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    ~: Currently accepting characters :~
    |In-Character TBC|
    The Key to Eternity

    The planet of Rhye is diverse in its temporal status, but its races are its prized achievement. Well…considering their discoveries, not how they currently live. Apart from the mortal races, you have the occasional man versus mother nature conflict, and the natural semblance of chaos that is followed by stability. But unlike the other planets, Rhye has long since been infested by a brooding, and corroding darkness. Brought on by the very organisms that inhabit its surface; a price for the rich veins of magic that seep through the Earth, Water, and Skies of the planet.

    This darkness eventually came to be known as a force of mutated beings transformed by dark magical essences, the mortals had ignored their presence at first, instead believing their existence to be nothing but myth. That was until an army was raised, a thousand times formidable than what was originally perceived. In the end, these mortals were somehow able to push back these beings. The First Anathem, gave birth to the worldwide knowledge of Daemons. Now that the mortals knew their enemy, they would know that these Daemons were not to be easily eradicated. With only the information gathered on the malignant species, they passed on what they could to future generations. A cycle of Anathems occurred, forcing all species to join together as one and fight these abominations off. But as time progressed the Daemons nearly overwhelmed the resident races. The previous Anathem was proof to this; it was during this plague that the mortals were able to comprehend their goals. The Daemons wanted nothing more but absolute power from the Divinity Well, the location from which all life and magic was born.

    The victory of the last Anathem is unclear to this day, few can remember the heroes who set out to destroy the Daemon army, though in records, and in physical evidence left in previous battlefields the last Anathem introduced the Daemon King Lumos, who was originally a meekly spirit with a strong conviction even during its transformation into a daemon. It collected power over the dormant years before the Anathem, and ruled its army with effortless grace and brutality. Who this abomination was is unknown. The remnants of its siege still exist, in fact the carcass of its body which has solidified; lies in an extensive grassy plain in Laurel, as time turns forward from the last Anathem. Society has gone under a complete redecoration; discrimination further isolate races from one another, causing turbulent tides over the continents. As history repeats itself, a new Anathem lies on the horizon.

    But what does this mean for the rest of the races? Will they be able to overcome their differences and band together in order to stop the Anathem? More importantly, is there any way to stop the cyclical plague? The answers can only lie within Fulton J. Hawke Academy. An academy established to enjoin all races stands in the forefront of this debate. You are a student or teacher of this academy, coming face to face with the real threat of Daemons. In the end, you must choose where you will stand in this conflict.

    What you need to know:

    Game Master: HellOfALife
    Co-Game Master #1: None, but feel free to PM me about it
    Co-Game Master #2: None, but feel free to PM me about it
    I'm Hell, and I'm the overall game master of this roleplay. I'm looking for dedicated players who'll be able to collaborate on the plot, and flesh out their characters in this (strangely) fantasy/futuristic world. The roleplay plays with the fantasy genre, with the added strife of racial inequality and futuristic elements within. I should mention that the Academy is not the general setting of the entire plot and it will turn into an adventure as events unfold. The co-creator of this game has (I believe) left RP, but I wouldn't be crazy enough not to include credit to the wonderful Nevada (wherever they are). There is no limit as to who can join unless it would somehow hinder the plot currently set. To make the opening post more cohesive, the Locations and Races are separated by posts, this makes much of the information coherent and orderly.
    ~Hell (HOAL)
    • No Godmodding, Metagaming, or Powerplaying, doing so will most likely end in you being removed from this roleplay.
    • No Flaming/Trolling, Arguments should be kept in a friendly manner
    • This roleplay will be considerably mature, I expect you guys to be just as mature as well, explicit subject matter should be taken to Pm's.
    • Romance is encouraged, but please be considerate of how real relationships work, don't simply fall in love at first sight.
    • Relationships between students (whether romantic, friendly, or adverse) is an important part of this roleplay, be wary of this.
    • Age limit for students is set at 15-25, Teachers must be at least 25 and up.
    • No one lining or chat speaking, at least 1 paragraph (five sentences) in IC posts.
    • IC posting will begin when I choose, please do not write any IC posts until I have written the first, and until your application has been approved.
    • All IwakuRoleplay rules apply, please respect them.
    • If you have any problems, or want to add some addition you're not sure about to your OC's character sheet, please feel free to PM me.
    • Dedicated players should try to post at least twice a week.
    • Please try to interact with other characters.
    • Players are only allowed to have 3 characters, they shouldn't all be human or Mythic, introduce some variety.
    • Reservations last for only 3 days, afterwards your spot will be relinquished.
    • Convo's are allowed between characters when scenes require focus on two or even three characters.
    • Most of all, enjoy yourself! It is a roleplay after all :)

    Character Creation Guidelines:

    • [*]Your character can be any of the races mentioned below, I will not allow the creation of any other races considering the multitude already provided.

      [*]Two characters per player please.

      [*]Characters can be either teachers or students. Students must be 15-25 years of age, and Teachers must be 26 and up (the older the better). Being a teacher does not give an automatic advantage over students. Although the older the teacher the more experience and detail will be needed for the CS.

      [*]Characters will continue to be accepted until the plot develops past a certain point, although other positions will be opened to other characters when we reach certain plot points.

      [*]Halflings (any character whose lineage include two different races) will be restricted and will probably be allowed in a very limited aspect considering the way racism prevails in this roleplay.

      [*]Abilities listed under each race denotes certain attributes applied to the race this does not mean your character has to be created around it.

      [*]If you want one of the attributes assigned to certain races, some would require your character not only be older than most but having expert training which should be detailed within their history. Although, if a certain race has a certain ability that is shared by one of the main Magic or Sol archetypes listed, more than likely your character can learn it without much of a problem. (E.g abilities like Magical Absorption, Geomancy, and ESP)

      [*]In the last roleplay, players seemed to only pick abilities that fit under their races, in this one you can pick any type of discipline, magical attribute, or the newest addition; Sol archetypes for your characters. I want to stress freedom with who your character(s) becomes over the course of the RP, so have fun creating them.

    Other Information


    In Rhye, magic is an overly abundant source, to the point that it helps move economies and expands trade. All races have the propensity to cast magic, but some have a greater affinity for certain types than others. Magic is so deeply imbued into Rhye's society that many speculate that the planet would simply die without it, it is the one remaining factor that links all the races together. Of course, each race has a certain skill with magic; the closer and more spiritual inclined one is the more tailored they are towards the use of magic. Several archetypes exist, and no one is restricted to any one skill as long as they find the appropriate training to cast spells. Staffs are found to be a rarity in our world as it dramatically increases the intensity of spells cast, only higher order sorcerers are able to find these ancient artifacts, and staffs are neither easily made, meaning that most magic is done by hand. Below the types of magic that exist in Rhye are included in the list below but is not limited to any of these. In fact, if you have an idea for a magic archetype pass it by me and we can work together to mold your character. As far as who or what has the most aptitude for magic, it is all contained in the list below.

    Racial Aptitude for Magic

    Magical Archetypes
    Elemental Magic:
    (This is limited to Fire, Water, Ice, Air, Plant, Lightning, Light, Dark, and Sound)
    Holy Magic:
    (Can be used for restoration, but mainly for battling demons, possessed individuals and Black magic)
    Black Magic:
    (Poisons, Hexes, Charms)
    Necromancy/Blood Magic:
    (Using Blood to posses dead bodies, or even another individual)
    (Much like Alchemy, except with magic, can only be used for a short period of time, Usually used to make weapons or shields.)
    (Using Magic to control or even meld with technology.)
    Magical negation:
    (Power to negate magical effects, distinctive to Asharii)
    Magical mimicry:
    (Ability to Mimic not only magical abilities but some Sol abilities to a limited effect)
    Magical absorption:
    (Distinctive to Nephilon and Asharii, very hard to ascertain in other races, allows user to absorb magical power)

    More can be added at the request of the players, and at my discretion.

    Other than magic, there also exists something known as the Sol which are abilities that use the essence of spirit or consciousness to grant the user power. Sol abilities are noted for their lack of magic, and given the right circumstance can be even more powerful than the magic blessed by the Divinity Well, leading others to believe that perhaps there is something inherent in the spirits of all the beings inhabiting Rhye. Yet, seeing as magic is a commodity Sol abilities are rarely found in use, take into account that these abilities are the hardest to learn and master, training and upkeep is needed and these abilities have often proven to be the most dangerous to utilize. Being a practitioner of Sol should mean that you have either little magical prowess/Spells, or do not have proficiency with Magic at all, the same goes for practitioners of Magic, Sol abilities would be very hard to learn for either archetype, but the advantage here is, being a magic user allows much more variety in power, but being a Sol user allows more power but less maneuverability and a higher chance of death or coma due to overwhelming the spirit, it's all up to want you want for your character. As far as who or what has the most aptitude for Sol, it is all contained in the list below.

