The Karsikan Servedus School of Heretic-Spotting

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  1. Belle

    "In any case, no matter how unstable." She leaned over to pat Gwens head. She scrunched her face in response before Belle finished "You all may be, we are glad to have some powerful people here to help us out."
  2. Gwen

    "Honest to goodness I worry about him." She smirked and Belle grinned

    "You get used to it. Alright come on now, I want to know I can kick your ass." Gwens eyes rolled and she formed two bone daggers in her hands

    "Alright alright. My guess is we fight until one of us is unconscious or on the ground, do you want to do this like wrestlers?"

    "Sure. Besides I really don't want to have to wake you up." With a smile Belle directed her weapon towards Gwen. Before she could process it, Gwen found herself blocking a nearly direct hit towards her ribcage. She found herself blocking again and again, failing to get strikes towards Belle.
  3. Am I the only one that sees Toy Story in that?
  4. Nope, you're not.
  5. Tegan
    I am calm and watched as Carrie took care of her. She seemed to be very careful...
    "Ueah she is a tough." I say and nod. Carrie then asked me if i knew anyone who healed.
    "No..i don't. " i say and shook my head. I bite my lip. Was there anyone who had those powers yet?

    "Yeah I am glad to find someone to find mystery with too. " i say with a smile.
    "Alright...i guess all we can do now is wait." I say leaning back," yeah that family is very..wierd?
    I laughed at her comment
    "Nope no one has." I say and laughed.

    He was acting wierd. I just shrug
    "Oh...Alright. " i say with a nod and gets up.

    "Oh..hey. sorry. Did i wake you?"i askrd gently

    "Hu...i see. Must be confusing for you. Although it is wierd. How did the people here know you have powers when you didn't even know. Also how come you didn't know you had powers till now-honestly from what i heard most of the people here got their powers fairly young." I say
  6. Name: Seria
    Age: 27
    Gender: Valen
    Dimensional Type: 3-D
    Dimension ID: Jaurn, Re Ver. E-147 |6592|
    Race: (open)
    Crynn - The Crynn share their planets home system with another race named the Vulgen. Due to their planet, Jaurn, being located behind a massive wall of meteors light from their sun, Luvein, rarely ever touches the planets surface. Thanks to this their planet is almost perpetually pitch black and the life that manages to survive the harsh climate has developed other ways of seeing.
    Jaurn has a low oxygen environment, and thanks to this the Crynn are able to survive without oxygen for several hours. However they do have some issues in high oxygen environments and often need special masks to limit the amount of oxygen that they breath in.

    The Crynn's vision is extremely unique, they do not see the way other races to (reflective light) instead they see through a combination of thermal and echolocation. The thermal and sound waves react to allow the Crynn to see shapes, and the Crynns 'hearing' is so sensitive that they can 'hear' the heart beats of their prey fifty feet away. Due to this fact Crynn also have to wear specially made goggles to dampen most sounds else they will go blind from the noise pollution.
    Also yes Crynn 'see' sound so they actually also see people talking and sometimes need to work out if what they are seeing is noise or speech. Crynn eyes also tend to fluctuate through colors meaning visually its like a swirl of colors. One major consequence of their sight is that a blind Crynn is also a deaf Crynn.

    The Crynn have claws sharpened and hardened from years of climbing the rocks and caves of Jaurn. The Crynn can use these claws to easily climb almost any surface and travel along the ceilings. In total all Crynn have between 18 - 20 claws. Four per hand, four per foot, and between two to four on their tail. The claws on their hands and feet are not overly long, between an inch and ten inches are the normal length. However their tails claws are fully prehensile and easily reach between a foot and three feet in length. The Crynns tail itself has a unique musculature structure which allows it to stretch and contract. The tail lacks any bones within, instead the unique musculature structure will retain the tails shape no matter its length. When fully extended the tail is at its weakest, and as the tail contracts the strength within will grow. The most common use of the tail is to grab prey, but it can also be used to lift and throw heavy objects.

    The Crynn's body is lithe, built for speed and stealth. Thanks to this most Crynn can only hold their own weight up allowing them to crawl on ceilings, but that's about it. In fact most races can easily pick Crynn up since they are so light. The Crynns tail however is strong enough to lift heavy objects, on average most Crynn tails can easily lift four times their body weight, but those with more training can lift up to nine or even ten times their body weight.

    While the Crynn have feline or vulpine shaped 'ears' these are not actually ears, instead they emit a unique frequency. This frequency has a few purposes, the first is that it emits a constant pulse around the Crynn allowing them to see shapes in silent environments. The second purpose is that two Crynn can uses this frequency as a completely silent way of speaking to one another. There are a few other uses but they are irreverent, like being able to 'see' what gender other Crynn are.

