The Justice League of America: "Dignity, Honour, Justice" (OoC)

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  1. The Justice
    League Of

    Honour, Justice"


    With the rise of super crime becoming more predominant in the world, a group of heroes have joined up to combat the threat on a much higher scale. How? By looking over the entire planet rather then just focus on one area in particular.

    (More to come, this is more or less a placeholder description)


    Character Roster (open)
    We'll be accepting up to eight players. You may may have up to three characters (if you can handle it, that is). You are also allowed to play either a Hero, or somebody Walking the Line between Good and Evil.

    We may be allowing more people to join later on, but 8 is our starting cut-off number.

    1.) Richard "Dick" Grayson / Robin - Sora1297

    2.) Raven - Ravenbelle

    3.) Batman - The Afterman

    4.) The Question - Razilin

    5.) Huntress - Avower

    6.) Barbara Gordon - Seeking Calliope

    7.) Starfire - Kota



    Waiting List: For those who wish to join, but all spots are taken at the time.










    Story Arcs (open)
    Those arcs highlighted in Green are completed, while those highlighted in Red are the arc we're currently doing, and those highlighted in Yellow are arcs we haven't gotten to yet, but are planning for the future or are up next.

    Footnote: Each page we reach in the IC counts as an "Issue" for the story arc (ex. If it takes 12 pages to finish the first story, then that story will be comprised of issues 1-12. The next issue will start at 12 and begin the cycle again)

    ~~ Descriptions by Mr. Alan Moore! ~~
    ... impersonator

    "There's not plots just yet, so fuck off. I mean it, move on."


    Character Sheet (open)
    **Note: "Walking the Line" pertains to characters who act like heroes sometimes, and villains other times. Examples of this would be Red Hood or Deadshot. They're not evil, but they kill heroes and villains alike.**

    Any already known DC character is up for grabs (except a select few such as Darkseid), but feel free to ask if the character you want to use would be allowed in an RP setting.

    Appearance: (If they have a civilian look, include an image of it as well. Wether you use real or drawn images is up to you, as it really doesn't matter).

    Name: (First, Last. Middle name and Nicknames are optional)


    Age: (12-78 for humans)

    What kind of Hero are you?!: (Hero, or Undecided/Walking the Line between Good and Evil)

    Background and Hero/Villain Origins: (info on your characters life and a run-through of their origin story. Should be three paragraphs minimum.)

    Powers/Abilities: (Can be made-up, or posted from Wikipedia)

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw: (For every power, there is a weakness. Tell us about the things that make your character vulnderable)

    Relationship: (Do you have any heroic/villainous best friends? Perhaps you are associated with a team prior to this story, or have a fling with another costumed character? This can and should be updated as the RP goes on. I can take care of that if you won't)

    Occupation: (Optional, if your character has an alternate identity)

    Other: (include any additional information here)

    Sample Post: (can be from Civilian POV or Hero POV. Must be 3 paragraphs minimum)


    My Sheet (open)



    Richard "Dick" Grayson


    "Robin, the Boy Wonder"

    **Just because my Robin still exists doesn't we can't tie in Tim Drake and Jason Todd, should anybody want to play them later on.**



    What kind of Hero are you?!:


    Background and Hero/Villain Origins:

    Dick was a circus acrobat, and, with his parents, one of the "Flying Graysons". While preparing for a performance, Dick overheard two gangsters attempting to extort protection money from the circus owner. The owner refused, so the gangsters sabotaged the trapeze wires with acid. During the next performance, the trapeze from which Dick's parents were swinging snaps, sending them to their deaths. Before he could go to the police, Batman appeared and warned him that the two gangsters worked for Tony Zucco, a very powerful crime boss, and that revealing his knowledge could lead to his death. When Batman recounted the murder of his own parents, Dick asked to become his aide. After extensive training, Dick became Robin.

    After successfully managing to take down Tony Zucco, Robin became Batman's ward and had helped him countless times with the issues circling around Gotham City and its super-criminal issue.


