The Keepers of Knowledge

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  1. Elvira Summers curled up in the seat, tucked away in the library alcove, and was deeply absorbed into her book by this time. She played with her long, dark blue hair as she avidly read. This was perfect for her - just being alone with her book, with nobody to make her feel awkward or weird - because she was an Aspie. She had difficulty in social situations, so she tended to shy away from other people.

    Also, to make her even more complicated, she was completely and utterly gay. Yeah, Elvira liked girls, but everyone treated her like a leper for it, even her parents, so during the holidays, she spent a lot of time just hanging out in the library, where she was a librarian's assistant. It was quiet most of the time but she liked that though - it gave her the opportunity to think.
  2. Roxanne Anderson or 'Roxy' known to most, walked inside the library and was accompanied with a group of people tailing behind her. And to think--she was the new girl in town! But for some reason, Roxy had a knack in socializing with people she had just met and they instantly became friend after a few conversation they have made. Maybe it was because she was a military brat? Since her father's work requires their family to travel from place to place, Roxy was used to mingling with different kinds of people.

    But still, even despite her ability to make friends easily, Roxy can't help but feel empty once in a while. I mean, for someone who won't be able to stay in one place to even remeber the way to the nearest mall how can she be able to form a strong bond with anyone? Really, she couldn't even stay longer to even complete a semester at school! But still even despite that, she still won't give up. In fact, she even has a feeling in her gut that things will be different. She doesn't know what but she knew it was there.

    Though why was she in the library? Oh yeah, one for her 'friends' say that she wanted to returned a book she had borrowed. Though Roxy never really understood why people love to read books. She couldn't really stand having to sit all day and read. Roxy was more of a socialite then a bookworm. But still since she was already here, she might as well check out if there were some fashion magazines for her to look at.

    "Excuse me, you wouldn't know if there are magazine available here now, would you?" She spoke as she was standing across the counter looking the girl with long blue hair and her face buried--or if it were possible, glued onto her face.
  3. Elvira looked up and she was stunned by how beautiful this girl looked - she was definitely not like any other girl that Elvira had ever seen. However, she tried to remain cool and shook her head. "N-no. I think Marian might have some though. I-I'll just go check."

    The blue haired girl carefully bookmarked her place in her book, and got up, heading up the stairs towards the head librarian's office, her mind awhirl at this newcomer. Who was she? Elvira felt butterflies in her stomach upon thinking of the gorgeous girl.

    She finally found the couple of magazines that the head librarian had lying around her office and she brought them back down to the counter. "Here you go." She brushed her blue hair away from her heart shaped face, revealing more of her almond shaped brown eyes.

    "I-I'm Elvira by the way." She shyly introduced herself, trying not to stare, at least until she found out which way the cutie across from her swung.
  4. "N-no. I think Marian might have some though. I-I'll go check." Aww, how cute, she's stuttering. She must be shy, Roxy though as she focused on surpressing her urge to giggle. She was about to tell her to not bother with the magazine anymore since she was only inquiring if they had any, but the girl was too quick on her feet and had quickly disappeared at the second floor of the building.

    Roxy had been checking her blonde bob-cut hair for any signs of split-end and was thinking on whether or not she should trim them or not when the girl finally came back.

    "Here you go." She said as she handed her a variety of magazines in hand. Though she wasn't sure whether or not she should borrow them since she had some of the same things back at home. She had only just wanted to skimmed through them while she waited for her group to finish their errands.

    She was going to tell Elvira her intentions when she got distracted by the girls brown eyes. Pretty, she thought. She couldn't help but feel flustered by such eyes. It was a first for her.

    She was then pulled back to the real world when she noticed the other girl had introduced herself to her. "I-I'm Elvira by the way." Was her shy introduction.

    Elvira, what a cute name, she thought and was about to introduced herself to her when one of her friends called out to her.

