The King and the Beauty

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This is for Me and PurpleStaticxx

This story takes place in the magical/cliche land of Aravor. Throughout its history, the world has been rocked by war. This war is between two rival factions, the Dwarves, and the Elves. Other denziens and species inhabit that planet, but they are small in number. The two races are exact opposites in demeanour, society, and heritage.

The dwarves are (as usual) a hardy, mountain folk. Being typically short, they enjoy the cold weather of their mountainous homes. A love of jewels, gold, and other wealth is typical to the species. This love often becomes an obession, and they will do anything to acquire these items. Some dwarves, through their shrewdness, cheat their bretheren out of their wealth and amass great mountains of money. The goal of all dwarves is to be richer than their predecessor. Though, there is not such thing as inheritance. This is considered cheating. As such, in the last years of their life, dwarves commonly splurge on anything and everything. Charity is unknown in dwarven society, and as such the elderly live on their own. However, upon their death, the dwarves that were their kin hold a great burial feast. This is more to celebrate the oppulence released into the community, but it's also their way of dealing with grief. Dwarves live long lives, as do elves, so this can also be a way to say "FINALLY!". For some reason, dwarves are unable to use magic, but are also unaffected by it, or at least the effect is dull.(Maybe.)

Elves on the other hand are a tight knit and fair skinned people. Living in close family clans, they wander the forests of the world. The elves love naature in all its glory, taking grat pains to preserve it. Elves have an inherit gift for magic. Generally, the magic manifests itself in the number eight. As such, the eight generation of a new clan is often powerfully gifted. Even better, with each eighth child born to a couple, the whol grow stronger. In addition, the eight son of the eighth son has magic only rivaled by the first elves. Unfortunately, elves are often born infertile. This, along with their high weakness to disease, make them vunerable. However, those that are fertile are gifted a boon of strong lifeblood, enabling the continuance of the family line.

Overall, the Elves are more numerous, but the Dwarves are stronger. The elves are more intelligent, but the dwarves have ruthlessness. The Elves have magic, but it cannot be used on Dwarves effectively. So, basically, the races are equal.

Now we come to our story. The elderly King of the dwarves is drawing ever closer to death. However, he isn't about to die any time soon without a little 'help'. As such, the elven High Queen has seen fit to send one of her assassins to deal with him. However, things may not go exactly as planned when the Dwarf Prince gets in the way.

Name: Elric, son of Gereth the King
Position in life: Prince
Age: 20 (Years are the same as human years. And Dwarves and evles have half again the normal human lifespan. However, both go through the same growing up period.)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Elric is a rather fit looking example of dwarf royalty. While most of his bretheren have a certain... roundness about them; Elric keeps himself lean and toned. His hair is shockingly orange, colored by strawberry locks. A short goatee adorns his chin. Long hair reaches down to the bacck of his neck in wavy curls. Bushy eyebrows and a small mustache comeplete the look. His skin is lightly tanned from the snow glare.

Name: Nixa Lrothae (knee-K-ss-uh Row-tay)

Position in life: Hired Elven Assassin for the Queen

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sunken, wrinkled craters gazed over Aravor in all the absolute splendor it held, washed over in bright light given off by the moon. Of course, with this vast expanse of beautiful land came obvious deception. It was clear to the rest of the planet that the War was still active between the Dwarves and the Elven race. A kind of mutual dislike, hate even, hung in the night air, spreading out in all directions with the assistance of some wind. Rattling against the weak, fragile autumn leaves, snapping off their branches to fall from their home and hit the ground without many other options, such gusts were acting as camoflauge to hide the audio of running barefeet. A human standing directly in front of the moving figure would not stand a chance at catching a glimpse of what, who exactly it was. The moment the blur would pass by, one would just feel the welcome of a violent cool breeze hitting them in the face, assuming this was a normal act of nature alone. Swiftly, the vicious zephyr swirved about the foliage standing silent outside of the Kingdom, which held the land's small, rough individuals within its lines. Tucked away with care like a mother nursing a child, the Dwarfs seemed protected and stable within this area, as it clearly was not anything near to what their rival kingdom looked like. The gathering of wind lifted up into the sky for a moment, and fell now inside of the Kingdom walls, holding still for the first moment since night had fallen. Finally, One had evaded any notice, and now was upon enemy territory.