    Dick Grayson possesses the peak athletic strength and endurance of a man in his mid-twenties who regularly engages in intensive physical exercise. His martial arts skills rival those of Batman. He is a master of dozens of martial arts disciplines and was rigorously trained by his mentor in everything from escapology to criminology, fencing, stealth, disguise, and numerous other combat/non-combat disciplines.

    Grayson is a prodigious natural athlete, possessing a peak human level of agility/acrobatic skills. He is regarded as the greatest human acrobat in the DC Universe.[30] He is the only human on Earth who can do the quadruple somersault (formerly one of three, the other two being his parents). Having had the finest education as Bruce Wayne's ward, he fluently speaks in English, Romanian (his first language), French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, the alien language of Tamaran, and American Sign Language. He is also a brilliant and experienced strategist with superlative leadership skills. Additionally, Dick's interpersonal skills and efforts to remain in contact with other heroes makes him a master at rallying, unifying, and inspiring the superhero community, a skill in which he has surpassed his mentor.


    His metal quarter staff and a modified motorcycle called the
    Batpod (open)

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:

    Much like his partner, Richard is only human. Bullets, Knives, Fires, Explosions, Falling from Heights, and pretty much anything else lethal to a human being can kill him. Richard also is a little cocky and finds himself butting-heads with Batman every now and again, much like how a real teenage son would act towards his father.


    Batman - Trainer and Partner-in-Crime (Fighting)

    Barbara Gordon - (depends on what role Seeking Calliope puts her in)

    Alfred Pennyworth - Trusted Butler and loyal Friend (second father, next to Batman)

    He's currently single, but is always looking (despite Batman's warnings about dating while involved with this line of work)


    None, but he goes to a Private School (occasionally, when he's not fighting crime)


    Robin's always wanted a dog...


    ... Unfortunately, Batman won't let him adopt one. Stupid Batman...

    Sample Post:




    "Ey, what's ya problem, "Bulb"? Not scared of the cops, are ya?"

    "Its not the cops we should be worried about man, its those damn vigilantes. Especially the Bat... Is that the last of the money?"

    One of the goons who was referred to as "Cheeks" walked towards the armoured truck and patted the side. His companion, "Bulb", pointed his armed and ready AK-47 at the crowd of people in the bank. The truth was, rather then break into the bank on their own and steal the money via a stick-up, they stole one of the GCPD's armoured cars and crashed it directly beside the vault, so they could get in and out of the bank quickly. Cheeks patted the side of the truck and closed the back door, waving for the 3rd gang member, "Bones", to get in the truck and start it up. "Bones" quickly ran to the car and climbed in, and was soon followed by "Bulb" and "Cheeks". The bank tellers were terrified about what these criminals might've done to them and the customers, but were still in shock of the whole turn of events and remained on the floor. As the armoured car sped away, the SWAT forces around the First National Bank of Gotham burst in and tried to eliminate the issue.

    As the armoured car sped off, the lights and sirens of police cars soon erupted through Gotham as they gave chase to the armed bank-robbers. From a nearby rooftop, The Boy Wonder looked at the scene and shook his head. "I've got them in my sights Alfred." he quietly whispered, pressing a finger to his ear. "Very good, Master Richard. Should I prepare a congratulatory cup of tea for when you get back home?" the butler replied in his usual tone of voice, making Robin frown a bit. "No Alfred. Could I get a little less sarcasm, please?" Robin asked in an annoyed tone. Even though he loved Alfred like a very warm, compassionate, British father figure, he certainly didn't approve of the occasional mocking and comments that the butler said. Sure it was all in good sport and the teen often laughed off the comments, but sometimes it pissed him off. "Very well, Sir. Perhaps now you should begin your pursuit of the criminals?"

    "I was just about to do that."

    "Of course you were."

    "I was, Alfred!"

    "Mhm. They're getting away, you know."

    "... Alfred, I've gotta go."