    Racial Aptitude for Sol

    Sol Archetypes
    Physical Alchemy:
    Considered to be a vital part of Dalen society; Physical Alchemy revolves around using the human essence to craft weapons, constructs, and soul gems. These objects range in size, but most require only a fraction of life energy which can be quickly replenished. This art is the most prevalent type of Sol, and considered to be one of the most dangerous to learn, one must train and subject their bodies and souls to quotidian meditation in order to balance the threat of another soul invading. It is similar to the art of conjuration, with the exception of how these objects are brought along. Constructs take up the least amount of energy and are easily deconstructed without harm to the user. Weapons require more energy and are proven to last longer. (Think of Full Metal Alchemist)
    (Trickery of the senses)
    (This includes weak Telekinesis, Telepathy, Psychometry, and Astral Projection/Trapping (trapping the soul within confined measures, or projecting the soul if the body cannot move)
    (Used as a way to communicate and with coercion control and summon spirits to battle for you)
    Gravity manipulation:
    (Much like Telekinesis, packs more oomph)
    Magnetism manipulation
    (The ability to move and control metal, and magnetic fields, useful against Techopathy)
    (While this is normally restricted to the Dalen race, anyone who holds a strong belief in the Sand God Rion can have access to this power, seeing as how it is not one of the original elements)
    Pheromone manipulation
    (Ability to manipulate Pheromones, very dominant in Asharii culture)
    Superhuman senses
    (Notice it says human, this means having a higher order of sense than than of humans, although other races may not find this all too useful)
    Hand-to-Hand Combat:
    (Probably one of the purest forms of Sol, is hand-to-hand combat; it originated in Luna society meaning most practitioners originate from there. While one can go without the use of empowering any attacks using the limbs, utilizes your inherent Sol powers makes this art much more effective.)

    More can be added at the request of the players, and at my discretion.
    Weapons in Rhye come in all shapes, sizes and varieties, most are enchanted (you aren't required to tell what with) as to keep the weapon strong against other magical substances. Staffs; as previously mentioned are a rarity and are usually owned by magisters of age, meaning you won't anybody below the age of 60 wielding one. Guns (with actual bullets) are highly restricted and are only carried by wealthy individuals existing in places like Croy, Detino, and possibly the Umpire and Kozamu. Otherwise they are all but restricted from public access and delegated to those in high governmental positions or noble status. Guns that use magic (such as MagiTech) are in supply but are more difficult to utilize since the guns operate on the users current magical reserves, and take time to boot up. Most people stick to weapons like swords, bows, axes, tomahawks, and spears.

    Character Sheet
    [FONT=Castellar](Description or Image, image preferred, descriptions should be at least 1 paragraph long)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][b]Name: [/b] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](I'm looking for names that fit fantasy or even futuristic characters, not Bob, or Marie, it should fit the setting)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][b]Age: [/b] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](For now, students are required to be between 15-25. Teachers on the other hand, will be generally 26 and up, the older the better)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Female, Male, or Undefined)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][b]Year: [/b] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](1-10, usually 1st Year students are at the minimum age of 15, the Academy boasts a 10 year long course, with applicants staring as early as 15, and ending their intended course at the age of 25, Thereby graduating. This field is empty if you’re a teacher.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][b]Race: [/b][/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Any of the ones mentioned in the opening post. If a Humarian add nationality in parentheses. Halflings are also allowed, though the number of these will be very limited.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][B]Role [/B][/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Teacher or Student)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][b]Personality: [/b] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](What are your motivations? Fears, Pleasures, General outlook on life, how do you feel about other races? At least one paragraph.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](What or who made you who you are today? Parents, friends...etc...At least two paragraphs)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][B]Magic/Sol: [/B][/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Enter Sol/Magic archetype(s) your character uses here. 3 Archetypes allowed for Sol types, 5 for Magic. You can make your own, but please add a short description of what it does. )[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][b]Strengths:[/b] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Proficiency with Magic/Sol. Must be at least two sentences long.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][b]Weaknesses:[/b] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Express any impotency with Magic/Sol here. Must be at least two sentences long. )[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][b]Weapons:[/b] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Any specific weapon(s) your character uses, could even be smaller weapons like shuriken, the limit is three weapons.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar][b]Strengths:[/b] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Proficiency with weapons of any kind. Must be at least two sentences long.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Express any impotency with weapons here. Must be at least two sentences long.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Castellar](Anything else could be put here, Theme songs, any additional items your character carries on them, Family, Economic status, Pets, etc…)
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  2. Races

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    The scientific and cultural name of the human race, they are abundant in size, but are noted for their diminutive life span compared to other species, their existence trails back to the barren deserts of Gazeram. Despite being late to the evolutionary game, they are a widely spread race, are the most adaptable, and can make do in almost any climate. The other races often see the humans as being inferior due to their evolutionary lineage, and their close genetics with either Azrul or Elves, although humans are rather quick to disown any research pointing towards such. The humans are rewarded for their versatile pursuits and invention of modern technology, but these inventions, and their inventors, are often blamed for much of the discrimination between the races and their refusal to join together to defeat the daemons. Humans are theorized to be either; Elves who were cut off completely from the Divinity Well in Gazeram and, thereby lost their normal Elvish features, and powerful magic, only to rediscover it in a diluted form, or an evolved form of Mokay's due to their close genetics. Unlike the rest of the races, a human’s ability is solely dictated by their nationality. Most do not have any natural abilities, and are instead shaped by their environment. Some dispute on whether or not this is an advantage or disadvantage. Humans can learn nearly any ability under the sun, with the advantageous ability to adapt, while these abilities may not be as potent as one race or another, they usually have the power to use them effectively. As a race; Humarians are split into 5 distinctive Nationalities, all of which carry familiar cultural traits of our own world.

    Humarian Nationalities

    The Unions live in the city-state of Croy. Unions are basically the intermingling of any and every race born on Croy, from Elves, to Kilarion (though of course in a lesser quantity.) Here enterprises and companies rule over the people, it is a reflection of a more cyberpunk world compared to the other continents who are seen as being undeveloped, Unions are a prospective reflection of our world. The people are generally tolerant and welcoming, considering the fact that diversity thrives here. Admittedly they rely too much on technology, and the government hides much of the conflicts presently occurring in the world around Rhye, leaving many of the civilians uneducated on the racism that exists outside the safe walls of the metropolis. Despite Unions being a melting pot of nearly all the races, remaining traits, or skills are usually so diluted that it can hardly be traced back to the original. All Unions have some type of technological prowess, and they aren't afraid to show it.

    The Chatkaw; from what can be observed, never grew out of their old prehistoric Humarian customs, choosing instincts over intellect. Out of all the races, no other displays such spiritual connection to the world. They meld well with the animals of Laurel, and are efficient Hunters and Magicians. Most Chatkaw have slender builds, tan features, and are usually astute and strong. Albeit, they don't produce meaty soldiers like the Telbets. The Chatkaw are distributed into several tribes across the continent of Laurel. Since there is no unanimous tribe the people must move, due to the unstable tropics, and availability of food. The Chatkaw are rather spiritual and are polytheistic, they claim the existence of Gods and Spectrals who control all manners of nature, and events. This is the usual tradition in the land of Laurel, and without this system tribes could not function. The Chatkaw aren't at all savages as other races might paint them, they simply become offended when other races attempt to tamper with the land, a land they feel very protective about. This has led to a strong abhorrence of the Unions and the Posh, most Chatkaw are wary of visitors of Laurel, and are sure to stop anyone attempting to tamper with the land. They simply see no use in people who aren't attuned to nature researching or exploring any of it. They feel that their way of life must be experienced, not studied. Chatkaw are spiteful against Luna's and Union's. Croy poses a pollution risk to the wilds of Laurel, and the general disregard that most Union have had towards nature and Luna’s use of dark magic, which is considered blasphemous in Chatkaw culture is what mainly drives this spite. Having ties to malevolent spirits,travthe Chatkaw want nothing to do with them.

    -Holy Magic: The Chatkaw invented Holy Magic as a way to gain closer contact to the spirits. It is the near opposite of Dark Magic, but seeing as Magic is viewed differently by all races, none can accurately speculate on it's nature. Holy Magic is not only defensive, but can also be used to ward off dark spirits, and is highly effective against Daemons. It is also used in restorative methods, but to a lesser extent than that of White Magic, or Medicinal Alchemy.

    The Chatkaw who don't or can't access magic, are skilled scouts, they are proficient with light armor and weapons, are able to track enemies and prey through nature with skill. Life in Laurel has wizened them to seek out their goals in any dense vegetation. Along with this they are able to tame animals with ease.

    The Telbets are a fearsome people who don’t take kindly to threats, but this is not the mindset of all of them. Telbets are a mix of Nordic European traits, and Roman/Greek traits, the same with the culture, the high-class live in the Olympian styled stone structures, while the poor live in essentially wooden cabin houses out in the cold mountainous regions. Telbets are obsessed with glory, and honor without it; life is without sustenance. Most Telbets are warriors, an equally honorable career is blacksmithing. Though slaves are usually given the jobs of servicing them, those who wish to resist slavery by the government must fight in the Stadium and win against at least one opponent. Slavery is also condemned on those who commit heinous crimes. The Telbets care little for education. Although the rich receive it, especially those involved in politics, these people are usually highly regarded by the Emperor. Emperor Caelius Meade. The Telbets see most of the other races as inferior and beneath them. They hold a deep fear and hatred for the Elves, due to their use of magic and previous defeats, when the Telbets attempted to invade their land though the course of many years, and possibly more to come. Captured Azrul, Elves and Dwarfs, make up the bulk of the slave population, with humans being a minority, a problem that brings friction between the Telbets and the non-humans.