Even their street rubble wasn't as nearly nice as the Elven Kingdom's. Staring intently to analyze each crease in the bedding of rock and dirt, specks of gravel flying gently along with the air flowing through excess area space, sharp lavender, almost white, eyes took in the view for barely a full second. Moving on to more important thoughts, the head lifted, long neck snapped backwards to have a clear perception of surrounding objects, and or citizens. Without wasting much time, as there really was no time to consider wasting any more of the same, the figure slipped along with ease into a cloak of darkness, provided by a rugged looking home of some sort. A quick flash of disgust came and went along the features of this individual as they took in the sight of such a building to take shelter under every single night. Darting their focus over to movement in the distance, where the home of their 'King' could be seen, muscles tightened up in preparation, toes twitched gently against the soil. Such a bulky looking..'thing' this moving object was, so round and muscular, and...short. A small smile curled at the assassin's lips, forming dimples to dig small, harmless holes into pale, silken skin. This was the opportune moment to take such a lumpy, clumsy thing out, and be done with the task. Knowing this was true, in a quick moment, agile runner's legs shot out, traveling a long distance in barely half the time it should take, if one was to do the mathematics arond it. Darting over to the Dwarf guard, thin, though oddly strong arms shot out and wrapped around a manly neck. A lanky torso clung to the back of the broad shoulders that flinched in surprise, leaving no time to utter any noise while the sharpest of material sliced across tough skin. The blade was brought deep into the flesh, hard enough to break through, not hard enough to make its way out the other end. Closing lids over strangely glowing eyes, the assassin listened for the tender rush of blood as it was felt trickling down her right hand which held the dagger's handle. The warmth sent a chill down the thinner spine along the killer's back, such a sensation use to be quite displeasing, but now with their current occupation, it was just something part of the job. Besides, you get use to it, you really do. Dropping the soaking body to the ground, a canvas for red cells to cover over, the silent one cleaned off the blade with a free palm before placing it back into hiding.

Tilting her head back, eyes scaling up the size of the castle like tower, Nixa inhaled deeply. It wasn't very intimidating, but it was a bother, such a big task. However, the Queen had asked her to do this for the Kingdom, and it was the Kingdom that she so rightfully served. Exhaling the air with a sigh, a slightly still bloodied hand raised up to sweep away dark indigo strands, tucking them behind pointed ears that curved up towards the sky. Figuring this was another big glob of time wasted, staring at a building, she glanced over to the entrance, sizing up the guards. They were also quite large, width wise, but tall? Not very much, Nixa knew she was taller than most of this race, which comforted her soul. At least she had some advantages over them. Actually, she had many, but..this could be just from the smug feeling that ran through her veins. Better to try and find another entrance, a window of some sort, was what the twenty-two-year-old came to figure. Sliding back into the shadows, nearby the sides heading towards the back of the tower, Nixa crouched low, her back arching softly to help with easier movements. Not having any kind of footwear on was helpful, as she could sense movement through the twitchings beneath the surface. Along with this, her attire was built for her mission, consisting of softer gray cottom material clinging to her legs, ending just above her knees to allow a more swift pace. The torso was quite vulnerable to any weapon, adorned by a sleeveless, traditional elven blouse hanging over the waist in loose ties at either side. Charcoal gloves followed up to the elbow, and down to every knuckle, leaving room for her ring cluttered fingers to grasp, claw, and punch. With a headband to control most of the hair sprouting from her skull as she ran, and she ran quite often, the ensemble was complete. Crawling amongst the looming darkness, concealed by the generous night which appeared to be on her side, Nixa watching attentively for guards, her focus was now completely on her target: the King of the Dwarf Kingdom.

