The Kindness of Strangers


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You hear that phrase all the time and if you were raised right, you're taught to be kind to everyone, even to strangers! But how often does that really happen these days?

What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?

What nice things have YOU done for strangers?
The nicest thing a stranger's done for me was help me to the nurses office in middle school when I was bleedin over the middle school floor

Nicest thing I've done for a stranger?....Hmmmm....

I've helped people catch their runaway dogs, I've shared food with homeless.... And I give great tips =D
I don't really remember a stranger doing something particulary nice to me, just the common "you lost something".

Nicest thing I have done to a stranger would be helping carrying someone who fainted at Rock am Ring out of the masses to the nearest Medic, the guy just stood next to me and he suddenly collapsed, so me and two other people took care of him, medic said it was probably dehydration. o_0
The nicest thing a stranger's ever done for me happened two months ago, actually. My work study group went to the marine life center for a little field trip and I wasn't dressed warmly enough. x__x One of the employees (who happened to be a very handsome young man) offered me his Carhartt jacket. Like the blushing shy girl I am, I accepted it with hesitation. I was soooo grateful, though. I stayed warm the whole time!

I've done lots of nice things for strangers. I believe the nicest would be giving my lunch money away to a girl that looked so famished, and she was sobbing pretty hard because she had a breakup with her boyfriend. So I bought her some treats instead of my lunch. =]
I dunno if this counts as Nice, Random Kindness, but I pulled a girl from a wreck one time. Granted, she crashed right in front of the coffee house I worked in, but she was screaming and crying and looked hurt, and I was the first one there, so I helped her out of her car and brought her into my shop so she could dial 911 in comfort.

Uh, I don't receive Random Acts of Kindness From Strangers, to be honest. Kinda depressing, now that I think about it.
Aided someone who was lost on campus and needed directions to a class. Perhaps not the 'nicest' thing I've ever done... but the most recent.

Other than that... acts of kindness from strangers? Nothing larger than holding a door open for me comes to mind. I can't think of anything in the past year or so... Tis kinda depressing...
I don't know about the nicest thing, but during the holiday madness that's just passed us, the lady that was in front of me at Starbucks inside my store gave me a $5 gift card to buy coffee!

Nicest thing I've ever done? How about trying to return someone's organizer they left at an ATM on a Sunday in down town, since the closest shop wasn't likely a place they'd look for it and ended up finding their address and delivering it to their front stoop... they were not home so I could not hand it to them, and there was no phone number inside. For the "No good deed goes unpunished" part of the story, when I left, I turned the wrong way on the one way street, thank goodness it was Sunday an no one was coming up the hill.

Nicest thing I saw a stranger do for another person? Someone actually bought all the groceries for the young mother in front of them, just because! We're talking a week or two worth of groceries!
The nicest thing they've done? Well when I was living in California, my dad was sick for a bit and I had to go down to the store to get some food for the cats.. I get a little too much it appears and might have to take some back but a lady lets me use her store card to cut the price down to the point where I can afford it. Was very nice of her.

The nicest thing I've done? Well..Guess helping a lady who fell right in front of me at UNLV when I was walking to class. But you'd have to be a screwed up person not to help when something like that happens. But yeah, that's really the most notable.
Nicest thing a stranger has done for me was prevent me from getting thrown off a train, at 1 a.m. in the middle of nowhere. I lost my money to pay the ticket so the conductor dude was throwing me off the train. This random old guy asked what was wrong (I was crying, I admit it I was sad faced). Then he offered to pay for the ticket and even gave me 5 extra bucks and said "Get yourself some McDonalds. They love to see you smile!" AWESOME!

What have I done? hhhmmmmm There have been many random acts of kindness I've done, but as for writing them out. Lets just say I can be a sweetheart when I feel the need to be.