    Quickly releasing the button in the communicator, Robin got up and walked to the other side of the roof. The teen swung a leg over the Batpod, smiling widely as it let out a loud purr, signalling it was on. "Alright Robin, you can do this. Just remember, keep civilians out of the crossfire and end it quickly." he told himself before pulling back on the right handle of the vehicle. With a loud roar of the engine, the wheels rapidly span and began to propel him forwards. Launching himself off the rooftop at a high speed, he landed directly on the highway pass that was not too far of a drop from the building's roof. Landing on the road with an audible "THUMP", Robin pulled back both handles and sped up, leaning forwards for the sake of aerodynamics. He sped down the highway in an incredible speed, dodging cars as he chased down the cops. Soon, he overtook the GCPD cars. The officers only looked at the boy in shock as his cape fluttered by. However, just as quickly as he appeared, he was gone, having sped up to pursue the culprits. "Bones" looked out the rear view window of the armoured truck and his eyes popped open in surprise as he saw the Boy Wonder in hot pursuit. He turned his head to "Cheeks" and "Bulb", shouting "ITS THE BAT'S KID!! WASTE'IM!!".

    The back doors of the armoured truck flung open and "Cheeks" grabbed his AK-47, firing it blindly into the night as the car swerved and screeched, trying to get more speed while avoiding traffic. Robin quickly pulled back on the gas and shoved the Batpod further behind the truck to avoid the gunfire. He pressed a button on the side on the left handle and from the metal tubes where explosives would usually be launched from, two metal darts were fired and hit the trucks back lights. Shit!! I missed!! Robin thought as "Cheeks" unleashed more gunfire, hitting some of the nearby cars as Robin swerved out of the way. Reading his darts for another try, Robin closed one eye and pressed the button again. Two more darts launched rom the barrel and successfully hit the wheels of the armoured car. The car began to swerve out of control and, before the passengers could react, suddenly flipped over. The car continued to flip as it rapidly sped down the highway, sending gym bags full of money into the streets and knocking the criminals around inside. Cursing himself for accidentally causing a traffic-issue, Robin pulled up in the Batpod and climbed off. He could deal with Batman's repercussions later. Right now, he had some criminals to bag.

    Removing his helmet, he walked towards the three jumbled and confused criminals who had fallen out of the window while their vehicle flipped. They were beat up, sure, but none of them were dead, which pleased Robin. As "Bulb" groaned and began to reach for the gun at his side, Robin shook his head and pulled out his quarter staff. Holding it at the thugs chest, Robin watched as "Bulb" yelled in pain, obviously from a fractured rib or some kind of internal injury. "Buddy, if I were you, I'd just stay right where you are until the cops come and take you to Blackgate... Hope you like the colour Orange.."
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  2. Starfire's Sheet (open)
    Name: Koriand’r

    Alias: “Starfire” (or the nickname of “Kory”)

    Age: 18 (or at least appears to be)

    What kind of Hero are you?:

    Background and Hero/Villian Origins:
    Koriand’r was born as Princess of the planet Tamaran, which makes her an alien to Earth. Tamaran is a planet filled with the people known as the Tamaraneans, a sensual and kind race. Initially, she was intended to take the throne as Queen of Tamaran despite being the second youngest of three children. However, her older sister was deemed unfit to rule and so the title was instead rewarded to her. This made her elder sister form bitter feelings towards her, although Koriand’r does not yet comprehend this fact and has not completely given up salvaging a relationship with her sibling. Before Koriand’r could even have a chance to eventually take her place as Queen, Tamaran was placed under attack by the alien empire known as the Citadliens/Gordanians. In an effort to make peace with their race, Koriand’r found herself turned over the the Citadel against her will to be made of – more or less – a slave to obey their rule.

    Although she seems like just a pretty face, Starfire is anything but a fragile doll that is easy to break. She not only has advanced hand-to-hand combating skills and superhuman abilities such as strength, endurance, durability, agility, and reflexes but many other powers due to her Tamaranean race. This includes supersonic flight that allows her to travel light years through space effortlessly (not to mention she can survive the vacuum of space as well), a resistance to radiation, an immunity to cold weather/conditions, and both the ability to absorb and project energy. Her ability to absorb energy is through the ultraviolet radiation through her opponents while her energy projectiles take the appearance of what could be described as a glowing green and firey materialization. These are normally referred to as her “starbolts,” which can be in the form of: beams (including ones that can be discharged from her eyes), waves, blasts, and bursts. Her final Tamaranean gift is the ability to understand any possible language simply from mouth-to-mouth contact (seemingly from the opposite sex).