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Elric had been asleep in his room when the alarm rose. In the keep, huge, ancient bells began to ring out a tone of immenent danger. Leaping from the folds of his bed, Elric donned his armor with practiced ease. Even a prince had to know how to put on armor at a moments notice. Such was the way of the dwarves. Taking up his axe, Elric hurried from his room. Already dwarven gaurds were converging on the area. His aide, a stocky dwarf named Mar, attended him within moments.

"Sir," he said, almost out of breath. "A body has been found in the lower courtyard. Our men are already searching the area, but so far nothing has been found. Also, you have your left greave on backwards sir." Looking down at his leg, Elric promptly adjusted the mistake. As he looked around himself, he shivered. The shadows had sudden become much more threatening. Even the flicker of the torches held an ominous threat.

"We must get to my father," Elric replied exasperatedly. "It is likely that whatever killed that guard has a purpose here. I suspect that there are only two people important enough to risk such a foray. That would be me and my father. Now, I must go. Tell the men to travel in groups. I want at least five men with the King at all times."

Elric hurried to his father's throne room. However, things took an immeadiate turn for the worse. In his hurry, Elric tripped over a cobblestone, pulling his ankle. Grunting in pain, the dwarf continued on. But, almost immeadiately afterward, he came upon his assailant, and Elven woman no less!
The unexpected flash of something orange and bright came across the vision of a killer, rather abruptly at that. Extremely defined and dark brows raised in twin arches, surprise washing over the pale face that would most likely be the same expression used by any other being that was to step aside into her place. A sudden impulse to burst out in a shrill cackle was supressed, brought back down into her stomach, revealing only the crack of a smirk upon her lips as the result. The bubbly sensation of amusement shot up along each vein like some kind of enhancement, giving off a feeling of power, joy from such comic relief during such an intense mission. Sparkling pupils traced over the rather blunt features laid out in front of her, taking in the dwarf and it's current physical status.

"How small..smaller than usual, and feeble you have now brought your race to appear. So weak and helpless, without much to appear proud of in this very moment. It's awfully pathetic.."

Bending at the knees, joints giving way to allow the woman flexibility, crouching down to meet with the creature's height, barely cautious at all with her actions. Grasping the handle of her dagger tight in one hand, Nixa slowly slipped it free of its hiding place, twirling it along her thin fingers before holding it in the correct position for use. Extending out a few muscles, torso legnthening at a pace to match the slow raise of her hand, the blade glistened in the dim light coming from a nearby window, slightly damp with crimson as it was nearly dried all the way. Pressing the edge of the weapon against the rough cheek of the rival imp-like thing, Nixa glanced over to watch as she gently brought it down away from his ear, heading towards his chin in one long trail. Barely, a slit was created against the skin, just enough to let the cool air gather up to invade the cut, but not enough to leave him drenched in his own blood as the unfortunate soul from earlier was found to be. Something close to a smile, one could say, rose the elf's sharp cheekbones up high as she shook her head, the twin set of iris focused completely from now on upon his own.

"Are you choosing to be the hero tonight? Is that it?"

A tilt of the head brought wisps of indigo down to caress one oddly shaped ear, leaving an artfully crafted example of makeup clear for the viewing along her lids. Pressing the blade down just the tiniest bit more, gently softening the voice crawling along her throat as she gave a quiet chuckle.

"Do you really, really want to put your life on the line right now? Decide. I don't have time to waste on insignificant brutes such as yourself."

Such a light, floating voice was quickly brought into a deep growl, rumbling through her neck as Nixa's eyes hardened, her face less playful and more impatient as the night grew longer. The alarm had sounded off, obviously just a while before this encounter. It was obvious that she didn't have much more slack to use, she needed to make her way to the 'King' as quickly as possible, without any more distractions to come her way.
Elric very nearly croaked as the woman placed a knife against his face. He was not frozen in fear, but mearly assesing the situation. When in a one on one fight with an elf, a dwarf normally lost. But, with the aid of armor and their companions, dwarves could best any number of the forest people. However, this was now not the case. Elric only had his own wits to rely on. Unfortunatly, those wits were the same ones that had decided it was a good idea to go charging off after an unknown assailant. Looking into the elf's eyes, he smirked.