    The men are usually bulky and strong, the women are slightly similar, if not a little slimmer. Other physical traits include curly Brunette, Blonde, and Ginger colored hair, along with freckles and pale skin.

    -Dragoon Warfare
    A tradition that is now somewhat lost, dragons once threatened the safety of the world hundreds of years ago. Leading to an entire coalition of warriors dedicated to teaching others on how to defeat the creatures. Yet, since their extinction, the art has been left abandoned and only carried on the Umpire as a means of remembering the past. Dragoon warriors are usually adorned with spears and use high aerial attacks.

    The Posh are all about elegance, style, and efficiency. They were once pioneers of modern world technology, before Croy had updated its standards. Either way, the Posh still strive for excellence and maintain the highest echelon of education in Rhye. Without them, education would not have been established in places like The Umpire and Croy. Their culture is inspired by Victorian era customs, the women are keen on wearing dresses (and for those who are a little more adventurous, pants, or pantaloons), and the men usually wear suits and top hats. The Posh are remnants of a secret society long ago in The Umpire, who wanted to embrace the intellectual side of life. To escape persecution by the government; the small group of nobles sought out refuge in a new land, an island big enough to create a city, with then turned into a state, and then into a continent.

    The Posh are highly intelligent and articulate. They have deep roots in philosophy and the pursuits of knowledge. Citizens often spend their days locked in heated debates about the worth of exploring space, or what they'll wear to the next banquet. Most Posh belittle the Telbets and Chatkaw for their 'raw' living, they simply could not to live in such conditions and without any awareness of changing their ways, they will remain 'savages' to them. Usual physical traits of the Posh consist of dark brown to blonde hair, pale skin, (due to most of the weather in Detino being rather rainy and humid,) and tall, slender builds, most of the citizens have English accents to boot and a small percentage have Southern accents. The men aren't usually too active, but of course they don't eat enough to get any fatter or slimmer than they already are. Names are usually very formal (John, Williams, Annie, and Elizabeth) and can even have Southern surnames (D'Beau, Wilkins.)

    Despite most of Croy's technology trumping the Posh nowadays, one invention will always stand out from the excellence of Croy technology. Magiteck, Magicteck can range from huge combative weapons, to replacement limbs. Magiteck can replace and repair any and all damage; lost an arm? Go to a Magiteck surgeon to replace it with a better functioning limb. Some people, even without any disabilities, go under the knife to receive MagiTeck, though typically this is much more expensive. Magiteck also serves as a way to efficiently use magic as energy; this technology is used on the floating Hawke Academy to keep it sustained in the air.

    With or without the use of MagiTech, any Posh could become a master of technopathy, of course this power is more useful in places like Croy, although the ability is known to be dangerously overwhelming if one fiddles too long with technology. Others have gone so far as to try and merge with machine, these incidents are often why technopathy is a rarely practiced art despite its apparent ease. Technopathy allows the user to control any machine with the use of magic; they can even link into the machine as one mind, but switching off certain functions in the brain. The ability is rarely noted in the culture, and along with Hand-to-Hand Combat is one of the only physical abilities Humarians can naturally posses with no formal training.

    -Advanced Analytic Knowledge:
    This is a trait that is mostly shared by families whose children are taught within the private institutions of Detino, even then engineering geniuses of Detino roam the streets as average citizens, this traits allows for advanced amounts of intelligence and foresight which is heavily imbued in Posh culture.

    -Speech Skills:
    The Posh speak the language of romance and persuasion, its no wonder they are able to charm nearly anyone with their silver tongues. Deft and crafty mouths fit those who are willing to listen.

    Very Little is known about the Luna, named after the mountains that reach into the moonlight over the border of Kozamu. They have predominately Asian appearances, most of the people are healthy, and have dark brown hair, coupled with Dark hazel eyes. Hand-to-Hand combat originates in this culture, for a people who had no type of alloy to manipulate in the past; the Luna found a way to defend themselves by using their limbs, and essence. Unfortunately, those who could not master those arts turned to 'darker' ventures, using the dead to fight for them, and hexing their enemies. They welcome foreigners, and similar to the Chatkaw; they seem to embrace the more spiritual side of life. albeit usually in a negative way.

    -Dark Magic
    Dark magic normally includes anything that uses the dark spirits, or human sacrifice. A good example would be Blood Magic which allows the caster to control the blood flow of any creature, or even sacrifice his or her own blood in order to summon lesser demonic creatures. This is also another art which is naturally present in Humarians, but is rarely used, it is also quite versatile, as any Race can have access to this powerful force .

    - Hand-to-Hand Combat
    This art of combat originated in Kozamu. Back when ore could not be found to make weapons, the ancient clans found a way to use the power of their essence to fight instead of relying on magic or weapons. Usually attacks like these are powered with spiritual essence that lives within the body. The art is difficult to teach to other races since many seem to misunderstand its nature. How could anything so powerful come from anywhere other than the Divinity Well? Considering the fact that Kozamu is far from the Divinity Well, the art is often a mystery for scholars to study. Perhaps there is something stronger within the human spirit. But the Luna aren't intent on sharing any of their secrets. Combat can range from thousands of styles all created in Kozamu, the most popular being called 'Matei' though not the strongest it is the easiest to learn. Typically festivals and tournaments are held to find the strongest warriors in the region. It is possible that of all the cultures the Chatkaw may be the easiest to teach the art to due to their strong connection with the spirits.


    The Asharii are half Humarian/and half Elvian. Most of the race has separated itself from society, traveling in nomadic groups searching for sources of magic. Asharii are dangerously attracted to magic, and these groups are often searching for leaks within Rhye's crust. They are also susceptible to spirits, and many end up possessed, or transformed. The Asharii who choose not to follow tradition and join these nomads, are often diplomats, or nobles. Many serve the Emperor Caelius Meade and some even serve on Croy's council. These individuals are almost always born with raven hair, bright opaque eyes, and glowing tattoo's littering their bodies. They are normally avoided by the Elves because of their constant cravings for magical power. It is hard to determine whether or not Asharii can live normal lives considering their genetic disadvantage. They are caught between their love and craving for magic, and their desire to add stability to their lives. They are the most likely candidates for Daemon transformation, so they must take caution in areas strong with Magic energy. Some Asharian women are bred to be spouses in arranged marriages, though males far outweigh the general population of this race. Despite their weakness to the influence of magic, Asharii still make up some of the most powerful magicians known to time only to be trumped by the Elves.

    Asharii share the abilities of both Elves and Humans, they have strong magical powers, and average physical prowess. Most turn to magic as a means for defense. The Asharii borrow their magical abilities directly from Elves with only a few differences. They are perfect candidates for the mage warrior archetype.

    Unique Racial Abilities
    These abilities are particular to this race, therefore it cannot be easily learned by another without years of discipline.

    Asharii easily accept the feelings of others, and can often sense if something is emotionally wrong with someone. This power is actually used more for manipulation, it helps the Jinmei better understand one’s emotional state garnering them an advantage. This is the main quality of their success as nobles in certain societies.
    This power usually shows up after experiencing something tragic, or during sleep, although aged Asharii can use this ability freely, the older the caster, the clearer the vision.
    Normally, the older or more experienced the caster, the farther the teleportation. Most Jinmei can teleport about 20 feet from the target. Although, there is no way to know where one might teleport, and teleporting is not possible when attacked.
    -Magical Negation:
    Certain Asharii are delegated to positions of protection, a small few have the power to negate the effects of magic. This power is a relatively new concept for the race, and is difficult to teach most since it teeters on the edge of life and death. Skilled negators can completely eradicate the ability to utilize magic in their victims at the cost of nearly half their lifespan, one ages considerably under these effects, and some die, this all depends on the strength of the essence, though Negation is mainly use to disable dangerous spells that can cause potential harm, instead of completely removing the ability to perform magic. Asharii who are trained in negation can only channel this power once a day, and it completely depletes their magic restores for a two day period, thereby, making negation a rare spell. Negation requires physical contact with the victim, one must stand completely still in order for the spell to take effect. (Example: Someone uses fire based attack, while a Asharii can use Negation to disable that attacks but at the cost of depleted magical reserves)


    The Elvian, or Elves is a race and a culture. They were among the first mortal races to populate the planet, despite popular belief of humans coming into existence long before the non-human races. The Elves, keep out of world affairs, and live inside an archaic temple near The Divinity Well. Many Elves dedicate their lives to protect the Well from Demonic contamination at all costs. Throughout their long history, the Elvian race has run into trouble with all natures of man, at one point humankind's discrimination was so unruly, that the Dwarves were forced to seek refuge in Wicken, an agreement that was made with haste. Unfortunately, The Umpire demanded that the Elves return the Dwarves or risk war. Instead, Elven leaders decided to traverse across the wastes of Gazeram to The Golem City and enact a treaty which allowed the Dwarves to reside in the city under the protection and watch of the Golems. The Elves usually strike trouble with the Telbets because of their slavery laws. A war between the Telbets and Elves is common news every few centuries. The Elves are normally peaceful creatures, who are even more in tune with the land than the Chatkaw, due to their ancient history. The race first resided in the Arzulian Jungle with the Azrul, but the Elves choose freedom instead of confinement and set out to claim a land of their own.

