The Key to Happyness

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  1. A key, that could grant eternal happiness to everyone. He made it sound so magnificent. Like all the problems of the world would simply fade, showing them some utopia they had been hidden from. Jacob Hueve Jotin had been a motivational speaker. He had a persuasive nature about him, people seemed to believe anything he said. It wasn’t long until he stopped doing schools and was upgraded to his own convention center. People flocked to his ideals. He had something of an army. But as he moved up, something happened, perhaps he hit the roof of his capability of accepting fame and accolades. But Jacob snapped, no one heard from him for a week, when police finally went into his house they found him in a cold sweat, mumbling something they couldn’t comprehend. No one was able to snap him out of his babbling or focus his distant eyes. So eventually, with no other ideas Jacob was sent to a ward for mental care. To be locked away until he could recover. Years passed, and he showed no signs of recovery, but on the fifth year, he escaped. To this day no one knows how. But news the world over reported of his departure from the asylum. “He is coming back.” All the reports started as such, but their guess to why differed “Bent on reaching his dream.” some would proclaim. But others, sensed something more sinister. “For revenge, against those who locked him away.” For one day he was as popular as he ever was. But then silence, for thirty seven years he stayed hidden.

    Jacob had been gone for so long, most people thought he was dead, that was until he appeared on stage, in the middle of a live broadcast, and he gave that speech. That damned speech. He spoke about how the government oppressed their people, that they held the true tangible key to happiness, and all that they would need to do is one, simple, rebellion. His voice went on, the speech continued, and it wasn’t long until a few million turned. At the end of his speech he punctuated it with a date, the day the white house would fall. Over the days, people rallied together. Saying they were preparing for a march. But the government knew better, they fortified themselves. It all ended in vain however because on that proclaimed date, the streets became awash with blood. Both sides letting guns blaze in the middle of the streets, people crying in agony and others hiding behind children as human shields. Truly it was a twisted time. Just to end it all, codes were given and a warhead was launched. The blast took them all, one million twisted and desperate lives turned to ash in an instant.

    But Jacob could turn anything into momentum in his campaign. This was no exception. "Look, Americans are so unstable they nuked their own president just to stop a riot! They not only killed their own men but civilians and those who weren't even in the peaceful parade that the soldiers decided was an attack! Someone should do something to stabilize them! They claim to be fighting for peace and yet they only cause war. Stand in arms and defend yourself against a nuclear war!" People bought into it, other countries including some of the USA's closest allies turned against them and started an all out war.

    In the end Jacob got his 'key to happiness' and managed to break into area 61 where he unlocked a door that would change the fate of the world forever.He had found his solution to the problems that plagued humanity. Behind that door was a beast from another plane. It ripped and tore Jacob limb from limb, flinging pieces of him everywhere. The very thing he thought would save humanity ended up being its worst nightmare. The wars ended, the beast killed almost everyone. Any one that had thought this key was going to solve their problems... really it did... permanently. No life means no problems.

    The few survivors were now in a twisted game of cat and mouse. Against all odds a Commander and Lieutenant hoped to change the tides of what was now considered fate. They were going to take down that very beast that hunted them and everything that went with it, starting with the smaller creatures whom littered the earth like humans once had. Nothing was going to stop them, not now.