"You do not frighten me, elf," he replied slowly, as the knife was at his adam's apple. "You're not going to get away with this, and you know it. There's only one of you, and there's dozens of guards in the area. And they'll be extra ready to chop that pretty head off yours off if you kill the Prince." Suddenly, he saw the error of what he had just said. What sort of assassin would she be if not only did she not kill the King, but let the Prince get away as well? Swallowing slowly, he continued.

"You're not going to be able to get to my father. Theres already guards surrounding him. Even if you do manage to kill him, you're going to die. There's any number of dwarves in your way. I suspect that eventually, you're going to make a mistake. That mistake is going to be fatal for you. So, why don't we make a deal? I let you get to my father. The old bastard hates me anyways. In return, you take me out of this damn place. I'm tired of the damn fighting and danger. I would rather live with you than go to another royal ball." He said this in all seriousness. Elric hated being the prince. It was all, yes sir, no sir, you must meet your bride THIS INSTANT sir. Even more so, he never had a chance to do anything without being watched by a dozen guards. His father had even tried to kill him twice to get his brother onto the throne.
The scene that just unfolded before those eerie lavender eyes was not at all how Nixa had expected it to play out. In her head something along the lines of the dwarf shivering, cowering for mercy, was expected, and yet not even close to reality. The sincere, serious tone flowing to her ears from his throat was the evidence she needed to be sure this wasn't a figment of her imagination. Her lips bunched up as she continued to just stare at him, her fingers wrapped still tightly along the dagger's smooth handle. Squinting softly, studying over every line in his face, she found the physical proof reached such a high level of honestly, she most likely could trust his words. For the Elf, trusting others of another race was not something she was quick to jump at. For those who had the chance to come upon her, it was unlikely that she could believe the words reaching her sensitive ears, sizing them up against her own thoughts. Weighing her options quickly within her mind, her eyes darted away to a wall for a second, thinking through the advantages and disadvantages of either choice It came down to trusting the dwarf, and possibly being led to succeed in her mission without a huge amount of trouble, or slice his brains out and become known by the guards, eventually beaten to a pulp, and go down in her Kingdom's history books as an utter failure. The odds were rather one-sided with this decision.

"I really don't want to say this..."
Clearing her throat before taking in the deepest breath she could muster up, Nixa glanced away from the hairy face opposite her own, as smooth as a child, of course. Clenching long fingers into a fist upon a free hand, her eyes closed as she readied herself for the rest of what was about to leave her vocal chords.

"If you can allow me to finish this simple objective I have been working on, and make it so I do not come across any extreme harm, I will let you go without any pain or much damage. However.."
Drawing back her lips slightly as an instinct, her white teeth glistening as she was growling once more with her dialogue, Nixa looked intently into his eyes, brows furrowed in all seriousness of this situation.
"I cannot bring myself to just leave you be. Once this is over, you may come back to our Kingdom, but I cannot promise you will not be threatened, insulted, or locked in a cellar for the safety of the Queen. You are still the enemy, even if the King is he shall be if I'm alive still after releasing you.."
Glancing down to how her blade was still held to his throat, a smile flashed quickly and left just as soon as it came across her face. Waiting for a reply, a grunt sounded beneath her breath, again found to be stalling instead of heading on towards the Master Bedroom of the tower.
"I don't have time.."
Elric gingerly pushed the blade away from his throat. "Aye, whatever you say. I just want to go ahead and get this over with. Best that we get going," He said hoarsely. It was then that he realised that he had been holding his breath. Rubbing his neck, he drew his finerly away, seeing a small smeared line of blood. Grimacing, he took out a rag and pressed it to the cut, attempting the dry it up quickly. Indicating with his hand to the elf, he lead her on towards her goal, and his freedom. To him, there were a few likely results.

