The Killer and Her Witness

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It was raining outside so needless to say she had gotten soaked while snooping around outside looking for the dirty business man she was assigned to. The longer strands of her hair clung to her skin as she made sure her gun was in a position that it wouldn't get as soaked as she was. It was at the docks and they were bringing in a shipment, and she doubted that it was anything legal. There were drug lords that didn't like this guy for taking away their business hence why she was hired. She checked to make sure she had her knife ready. She had on a pair of black leather gloves, one's she used for riding her motorcycle, but they worked just as well for keeping prints off of anything she might touch not that it mattered in this weather. She was waiting behind a large metal crate that would be loaded onto a boat and shipped off the next day. Her eyes narrowed and she lifted her sunglasses to the top of her head since the dark rainy night made it hard enough to see. After the other guys were turned around to check the merchandise just and a rather innocent looking girl had run off as if she were going to grab something she sneaked in slitting the man's throat fast and deep. Blood fell down her arm before she pushed his still choking body to the ground, no mercy.

Her orders were to kill anybody there that may have been a threat, so she killed the other two who had quickly turned around to see what had happened. She moved in and swung her blade in one direction against the taller man's cheek causing it to gush with red then with even faster momentum she slashed his throat wide open causing her face to get sprayed with blood. That was when the shorter man saw an opportunity and punched her right in the abdomen then tried to run away. It took almost no time for her to recover from the blow. Pulling out her silenced gun she aimed effortlessly shooting him directly in the back of the head making his brains spray out of his forehead. All that was left of the three dirty business men was bloody corpses. Those two other men would put $400 more in her pocket. Being as alert as ever she heard something that sounded like feet on the pavement. With her long legs she ran towards it to see it was the girl from earlier. Not too long after starting to chase her she caught up and put her arms around her shoulders to catch her, "What did you see?" Jalen asked with a cold and plain voice holding the girl close. There was no way this girl could have been a problem to the drug lords. That and Jalen didn't like to kill women and children.
Eae looked at the unknown women with fright and curiosity, she didn't know if she would be killed if she told the truth. But since she really had nothing to lose Eae decided to tell her "I-I saw...everything." She said while failing to control her nervous tone of voice. "But if you're going to kill me, I won't go down with out a fight!" She declared but inside she knew for a fact she couldn't fight her after seeing what she did to everyone else, but she had to admit this stranger did look cool fighting.
Jalen held the girl tightly to her own body. "Heh, you're cute. But I'm not going to kill you.You're lucky I don't kill women and children, but you'll have to stick with me at all times. I can't have you running to the cops. If I were going to kill you I would have already done it" Even if she was taken to court she would still get away with it yet court costs were not only a waste of her time but her money as well. "Now come on, my car's parked a ways down" She let go of the girl's body, but quickly grabbed onto her wrist to pull her along just in case she decided to make a break for it. It was a few blocks with multiple turns, and Jalen took off the leather jacket that she had on and quickly put it on the girl before continuing to rush them to her car even though both of them were already soaked. An old, but well refurbished, 1980's muscle car was waiting for them. Jalen opened the passenger door for the girl to get in. She closed the door then made her way to the driver's seat and started up the car waiting a little while the engine warmed up. "The name's Jalen, what's your's?"

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Eae was slightly confused by the way Jalen was treating her, she wasn't used to it and thought it weird but nonetheless she felt strangely happy. "My name is Eae.... Eae Jones."

Lots of questions were running around her head but she settled on asking one, "where are you taking me?"
"well Eae since you're in my custody we're going to my place for the night then tomorrow I'm going to pick up my bounty." It was clear to Jalen that this girl was one of the more innocent one's she had encountered. Considering her profession there were very few innocent people she knew, so she found it refreshing. They parked in a parking lot for a five star hotel. Jalen turned off the car and got out expecting the girl to fallow. When she checked in they went up to the pent house at the top of the building. She unlocked the door to reveal an elaborate room with a full kitchen, a hot tub near the window, a living room and even an upstairs where the bed room was. "There are two bathrooms one downstairs and one upstairs. You can sleep with me unless you rather take the couch." Her smile turned mischievous only for a moment before she made her way into the kitchen. "Have you eaten yet?" She asked changing her direction to get them both some towels handing one of them to Eae.
Once they entered the pent house Eae's eyes grew wide in amazement, "wow!" Was all she could say, she was overwhelmed for a moment that she almost didn't hear what Jalen said, with a little blush on her cheeks she shook her head "I'll sleep on the couch."

She took the towel that was offered to her and nods at the question even though it was a lie, her stomach growl was proof enough.
Hearing the girl's stomach growl she pulled out some meat and set it in the sink to thaw out. Jalen used her towel to shake some of the water out of her hair and stripped off her shirt to dry off her torso. It revealed her lightly cut body and her full breasts that were fit perfectly into her bra. "Well if you get lonely my room is upstairs. I'd never turn down sleeping next to a cutie" She chuckled a little unable to quell her overconfident playful nature. She leaned against the counter with her palms on the edge of it to support her. "What were you doing around those sleeze bags anyways. You don't seem like the type that would be involved with a drug trade" Jalen's phone buzzed and it was her current employer letting her know they took the merchandise from the scene. She put her phone away not bothering with responding then she looked back to Eae who was still drying herself off.
Eae blushed at the invitation and at the sight of her without her shirt, to cover up her blush she acted as though she was still drying off her hair.