    Elves are the most skilled at Magic of all types, excluding White and Dark Magic, which were imperfect forms created by the humans, they speculate that magic has no moral to it. Despite this, they seek all knowledge through the power of Magic. They are very wary of visitors to Wicken, and most people cannot even venture past the protective barrier on the Island without the assistance of a fellow Elvian magician. They are not indifferent to humans; they are in fact, slightly fearful of them due to conflicts in the past and choose not to mingle, though, some Elves choose to escape Wicken and find a new life in places like Detino, Croy, and Laurel, most notably Detino, due to the fact that the Posh seem the most benevolent towards them. Elves are normally pale and pinkish, but skin color is usually within a wide spectrum, Eyes and hair colors vary widely, with no predetermined type, the same with heights and build. Names vary wildly, and may have accents in the middle. As far as age is concerned Elves live to be about 500 or so, some even longer, but the methods used to keep others alive past their time aren't exactly.. moral.

    Unique Racial Abilities
    These abilities are particular to this race, therefore it cannot be easily learned by another without years of discipline.

    Elves are able to modify their appearance, and the physicality of most objects, as long as no one attempts to touch it. They can also cast invisibility spells when needed.
    - Magical Talent:
    Their close connection with the Divinity Well has caused the Elves to be the most magically potent; they can channel ungodly amounts of magic under the right circumstances, albeit, it usually requires hundreds of years of training. Older Elves are usually capable of attaining such feats but only use this power when the Divinity Well spurts its energy every few centuries. Otherwise, most elves are subject to training this untapped source. Though one must be careful, this power often attracts the wrong type of spirits.


    In Rhye mythos, the Azrul were created at the same time as elves, and were introduced into the world as their ‘brother of the forest’. However, over time the two races diverged, and where elves grew into a race which would colonize lands outside the forest, and make heavy use of magic, the Azrul continued to dwell solely in the forests of Rhye, and preferred the spiritual side of life as opposed to the intellectual. Similar to humans, many of the Azrul's abilities are dictated by culture. The Azrul who exist today are scattered across the continents, and most deal with racial discrimination, especially in places like The Umpire, where most Azrul are enslaved. The race is split into 3 different species. Like Humarians, the Azrul are free to learn nearly ability they have trained for.

    Azrul Species
    These are any Azrul who show predominantly feline characteristics such as, a broad face, sharp teeth, and angled almond shaped eyes. Most walk on two legs, but hunt and run on all fours. The race varies wildly and they are the most prevalent Azrul. Some seem to harbor hate towards the human race due to conflicts in the past, and others seem wiling to accept the fact that humans are here to stay. Like the Mokay, the Faylin is covered in hair, and range in size and height. They make impressive sell swords, and merchants. Faylin normally have slender bodies, with more bulky types existing in places like The Umpire.

    The Mokay are closest to humans in terms of genes, and appearances. They are exactly what they sound like: Monkeys. They come in all shapes and sizes from slim, to pot bellied like gorillas. They are talented hunter-gatherers. The Ape species have impressive physical strength, far more than even the Telbets display. Physically, the Mokay are hairy, and usually Dark haired, it’s rare to see any other color. Their bodies are nimble enough to travel long distances, and lofty structures. Compared with the other Azrul they normally have a deeper understanding of magic, therefore the make most adept magicians out of the three. Although most still prefer physical prowess over magical.

    A race of BeastFolk, with scaly skin, and oddly colored eyes. Reptil stay with the Chatkaw in Laurel, and are usually too stubborn to leave the comfortable swap lands. The Reptils look like humanoid lizards and have absolutely no hairs on their bodies. They are much rarer to come across on any of the other continents. These humanoid reptiles are closely related to the Nixies, their ancestors were separated from their own race, and instead choose to adapt to the swampy lowlands of Laurel, thereby, producing new physical features and abilities over a few hundred years.

    (images shamelessly stolen from the Final Fantasy series :/ )

    The Fayun are; like some races, spread thinly across each of the continents, and are a rarity. They are the interbreeding of the Azrulian Faylin, and Humarians. Physically they are often shorter than normal humans, lithe and flexible. They retain very few feline characteristics other than petite noses, slightly broader faces than humans, lengthy tails, and predominant ears. They are viewed as being strange, and often attracted to meats, shiny objects, and can often fall victim to petting or scratching behind the ears. Otherwise, they are like any normal mortal on the surface of Rhye. Genetically they resonate more with humans, and some Faylin do not see them as true brethren because of their human lineage. Despite this the Fayun have learned to adapt to most cultures and hold no qualms over some of the more unbecoming racists who would separate themselves from the Fayun.

    Unique Racial Abilities
    These abilities are particular to this race, therefore it cannot be easily learned by another without years of discipline.

    -Super Dexterity
    -Super Agility
    -Animal Mimicry


    Nixies are said to come into existence around the same time as humans although, they have only been recently discovered. These aquatic organisms originate from the sub arctic zones of Rhye known as Pheas. An underwater kingdom exists to rule over the domain of the Nixies, although most are free to come and go as they please. Unfortunately, the kingdom is plagued by racial inequality, after revealing their existence; the Nixies found their own mating with Humans and Elves, causing unexpected hereditary changes. These hybrid Nixies could easily traverse on land without the nearly constant application of water to their gills. The noble class in Pheas wanted nothing to do with these hybrids, and so their rights were stripped, and a great schism of indifference was set between Hybrids and purebloods. This instance is dubbed the Great Tide in Nixian culture, where many hybrid Nixies escaped Pheas to live in warmer waters beyond the frozen wonderland. Hybrid Nixies are usually wary of Purebloods, while most Purebloods are taught to avoid or even belittle the Hybrids. The Great Tide, resulted in many Hybrids residing in the waters of Wicken where the sea is plentiful and pure, and the Elves are generally accepting of their presence. Pure Blood Nixians typically have an aversion to dry land, while they can travel outside of water, most cannot stand more than an hour without, though they have strong swimming abilities and gills, allowing them to breathe even in the most averse of weather, along with control of aquatic beasts of all kinds. Hybrid Nixians have weaker gills and swimming abilities, but have strong aqua based magic. In order for a Pureblood to survive on land, they would need the assistance of a spell like Bubbles, which allows water to flow through the gills freely. Hybird Nixians are easier to identify than their Pureblood brethren by their dominant Humarian or Elvian features.

    Unique Racial Abilities
    These abilities are particular to this race, therefore it cannot be easily learned by another without years of discipline.

    -Control over aquatic animals:
    (Nixies are born with a natural layer of gel over their bodies. This gel has regenerative effects, allowing them to regrow limbs under a few hours. Nixians do not bleed instead when injured; this regenerative gel covers over the injury healing over time. Major injuries, such as losing a limb, may or may not heal depending on the proximity of the victim from water.)


    Diminutive in stature, but not in pride and dignity, Dwarves are not humans, despite having humanoid features, many are mistaken in believing so. They once inhabited their own continent, but were forced to relocate after pollution from numerous wars overtook the continent's resources. It was later swallowed by the waves of Rhye's oceans. Leaving the dwarves with no home, and an enemy set to destroy what was left of the race. The dwarves are partially guilty of their fate, having initiated so many wars and squabbles with The Umpire had a devastating effect on their former civilization. They were at first forced to seek refuge with the Elves, but the Umpire threatened war upon their land, and the Dwarves were once again forced to relocate. Fortunately, their saving grace was the pact that the Elves made with the Golems who sympathized with the race and welcomed them into their fortress. For the last 400 years the Dwarves have lived beneath the Earth with the Golems trying to ween out a peaceful existence. Although, their naturally fiery spirits could not be quelled, and as Hawke Academy gradually opened its doors, the Dwarves eagerly allowed their young to attend.

    Dwarves normally live to be around 200, and are noted for their strong, and husky statures. Not all are suited for war of course; scholars and artisans live among the battle ready types. For practice, Dwarves normally venture out of the safety of their home caves, and into the deep reaches of Hollowpoint to fight daemons. Dwarves typically have difficulty learning magic, being underground for so long has limited their ability to perform magic, and though there are Dwarves who can become adept magicians, the probability of such is very low.

    Unique Racial Abilities
    These abilities are particular to this race, therefore it cannot be easily learned by another without years of discipline.

    -Super strength
    -Weapon Specialization:
    (It is said, that you can hand a mace to a Dwarven infant, and they would learn how to use it within the hour. Dwarves are masters at weapon specialization; they can master any weapons given enough time, though most prefer heavy, blunt objects. It is an ability awarded to them in tribute to their war days.)
    -Magical Resistance:
    (Dwarves are the only race who can proudly proclaim the ability to resist most magic, their distance from the Divinity Well, may have hampered their ability to perform spells, but it has also allowed them to resist magic; whereby the effects of some thing like a fire spell would be completely neutralized by their resistance. Of course this is all dependent on the strength of the magic.)
    -Super Vision:
    (Hundreds of years underneath the Golem fortress have granted Dwarves the ability to see in the dark with little effort, although their eyes are slightly sensitive to sunlight.)
    (Many Dwarven crafts have made their way across the surface of Rhye, they was the first to discover the art, with the Telbets simply expanding upon it. They feel strongly for this craft, and are usually threatened by those who claim that Telbetian craft is superior.)