    "Roxy! Come on! We're going to the skate park!" One of her male companions had called out to her. "Let's go already or we'll leave without you."

    "Hold on!" Was her quick reply to them. She then gave the magazine back to Elvira and looked at her with sincerity in her eyes. "Sorry to have troubled you. I'll see you again." She said with a smile on her face and quickly ran towards her friends and exited the library with them. Though she did gave Elvira a small wave before she disappeared behind the doors of the library.

    ((Going to have to wave the white flag, I am super sleepy. To be continued!))
  5. The next day, Elvira was back on duty at the library, but she couldn't help but hope that the pretty girl from yesterday would be back. She seemed like a popular girl though, the type who never paid shy Elvira any attention, unless it was to tease her for not being normal.

    She glanced up at the door when she heard the bell go, and her heart skipped a beat. It was that girl -Roxy, her friends had called her - but on her own this time. Elvira quickly brushed her hair back from her face and set down the book.
  6. Roxy had entered the library yet again, but it wasn't for the reason that she wanted to read a book. No not that. It was something entirely different. So lost her braclet. She had been looking for it EVERYWHERE to the point she was retracing her steps yesterday in hopes she'll be able to find it. Sure, she had called up the others hoping maybe they had it with them but to no avail. Roxy was desperate. That braclet was something precious to her despite it being an old-worn out thing. It was made from intertwining colorful strings and looks as if it hadn't been washed for year--which was actually a fact. Roxy had always worn that thing ALWAYS. She never thought to remove it ever since she had worn it. She even have the crease on her skin to prove it.

    As she entered the library her first instinct was to ask for the librarian. She looked happy, when she saw it was Elvira. "You!! Um, Elvira, wasn't it? I need your help." He asked her in despiration. Voice hoarse and was covered in sweat, obviously she had been running all day.
  7. "You!! Um, Elvira, wasn't it? I need your help." Elvira instantly picked up that the other girl's voice was hoarse, and judging from the sheen on her forehead, she had also been running a lot.

    Elvira hopped over the counter and hurried across the large room to her. "Uh, yeah, what's up?" She asked, concerned now.
  8. "Bracelet." She said in between breaths as she placed both hands on Elvira's shoulder. "Have you seen it?" By around this time she had finally caught her breath. "Its a colorful one. Dirty and old. Handmade. Have you seen it?" Roxy wasn't especially gifted with words to best describe things but she was straight-forward with them and it was enough of a description she needed to convey. "I lost it yesterday. I mist have dropped it somewhere but I don't know where. Please, if you found it, can you please tell me and give it back to me. Its really precious." She said and was evident in her tone that she was desperate at this point.

    She was looking straight at Elvira's brown eyes. Cerculean clashed with Hazel brown. You could tell that Roxy was really really desprate. And the look on her face, looked to be that a huge rock had fallen on top of her and she was trap between the debri and flooring. It was a hopeless escape. And the only way she could get out from it was Elvira. "Please," she pleaded to her. "Please."
  9. "Its a colorful one. Dirty and old. Handmade. Have you seen it?" When Roxy started talking about a bracelet, Elvira's mind flashed back to yesterday afternoon after the group of teenagers had left...


    As it was coming near closing time, Elvira decided to clean up a bit to help out the head librarian. She picked up the broom from the archive room upstairs, and carried it down, starting to sweep the dusty wooden floor of the library.

    As she was sweeping near the counter, something caught her eye and she leaned down, picking up the object from the floor under the wooden counter. Her brown eyes gazed at it as she took it in - it was a bracelet. A colourful one. She pocketed it, knowing that eventually someone would have to come and look for it.


    She reached into her pocket, and pulled out the bracelet. "Is this it?" She asked with a smile, hoping that it was. "I-I found it here yesterday when I was cleaning up, and I knew that someone would come and claim it sooner or later."'
  10. "Is this it? ...I-I found it here yesterday when I was cleaning up, and I knew that someone would come and claim it sooner or later."