    I'm Commander, or at least that's my rank. I'm the commander of a small group of survivors. We plan on taking down this beast and all the creatures that came with it. Right now we are located in our 'HQ' an old bomb bunker that has everything we need to survive. Running water from a well that is thousands of feet underground (most upper water sources are poisoned), canned food (mainly beans), a small solar plant that we hooked up to the base (not sure how long that will give us power), and of course weapons, lots and lots of weapons. The only thing we are currently lacking however, is man power.
  2. A girl was sitting at an anvil hammering away at a sword that was glowing red hot at the end. She pulled it up inspecting it. This girl was a smith, not just of swords, but of guns as well. She was well versed in metal working of all sorts, and since the doors opening she had only gotten better. Currently she was working on melee weapons. For now they had guns and as long as people could bring her brass and lead she could make them bullets. But she knew they weren't going to be there forever. Once they left the base, starting their crusade to close the door and free the world, she would be without a lot of her tools and equipment. Once they left this base they would only have the bullets they brought with them. The girl placed the sword back into the furnace, heating it up again so she could continue. As she stared at the soft glow, beads of sweat running down her face, she thought about the day she met the commander. She ran a dirty hand through her blonde hair. It was a dark overcast day. A beast was running from something, when her and the survivors she grouped together happened upon it. Armed with nothing but the javelins she had made for them. A volley was enough to slow the beast down for it's hunter to catch up with it. A squad armed with firearms came in and quickly finished it off. That was when the two met, they joined their groups, deciding that it would be beneficial if they all worked together. The commander was a charismatic albeit laid back man. The first survivor she ever saved started calling her Ares, and that's how he introduced her to everyone. Partly due to the fact she gave him a weapon, but mostly due to the fact she always seemed to wear a serious expression. Her eyebrows tilted downward and her brow furrowed. Pretty much everyone thought that was her name, the only people who knew it wasn't was commander and that first survivor. Her light hazel eyes grew back into focus as she removed the sword from the furnace placing it back on the anvil, before she began to bang out the shape and sharpness again.
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  3. The boy just sat there, staring off into the space of the forge. He'd been put there while someone was telling the captain that another survivor was found. A double barrel shotgun on his back in a holster and a rifle in his hands. He always clung to the rifle like a lifeline. He's had that rifle since before the survivors found him that day and he never let it out of his sight. Or his grip, really. He was sort of small. Compared to the other men. He was scrawny and looked malnourished. He had been found earlier that day in an abandoned police station. He'd been surviving on next to nothing. He was covered in dust, dried blood, and dirt. His dark hair was messed up and stringy and he was covered in bruises and scars, but he didn't seem to mind. His pale skin showed that he had been in a dark place for a while. His eyes were blue and bloodshot. He sat there, listening to hammer on metal, finding peace in Ares's rhythmic pounding on the blade.
  4. The commander stood up slowly from his desk, sighing slightly and motioned for a patrol unit captain to come into the room, the parole unit was made up of three men whom were taught to never fight unless it couldn't be avoided. They were undermanned to take on these beasts. The captain ran in and said, with a slight drag in his motion, "We found another one." Commander didn't look to interested, the last couple of times the person they brought back died before he could even talk to them and he figured this would be the same situation. Slowly however the Commander started to walk out the hall and into the infirmary where he expected to see a beaten up and bloodied corps of a man or woman who clearly had no chance at survival. To his surprise he found a skinny boy sitting where he was looking over at their 'make shift' forge where he Lieutenant was working.

    Turning back to the boy a slight smile came upon his face "Good morning, I hope I haven't woken you?" Of course he hadn't... it was the middle of the day but the Commander wasn't normally a serious man, "It looks like you have eaten well, and just what brings you here today?"
  5. The boy talks quietly "Some men brought me here. I don't know where this is, exactly." He is still clutching the rifle.
  6. "Oh really?" He said still sounding a bit to cheery for the situation, "Well then, would you like to leave?" He walked over to a heavy looking metle door, "All you need to do it twist this latch and push until you can slip by." The commander rested his hand on the large latch that held the door in place, "Or we can show you around and get ya somethign to eat. I'm sure you would like to atleast have a warm meal." Anyone who looked at the commander could tell he was thinking of something while he walked over to the boy, "Can I ask your name? You can call me Commander if you like."
  7. He shakes his head when he asks if he wants to leave. "I had run out of food." He states. "I am..." He pauses. He can't remember his own name. He only remembers the first letter. "Zed, sir."
  8. "Zed?" Commander said looking at him with a dead stare before smiling again, "Food then?" Slowly he started to walk motioning for the kid to follow him. "Hay, don't cary your gun in your hands while inside. Put it on your back or something." He mentioned as he continued to walk casually down the hall. Everybody always told him he was a bit too casual to be the leader of a group, but then again that was only before the could see him in action. As they walked threw another door they found themselve in a room full of tables and pantries, "Hay, do we have enough rations for another?" The man who was running the rations looked at him for a second before speaking, "No." "Well find some extra for our new friend."