    The Dalen live in a traditionalist culture, they look to whatever information they can find about the ancient Humarians of Gazeram and attempt to live by these ancients codes. They worship a powerful spirit known as Rion, who claims control over the sands. Since most of the population promise obedience to his word, most can use the art of Geomancy. The Dalen are a peculiar sort, tests have proven that they are not originally human, and have a common ancestor with a long lost race, making them a species of their own despite the fact that they relate more to Humarians. The Dalen see the preservation of history as being their most important duty, many turn to archaeological dig sites to find the next buried treasure of hidden prophecy. What they have recovered from these sites has helped build a society based on the old culture before the use of magic. Magic is strictly forbidden in Dalen society and most see no use for it other than corruption of the mind and body. They have extensive knowledge of Daemons, and with the proximity of Gazeram from Hollopoint, daemons are a common sight around the wastes. Most civilians are armed or trained to fight, and for the most part they do not believe the daemons pose much of a threat. Some Dalen are xenophobic of non-humans, believing their use of magic to be blasphemous and punishable by death in some cases, they teach that magic is the root of all evil, with proof of this 'evil' being Daemons. The Dalen are known for their revolutionary advances in education, and despite having little tolerance for magic, the Dalen claim some of the most well known scholars and scientists in Rhye. Most Dalen feature tan skin, coupled with dark brown eyes and hair. Men are usually taller than the norm alongside the women. Physically the Dalen are skinny, slender, people, akin to the Elves.

    Unique Racial Abilities
    These abilities are particular to this race, therefore it cannot be easily learned by another without years of discipline.

    - Alchemy:
    Through years of collecting natural ingredients the Dalen have perfected the craft of Alchemy. Most Dalen know how to mix simple ingredients to make powerful potions and ether.
    Geomancy is the power to manipulate and control mineral, dirt, rock and soil of any kind. This art has been around since the beginning of Dalen civilization, it is known as being a difficult art to master, most use it sparingly because of its erratic energy. Geomancy is not magic as most wish to claim. The power has its usage even on metal constructs, which is just diluted minerals. The strength of the Geomancer depends on their devotion to Rion, in one of Rion's tenants one must use this power only under the pretenses of protection and not gain. Someone who uses Geomancy to kill is usually shunned by the Dalen, some are even killed for the treasonous act.
    An ESP ability unique to the Dalen. The Dalen are so attuned at finding historical objects, that some are even able to feel the energies pouring from these objects and can envision historical events. This power has helped detail the former events, building their society as an interpretation of the past.
    -Soul Trapping:
    Normally this is used to imprison those who have committed serious crimes, these souls are trapped and used to summon the essence as a purely combative weapon. Think of as having a ghost following you around, and fighting for you but only under a limited time. These souls are often weak, and cannot do much damage but with numerous soul gems one can use these to overwhelm opponents. They fight in accordance to their owners will. Soul trapping is a forbidden art, and must only be used under punishable circumstances in Dalen society. The soul will suffer eternally inside the gem and cannot receive release unless broken by a soul trapping expert. A tale often told to children at night, details a warrior who led an entire army of trapped souls against a dictator who threatened to corrupt the land and imprison the people, much of this is up to speculation.


    Deep within the forested ranges of locations like Wicken, The Azrulian Jungle, and Laurel exists the Okari, here they are born of the strong magicks presiding over the vegetation. The Okari are composed of reborn or lost spirits who refused to settle into the afterlife, instead preferring a different existence. Each spirit born as an Okari has almost no recollection of their previous life save for dreams and rare flashbacks. Even then it does little to disturb the being at the present time. The Okari are normally adorned with green skin reminiscent of chlorophyll, they can even smell like plants of any kind. Normally they stick together in covens and clans, and they rarely make contact with other mortal races. They are born from the flora and fauna surrounding the planet, so places like Croy and Detino are naturally adverse to their nature. That isn't to say that there aren't any Okari who live among the more technological civilizations, those who do are called Ikari, their physicality seems to be the only thing hinting to their heritage. Often times they appear less feral than their brethren of the forest, otherwise they are all the same. The Okari base their powers on that of plants and rejuvenation.

    Unique Racial Abilities
    These abilities are particular to this race, therefore it cannot be easily learned by another without years of discipline.

    -Plant Manipulation:
    -Intangilibity through vegetation:


    No one is exactly sure where the Kilarion prevail from, all that is known is that they are not of this planet, seeing as how very little of them can assess the uses of Magic and cannot accept any offerings from the Divinity Well. The Kilarion are strange beings, and are a rare sight in Rhye, there is no one location where they all convene, many of them are isolated from the cultures found across the planet, and try not to associate themselves out of fear of discrimination, which is already prevalent against them. The Kilarion are noted for their advanced intelligence, and powerful mental capabilities. Their reasons for residing on the planet for so long are unknown to even them, it is speculated that their planet was destroyed and with it their homes, Rhye might have been the closet destination for them to reside, but upon finding that it was already populated they simply isolated themselves. Kilarions are often quite tall, and have strange physical features, their skin if often a multitude of textures along with the color, hair is a rarity in the race, and they seem to only retain humanoid appendages. The abilites noted in the Kilarion species are strange considering that they cannot be taught to any race originating from Rhye, and are powerful but somewhat dulled by the forces at work within the planet. Most of them involve the use of energy, or extrasensory projection. While they cannot utilize Magic, So abilities seem to come very well to the race.

    Unique Racial Abilities
    These abilities are particular to this race, therefore it cannot be easily learned by another without years of discipline.

    -Energy blasts
    -Energy constructs:
    Much like Physical Alchemy but constructs tend to last longer, and most more maneuverable.
    -Super mentality
    (Most Kilarion possess a higher form of intelligence than those seen in even the most advanced race on Rhye.)
    -Kinetic absorption
    (This involves absorbing the physical energy of attacks.)
    (The ability to physically duplicate oneself, copies only comes in threes, as separating the essence too many time proves harmful)
    -Psionic blasts
    (The ability to overload the senses/cause pain, while not a voluntary power, it comes in use when one feels overwhelmed in battle. But it can only provide a temporary escape or means for attack.)


    Nephilon are beings composed of both human and daemonic blood, not much is known about their origin, though it is commonly hypothesized that perhaps long term exposure to magic, or perhaps severe injuries retained by a female prior to pregnancy can ultimately alter the being within them. Often times Nephilon children are abandoned by their families because of the negative connotations surrounding them on multiple cultures and societies, there is very little actually separating most Nephlion and Humans, most retain entirely humanoid features, but some can grow horns, or wings which is most common in Nephilon, and are not easy to hide. Distinctive features of Nephilon border on strangely colored hair, and a multitude of daemonic features, whether they be gruesome or hardly noticeable. Much like the Elves, the Nephilon often have great use for magic, and are attracted to it like the Asharii, they are often able to communicate telepathically with most feral daemons, and can to an extent control lesser fiends. These beings often have to contend with either remaining true to their human lineage or becoming a full fledged daemon, which unfortunately is the fate of most Nephilon if they have no means to quell the temptation. Nephilon are similar to mythic vampires in that they require the fuelage blood to sustain themselves for long periods of time. In a sense, with blood and enough magic,a Nephilon can live for hundreds of years, but considering how persecuted they are in society most die before being able to harvest. The Blood need not be human or any of the races, it can even be substituted blood, or animal blood, and they need only feed once a year in order to keep healthy. The blood is mainly used as a way to increase power, even in the smallest drops, the Nehilon can gain some power. Seeing as how their regular forms look and can actually be quite sickly
    Unique Racial Abilities
    These abilities are particular to this race, therefore it cannot be easily learned by another without years of discipline.

    -Heightened Senses:
    -Super Strength
    -Control of Lesser Daemons
    -Magical Absorption
    -Blood Alchemy
    (Much like Physical Alchemy, except Nephilon can use their blood as a chemical to burn, or a weapon)


    Non-Playable for now
    Golems are the oldest race on Rhye, as evidenced by Elvian magic. Though their origin is locked in secret and clouded by myths. Most Golems lack the capacity for speech, and instead use their movements as a form of communication with other races. The Golems who can speak are often ambassadors of sorts for the Golem City. Golems are in fact, just pure magical spirits who can possess rock and dirt in order to take on a physical form. Death is not applicable to these spirits, and there are very few who can even imagine ways to eradicate Golems. Golems are friendly to most, but are unyielding when attacked, often deploying a series of physical and strong, ancient magic in order to destroy foes.



    Non-Playable for now
    These unfortunate beings are infected by demonic taint. Every Anathem has accompanied disease because of the strength of the plague. Usually, the taint is only spread through more powerful daemons, while catching the taint through lesser demons is rare, it is not unheard of. Currently, the taint only affects Humans and Azrul, though it has a reputation for spreading amongst the other races. The taint is always accompanied with painful physical transformation, and in most cases mental deterioration. One does not turn into a daemon under the effects of the taint, but instead a Halfling, which can be just as dangerous. Most die from the disease before being aware of the transformation. But others have seen their deformations as an advantage.