On one hand, if he succeeded, and his father died while both of them escaped, it was dually good for him. He could just as easily return and take the throne, and he got away from the oppresive nature of his caretakers. If they happened to be caught at any stage in the events, he could make a dive for it and get away, blaming the Elf for holding him hostage. If his father wasn't dead, that was too bad, but at least he got off scot-free. He didn't wan't to think about the last result, and determined for this to work out.

Rounding a bend, Elric moved before her, letting her know when it was safe to move ahead. Before her, he directed guards in confusing and incorrect directions. FOr instance, he told one hapless guard that the elf had escaped into the cellars. This led to a full on stampede for the cellars. Unfortunately for the dwarves involved, a species of giant rat had evolved down there over the generations. It was not a pleasent experience for all, especially the dwarves. The rats on the other hand were quite happy and full.

Finally, they came to his father's quarters. Elric told the elf to hide, and went inside. Shortly affterward, the King's guards exited and went down the hall. Elric exited, and indicated to the elf assassin to come in. "Come," he whispered. "Only he and one of his mistresses are currently there."
With her eyes still trapped over the dwarf, Nixa snickered softly beneath her breath to find him dabbing at the cut. All this cackling, smirking, rather rude nature wasn't really something negative about her, though. Of course, it might appear that her manners were rotten to the bone, but she was quite a polite young woman in reality. When on the job, however, her personality was a tad different, taking away all weaknesses that she found were too visible from her usual self. This tactic made situations feel safer for her, as if she always, at any point, held the upper advantage. Tucking again behind her ear a wayward piece of hair, she carried on in the direction he laid out. Standing up tall once more, her blade craddled inside it's sheath, her head tilted from side to side briefly to release tension in cracks sounding along her neck. Secretly she was praying all of this would turn out alright, without much of a mess to make, or a fuss. Hoping this was what she could look forward to, her eyes fell from the Prince for a while, staring out to study her surroundings and go back to being 'on the prowl'.

It was very odd Nixa put her trust in this man like she was doing at the moment, following like a blind sheep with no intention to roam and figure things out herself. This could be because she didn't know the layout of the building, as well as she was tired of always being the one to slash and dice over and over again. This was a different scenerio, which could end up in many various conclusions. That fact alone was one enough to excite her and bring her less worry about him even leading her into a trap. As an agile figure, it wouldn't be very hard to escape out of such an ambush. Naturally, she had been through those types before, and her flesh was still breathing perfectly well today. Besides, the Elf was all for taking chances.
Noticing how he was directing the guards, she would silently observe in the darkness, blending in with shadows easily as she was so use to just doing out of instinct by now. It made her laugh quietly when she knew they couldn't hear her, amused by the way they stumbled and dashed about, admiring the bravery and ambition in their beady eyes. It was impressive how much the guards would stake to save their King, she had to give them that at the very least. Moving away to follow him once more, Nixa pulled absentmindedly at her gloves, adjusting them along her arms while her gaze shifted out to a window. Gazing over the moon, if she wasn't working at the moment and if her focus wasn't necessary for such a task, she most likely would have stopped right there and continued to stare blankly out into nothing. The sky amazed her at night, ever since she was a child, running around after dark pretending she was one of the stars. Those were simple times, which she found she was longing for once more every day at least once. But, no one can escape reality, even if they try.