    Without another word the Commander walked out, leaving Zed in the room by himself and started to head out back to the forge. "Lieutenant, meet me in my office. Get cleaned up first if you want to, we have plenty of water after all that rain." He walked past her and threw another door way that would lead to his 'office'. "When your done of course."
  9. Zed still holds his rifle, but unloads it and removes the round from the chamber.
  10. Ares didn't look up, she didn't give any indication that she had heard him. But soon she stood up from the forge after a few moments more of pounding. She cooled the weapon off and placed it on a table next to a few more identical ones. All well crafted blades, would stand the test of battle for sure. She didn't go wash up though. She simply grabbed a rag that was just as covered in ash as she was. She made her way to the office, opening the door, not bothering to take a seat as she wiped her hands with the rag. "Awright. What cha want then?" She wasn't terribly well spoken but that didn't seem to bother anyone who talked with her. Possibly they just didn't want to get a hammer to the temple. She raised the rag and wiped the sweat from her face. She had a feeling that her being called in had something to do with the new scrawny fellow that had been hanging around. She hadn't seen him before.
  11. He smiled as she walked in, he expected her not to wash up but hey, it wasn't like it really mattered. She would be covered in ash in a couple minutes anyways. "So, our new friend? What do you think about it?" He chuckled a little bit and leaned back in his chair seemingly overly relaxed, "I think he is too tense. Maybe we should lighten the mood a little? Your really good at that aren't you?" Again he was joking around... well making serious points with a non serious tone. The kid wasn't the reason he called her though, of course they needed to talk about it but they were getting ready to move on the offensive.
  12. Ares shifted her weight, her hips pushed out one way as she placed her hands on them. She was pretty sure he was joking. "He's survived this long without us. Ee's got ta be worth somethin. Sure clings ta that rifle though." She sat down In the seat across from his. "Now what'cha really want?"
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  13. "Alright alright." He said with a fading smile as he leaned up and put his hand on the desk. "We are getting ready to go on the offensive. We know the only way for us to survive forever is to take these things down and reclaim the earth. You have the swords mostly ready and you have as many bullets as you can make right? Well, who should we have go. We shouldn't risk the entire group on this mission, it should be a select group, or a group of volunteers. Should we fail we will still have a string of hope in humanity left right?"
  14. Ares lifted her arm, putting her elbow on the desk before placing her head in her hand. She stared back in some intricate thought. "We don have alot of people as it is." The was she said it made it seem like she was just thinking out loud and not making an actual statement. Sure they had more than most places probably had, and sure they were all quite skilled. Her eyes grew into worry as she continued to crunch the numbers in her head. Waging the skill of themselves versus the monsters. Even what they were doing now could hardly be called living, they were, simply put, surviving. Eventually she looked directly at him, lowering her arm so it lay flat on the desk. "No matter how ya slice it, it ain't good." She started before raising her other arm and laying it flat on the other so she was intensely leaning forward. "It's been too long. I think our only option left is all or nuthin." She didn't look happy to say it like that, not that she ever looked happy, but she was wearing a decidedly worse frown than she usually had.
  15. Zed sits outside the doors, listening carefully to what they say. He looks around 'perhaps I should leave' he starts to think 'they already have enough problems without me eating their food' He stands up and looks around 'If I stay, I should work.' He eyes the makeshift forge he had been sitting in. "I know how to make blades." He says out loud to himself as he walks to the forge, wanting to do something that will help.
  16. He sighed slightly and looked back up at her, "Listen, some of our people don't know how to fight, we saved them early off and they just managed to survive and others wont leave here for the life of them. I think it would be better to ask for volunteers. I'm sure me and you could survive a while on our own never mind with a group." He stood up, "It doesn't mater, go continue your work or shower or eat or whatever you want to do. I should think about this more..." He turned around and walked over to a cabinet that held a few books and trinkets... which reminded him, "Don't hurt yourself on that sharp anvil." It was just something stupid he always said to her. He smiled slightly, the first time he said that he was serious... that was until he noticed the anvil had rounded sides...
  17. Ares stood up, lifting her rag and placing it on her shoulder. She looked down at him, seemingly concerned. She didn't really know who would volunteer, but she had a feeling that it would be some of the best. "When we leave, who's going ta protect who's left?" She walked toward the door opening it, she looked back at him. She had more concerns than their fighting power. "If we keep it small... maybe ten at most..." She turned out the door. "Well... They'll be the longest toughest days of our lives. But maybe... then they'll be alright 'ere." Eventually she let out a sigh, it wasn't going to be an easy decision and she didn't envy him for having to make the final say. "What ever you choose. I'm behind ya. I want ya ta know that." She closed the door, making her way back to her forge. She looked up from the ground, noticing the new guy approaching it. She stopped, staring for a few seconds before leaning against the wall. She waited wondering what he was going to do.
  18. Loud noises start up as the forge comes to life. Even before the normal smith was there. Zed begins making a long blade with the materials in the forge. 'Might as well put myself to work so they dont have to ask." He hums happily to himself as he shapes and hones the edges of the blade, only stopping to wipe sweat off his face. He finishes the blade and sets it aside to start a new one.
  19. Ares found herself smiling, not that it did anything to un-furrow her brow. She walked up not losing her grin. She didn't speak to him at first, instead she picked up the sword he had put down. Looking over it intently. "Naw..." She began as her eyes followed the blade up and down. It wasn't perfect, but it had potential. "Nothin wrong with that." Perhaps this kid had some prior skill in metal working. Either way it wasn't really important, perhaps she had just found herself an apprentice. She looked over to the kid. Blinking slightly. She was thinking about when they left... She didn't know how well this boy could fight, but perhaps she could leave someone who could keep this place floating after her and the commander left. "Is this your first time at a forge?" People had often referred to her forge as makeshift, but despite the fact it wasn't pretty, and that it was made of extra parts. It was a forge like no other.
  20. Zed drops the blade he was working on, startled. He had been so focused that he hadn't noticed her approaching. "Oh... Um. No it isn't." He says as he picks up the new blade and works it to make it more top heavy. After a bit of work on it, he throws it at a wood panel on the wall. The blade hits the wall, bending slightly, but stays about half an inch into the wall. He frowns as he retrieves it and mutters to himself. "It could be better." This is the first time since he got here that he is not holding his rifle.