    Non-Playable for now
    Daemons are tainted essences influenced by magical malevolent spirits, or by an overdose of magical radiation. Getting too close to a radioactive magical energy source can mutate anyone if they’re around the source for too long. Victims are also susceptible to the influence of spirits, who can lead them to specific sources and use it to transform them. These spirits are usually attracted to those who hold a powerful spirit. The Daemons seek to taint the Divinity Well, and use its power to control and convert the rest of the races that dominate the planet. To do this requires hundreds of years of planning, and building an army. These instances are Anathems, demonic plagues that seek to threaten the livelihood of The Divinity Well. The last Anathem, included the introduction of the Daemon King, Lumos, who was nearly able to reach his goals of submerging Rhye under the rule of Daemons, were it not for the intervention of a mysterious power lost to history, utilized by heroes lost to time as well.

    Lesser daemons are usually of average intelligence, many of them cannot understand concepts like mercy and love, but can replicate these feelings with illusions. Lesser demons are mid-size, around the size of a full-grown human male. Appearances vary wildly, and most are described as grotesque. Power also varies, the majority are weak fledglings (though in numbers they are formidable), while the stronger ones are normally close to Hollowpoint, and can travel farther than fledglings without feeding. Most Daemons feed on flesh, but they can also depend on other sources like vegetation, if the need arises.
  3. The World of Rhye

    Show Spoiler

    Croy:The City of Lights

    Croy is the largest city by far on the surface of Rhye, and the most recently built by four hundred years. Its creation is actually accredited to a Posh named Fulton Hawke. Branded with being one the greatest minds of the last few centuries, he wanted a location where all cultures could join in one place, a city fueled by equality and understanding. He at first thought the idea to be foolish until the Anathem crisis, after he saw the destruction and warfare between the inhabitants of Rhye and the demons, he felt it was his responsibility to find a way to keep the races together. Fulton knew that no one; even after successfully toppling the Demon Lord; would want to unionize, it was too risky. But Fulton gambled. He herded his best associate's in Detino and began work on a huge metropolis. From there, they began the project in secrecy laying down foundation for houses, and an Inn. At first, Croy was a village, with an inn for travelers. From then on a young Fulton stayed, hoping to restore the wearisome travelers and possibly persuade them to reside in the small village. He was successful, travelers from all around beckoned to the Inn, most staying, some leaving. But he had what he needed. He then sought out to expand the village into a small city, he had the backing of the villagers who toiled to create a city hall, houses, and markets. The Village turned into a marketplace, and attracted more people. Fulton had grown into the established mayor, his creation melding the races, and even though there was a slight air of hostility, the village people had enough respect to keep their hands off one another. The city evolved as technology caught up, Fulton at his prime would ship technology from Detino, and modify it for use, the new machinery being a sleek, more efficient version of the original. Fulton later had children and began to teach them the basics of engineering, hoping that they would pass this information to the next generation, and so on. The city expanded even farther, touching into the borders of Laurel, this immediately angered the Chatkaw who saw it fit to retaliate against the construction workers, unfortunately this led to a bit of conflict between both side, but it ended in the Union of a small tribe, and the halt of any further expansion into the wilds. After years, of development and expansion, an elderly Fulton looked westward, beyond, the buildings were now towers, floating high, followed by bridges, leeway’s, sewage systems, and airships. All of these inventions he created in his lifetime.

    When it was time to depart with the physical world, he left Croy as his greatest creation, and told his children that one day this city would unite all. To this day, no one knows where the family actually buried Fulton, many assumed he was buried with his future concepts at his side, documents his children only had a mere glimpse of, and then proceeded to work on. For the next 300 years, Croy turned into a futuristic metropolis, filled with the most advanced technology Rhye had to offer, aerial cars, robots, and neon lights. Detino had been stripped of its technological prowess, as Croy simply bolstered itself into the modern world.

    Croy is the homeland of the race Union, a mix of all the different cultures and races, more or less, into one place. It is governed by the Solace Committee, who are the holders of Fulton Hawke's Will Of Land. They govern the metropolis, and are oft to deliver news from other lands. Croy is much like our modern world with some added technological advancements, televisions, cellphones, touch screens for nearly everything, flying cars, night clubs, and so much more.

    The city, during the day gives off a clean, brimming, aura, but the blinding lights at night tell differently, as crime and discrimination is rampant in the lower sanctums on the city. Croy is right above the Equator of Rhye, making the lower districts some of the hottest temperature wise, and the higher, core districts receive snow every winter season, along with average summer temperatures, making it perfectly stable for most residents.

    Croy is the homeland of the Fulton J. Hawke Academy of the Arts, an Academy that accepts every race and gender regardless of skill, it focuses on teaching students the art of warfare, usually graduates become demon hunters of sorts or even masters of their craft. The school actually rotates the entire city in a type of fortress, to keep the school safe from any possible attacks on Croy, it floats like a celestial body around the city.

    Fulton J. Hawke Academy

    Fulton J. Hawke Academy, FJH, or just HawkeAcademy, was founded a hundred years ago by Fulton's great great grandson. It was a part of the plans he created for a more unified Croy before he died. His vision was not succeeded due to time and budget constraints until 300 years after conceptualization, the Academy welcomes all races into its halls, the Institution instructs potential students to become honorable warriors, and to teach basic educational skills to those who cannot obtain it in their homeland. Admission is free, and no one student is put above the rest. Prominent alumni are regarded as such because of natural borne talent or skills, though everyone is treated equally and with respect regardless of skill, age, or race. HawkeAcademy levitates in a circular direction above the city-state of Croy, a magical propulsion engine keeps it floating eternally and without pause. Students usually take trips to active daemon sites, where they might battle or stody dangerous beasts as part of weekly assignments, an exercise to ready them for real world situations. They accept students from the ages of 15 to 25, the grades count from 1 to 10, with grade 5 signaling the beginning of the early twenties. Additionally, students can choose to go into deeper studies after the age of 25, and can practice to become masters in any field for an additional 15 years, most of these masters become accredited teachers at the academy, or well-known experts.

    The Continent of Dreams

    Detino, dubbed as the Continent of dreams, is small and separated at its eastern border by a flurry of small islands. The population is massively educated, wear Victorian styled fashion, and most speak in an English accent, while others are noted for having a Southern vibe to their speech. The Posh that inhabit the continent are very well-educated, according to some scholars, even more than Unions. The people of Detino originated in The Umpire, a mass cult in the noble class society of The Umpire sought out a easier way of life from the harsh cold winters and the absolute monarchy imposed on them, they choose to escape by sea traveling to a formerly abandoned continent in order to produce a new culture, which would embrace intelligence and technology unlike the Umpire. Detino is probably one of the smallest continents only trumped by Wicken; yet the people are surprisingly nimble and formidable. Detino lies close to Croy, traversed by air or sea ship. Detino is painted as being rather western in its architecture, and Victorian with its customs. This location makes up the second richest continent on Rhye, and its there is no excuse as to why. Money is nearly always spent on frivolous things by people who can afford it, and most of these objects consist of Magiteck, technology that is used to enhance the limits of the mortal body, it typically envoys the use of magic in almost unlimited amounts. Of course most use it within a legal limit.

    The Spirits Roam Freely

    Second only to Croy in terms of size, Laurel from a distance, looks like an abandoned Jungle, in truth, Laurel is populated by stone structures, and sparse tribes with no direct way to communicate with one another. The people here are reminiscent of humans of old, who thrived off the land, and thought more with their spirits than perception. The Sun is scorching on this continent; it is located just north of the Azrulian Jungle. The natives dare not trek into such a dangerous place, they have not familiarized themselves with the jungle, it is too deep, and too treacherous. Some know about the mysterious spirits that dwell there, others are less keen on finding out. The continent is filled with thousand of undiscovered animals, and plants. Most scholars and researchers are too afraid of the wilderness to trek without a guide, and therefore there is very little biological information on the continent other than what can be observed first hand. The Chatkaw seem to live peacefully having their few occasional rabbles amongst each of the tribes, but they are otherwise welcoming to foreigners as long as they do no harm to the land. Laurel exists in the South-western part of Rhye, and is edged out near the warmest part of the South pole by the Azurulian Jungle.

    The Umpire:
    Absolute Monarchy


    The Umpire; ruled as a absolute monarchy, by the Emperor Caelius Meade, lies in the North Western part of the planet. Temperatures here are almost always near or below freezing, yet the people are so accustomed to the weather that it seems as if they are immune to the cold. The Umpire uses stone architecture often layered into steps, and positioned in high constructs; the capital is built into a series of bridges that reach high into the atmosphere. In the capital the stadium exists, a place where warriors from all over fight for glory, or just as a way to please the Nobles they work under, and the Emperor. Most of the houses in the poor lower districts are wooden, and old fashioned, while the high-class districts have residences constructed of marble, and smooth stone. The Umpire suffers from overpopulation, so the government uses stadium fights as a way to level the gap. The Umpire is the only continent where slavery exists and is practiced legally, although most of the slaves are the Azrul, and Elves, or humans who have committed heinous crimes, with the majority being non-human races. The politics of The Umpire are quite deadly, and it is ruled as the only Monarchy of Rhye.

    Where the Sun Dips


    Kozamu only opposite of The Umpire, exists in the North-Eastern part of Rhye, the continent is shrouded in mystery since the people are less keen on sharing their cultural customs and secrets, it is the only place in the world where hand-to-hand combat is used as a main form of offense. It is also the only place where Dark Magic, and Necromancy is studied extensively. Very little is known about Kozamu, other than its completely unique culture, and its docile people. Visitors are welcome, and crime is little if not petty.