    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    All Tamaraneans, although strong, are not immune to their own energy blasts. Therefore, Starfire can be harmed if she were faced by another Tamaranean or if her projectiles were reflected back at her. What’s more, she also has allergic reactions to metallic chromium. Her powers are limited to her emotions, if she is upset she becomes significantly weaker.

    King Myand’r (Father)

    Queen Luand’r (Mother)

    Komand’r/”Blackfire” (Sister)

    Ryand’r/”Darkfire” or “Wildfire” (Brother)

    Dick Grayson/”Robin” (has yet to be established)

    Rachel Roth/"Raven" (has yet to be established)

    None, unless you include being Princess of Tamaran a job.

    Due to her little knowledge of other worlds and how things work, Starfire may come off as clueless or even suggestive. However, she is intelligent and kind much like the rest of race with the exception of her sister, Blackfire. She takes enjoyment in learning more about Earth as she comes to accept it as her new home and vows to protect it.

    Sample Post:

    “This should keep you locked up nice and safe, Your Highness.”

    The metallic cuffs that bound her wrists together dug deeper and deeper into her skin as the creature before her turned the lock further a few more times than needed with the key that held her freedom right in front her face like a nice juicy steak to a dog. It was tempting, to reach forward and slam her bare fists right into that gigantic head of the Citadel that stood before her menacingly, mocking her. How could this have happened? How could her own sister have betrayed her so horribly like this – no, how could her family betray her? All her life she had heard nothing but how her people were kind and forgiving. But right at this second she was having a hard time forgiving her parents who had just watched while she was taken away by these… monsters!

    “You would do best not to speak to me in that manner.” The remark came soft but sharp from between her lips, emerald green eyes staring down the white and pupil-less ones of her capturer. This being was larger than her, by both height and weight but she was not afraid. Standing tall, the fiery redhead watched the Citadel in front of her as if he were her prey – like a lioness ready to pounce on a baby gazelle. “For if you do, I will assure you that you wish you had not.”

    All that was returned to her was a gargling laughter before the alien turned away from her. It would not be the first time someone had so easily dismissed her, but he would certainly not be the last to regret it. That was promise she made to herself while she stood, bound by chains at her ankles and cuffs at her arms. But she remained patient, waiting for her chance for escape. Any second now, they would announce what she had been listening for…

    “What are our coordinates?”

    “Full speed, we are due to pass planet…”

    The rest of the details remaining between the two Gordanians and their discussion were irrelevant. ‘Now.’ All at once, she became completely still. Every single muscle in her body relaxed, including her eyes which she then closed. Then without waste of another single second, the Tamaran known as Princess Koriand’r released the full wrath that her betrayal had placed within her. Like a violent and angry flash of green light, star energy dispersed from every inch of her body in an immensely powerful blast.


    A formidable cry escaped the female alien as she knocked all of those around in her way to the floor. But no, she wouldn’t stop there – not now. ‘This is my chance for escape… It’s now or never! I will be free!’ The thought willed her with even more powerful emotions, ones that she had never been able to feel let alone express before in her life. Anger, betrayal – these were things that left a new and lingering taste in her mouth and Starfire wasn’t sure if she liked it but there was no time to think about it. Before any of the Gordanians could respond, she had kicked both feet forward. If she could not break the chains, she would rip them from the very walls they were attached to! And that is exactly what she did. With only a moment’s worth of time, a loud groaning sound echoed through the spaceship before… SNAP! The metal gave way, ripping apart a large part of the wall. By now, several of the large creatures had stood and were now on their way.

    “The Tamaranean! She has freed herself!”
    “Get her!”

    “Not today!” Starfire cried out with determination, both of her pupils coming alive with a green and almost hypnotic glow to them before unleashing a powerful blast of the same fire she had blasted them with. With little problems, she shot the Citadliens in her way and flew in between the rest. Arms stretched out before her, she headed straight for the first window and sight. Shards flew and scattered about around her for an instant, yet she continued on her mission to freedom. Like a flaming bullet, she flew directly to her destination – Earth.