Eae heard Jalen ask the question and she considered on whether or not to tell her, thinking that she has nothing to lose she told her "I was sold to them in order to pay back a debt."
Jalen's expression suddenly became one of concern as she set down her towel and started to take off her combat boots "they didn't do anything to you did they?" Once she got her socks off she dried off her feet. She set her wet clothes in the one side of the sink. Jalen listened intently to Eae's answer then picked up all of her wet clothes. "I'll go get you some dry clothes" With that she ran upstairs and came down with dry clothes in her hand wearing a dry white tank top and gray sleep pants. She set them on the counter for Eae. "The downstairs bathroom is right there. If you want a shower use the upstairs bathroom. I'll make dinner."
Eae shook her head "No they didn't, i guess I was the lucky one." Eae finished drying her hair and watched as Jalen left to get the clothes.

"thank you." Eae said as Jalen came back with spare clothes, she took them from her "I'll take a shower." Eae informed her before leaving to the bathroom.
With the meat thawed she started cooking up two steaks and started to boil some potatoes then she would steam some veggies. By the time Eae finished her shower Jalen had the steaks sitting on the stove, the greens were sitting in the microwave waiting in the steamer bowl, and she was in the middle of mashing the potatoes with a mixer.
Eae finished showering and came out of the bathroom in the spare clothes, she went down stairs and the delicious smell of the food hit her nose. "That smells great!" She exclaimed
Jalen couldn't help but smile since there usually wasn't anybody around to compliment her food. "Thanks, plates are up in that cupboard. Go ahead and grab a steak and greens are in the microwave, I'm almost done with these." It was only a few more moments and she served some of the potatoes onto Eae's plate. "In three days we move out to Texas. I have a job down there and when ever I'm out I want you to stay inside for both of our safety I don't want you going out unless we're together" She went ahead and got her own food and sat down next to Eae on one of the chairs. Her words might have sounded protective but she just didn't trust Eae not to run off.
Eae took the plate with food and sat down, "thank you." She said when she heard they were going to Texas she couldn't help but feel anxious, "when will I be able to...leave?"
"when I feel that it's safe for you to. With me your safest besides if one of those guy's boss finds out that you're not dead he'll either want you to be or he'll want you back for his own personal agenda" Honestly Jalen didn't think the bosses would care about a girl being taken especially if she didn't really know anything, but fear tactics were her best and most plausible option. She ate at her steak letting the juicy seasoned meat fill her taste buds.
Eae stiffened at the thought of going back, she agreed that it would be safer with her instead of on her own. "Okay." Was all she said before she started to eat, it has been a long time since she ate a meal and a meal this good. Not realizing what she was doing she started to him in approval as she ate.
Jalen finished eating in a timely manner and took her plate up to the sink. She started to wash up the dishes that she had used to cook. It didn't take too long, and when Eae was done with her food Jalen went ahead and washed her plate too. "There, now hopefully your stomach won't be rumbling all night. I'm going to go up and get a shower myself. If there's anything you want don't be afraid to come up and ask. It's not like my parts are any different than your's" Of course by that she was just implying that since they were both women it didn't matter if they saw each other naked. She dried off her hand and started up the stairs, but she paused half way up. "Oh yeah and you're welcome to the hot tub as long as you don't mind going naked until we get you some other clothes and maybe a swim suit. Or the TV is right there and the remote should be on one of the stands" She got into her bathroom and stripped down again to hop into the steaming hot water.
Eae nods and stretched with a yawn, drowsiness seemed to hit her after everything that had happened. She laid down on the couch and relaxed, she was comfortable for once. She used to sleep either on the floor or with the boss, neither were comfortable since she was always afraid that something would happen to her even though the boss Promised her that he wouldn't do anything but that he was waiting, for what? She didn't know.

Pushing those bad memories to the back of her mind she yawned again before falling asleep.
When she finished her shower she dried off and put on her silk robe that hardly went down to her midthighs. She went downstairs to check on Eae to find out that she was fast asleep. She grabbed a blanket and covered her with it before heading back up to her own bed.

At seven in the morning Jalen got up and went down stairs in absolutely nothing but her robe which was a little loose from sleeping in it. She pulled out eggs toast and bacon to start cooking breakfast for the both of them
Eae woke up feeling refreshed, she looked at the blanket that was covering in confusion before thinking 'Jalen probably put this on me while I was sleeping.' she got up and stretched and looked around slughtly confused For a moment she forgot where she was but then her memory of yesterday came back to her.

Eae walked to the kitchen to see Jalen there, she blushed and quickly turned around not expecting her to have on a short robe
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