The Kind of Person you WANT to be.

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  1. It's time for another positive movement! Especially since this past week I have seen a lot of people suffering from self doubt, including myself. Which just sucks balls for everyone when people aren't feeling good! Self doubt especially is a real mood killer. Sometimes it's because someone teased you. Or because someone disagreed with a choice you made. Sometimes it's paranoia and you thought something was about you when it wasn't. Sometimes you're surrounded by assholes.

    Self doubt makes you question everything, all the way down to the core of who you really are.

    And that's some stanky balls, yo. D:<


    You are not allowed to insult yourself.

    You are not allowed to list things that say stuff like "I wish people would like me." or "I want more friends" or "I want a boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/ponywife". In fact, anything that involves needing another person to help make you a better person is BAD. You do not need another person to validate your existence and who you want to be. All you need is you.

    Now give me YOU! And what you want to be!
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  2. Snippier me with ricockulously good memory so's next time some basic, simple fuck Fischer-Price, safety scissors using asshole brings up that weak fuckshit, "prove it" I can bury the motherfucker in a minimum of five published studies and eight sources of statistical data whateverthefuck. Shut up 5ever

    And because Diana just had to go off at the end of her post:

  3. Love who I am inside.

    Still want to be a person who loves who I am inside AND outside.
    I am brutal to myself for what I see on the outside still.
    It's bullshit. And I don't wanna live like that, man.

    So, yeah.
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  4. I am a very cynical person both to myself and others. My thoughts are riddled with negativity that I battle to keep in check regardless of how they are. My thoughts on what I look like are possibly worse than anything,a s I feel I look terrible. Since my family has a history of verbal and physical abuse i try to remove that from my life as much as possibly. I know I am not a "love a person on first sight' kind of gal, and it's hard for me to see the good in people over the bad.

    The person i WANT to be. is a motivating person that push the people around them to their dreams. Is a person that can see a person and agree to love them for their potiential and not what they currently are. Someone that is more patient and caring. Someone that works hard to keep their imagine on the outside and inside neetly. More importantly I want to BECOME a person that doesn't physically or verbally abuse anyone. I'm not htat kind of person right now but i still worry to BECOME one so yeah...
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  5. I'm already the person I want to be. I haven't accomplished anything to do that, I may not seem especially great to anyone else, but this is I, the only kind of person I can or want to be, and I wouldn't want to change. Generally when people try to advise me on what I should be like, I laugh in their faces (creepily) if I'm in a good mood and make a long speech on how impudent they are if I'm not.
    And I get that sort of advice a lot, because apparently everyone else knows me better than I. But no, I shouldn't be friendlier, more forgiving, more adaptable, more of a people person, I wouldn't look better in colours other than black (to myself, and that's what counts), no, I don't care that people don't wear that, don't say that, don't do that, and most especially don't believe that. It honestly amazes me that strangers think they can tell me what would make me happier. If there is one great asset I have, it's my inability to give a damn.

    If there is something I want to change, it's only that I want to know even more about everything. And however much I learn, I will most likely always want to know more about everything.
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  6. Im a sensitive lil goofball that doesnt like being taken advantage of (i learned my lesson from younger years). Who flees shyly from flirty older mens and extremely modest (just because i know doesnt mean its broken... it just turns it into low self esteem :D). A person who wants to be sweet and kind to others, but just cant find the line between nice and being taken advantage of so doesnt even dare to try.

    I wouldnt know what i want to be..... a better person? Can anyone be a better person without obstacles, challenges, and people always trying to get in the way of it? Maybe i'd like to be funnier? let the funny mask pain, kindness, intelligence.... Overall i would like to be someone who could actually have someone else look at them in a positive way.
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  7. - I'm too sensitive. There are times when joking insults actually do sting me.
    - I'm timid, I'm paranoid. My past has made it so I always look over my shoulder. Everything's out to get me.
    - The mention of a social gathering scares me more than spiders do. (I have horrible arachnophobia, so...>>) I'm generally scared of talking to people.
    - I am always stressed... It's always work before play with me; sometimes I never make it to playtime. And I unnecessarily take on everything myself because I'm too introverted to ask for help. It wears me out.
    - I am to meek and cute. Nobody will take me seriously, even when my anger is right there in front of them. When I throw a punch, it does nothing unless I hit a weak spot by random chance.
    - I am self-destructive.

    On the positive side: I am a good mother. I am a good girlfriend. I am a good daughter. :] I can't be awesome for myself, but I can be awesome for others. <3

    Who do I want to be?

    Basically, the opposite of what I listed. xD I want to be tougher, stronger, more confident, less stressed, more social... Most importantly, I want to be good to myself. I seldom let myself have a break! Also, I sacrifice too much, it seems like. When others want to help me, I should let them. 'Cause when you rush into battle with a teammate, you're that much more unstoppable. It's important that I allow myself to trust others instead of having that snotty "If you want it done right, do it yourself" attitude. x]

    I know Diana said needing people to be a better person isn't the way to go, but maybe other parents will know what I'm talking about with this?: My son is making me into a better person. He's helping me find my way, and helping me learn more about myself. I don't think about it as depending on him to get through the day. Instead, I look at it like this: there's this darling angel I provide for day and night with a new lesson to give me. He's my inspiration. I live for him. I'll be better for him, and myself.
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  8. Right now I see myself as very weak, and I constantly fret about what other people think of me. I'm also currently obsessed with trying to please my parents, who, being divorced, don't make it easy for me.

    Id like to be able to stand up for myself and be able to be myself without feeling like a bad person just because someone else doesn't like it.
  9. A list of roughly the major things I want to change about myself!

    Currently Sakulala:
    -somewhat independent, maybe 40%
    -high emotions are crippling
    -rude when cranky/tired/upset
    -unable to work under stress
    -medium self esteem (Always saying "haha, but I'm dumb, can you help me")
    -chubby, slightly overweight, moderately active
    -anxiety/stress issues/freaking out too much
    -stop being dependent on other people for part of my happiness
    -scared of overwhelming odds

    Wannabe Sakulala:
    -want to be 70-80% independent (meaning school/living/paychecks)
    -want to be able to deal with the worst case emotions MYSELF, not by relying on someone's shoulder to cry on
    -always pleasant~
    -tackle new material with enthusiasm
    -higher self esteem( I would rather like to say "Sorry, I don't quite get it, can you help me?")
    -healthy weight, athletic lifestyle
    -able to rationally think things through without freaking out
    -capable of being happy even if I'm far from those I love
    -full confidence
  10. Right now I'm an insular, insecure, parasitical jackass who only gets by because I can act well enough like I'm not around people who don't know me too well. Unfortunately I'm an emotional parasite so I keep grabbing onto people and pulling them in and then driving them off just by being who I am. I have nothing, I've done nothing, I am nothing.

    I'd like to be someone who really thinks he's worthy of change and can change and won't be like this for the rest of my miserable days.