    Mere minutes had passed and with a speed so fast that human eye almost unable to witness, she had flown and came crashing down like a meteor. The cement she had landed upon crashing all around her, forming a crater in her wake. Screams around brought her to reality as she looked around at her settings – a strange place with buildings and weird sticks with lights and… creatures that looked at her with fright and began scurrying away in fear… of her? If anything, she was terrified of them. There were so many of them! But she was on her own, so she remained in defense mode while looking around her only to see a sign that read in a strange language.


    Of course, she had no idea what this weird scripture meant and instead she faced one of the creatures – a male in weird baggy clothing. “VALPEN ZALT TO HARFENGAR OONDALPF ZARR!” This got her absolutely nowhere, as the creature simply screamed at the top of his lungs and sprinted away. ‘They cannot understand me, no one can help me! I have to get these binds off before they come after me!’

    Flying upward into the sky, Starfire then began her attempt of salvaging the freedom of her escape. Unfortunately for Gotham City, this would mean there would be a lot of money being spent on repairs due to the wrath and desperation of another –unintentional – attack.

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  3. Accepted! Can't wait to see her in action!! ^^
  4. WAHOO. That took me forever to put together. I didn't know what else to do for the sample post, so I figured what happens before she actually arrives would be acceptable. I'm excited to start this, guys. :D
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  5. Nice. Can't wait to see her sheet ^^
  6. Yup, still enjoying that game.

    Working on my sheet tonight. I need to talk with @The Afterman to figure out some of Bab's history.
  7. Sounds like a plan. Feel free to include me with the discussions as well.
  8. Oh, right! Will do.
  9. Appearance:


    Name: Victor Sage

    Alias: The Question

    Age: 30

    What kind of Hero are you?!: Hero

    Background and Hero/Villain Origins: Investigative journalist Victor Sage discovered early in his career that the tendrils of corruption ran deep and were just as toxic and destructive as terrorism, arms dealing, or drug trafficking. After all, it was a corrupt infrastructure that allowed such evil to fester. Unlike more public personas such as Superman or more proactive vigilantes like the Batman, Victor Sage believed he could thwart the criminal element by attacking the corrupt governments and politicians that allowed evil to gain a foothold.

    Using a special face mask that obscured his features, Sage became THE QUESTION. Rather than target petty criminals or international threats, the Question focused on the political infrastructure that permitted evil to exist. He delved into conspiracies and the convoluted schemes of those in positions of power. He managed to gain some notoriety for causing luminaries such as Hub City's corrupt mayor and police commissioner to reconsider their typical under the table dealings and he even became a thorn in Lex Luthor's side once.

    However, the Question's propensity for conspiracy theories and atypical methodology has garnered him an oblique reputation among the superhero community. Most other masked vigilantes consider him little more than a kook or nutjob chasing after ghosts. Others find him relatively harmless, if eccentric and a little creepy.

    Powers/Abilities: The Question has training as an investigative journalist, skill at deduction, a master at conspiracy theory, and has a knack for making the most of his environment to make up for his comparatively mundane combat skills. He knows boxing but is otherwise not a front-line fighter.

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw: A third of the people in the world think he's crazy. Another third thinks he's awesome. The final third (the audience that saw Justice League Unlimited) thinks he's crazy awesome. His eccentricities and paranoia make it difficult to connect with him.

    Relationship: n/a

    Occupation: Investigative Journalist

    Sample Post:

    The Question knew he was on the right track. Everyone had called him crazy, but that was only to be expected. Not everyone was aware of how Barbara Streisand's plummeting musical career was orchestrated by the Illuminati in order to achieve a more nefarious end. Fewer understood how the rise in Marvel Movie sales was deeply interwoven into the general decline of the Streisand musical empire. Only he and perhaps three others knew that the little plastic caps at the end of shoelaces were called 'aglets' and that their true purpose was sinister.