    The Moonlight Sonata


    Wicken is a civilization that rests right below the waterfalls of The Divinity Well. Wicken is the land of the Elves, and has been since the genesis of their race. Typically, the Elves that live in this ancient city are wary of visitors from the outside, especially humans, who are easily corrupted by the spirits surrounding the well, while the Elves are much more meticulous, and aware of these influences. They are even more wary of their distant cousins, the Asharii, who are nearly obsessed with the Divinity Well, and in the past have shown massive vulnerability to the power of the magic residing within. Wicken is a peaceful location; it is also a meditative haven, for those wrought with disease that would be beyond the help of modern medicine. The Elves would die to protect their homeland, and are slightly xenophobic, so the majority of the population within Wicken is Elven, more importantly, most elves born and raised in Wicken believe that it is their sole duty to protect the Divinity Well, others would rather use some of its powers to dominate the other races, but no overwhelming support has garnered for anyone to seriously consider such a thing. Demons are largely attracted to the area because of the Divinity Well, though due to their distance, not many demons risk traversing across the waters, jungles, and deserts of Rhye in order to reach it, although some have been inane enough to try.

    Azrulian Jungle:
    No Church in the Wild

    A vast, tropical forest which lies in the south western reaches of the continent. While home to a wide variety of floral and animal life, their have been few scientific studies on the species which inhabit this jungle. The forest itself stretches for many kilometers, and is the largest forest, tropical or otherwise, on the continent. As wild as Laurel is, its sister land is all but ignored by those who are wary of its dangers. Similar to the Divinity Well, spirits roam freely, there seems to be some ancient force of magical power emanating from the jungle, and the spirits are usually far less benevolent than the spirits one would occasionally come across near the Divinity Well. The jungle is so massive, and burrowed that often times, all too eager and unprepared explorers are never seen from again. The Azrulian Jungle is also the homeland of the Azruls, but due to the species gradual emigration from those jungles, there is no possible way for the race to recover its motherland.

    Library of the Ancients

    The Library of the Ancients is an old myth which states at one time a mighty civilization dominated the southern reaches of Rhye, long before the advent of current written history. However, legend tells that the kingdom was flooded in a global catastrophe, and all which remains of their once grand civilization is a sole library, lost under the vegetation of the Azrulian Jungle. The Library is rumored to contain books and tomes recording the history of the time, long before the current races which walk the planet ever came into existence, The rumored Library has been the source of much debate, and once ushered in a era of eager explorers looking to find it with the Azrulian Jungle, as previously stated, most of them were never found, or lost their lives early into the expeditions. Rather, it is safer for the world to believe that the Library is nothing but a myth, though one can never really be certain...

    The Golem City

    The Golem city is an ancient and abandoned network of caves which stretch thousands of miles. The entrance to The Golem City lies in the extensive RekuleMountain range, which lies to the western badlands of Gazeram. The caves stretch for miles upon miles, although much of the cave has been explored, new networks of tunnels pop up as earthquakes and natural terrain shifts affect Rhye. Within the tunnels, thousands upon thousands of stone sculptures are carved into the walls. This city is the remnants of a civilization lost to time. Within the city, live the Dwarves and the Golems, who both live peacefully; the Golems offering protection for dwarves from the Telbets after a long and arduous war with the Umpire. The Dwarves sought protection under the magical beings, who felt an apparent sympathy for the species who were disregarded by the world. Not many dwarves or Golems have ventured far beyond the caves, other than the new and young generation of Dwarves who are given the chance to study at HawkeAcademy, at the behest of Golem city leaders. The city trades extensively with Dalen caravans, and isn't totally opposed to humans venturing into the city, as long as they cause no disruptions.

    The Divinity Well

    The Divinity Well is more of a location then an artifact. It is the geographic location of where the mortal species were first said to encounter, and learn, magic. Located just north of Wicken on an overgrown Peninsula, the well is a large stretch of overgrown vegetation. The Divinity Well is a sacred place to all those who favor the magical arts, and thusly it has become protected ground. Tourists are forbidden from traveling into the land, for fear they will disturb the historic landmark. An old city constructed of stone and wood lies at the heart of the land, and many of the current myths and legends of Rhye are a direct tribute from translations of script written upon numerous walls within the city. The Divnity Well is connected to the very core of the planet, and it channels its energies through the use of magical energy, the water around the area is teeming with this energy, and as one ventures closer to the abandoned stone city, this energy intensifies. Elves are usually subject to an examination of skill in this area, if they are able to successfully escape the area, without coming under the influence of its spirits (be it malevolent or benevolent) they are promoted to high ranking statuses in Wicken society. For this reason the exam demands that only one participant pass, thereby raising its difficulty.

    The floral around the Divinity Well is of particular interest, because the very plants themselves glow with radiance from the imbued spiritual energy of the atmosphere around them.

    The Forgotten Holy Land


    The barren deserts of Rhye, and the birthplace of the mortal race, Gazeram serves as the Holy Land (a reference to when humans once held their beliefs in a monotheistic religion, but was quick to abandon it after the discovery of Magic), all humans can trace their ancestry back to this desert, although most of the ancient cities are buried and washed away into the grains of sand. Gazeram supports a diverse culture in appreciation of its trade caravans by the Dalen. There is not much cultivated land or water in Gazeram, and so cities are rare, and constantly relocated in order to replenish supplies, and to reach caravans that would otherwise be lost to the sands and the scorching deserts. Gazeram is normally a place of study for humans to detail their history on Rhye, but the sands have seemed to erase a good amount of these memories.

    Demonic Haven


    The birthplace of the daemon plague, theories suggest that a rare leak of magical energy from deep within the planet's core exists deep within the cave, (this much all the races can agree upon) but most attribute the creation of daemons to an infestation of pure magical energy, magic is only truly evil when it kills and consumes an essence, and so most of the other races, believe that humans were the first to transform, and accept the physical and mental manipulation of daemonic taint. Later the other races fell suit; unfortunately the creation of daemons was merely a pursuit of curiosity, not one of conquest and power. Hollowpoint is visited only by those wishing to waste their lives, or foolish thrill-seekers. The exact size of the cavern is immeasurable, as it is located in the most humid part of the planet, and much is yet to be researched about the location due to the danger associated with it.

    Arctic Splendor


    Pheas is the kingdom of the Nixies, they have resided in this subarctic zone for millions of years, and were only recently contacted by other races, such as the Elves. Pheas is enormous in size, but practically desolate, save for the underwater kingdom. And the animals that can traverse its long barren, icy, deserts. The underwater kingdom is located next to a fissure bursting with pure magical energies from the Divinity Well, which power is seeped from the very core of Rhye itself. These days Nixian society is troubled by racial inequality by fault of Pureblooded Nixies, those who are Hybird Nixians have few rights, and can never become nobles. A system many Hybrid Nixies wish they could change. Rather than confront the government, many leave for warmer waters, the second largest density of Nixians exists in Wicken, the purity of the water, along with peaceful neighbors makes it a nearly ideal place for Nixians to reside. Places like Croy are avoided because of noise, and pollutants within the water. Laurel, Kozamu, and the Umpire would be applicable places only if the Nixians knew how those races would take foreigners like them.
  4. Character Roster


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      At 5'8, Ravi is lofty and frail, almost frail enough to look as if she'd tip over with only one push of a finger. Dark, raven hair scissors across her forehead furling out into messy bangs across her face pointing in all directions, cut short only to keep out of the eyes, coupled with brimming green eyes nearly opaque in shade whose eyelids droop only slightly giving the young woman an unamused, neutral expression. Her body is described as slender, lacking in muscles, but making up for it in flexibility and dexterity. A high metabolism ensures that her weight stays constant. Thick veins penetrate fine layers of dermis over her bony structure, these blue lines stretch across this skin giving her a slightly ghostly appearance over her pale peachy skin. Brown freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks accentuate a child like appearance, misleading others on her actual age. A small, well proportioned nose frames her face, over thick scarlet lips. A common nickname for Ravi would be skeleton for her wiry frame, garnering looks of concern from superiors.
      Ravielle 'Ravi' Gullory

      Talkative, inquiring and knowledgeable; these are the first traits her instructors would use to describe her. Ravielle is chilled in demeanor, but fickle in her daily pursuits. The girl is intelligent on nearly all subjects, dipping her fingers in the most interesting of spices. She knows a little bit about everything, but this often fails to hold a candle against experts. She sometimes spread herself too thinly, and fails to see the qualities outside of her own superficial inspection. Yet, despite these setbacks she still brims with curiosity at the world, being around the street block of her lower district neighborhood has created a deep yearning for excitement and adventure for the young woman. Much of this is hidden by her usually unemotional, but friendly attitude, she comes off as a good companion to keep company, but detached from relationships one could say even fearful of them. She fears rejection and being misunderstood, she can hardly stand actual, earnest affection, having no parents has changed her to believe that people should be left alone, and that life can be lived without being committed to another person. This has also fed the autonomous, stubborn part of herself. On the outside she is seen as a slow, effective thinker, and a charm to be around, but on the inside she is a lost, trying to find her own way in life, instead of living through daydreams.

