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  1. Hello All!
    I have decided to open up a shop..simply because I am bored and love making Avatars and Signatures. So if you like my work I'd be more than willing to make something for you.

    Here are a few things I have done.





    UPDATE: New signature made


    If you like what you see and wish for me to make you something please fill this form out.

    What You Want: (Signature, Avatar...etc...)
    Words: Ex. Blood_Keeper ( If you want words )
    Photos you wish to be used: Put the pictures you want used ( if any ) here
    Colors you want:

    If you do end up using my work I require that you put my username underneath the signature.
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  2. I'd love to have a signature made, if you wouldn't mind?
  3. Sure thing. What all would you want? And would you want it like mine or different?
  4. As you might be able to tell from my avatar, I love the moon and all the mythological beauty surrounding it.
    I was thinking, maybe you could write out "Mythical Nica" and include a beautiful moon with a few stars and shadows (blue, green or purple)?.
    Also, I'd like the text to be script, very elegant ^^

    Other than that, you have free creative liberty! Haha.
  5. Alright, I have a pretty cool idea floating in my head. Once finished I do ask that you give me credit for creating it. You know get the word out :p
  6. Awesome and of course, always proper to give credit! ^^
  7. Alright, Please give me at least a week ( it should not take that long ) to complete it. I should get it done today, but if not I go back to school tomorrow and may not be able to get it done as quickly as I would like.
  8. No problem, there's no hurry.
    Thanks for being so kind!
  9. Just finished up. Yours was easier than I expected. I thought creating the stars and such would be hard but it was not. So I shall put it here so Others can see it and then i'll message you the link.
  10. Oh my Gods, it's gorgeous!

    Thank you -hugs- Thank you so much!

    I love it! :D

    I added your name as a link, so people can click on it in my signature.
  11. Well thank you and glad you like it.
  12. I have an odd request, if you're interested?

    You did such a lovely job on my signature, I was wondering if you would be open to making a YouTube Channel art/banner?
    I've been trying to make my own and I'm so annoyed with measurement restrictions and I have no editing programs aside from Paint :/

    If you'd be willing, I'd ask that you put your logo or whatever you'd like somewhere in the banner so people can know you made it ^^
  13. I have never done a youtube banner so I need to know the dimensions.
  14. I attached a photo of the various measurements.


    Also, I can send a few pictures I'd like to have used for the banner, if you're interested?
  15. Very nifty Avi work, I would love to see you post more as you make them <3
  16. Thank you, if you ever want anything let me know.
  17. I love all of your art pieces! Would you be willing to make a signature for me too?
  18. Sure just message me what you want