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  1. OOC: When talking OOC while still posting an IC post, please put // before and/or after it! Thanks! Here are the spots available. The number represents how many I need at LEAST:

    3- Kidnappers [One so far]
    1- Savior, person looking for kidnappee? Idk
    1-up- Anyone else you want! Lol a helper of the kidnappers, a parent, anyone!

    If you are a kidnapper, you can decide why you kidnapped her. I'm too lazy to come up with an interesting idea. :P Okay! You may read the prompt and continue the rp now! :)

    Macy tugged at the leather binding her wrists together behind her back, wincing as it only made the irritation of her wrists worse. She would ask where she was going, but there was a cloth around her mouth, or so she assumed. She didn't know because there was something covering her piercing grayish green eyes too. She didn't know anything right now, except she was supposedly home alone last night, her parents out for a romantic dinner, and she heard noises in the house. Before she could see who... or what was making the noise, she passed out, probably from chlorophyll. Her parents' night won't be so romantic when they come home to a missing child.

    She woke up hours later in this moving vehicle, ankles and wrists tied together, her arms tied to her back, and her mouth and eyes covered. It's been about two and a half hours after that, which brings us to now.

    Macy tugs at the leather binding her wrists together behind her back, wincing as it only makes the irritation of her wrists worse...
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  2. Johnothan always needed people to turn into clockwork a kidnapper you might say he stumbled into his lab and looked out the window and spots a girl...he could use that girl for his experiments or just hold her for ransom he didnt decide he just needed to get her any way and any how.
  3. Marko tagged along for the kidnapping. He was the brains for most operations..did the planning, the scheming, set up the meetings..stuff like that. This particular girl he wanted for underground slave trade. Grey eyes always held a high price..they were so rare to find.
    When he found that girl, he knew he hit paydirt.

    She was beautiful, great figure, had the grey and green eyes and was easily accessible. They got out and were on their way. Once they got back, he would have to get her secured and locked away until later...
    "We'll have to keep the restraints and blindfold on her until later. I'd hate to have to kill her because she saw things she wasn't supposed to."

    His deep red hair swirled in front of his face as he sat in the seat. His black trenchcoat held a silenced pistol that he carried on him at all times and his shoes were slightly worn, but mostly still good.
    "How long before we arrive?"
  4. She tensed when she heard someone say they'd hate to kill her. What was she not supposed to see? She doubted they would let her even have time to tell anyone about this anyway. She just hoped she'd get out alive.

    She uneasily shifted in her seat, tugging lightly at her binds once more, trying to do it subtly.
  5. Marko's assistant Selena was mute but was also good at her job. She felt bad for assisting the man who kidnapped random people off the streets, but she was loyal to her duty. She wore an all black catsuit with long black boots. She was stunningly gorgeous, a beautiful soft young face, golden eyes and short white hair.
    For years she has been having an inner war with herself, battling weather or not to free the captured or to loose her job. She knew what the right answer was, but wasn't sure what her plan would be for breaking this girl out.
    After many years of working with Marko, she developed a crush on him. She knew that if she freed these people then she would loose the trusting relationship that he developed for her, the thought of it broke her heart.
    The young Selena watched as the woman tied up continued to struggle, secretly she was hoping that the girl would break free. If that had happened then Selena would have opened the back of the van and escape with the girl. She knew her partner Marko was smarter than that though, if anything he would have ordered Selena to make sure that the rope that held her was secure.
    Hopefully there was an opportunity for Selena to free this girl. She stared at Marko, as if to say an early goodbye to their partnership. Marko probably wouldn't have seen it that way though, thank goodness.
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  6. Marko sighed as he glanced back to see Selena looking at him. She looked different, as if she were lost in thought. He then heard Macy writhing around.
    "Make sure she's secure there would you? Be such a hassle if she got away now. We're close to the house."

    He turned back and faced forward..Selena was a good helper and he appreciated her tagging along. She had grown on him since the first time she joined their little band. He might even admit that he liked her somewhat..still, this was business and that was pleasure. Best not to mix those two if he could help it.
    Maybe after this he'd take her out for dinner or something.

    The house slowly came into view and he smiled. "Get ready to transport her you two. We need to get her securely inside as quick as possible."
  7. Selena nodded and grabbed the girl, she wished she could talk...even whisper, something to tell her that she was okay but she couldn't so she did the best she could and held her close when Marko wasn't looking.
    Breaking the girl free wasn't going to be easy with Marko around, she knew that when they transported the girl into the house she was usually in the cell for one day until taken to another place, that's when she had to free the girl....
    Tears almost welled up in her eyes when she thought about betraying Marko, it scared her that she would loose the relationship they had, but was even more scared of how he was going to react. He was capable of doing so many things.
  8. He walked with Selena and Johnothan as they brought the girl down to a simple cell in the basement. Removing her restraints, he chained her to the wall and securely fastened the locks. He turned to both of his accomplices.
    "She is not to be meddled with until tomorrow." He pointed to Selena. "Make sure she is fed and has plenty to drink..but don't remove the blindfold of the cloth gag. If you do, it won't end pretty for any of us."

    He turned to Johnothan. "I need you to come with me and set-up the trade. Sooner we get this done, the sooner we can relax."
  9. Hours later after the men set up the trade, they came back to see both selena and the girl gone.
    Selena left with the girl hours ago and hid with her in an old abandoned house. After hours of crying, from loosing Marko she kept watch during the night, a pistol loaded in her hands.
  10. Marko cursed. He should have seen this coming. Time after time she had shown sympathy for the victim..this kind of work wasn't for her and yet he kept her doing it time and time again.
    He sighed as he turned to Johnothan. "I know where she's gone. Stay here and keep everything going and call me if the dealers show up early.
    I have to go have a chat with Selena."

