The King of Asgard

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    Oh so sorry you had to see that. I had some trouble with Thor and such so I am nw a ruling king and all you mewling quims shall bow.

    I do mostly 1x1 as I find Group roleplays hard to follow and such but eventually I might give them a try. I am a casual writing person able to dish out 1-3 Paragraphs and good grammar not perfect so all you Nazi stay clear.

    In the end, you will all Kneel




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  2. Such glorious introduction you there loki~ welcome to Iwaku~!
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  3. Thank you I do try and be an amazing god , silver tounged and all. Shoot me a PM if you ever wish to Roleplay I even made an interest check
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  4. just tag me when you make interest check ;)~!
  5. How do you tag ?
  6. well type @ plus the name of the person you want to tag like this

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  7. Oh okay
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