    Undaunted by the disparaging remarks of others, the Question boldly broke into this little warehouse at the end of the docks. It had been guarded by a few ruffians, but nothing an absconded kerosene tank, a car battery, and some jumper cables weren't able to deal with. The explosion he left behind may have been a touch more dramatic than he was used to, but time was of the essence and the thugs were only burned and unconscious. They would live. At least, he thought they would.

    Not to be distracted by little details, the Question began throwing open the lids of the various crates before him. At last, he pried the lid off the box he had been looking for this entire week.

    Within was the key to the rise of the popular comic book company DC and the fall of their corporate rival, Marvel.

    "As I suspected," the Question hummed to himself, picking up a pre-production film reel. "Captain America: Serpent Society is only a ruse. The TRUE sequel is Captain America: CIVIL WAR!"


  10. Wip
    Outfit 1 (open)

    Outfit 2 (open)

    The outfit is pretty much outfit one. Just without the gold placed around the shoulders. It is also much more revealing in terms of flaunting her abs and just making it shorter.

    Name: Helena Bertinelli
    Alias: -The- Huntress
    Age: Debating between 25 and 26.
    What kind of Hero are you?!: Hero

    Background and Hero/Villain Origins: (info on your characters life and a run-through of their origin story. Should be three paragraphs minimum.)

    Powers/Abilities: (Can be made-up, or posted from Wikipedia)
    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw: (For every power, there is a weakness. Tell us about the things that make your character vulnderable)

    Relationship: (Do you have any heroic/villainous best friends? Perhaps you are associated with a team prior to this story, or have a fling with another costumed character? This can and should be updated as the RP goes on. I can take care of that if you won't)

    Occupation: Teacher -personally debating-

    Other: (include any additional information here)

    Sample Post: (can be from Civilian POV or Hero POV. Must be 3 paragraphs minimum)​
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  11. Appearance: [BCOLOR=transparent]Batman is a dark figure; tall, muscular, and imposing. Typically, he wears a dark ensemble dubbed the "Bat-Suit": an amalgamation of a full-body armor of triple-weave Kevlar and carbon nanotube fibers, alongside a cowl and cloak-like cape. His physicality is intimidating, and he is usually caught by wrongdoers wearing a snarl of the most vicious nature. His chin is usually covered in stubble, and his eyes are concealed by the lenses embedded in the cowl. Altogether, he is a fearsome sight to behold, and strikes terror into the hearts of many of Gotham's criminals.[/BCOLOR]


    Name: Bruce Wayne

    Alias: Batman

    Age: Twenty-seven

    What kind of Hero are you?!: Dark Knight

    Background and Hero/Villain Origins: [BCOLOR=transparent]Bruce Wayne was born to parents Thomas and Martha Wayne. Thomas was an accomplished surgeon and philanthropist, as well as the CEO to the multi-billion dollar Wayne Enterprises. His parents were important figures in the Gotham aristocracy, often utilizing their wealth and influence for various charitable causes. They were celebrated by Gothamites from all walks of life for their generosity and dedication to philanthropic pursuits. The Waynes would instill these virtues into their son, ensuring that he would live up to a legacy of greatness, and grow to become a great man, just as his father had been.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]One cold night, after attending a theater screening of [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]The Mark of Zorro[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent], the Waynes were accosted in an alleyway they had strayed down, the robber demanding the pearls around Martha's neck. Thomas, attempting to subdue the assailant, was shot and killed before his family's eyes. To silence a screaming Martha, the mugger gunned her down as well, ripping the pearls from her corpse and fleeing, leaving the crying Bruce alone and scared.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Taken into custody by the Waynes' butler, Alfred Pennyworth, young Bruce would resign to avenge his parents' deaths. He began by training his body, through specialized diet, exercise, and biofeedback routines. Simultaneously, he took up studying as much of every subject he could, amassing knowledge that would benefit his goals. He earned various degrees in multiple fields, becoming an accomplished intellectual and mastering a plethora of sciences. As he grew, he would eventually leave Gotham to travel the world to study the techniques he would need to hunt down and fight the criminals that overran his beloved city. It would be many years until he returned, the eagerly-waiting populace of Gotham not knowing that their favorite billionaire son had returned to exact terrible vengeance as a fighter of evil.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]His career as the Batman would begin after a fateful night in the seedier parts of Gotham. Prowling the city disguised as a common street urchin, he scoured the alleys and sidewalks for criminal activity. He was approached by a young girl; a prostitute of only thirteen years of age. When Bruce inquired about her age, she was approached by her pimp, who struck her for giving a bad sales pitch. Bruce, taking this as an opportunity to bring down a criminal, retaliated against the man, which resulted in a group of thugs attacking the young vigilante.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bruce managed to escape, having incurred a severe stab wound during his flight. Somehow, he made his way home, dragging himself into his father's study. Brooding and bleeding to death, Bruce looked to a stone bust of his father, praying to the man's memory for guidance. "[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]How, Father? How do I do it? What do I use to make them afraid? I'd rather die than to wait another hour. I've already waited for eighteen years. Eighteen years, since all sense left my life.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]" Suddenly, as if in answer, a large bat came crashing through the window from outside. Clinging to the bust of Thomas Wayne and screaming in the dying Bruce’s direction, the young man took this as an omen; an answer to his plight. "[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Yes, Father,[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]" Bruce said, "[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]I shall become a Bat.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"[/BCOLOR]

