well as many shrines to the spirits. They make up 18% of the military. They don't like the dwarves because they appreciate nature the least and have no connection with he spirits. They loathe demons for destroying the paradise of Thar. Their patron god is Amaterasu.

    The dwarves are very technology-oriented, as they are completely unable to use magic aside from magical artifacts. They are the most advanced race, especially architecturally, and are likely on the verge of discovering gunpowder. They make up 12% of the military. They dislike the elves and fae for being so caught up in, well, not the physical world. They are on great terms with the humans. Their patron god is Hephaestus.

    The fae are ascetics who typically live alone. They constantly meditate, and are very peaceful, to the point most would rather die than harm something. They believe in achieving a state of enlightenment through peace, both within and without, and elevating their minds. They don't particularly dislike anyone, but are especially fond of the elves because they also appreciate nature. They do not have a patron god.

    The demons are rough-and-tumble nomadic people who believe in survival of the fittest and might makes right. They have an affinity to destructive magic and violence and general. However, despite their aggression, they all try to achieve four things: personal freedom from any shackles, mental and physical; righteousness through survival of the fittest; the experience of any all kinds of pleasure; enough wealth to easily support themselves. They dislike all the races but the valkyries, respecting them because they are natural-born warriors. They make up 3% of the military because most are too undisciplined to be warriors for Arandalyce. Their patron god is Shiva.

    The angels put an emphasis on social status above all else, and the higher up in the bureaucratic food chain you are, the more respect you deserve, culminating in the reference of their Lord and intense respect for the King of Arandalyce. They are also exceptionally superstitious and try their best to be good and righteous for fear of a bad afterlife. They have an intense hatred for demons for attacking them during the Great War, and dislike the elves and dwarves for taking their side. They like humans for aiding them during the Great War. They make up 12% of the military. Their patron god is Ra.
    The World of Arandalyce (open)

    Hello! If I caught your interest, that's awesome! This is a fantasy RP about whether a prophecy will actually come true or not, and what exactly will happen if it does! The primary catalyst for many plot events in the story is my character - the Otherworlder - but don't worry, because I'm going to do my best not to make her the Most Important Character!

    This RP is inspired by an anime that I love called Re:ZERO, and the idea has been making my brain tremble ever since the 15th or so episode! The primary similarity is that someone from normal Earth arrives in the Kingdom of Arandalyce. However, I put a bit of a spin on the idea, what with the prophecy, and my character also doesn't "reset" when she dies. But the biggest difference is that my world is a lot different from that one! Or, at least, I'm doing my best to make that true.

    Now, before I make the OOC I'm looking for at least seven people who are interested. Comments, questions, concerns, criticisms, etc. are encouraged and appreciated!

    I'll update this section with any questions anyone has, if I get asked any!​
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    "My brain trembles!!!"

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  4. @Traveller's Guide @Purveyor

    Awesome! I'm glad that I caught your attention. Unfortunately, today I wasn't able to get much done in the way of all that worldbuilding I mentioned in the OP, but hopefully tomorrow I should have a lot more time to make some progress! Please feel free to ask any questions or make comments in the meantime, and I'll answer when I can.

    And because I forgot to mention it in the post, but once the worldbuilding is done, I'll start working on both the IC and OOC threads, so if all goes well and I get enough people we should be able to start by next week!
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  7. @Beowulf

    Glad to have caught your eye!

    Aaaah, I'm so close to finishing the basic information for each continent (minus the powerful artifacts). If all goes well, I'll have the OP updated and looking a lot better really soon.

    (Also, if anyone knows anything about making fantasy maps, that'd be dope. If not, I'll see what I can do about getting one made.)
  8. Haello! I am taking a peek in here... I might have a character that I've been trying to get into the rp fray, but first thing's first: What are going to be the post standards, and what races are going to be in this mysterious world?
  9. There are seven different races, one for each continent! They are the humans, elves, dwarves, fae, demons, angels, and valkyries! However, each of the races has a bit of a cultural/mythological twist that I've put on them. I've mainly associated different mythologies /religions with the various races, and here's a quick list:

    Humans - Norse mythology + Christianity
    Valkyries - Norse mythology
    Elves - Shintoism
    Dwarves - Greek mythology
    Fae - Buddhism
    Demons - Hinduism
    Angels - Egyptian mythology

    As for posting standards, I would like to keep it to a minimum of 2 decent-sized paragraphs and a maximum of however long you want.
  10. Hmm, interested.
  11. I'll keep an eye on this! Due to race restrictions my plan A isn't going to make it out of the notepad, but perhaps I can put together a plan B... Only time till tell!
  12. Unless your plan A was of a race I haven't mentioned, one of the races might yet fit what you have in mind. None of the races adhere 100% to what I connected them with because, well, I'm not an expert on religion or mythology! And also it's a different world, so I'm going to make the excuse that stuff is bound to ne different.
  13. I'll express some interest here
  14. So, I accidentally lied. Today, well, I fell asleep by accident! So since I was asleep all afternoon, I haven't gotten anything done. BUT, tomorrow, I'm gonna sit down and write the hell out of some lore! I'm hoping to actually finish writing everything up tomorrow, and I'll update this thread with all that information and then begin working on the OOC.

    Also, I'm really, really happy about all the interest this has garnered! I really wasn't expecting to get so many people so soon, and I really hope we can all have some good fun with this world and this story.
  15. Noted! I'll try to brainstorm something up.. I myself and not soo good on the mythology stuff.. But perhaps that info dump will help out when it comes to deciding whether plan A has a spot in this RP or not.
  16. @Traveller's Guide @Purveyor @Beowulf @Karyra @Furasian @Reanimator Bob

    I've finally updated the post with information about the government and the continents! However, I'm having a bit of... well, BBCode trouble. For some reason it creates four extra spoilers, even after I erase the BBCode that creates those extra spoiler and update the post.
  17. Well I am fixing to pm you. Hopefully I can squeeze my plan A in!
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    I thought I edited the OP with the rest of the information but I didn't! Sorry, guys!
  19. So I was browsing through my stock of photos, and came up with several ideas. Most of them girls for some reason.
    I already decided. The dwarf
    Images included (open)

    The Dwarven Explosives Expert

    The Innocent Angel Priestess

    The Elven Protector
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  20. So, I've decided to just jump straight from the information I have now to putting up the OOC. Unless you guys tell me otherwise, I'll tag everyone who's expressed interest in the RP when I put up the OOC, which should be sometime this week. It'll have much more information than I have in this thread! I'll expound on the continents and races, as well as add information about magic/magical artifacts and the 7 powerful artifacts in each kingdom. There'll also be rules and such there, of course, and a character skeleton.
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