Slipping to crouch behind a pillar, practically on her hands and knees, Nixa's eyes flashed as she intently fixiated on the dwarf letting out some guards from the King's chamber. The moment his whisper became audible, hitting her ear quicker than most races, she stood up and hurried over, her stealth mode still set to On. Stopping beside him, she turned only her eyes over to meet the face at a shorter height, her voice sincere for the first time that night.
"Thank you. You are sure you don't want to assist in the killing of your dear father and King?"
Completely serious, her left eyebrow raised in inquiry, a small smile playing along the corner of her lips. Her fingers slid along to her old dagger, which she had kept alongside her every since she was twelve-years-old. It had never left her like some had in the past, and still today it was glad to be her faithful go-to helper.
"I am completely and totally sure. I have never liked the old bastard. It is well known among dwarves that he has tried to have me killed at least once. Anyways, get on with it," he said coolly and purposefully. Gesturing with his hand, he quietly lead the way inside. The King's Bedroom was more than opulent. It was disgustingly over-rich with silks, satin, and above all, gold. Every surface had some sort of gold markings on it. Even the tables had golden swirls engraved in them. That was just the ante-room. However, Elric held up a hand for her to stand still. "One last thing elf," he whispered. "Make sure that the woman doesn't scream. But please don't kill her. She used to nurse me when I was a baby."

Lowering his hands, he gently slinked like a cat over to the bedroom door. A great moaning was heard from inside. Groans and yells, and frequent thumps were there as well. Elric shook his head. "He is STILL at it even when he is in great danger, the selfish fool." Gently, he nudged the door open and led the elf inside. Indeed, the dwarven King Elrod was thrashing around in the bed with his Mistress. Neither seemed to notice the new arrivals. Elric nodded to the Elf and waited for his father's end.
Shooting an odd stare in reply to what the Dwarf said, she took a moment to recollect her thoughts and focus. But, why would the King try to kill his own son? Isn't that a tad rude? Maybe Dwarves were into that kind of thing.. She wasn't one to study over the history of this race with her nose stuffed into a book. Able to get over the topic quickly, new shades of brilliance caught her eyes. Distracted for longer than she probably should have been, Nixa stared wide-eyed around the room, her lips gently parted in awe at the treasures teasingly glimmering in the dull light. Each thread woven in with that specific yellow shine glinted as she followed behind him, feeling like a child once more in the presence of such wonders. Of course, the Queen had certain accessories as well that were just as utterly stunning. But, her race was not as materialistic, therefore most of this was a new sight to behold.

As her head snapped back to gaze forward, she found a hand laid out a couple inches before her face. Arching an eyebrow at him before listening to his reason for her not to kill that woman, Nixa could not restrain the smile that erupted slowly against her lips. To hear such a rough looking imp was cared for once by someone so gentle and loving, she imagined he was once just a tiny little gem of a child. How it was possible precious babies grew up into hairy, stumpy Dwarves she would never understand. Nodding to him in reply, she glanced forward as he began to open the door, peering in to the room that would be the last visited for a King.

Quite active, lustful movement bounced all over against the walls of the King's quarters, reaching the Elf's ears in no time at all. Twisting her face in disgust at such a sight and sound, Nixa scrunched up her nose, pursed her lips, furrowed her brows, and lastly created dimples against her chin. That was awkward scene to find herself welcomed by. Taking in a deep breath, her chest pushing out slightly and back in with the slow exhale, Nixa silently moved into shadows along curtains of the room to come closer in reach. Slinking along with expertise, her dagger was out, the other free hand gliding lovingly, gently against the blade as she for once took her time. Huffing, groaning and grunting like a beast, the King was oblivious to her as her lanky form slid to stand directly behind the headboard. With the man on bottom and woman on top, she calculated which angles would be allowed for her to succeed in this endeavor. Gazing up with sparkling eyes through the darkness, every so carefully her hand was brought more near to the throat of the man, coming in at a side so neither of them would notice immedietely. Shooting her other hand out suddenly, cupping over the woman's mouth as tight as possible, the blade was driven into the neck of the King. Sinking straight through the middle like the sharpest of swords would have done, blood began gushing out from the spot, trickling over to the lovely, expensive-looking bed sheets, becoming damp with death. Swiftly moving along, Nixa jumped up, holding her formerly occupied hand out to place behind the woman's head, guiding her off from the mattress and tumbling rather artfully onto the floor beside it. As the King gagged and choked on his own red substance, Nixa was just making sure the woman would stay quiet, holding her tightly until she felt her body give way a little, hanging loosely. Indeed, she had fainted in the Elf's grasp. Picking her up by the underarms as she stood herself, Nixa looked over at the Prince, calmly questioning him as a puddle of his father began to form near the endtable beside the bed.
"Where do you want her?.."
Elric watched intently as the elf moved closer, inch by inch. He stood impassively as her hand shot out, severing his father's lifeblood line. His face was a mask of stone, staring straight ahead. Some part of him, deep inside, grieved for the man whom had given him birth. The rest of him rejoiced, cheering on the man who had tried to take that life away in his greed. The mask only broke when his caretaker fainted. Rushing over to her side, he inspected her. She seemed to be unhurt, though she was drenched in blood, and unconcious. Taking her out of the elven woman's arms, he laid her back next to his father, though he was careful to keep her head clear of the blood. Turning to the elf he said simply, "Makes it more realistic, lets go."