      Orphaned at the age of 6, Ravielle had a tough time adjusted to a world without parents. Her parents were archaeologists of sorts, born and raised in Detino where they planned to raise their daughter, were it not for their discoveries in Laurel. For 10 years they secluded themselves with the Chatkaw culture becoming one with one of the tribes who claimed to have a safe route through the Azrulian jungle, Ravielle was born during the first half of their expedition. She introduced a new dilemma for her parents, but they continued on with their journey, intent on discovering the jungle's secrets. Unfortunately, what they gained in knowledge was paid with sacrifice, instead of coming back to their outpost later that night, they had gone missing. A search party found only deceased bodies around a strange stone structure, but none were identified to be her parents. Too wary of the structure, the search team returned to the outpost, a bit heartbroken into having to tell the 5 year old about her parents who were likely deceased. Afterwards, the girl was sent back to Detino to live in an orphanage for a year. A small package was all she carried with her of her old life. As she moved through foster homes it was until she turned 6 that she was able to live with her god father in Croy. Separating her from her Posh roots. Her attitude changed quickly, instead of being reserved, she turned into more of an adventurous personality in the big city. She excelled in school, but lacked the social ability to gain friends. Leaving her more time for her studies, and her eventual acceptance to Hawke Academy.

      Holy Magic
      Weak Gravity Manipulation

      ~ Her magic deals in the art of buffering, protection, and healing; a talent provided by her time spent in Laurel during the early years of her life. Much stronger than her offensive magic, she is capable of healing tiny to moderately sized wounds. She practices for the sake of being able to save a life when they cannot seek medical attention in the battlefield. It is also enhanced by her studies in medicine, which she excels at in the Academy.

      ~ Much of her magic is centered on White magic, rather than elemental like most, meaning that her ability isn't all too impressive when used in offense. She is much more of a defensive magician than an offensive. Her white magic also takes longer to load cuasing her to often move around trying desperately to fill her charges when in battle, when she begins to use this magic.

      Ill Mont
      ~Two rapiers crafted from obsidian minerals, both are of average size for most swords, but contains the unique power to charge magical energy, a rarity for most weapons you can buy or craft in Croy. The rapiers bear sharp tipped points to ensure maximum damage, and easy reach. Though not Ravi's standard weapon she will use these on a frequent basis.

      ~Gilded Dwarven Daggers:
      ~These two daggers are gilded in gold ore, and scripted with Dwarven code to honor those who once wielded the daggers. These a few of the items her deceased parents left for her before she was moved to Croy. The daggers are sturdy and nearly unbreakable as evidenced from a fall they once broke for Ravi. A few chips mar the blades, but they still prove to be reliable weapons.

      ~Her Dexterity and love for acrobatics makes her a fast paced opponent to anyone standing in her way, her attacks are precise and inconsistent at times disabling the opponent or blinding them before they see her next move. Her moves aren't only flashy but deadly, as if she tangos with the opponent before truly landing her attack.
      ~She is normally the observer, she watches the behavior of her opponent before heading into battle, and isn't too keen on attacking without a plan in mind.
      ~Dual wielding is a strong ability of hers, often displaying a good amount of talent in the art. Even though most do not associate her as being a talented swordsman she proves to be tactile enough with her dual wielding ability. In fact, she prefers it over one handed weaponry.

      ~ Her frail stature makes her prone to exhaustion much earlier than those with stronger bones. She is not entirely skilled with the weapons, and because of her small clumsy hands she is oft to let her blades slip. Her defensive skills are weak leaving her open to flanking if she is not careful, she tends to bruise easily, and wounds are usually labored after before she decides to head back into battle.

      ~ She finds her fear sometimes inhibiting her from fighting certain opponents, though most of the time this is a quality that shows good intuition, not fear. Obviously, if one is faced with an opponent they realize they cannot possibly defeat, one should approach or abandon with caution.

      Theme Song

      ~A necklace hangs across the frame of her shoulders, a heart shaped necklace carved into gears, a symbol for the intelligent mortal, whose gears run to work as his ideas and morals shift. The necklace holds a mysterious property to it, one that was not explained to Ravielle by her parents.
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      Kael Goren

      To describe Kael one would need to spend copious amounts of time just trying to get his attention from his meditation, and then try to snap him out of his forever aloof attitude. From an early age, Kael was observed with having a slackish, slow reaction to everything, although this didn't necessarily denote mental slowness, it came across that way to those who hardly took the time to get to know him. Yet, when not in meditation, and around close companions, Kael is observed to be quite the inquiring, and curious young man, along with a good sense of humor, and a hearty almost overwhelming laugh. An elderly spirit stuck in a young body. Kael hardly fits in with his young generation, due to his constant reverence of warriors of the old, especially those of Luna and Telbet legend. Sp his attitude towards life has always served towards the side of honor, glory, and most of all personal freedom and happiness. While his idealism may annoy others, Kael is a natural at encouraging others when the cards seem down. The throes of depression rarely affect him, and he is usually content with much of the things around him.This side of his personality usually conflicts with the reserved side, which is only present when he is meditating, and perhaps a few hours after. At his worst, Kael is lazy, mellow, and indecisive, at his best Kael comes through as a trustworthy friend, and a strong warrior, with a soft heart. While others are usually distracted by his 6'5 stature, and naturally menacing looks, Kael is nothing but a gentle giant, just not in battle.

      As a Nephilon, life was hardly easy for the young boy. Born in Telbet to lowly servants of The Umpire, he was abandoned upon conception, sent to die under the heaps of trash in the palace, while the boy should have died, the saving grace was that big mouth of his, which cried up a storm, and he luckily found by a traveling merchant and his wife, who had little to offer for the denizens of The Umpire, but came back to Kozamu with a healthy baby boy. His father, who saw potential in the boy already inherent dark powers decided to have him sent off to a Dojo, a Dojo that would train him to hone his powers, although not through the ever present magic, but instead through Sol, an accomplishment yet to be earned by an Nephilon yet. Of course, like any creature, he had difficultly assessing Sol as a main power, not to mention his natural disposition with magic. To train he was forced to meditate daily to balance the two forces within him.

      Hand-to-Hand Combat
      Astral Trapping
      Elemental Fire Magic

      ~As far as Hand-to-Hand Combat is concerned this seems to be his greatest ability, he practices the art of Wen, which serves to disable the opponents limbs before use, and utilize the power of Sol through concentrated forces, not just physical attacks. Along with the powerful Runes on his gauntlets he can store weaker souls into each of the 26 runes placed around his arms to fight for him, or to simply use their essences to power more of his attacks. Lastly, his Fire Magic serves as a last resort and just happens to be quite powerful and destructive due to him neglecting his magical training, when in cohesion with his Hand-to-Hand Combat it proved to be quite deadly once.

      ~His heavy stature can cause him to become quite tired after a while, and he has little defense against magic like Necromancy and Blood Magic. He also has a tendency to become too distracted or even fearful of harmful magic when in close quarters combat.

      Ion Gauntlets
      ~Simple, gauntlets that look like bandages, and protect his knuckles from foreign damage.

      Rune Brazers
      ~Runes encircle the gauntlets he wears allowing him to charge his attacks with Sol, and allowing for stronger punches. The Rune Brazers also has soul trapping capabilities, he can trap weaker essences within the runes and summon them for a short time to fight for him.

      ~While he can tire more easily than lightweight warriors, that isn't to say the damage won;t be done by the time this comes to pass, his attacks are focused and intense, without much room for weakness. His magic despite being out of control, proves to be just as intense and without mercy.

      ~ He has little potency with magic, and when he does use this magic it tends to spurt out of control with no way of him controlling it himself. He has little proficiency with actual weapons other than his fists.


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      Serge Te'mutin
      Show Spoiler

      Name: Serge Te'mutin
      Age: 432
      You can hardly call the headmaster a friend, he acts as he must and ensures the balance between teacher and student within the Academy. He would often be mistaken as a student were it not for his height, which averages at about 6'8 which far out measures much of the population. For an elf, his body is mostly bulk, his slender features hidden by his years of training. As a youngster, he passed the "Magical Aptitude Exam ' In Wicken. and set out to make a name for his self, settling in Croy, heading the council for 36 years, and then becoming the head of the academy within the last hundred or so years. Serge is noted for his age, which if often a mystery to most students, though he claims he has lived long enough to maintain his position, his second wife, Mira, joins him as the Academy's vice headmaster.

      Serge is trained in the art of archery, although his magical aptitude is quite ancient and powerful. Often he holds back from using it as to not overwhelm foes, his magic is said to be so strong that Asharii can become enticed by even a fraction of it, contributing to its rare usage. He is a master of the bow and arrow, weapon configuration, and elemental magic.

      Mira Te'mutin
      ~:Vice Headmaster:~
      Show Spoiler

      Name: Mira "Haiwei' Te'mutin
      Age: 32
      Mira is the glue that keeps the Academy together, in a way she is more well-known than her own husband within the Academy hallways. She is noted for being charming, kind, and fair to those willing to treat her with respect. She hails from the plains of Laurel, and upon moving to Croy after a death in her family. She had a difficult time adjusting to the new atmosphere, that was until she met Serge upon her 22nd year, and since that initial meeting the two have never split from one another. As a Chatkaw, she mainly deal in white magic and its nuances, she also teaches her own quaterly class at the academy.

      Her leadership has provided the school several benefits, and advances from the Council. In fact, without her many of the provisions and donations from the city would be all but nil.
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