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    Billions of years ago, when time itself began and light emerged from the darkness, the first eternal reality was formed, this first reality came to be known as the the keeper by the few that had witness it first hand; within this mysterious reality, a towering whirlwind of blue energy could be found spinning amongst a rocky, barren wilderness of nothingness, all that could be found is an acient rune of power at the base of the twister. From the first days of existence the whirlwind of energy within the keeper erupted, creating a new reality from the essence of a giant glowing ruin at the center of the whirlwind

    As the new reality began to come to shape, something unforeseen happened when the rune cracked and smashed itself into two separate pieces, during this moment the singular pure reality it was creating split off into two separate realities, one which held the blueprints to science and understanding known as Cyris , and the other being injected and consumed by the reality of magic and mystery know an Aelara.

    As the regular process of time proceeded, the first reality continued the common and best known side of human understanding, where man started the industrial revolution, went to war, sent man to the mood and creative the first star-ships, meanwhile in the other reality- Aelara, instead of science, magic became the focus of religion, understanding and reason.

    Magic brought life to creatures, races and animals which were incredibly different from the first reality, besides the humans theirselves, this land was full of hybrid creature and other bizzar creations such as talking birds and tree's.

    Meanwhile, in the reality of Cyris, humanity through science had created huge cities, filled with lights and sound, technology beyond imagination and things that many would call a miracle or impossible, in this reality the year 2350 had just arrived, and now mega-corporations now ruled the earth, keeping civilians in check and forming an almost dictatorial ruler-ship of the people.

    In each of these realities, a couple could be found. Each the same as their alternative selves yet also differing in certain aspects, each identical couple being split by reality and time, and mysteriously each couple split by reality would find their-selves in similar circumstances. On futuristic side of reality a girl named Lara could be found, yet on the side formed by magic, Inara, each girl found their-selves experiencing vivid dreams, dreams of each-other, dreams of each of their realities which felt far too real to be a dream.

    They both dreamed about the mysterious reality, the keeper, the vortex of existence yet somehow they could communicate within this space... It was truly a mystery to them, something they couldn't comprehend but somehow, they were connected.. and yet unknown to their partner, so were they.
    An event was coming, something unexpected, and awakening as the rune in the realm of the keeper, began to tremble once again.


    Hello there everyone!

    So, this is a completely original role-play, this RP will be generated and created by the two of us from the ground up, including a large cast of side and NPC characters as well as our main characters, this story is open to M x F or F x F dynamics, they can also be siblings or un-related, I also want this RP to be fairly serious in terms of effort and the length of posts!

    I have a lot of idea's and possible stories for this RP but these will be discussed and explored more between the two of us, this is our story and I hope that we can make this last for a very long time!

    The story will be unique in that it will explore two characters each making up two individual couples, the role-play with shift between realities, one realty is in the far future within a dystonia cyber-punk themed city, while the other is in a fantasy world, mixing both aspects of medieval and steampunk themes.

    The two couples are different iterations of the same people. And as the plot moves forward, the symmetry between the two realities will become more and more apparent.

    Player decisions will be incredibly important in how things play out. The two player characters in each reality are also not aware of the other reality couple, but as the story goes on they may soon realise the connection.

    Now, I know this sounds confusing but parallel universe/mixed reality stories can be like that!

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me or leave a message here!

    Thank you! :)
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  2. This sounda like it could be really fun. I don't do cyberpunk, steampunk, or clockwork rps because I don't know enough about them. If you are fine with working me through it, then I may be interested.

    I'll be on a computer in an hour or so, so I'd love to talk more about this.
  3. I'd be more than happy to walk through it with you and make it easier, send me a PM when you are able too!

    Also, still looking! Happy to have several partners! :)
  4. Sorry that things didn't work out at all between us. Good luck and hope someone with more knowledge and less issues pounces on this for you.
  5. Thank you! I'm sorry too!
  6. Hey, if you're still looking I'll be more than happy to discuss this with you.
  7. Let me PM you! :)

    And I'm always looking!
  8. Are you crazy about post length?
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