    Roxy's eyes widen when Elvira had showed her the bracelet she was indeed looking for. She snatched it from the other girls hand and immediately placed it back on her wrist. Once it was back on its rightful place, she looked up at Elvira again and suddenly lunge herself onto her. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she said gratefully to her. Usually most people would think of it as trash and would just throw it away since it looked dirty and all. She was glad that Elvira wasn't like most people. "Usually most people would throw something so dirty like this away. Your such an odd person." she said without any ill intention in her tone. Indeed this girl was odd she thought but she was thankful that she was.
  11. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

    Elvira's eyes widened when she was suddenly jumped on, and her cheeks flamed a dark red. She wasn't used to being this close to another human being, and it was peculiar. She could smell Roxy's perfume...maybe vanilla?

    "I just...I have something similar." Elvira displayed her wrist to the other girl, showing her the dirty bracelet with the silver charm hanging from it. "My first girlfriend gave me this bracelet, and I haven't ever taken it off since it was first put on there." There, now it was out. As soon as the words left her mouth, she wished she could shove them back in, or that the ground would swallow her up there and then to save herself any more embarrassment.
  12. Girlfriend? she thought, though her term for girlfriend to her is bestfriend. She smiled at her and was glad to hear it, although even if it was a misunderstanding.

    "Me too! My girlfriend also gave this to me!" She said ever so happily.
  13. Elvira's eyebrows rose when she heard this, but from many a time of misunderstandings, she knew to check to make sure that the meaning was the same. "Um, we might mean a different meaning here....when I said girlfriend, I meant my girlfriend, not my friend who is a girl, but...Yeah."

    She nervously bit her lip, playing with the ends of her long, inky-blue hair. "So, erm, are you n-new in t-town?"
  14. "Oh!" Was Roxy's reaction to what it was she meant. So it was 'that' kind of girlfriend. She had to admit she was surprised by then she was suddenly curious about her. Though she had met a ton of gay friends but most were male so this was a first for her to meet a girl that is gay too. "Are you gay?" She asked, again without any ill intention to her words.

    Elvira suddenly changed the subject by asking her if she was new. "So, erm, are you n-new in t-town?"

    "Yes, yes I am!" She said cheerful. "Soo, what is it like?" Curiosity got the best of her. "Is it hot? How do you do it?" Somany questions about female to female relationship came running out her perfectly glossed mouth.
  15. "Yeah, I'm gay, but I've only ever had one girlfriend before, because I'm not exactly the most appealing of people to be attracted to." Elvira sighed and turned around, picking up the papers from the library counter.

    "Do you have a boyfriend?" The pretty blue-haired girl glanced back at Roxy as she headed for the news section of the library, leaving down the papers for whoever came in.
  16. "I had one. We broke up before. My family and I moved." She said following just right behind her. "But you are cute! Well, if you like tie your hair up and maybe wear some cute clothes, you'll definitly be cute." She said offering her some girly advice.
  17. "I prefer wearing my jeans and t-shirt, since I'm not really a girly girl." Elvira confessed. "I'm actually really into skateboarding, and whenever I'm not here working, I'm there practicing on my board." She glanced at the clock and picked up her bag from behind the counter.

    "Speaking of, this is me for the day. See you around." She gave Roxy a small wave and a shy smile before heading towards the doors.
  18. "Oh, alright." She said smiling. "Oh wait! Where are you going? Are you busy? Since you found my bracelet and all the least I could do is to treat you." She said trying to stop her from leaving her behind.
  19. "I was just going to head home and grab my board before going to the skate park, and really you don't need to treat me. I just did a good deed." Elvira glanced back, surprised at what Roxy suggested. "Y-you could come with m-me if you like?" She nervously suggested.
  20. "To the skate park? Won't I be a bother to you over there?" She asked shyly. "I don't know how to skate but I allways wanted to try though."