    He jumped into his car and drove off, the night fairly young. It took him a few hours to get to the house he had shown her years ago. He told her if she was ever scared or needed to hide to come here. He was sure she was here..and knew once he saw her vehicle outside.
    He drove up and shut off the engine a fair distance from the house.

    Walking up from the driveway, he stood in front of the old house, his silenced pistol in his hand.
    "Selena....I'm coming in."
  11. Selena held her gun out towards the door, waiting for a fight completely terrified. What Marko didn't know was that the girl was already long gone by now...hidden somewhere else. Selenas arms started shaking and she knew she couldn't kill him.
    Looking around the room, she knocked over a table and hid behind it getting ready for a shoot out.
  12. As he entered the room, he heard the sound of a table crash. He flew against the wall and got cover, glancing around the corner where the noise occurred. "Selena..if that's you then knock loudly three times. If not, then i'm going to come in shooting."
    He silently hoped it was her. If he shot her or Macy, then he really would be up a creek.

    He stood there waiting for whoever was in the room to respond.
  13. Selena knocked three times with a shaky hand, her heart racing.
  14. He sighed as he exhaled deeply and rounded the corner. "Girl i almost shot y...." He noticed that she had a pistol and was pointing it directly at his chest.
    "I see how it is...seems you've thought of everything. The girl..the car...the gun. So tell me Selena, are you going to shoot me?"
    He could barely make out her features in the moonlit room. He only knew that she and he were alone..the girl was nowhere to be seen and she had him at gunpoint.
    "If you plan on shooting me, then shoot and get it over with. If you're not, then put down the gun."
  15. Selena didn't know what to do...if she left he would have followed her and the chase would have gone on. If she put the gun down....well, there might be a chance that he would kill her....or help her? She was so confused, uncertainty scared her in the making. The only option that made any sense was to kill herself...she was scared to do it...she didn't want to, but if it ever came to that...she would have to.
    She moved the table, with herself behind it into the moonlight, still holding the gun. She taught him sign language at a younger age so he could understand her.
    She put the gun down and started rapidly moving her hands, signing away.

    Your right, I have thought of everything, just like you trained me to do. However I cannot keep doing this, I was never meant to hurt people. I can't live like this, watching girl after girl being taken away, I only joined this team because of you and now I've realized it was leading me into a dark place! The girl is hidden and you will never find her.
  16. He sighed as he threw his gun on the table too, his hands matching hers in speed. You were free to leave at anytime. You knew what you were walking into and you still came along..even if it was because of me.
    You know the kind of people we trade with..yet you still let her go. What do you think is going to happen once we tell them they're paying us for nothing? Well? They'll come after us and make us an example....but not before i make an example out of you Selena.

    His one hand grasped the silenced pistol and held it at her now that she was weaponless. He continued to sign with one hand, although it was slower than before.
    Now Selene...up against the wall. Nice and slow.
  17. Selena put her hands against the wall, she didn't care what happened to her as long as the girl was safe. Anything that would lead to any trace of finding the girl wasn't on her, Selena did the best she could.
    Selena's body started shaking, she tried to calm herself down but it was hard considering the face that a man had a gun up to you. She was getting ready for the worst.
  18. Marko held the gun level at her back. She had practically ruined him and his would do business with them now that his rep was tarnished.
    He fired 8 shots into the wall away from her and then one into his left hand, wincing at the pain. He clenched his fist as watched his blood spill over where her "body" would have fallen.
    He glanced at her, pressed against the wall, her eyes shut from fear.

    He sighed as he walked outside, bandaging his hand. "Bang're dead Selena." He sat down on the porch and finished bandaging his hand. He would need to get back to the house and destroy everything before the dealers got there.
    If they beat him back was all over then.
  19. Selena wanted to run, she wanted this all to be a dream. She ruined Marko's business...she had to fix it...somehow...
    Selena got up and opened her communicator, tracking where the dealers were. She had an make the scene more believable and call off the deal at the same time, without hurting Marko.
    Selena slowly walked up to Marko and put a hand oh his shoulder as if to say thank you. Her plan was to get to the dealers, smash up their car and take their money. No car, make the scene more believable and make sure there's no exchange.
    Selena bolted past him and cut the dealers off at the next road. It made no sense what she was doing...maybe if she killed them this would all end instead.
    New plan, kill the men.
    The dealers in the car see Selena and honked their horn. Selena jumped on the hood of the car and smashed their window, sending them steering off course. Selena tried to grab the drivers pistol in his pocket as he was dazed and confused but the plan completely backfired. The man pulled her in and threw her in the back seat, driving away with her.
  20. As he finished bandaging his hand, he felt her hand on his shoulder. Before he could look, he saw her bound out and disappear. He had a horrible feeling on what she was planning and he called out for her. He cursed as he remembered she was mute and chased after her.
    He broke through a treeline to see her getting pulled into a car. It was the car of the dealers.

    There was no way he would make it back to the house before they would..even if they stopped to drop of Selena. Why was she so impetuous!? He ran back to his car and grabbed his phone, calling Johnothan.
    "'s Marko. Listen..change of plans...when the dealers arrive...kill them. Both of them....yes i know...just do it!"

    He hung up and began to make his way back to the house. Selena had done it this time..this wasn't just a botched deal..this was going to be war...and it was going to get bad..real fast.
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