    Gender is not quite the same as other races, visually all Crynn look to be female, however genetically all Crynn are hermaphroditic. The Crynn have three gender 'names' based on the Vulgen words for their gender. Valen (male or breeder in Vulgen language), the higher frequency state which has all privates (breasts, vagina, member), this gender tends to have worse eyesight but can see further. Ulrin (female or den mother in Vulgen language), the lower frequency with only feminine parts, they tend to have stronger but closer eyesight. Then their third gender, and the only gender that doesn't use a Vulgen word, the Lorin, a 'flat' middle frequency. The Lorin roughly translates to 'pure' in the Crynn tongue and has the unique capability of utilizing some Vulgen abilities. Lourin also sports all privates similar to Valen.
    Uniquely thanks to not being able to 'see' normally most Crynn refer to other races as 'it'. They don't tend to see this as derogatory, they purely use this term since they cant see what gender the other race is actually. When corrected they will use the proper terms.

    Aging in Crynn culture is very similar to Vulgen with a few key differences. Crynn cant see in the thermal spectrum until they turn two to three years old. Once they can see normally Crynn are counted as children and start going through their training, schooling, and are allowed out of their caregivers line of sight. Crynn become sexually mature at sixteen and this is when they are counted as 'teenagers'. This lasts until Crynn turn thirty where they finally are counted as adults. Crynn themselves are able to survive longer than the Vulgens one thousand years, living for nearly twice that at one thousand eight hundred years. However if given the choice most Crynn would not actually live that last hundred years since that is when their bodily functions start naturally failing and they start losing their senses.
    Now Crynn spend the first twenty years of their life either on their planet or on their specially built space stations. Similar to Vulgen the Crynn will learn how to fight, hunt, behave, and eventually training in their future job. For most of this 'prey' has been used, and this is because most Crynn are assassins, using their natural talents to stalk and eventually kill their foes. However the Crynn's unique body can be used in many other situations including search and rescue, police, and even mining.

    Appearance: (open)
    Seria has short red fur over most of her body. This is a dyed color and her natural dark blue color will be seen every few weeks. Though she does not dye her hair color so her lower back length hair is still a dark blue color. She also tends to keep her hair up, be it in a tail, or bun. Her eyes fluctuate through various colors, which is normal for her race, though when shes focusing on specific sounds they will glow.
    She wears a specially made mask which dampens loud sounds while not preventing softer sounds from getting through, so she can easily hear people talking when she needs to. The mask also lowers the amount of oxygen that she breaths in. Its technically two parts so she can remove the top or bottom, she finds this nicer than goggles and a breather, and part of that may be because its shaped like a fox which she finds adorable. The mask will hide her feline facial features, thus she only really removes this for friends or lovers.

    Her claws are kept at a nice three inches, allowing her easy grip into the surfaces around the mall while not causing enough damage for complaints to come her way. Her three tail claws however she keeps at a much longer two and a half feet. Her tail itself normally stands behind her at six foot long, three and a half if you don't count the claws. She is able to tighten and shrink it another foot though finds that uncomfortable. She can also comfortably stretch her tail out to ten feet not counting the claws, fifteen feet is her limit however.

    Height wise Seria barely touches four foot four inches, and weight wise she is only sixty three pounds. She also wont grow much more than this. She has trained her tail a lot and can lift eight times her body weight, though she is constantly aiming to increase that even more. She has also dulled her tail claws down, after all she is aiming to capture and pin criminals, not kill them.

    Clothing wise Seria wears extremely light cloths that breath easily. Even her gear is often made of light materials. Part of this is because she doesn't want extra weight when climbing around, but another part is because her race doesn't really wear cloths and cloths was only introduced into their culture by the Vulgen (no point wearing cloths if you cant 'see' modesty) so shes more doing this for other races benefits.

    Personality: Seria is very brash, she tends to over estimate her skills and under estimate her foes. Part of this could be thanks to growing up learning how to hunt and kill, but another part is probably the fact shes still technically a teenager.
    She also tends to get combatative whenever her race is brought up, thouhg this is definitely thanks to the fact that whenever anyone sees her their immediate thought is usually 'assassin'.

    Now beyond that Seria is quite nice. She loves hearing new noises, especially new people, and tends to get excited easily. Though, more out of playful nature than intent to be mean, she does have a habit of, even after being corrected, still refer to people she knows (and thus knows the correct term to use) as 'it'. Sometimes she does this all the time, other times she slips it in to see if anyone notices.

    Rank: B
    Position: Runner
    Gear Customization: Seria's gear is light, grips to her body allowing her to easily climb and move with no issues. She tends to only wear the most important things. So a radio, cuffs, entropiece, shield, and a Vulgen made 'light gun'...which is pretty much just a high powered flashlight.
    The radio and cuffs are both kept for obvious reasons. Same with the entropiece. The arm mounted energy shield most other Runners have has been customized and put on her tail...most of the customization is simply there to allow it to easily sit on her tail no matter how much she stretches it. The light gun is the only unnecessary thing she has. It does no damage, after all its a flashlight, but she has found that a blind target is more easily captured than one that isnt blind. So she keeps it for easily capturing of targets.
  7. John

    He pulled away but kept his arms around her. "Fine. So, should we call in the other two?"
  8. Don't forget to bring your tithes to the Emperor while your at it... you might get shot! or worse!
  9. Jason

    "As long as I don't have a reason, I don't really plan to shoot anything else." He shrugged and followed.
  10. Jason