With those final words said, he led her out of the former King's Quarters. He continued down the hallways, much in the manner that he had before: directin g away guards, sending false directions. Eventually, they came to the outside of the castle though a small side entrance, and into the city itself. Dwarven cities were supposed to be notoriously hard to penetrate. There were no spies that the elves could send, as each person sold out his neighbor at the closest opprotunity. This also made for a very effective law system. If you stole or murdered, you were as like to be hanged as to have an angry mob lynch you within a five minute period of the act. Now more cautious, he walked in silence. Opening an almost unnoticable door, he led her into the Catacombs.

The Catacombs were old, possibly older than the city itself. It was thought to have previously been the burial place of kings with their lost riches. If there ever had been any buried treasure, it was long gone now. Even the bones themselves lay picked clean by the long gone scavenger rats and insects. Those creatures only even inhabited the new burial sites anyways. Elric walked with care, making sure to not even disturb the dust beneath his feet. WIth remarkable percision for a dwarf, he guided the elf throught the tunnels and mass graves. Eventually, a light appeared ahead. Hurrying forward, Elric emerged into the light, breathing a deep sigh of relief. Dwarves were extremely nervous and solemn around the dead, suspecting much of their troubles came from angry disturbed spirits.
Actually the opposite of feeling disturbed, which would have been the normal sensation to be engaged in while creeping silently along through the catacombs, Nixa was fixiated on each piece around her. The layout of the tunnel like structure fascinated her, clear to see as her eyes shimmered gently while in thought. Darkness, the mysterious, unknown myths that float around orally from generation to the next just tickled her from the inside out. It was an interesting topic, and anything to do with death, the afterlife, so on and so forth, caught her attention immedietely. However, she had enough of her eyes over to watch the dwarf in front of her to not trip over anything. It would have been very un-stealthy-like to trip and fall at this moment. As graceful as she was, the elf had her moments of being clumsy. Not quite in the mood to feel embaressed, she eventually found herself staring at the ground before her, watching carefully for any inanimate objects that were tempted to strike her foot and bring her to tumble about.
Taking in a deep breath, fresh air hit her nostrils like a smack in the face. It was a glorious smell, filling her lungs with clean, pure oxygen. How lovely and wonderful this was, to be outside again in the night. And to add on top of that, sweetening the deal, was her accomplished mission, resting on her belt with previous stories of success. Gazing over to the young man, the tall ears on the sides of her head twitched softly to the wind, reacting in only the way they could with such sensitive nerves.
"Uhm. Thank you. I'm sorry your caretaker had to pass out."

Being as straight to the point and stoic as she could handle, Nixa stared at his face, standing up straight as her throat cleared underneath her words. It would be long that she could stay in this spot without being hunted down by the guards, who would eventually stumble upon the dead body and unconscious woman beside it. The assassin knew it would be smart to keep on treking, moving, just don't stop and stand like a tree. Nodding to herself as her inner voice shrieked to keep in motion, with a push back of her hair, wildly flying against her face, she began to walk quickly past him, motioning with her hand to follow without looking back to grab his attention.
"If you wish to come and find a home in our Kingdom, you may. I do not promise anything, though. Do not get your hopes up."