    He pointed a thumb at Gwen. "Exactly. You think of this place as some sanctuary of justice or something. Seems to me this place isn't much different from Dagger."
  11. Belle

    "Hawthornes not a villain. Okay he isn't. I've known him for years and I love the man like an uncle..." she thought about it now and noticed how things had changed. She didn't want them to have to change. She swallowed "He's a good man. And yes he does have a white Persian cat...Kemper. Er, but that's not the point." She claimed flustered as she went over to the table. "This place isn't bad. I promise it isn't."
  12. Colette Fournier

    My head shoots up when I hear someone else speaking my native tongue. It's the woman ((Carrie)). She's towering over me with this concerned expression, but I know it's all a trick! Dirty tricks! My parents must've sent me here. Dumping their poor excuse for an offspring in the hands of some sort of sick organization. Maybe this is a holding center? An underground one? Where am I? Lyon? Bretagne? No, that can't be it...they're all dressed oddly. Even I'm dressed oddly--what is this baggy trash on me?! So loose and huge...I feel out of place. Trapped. The feeling intensifies as two more people appear, closing in on me like fascinated predators.

    Get away from me! D-don't touch me!

    "Restez en arrière! Ne vienez pas près de moi! (Stay back! Don't come near me!)" I scoot back until my hand slaps on a step. There're several of them, leading up to what I presume is the second floor of wherever I am. I start feebly crawling up it, my wide eyes glued to my captors. I focus on the woman who spoke French earlier. "O-où suis-je? Quelle partie de la France?
    (W-where am I? What part of France?)" I ask. I don't want to be here! Where's Quinn? Quinn! Get me out of here! Please!



    I don't hear a single word from her...mon Dieux...Non. Non, non, non, NON! Quinn!

    "QUINN!" I scream in anguish, clutching my chest. The air has become even thinner than before. Liquid heat trails down my cheeks.

    Please, Quinn...please. Get me out of here. W-why did you let me wake up in this? Where's the apartment? I thought it was just us? No one else. No more hurting. No more trusting others. I know--we both know that we can't rely on anyone but ourselves! What happened to that? What changed?! I keep crawling up, though I have no idea where I'm going.

  13. And then WMD and Karsikan were the heretics.
  14. Would Karsikan and Servedus please report to the Education Hub for Self-Flagellation? That's Karsikan and Servedus to the Education Hub. Thank you.
  15. Belle

    "We have guards for safety procautions, especially with new members." She glanced down at the table before peeking back up "And besides, it's better to have them there than to not."
  16. Demi

    It kills me to see how fucking torn up and terrified she is to get some sleep. I know she talked about nightmares and shit, but I didn't think she was this worried about. When she says my voice would be beautiful, I swear all of the blood in my fucking body rushes to my face. Goddammit, Helen! Don't just say shit like that casually!

    I huff while fussing with my hair. "Don't get your hopes up, Chipmunk. I'm decent enough to where I won't make ya ears bleed, but that's about it." I exhale one more time, hoping to work some of the nerves out of me, before turning around and pressing my back to the edge of the bed. I pull my knees up a bit and lazily drape my arms across them. I try to think of some words on spot, though it's kinda hard. I'm finally starting to wonder how in the hell Koda made it look so fucking easy. That dude is actually a damn unicorn in disguise, isn't he?

    Shaking out of my thoughts, I clear my throat and hum under my breath--I haven't done vocal warm ups in years. Who knows, I might sound like a dying donkey by now. Finally, some words come to me and I start singing lowly, just loud enough for it to travel the short space between us.

    "Here a hero lies in bed, the best of friends I ever had. This world just wouldn't be the same without you..."

    Well, I mean, my world wouldn't be the same. I don't know about anyone else because, obviously, I'm not them. But that shit doesn't matter.

    "A vision of love and honesty, in your eyes that's all I see. Helen, I'm sure your dreams are just the same...You can fall asleep, as long as I'm here to keep you safe."

    Of course, it's not like her presence doesn't help me either. I'd probably be out doing some horrible shit right now...probably interrogating those collecting fuckers, hurting them...maybe even worse. And then what? It'd all be for nothing, and I'd just be left feeling lost and disgusted with myself like always.

    "No matter when, no matter how, no matter may come around...Where we are is safe and sound."

    I let my voice die for a bit. I don't have much else--just singing that stuff alone took a shit ton out of me. I'm not used to this, it's fucking weird. Weird, but strangely right. I just come back to the opening line, figuring that would make a good set of lyrics to repeat until Chipmunk calmed.

    "...Here a hero lies in bed, the best of friends I ever had...This world just wouldn't be the same without you."

    I think my hands are shaking. this stage fright? Fucking hope not. I mean, it's not like my voice is shaky or anything, but my hands look like I'm getting ready to fall into a seizure.
  17. “Don’t be afraid of her anya. She’s just scared.” *arthur laughed softly * “otherwise she wouldn’t be hiding.” *alexander waved his hand and Arthur got flung against the wall and into the seat* “I have no idea where you got this superiority complex from.”
  19. Melody gave him a tiresome look.
  20. Guilty of 7...

    But us Fleashtearers like our fleashtearing relics from the time the emperor walked among us! :[