    Powers/Abilities: [BCOLOR=transparent]Batman is equipped with a wide variety of knowledge and equipment. Lacking any superpowers, he makes use of his training, intellect and wealth in his crusade against crime.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Batman is a brilliant scientist and detective, having obtained degrees in multiple scientific fields, including criminal science, forensics, criminology, and criminal psychology. He is also an accomplished inventor, having designed and built many of the items in his vast arsenal. Batman is also a gifted polymath, bearing an extensive knowledge of many subjects including literature, mythology, symbolism, history, mathematics, and many more. Additionally, he is fluent in a multitude of different languages, is a master strategist and escapologist, a master of disguise, is an expert tracker and inquisitor, and can drive or pilot every vehicle known to man.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He is also a master combatant, having mastered over 127 forms of martial arts. His primary fighting style is an idiosyncratic mixture of Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, and Ninjitsu. He is also very proficient in the use of a variety of weaponry, but chooses not to use them for most occasions, and abstains from the use of firearms altogether. Coupled with his extensive martial prowess is his supreme physicality; being in peak physical condition, he has strength, stamina and agility greater than that of an Olympic gold-medalist, making him a fearsome opponent indeed.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Instead of conventional weaponry, the Batman employs a variety of gadgetry and vehicles in order to combat crime. This arsenal includes, but is not limited to:[/BCOLOR]

    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]The Bat-Suit[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - A full-body suit made of triple-weave Kevlar and carbon nanotube fibers. It is very durable, bullet and stab-resistant. It is lightweight and form fitting, allowing for fluid movement without the hassle of excess fabric dangling from the Batman's person. Coupled with this is the cowl, a bat-themed piece of headwear that conceals his face. The lenses are outfitted with a variety of optics, including thermal and night vision, as well as providing a HUD that displays information about various subjects and items, acquired from the Batcomputer's databanks. Additionally, the cowl can read vital signs in lifeforms both organic and inorganic, capture images and video, and is equipped with a highly-encrypted receiver-transmitter for secure communications. The cape attached to the suit is made of a special fabric that reacts to the electrical currents generated through the fingertips of his gloves, which effectively change its shape; Batman utilizes this in order to allow him to glide from high surfaces with ease. Equipped to his gloves are metal gauntlets outfitted with sharp, spring-loaded scallops, often used for guarding against bladed objects or to debilitate opponents in close range. Even more so, Batman wears his iconic utility belt around his waist, in which are found a multitude of gadgets.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Batarangs[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - Large, folding shuriken in the shape of bats. Often used for disarming or debilitating enemy combatants, but are also used to cut through rope and cable in certain circumstances. There are many forms of the Batarang, including explosive, remote-controlled and sonic-emitting. Explosive Batarangs are outfitted with a low-yield explosive device made to incapacitate foes or to rupture certain structures. Remote-controlled variants are manually guided by an apparatus outfitted in Batman's glove, while sonic-emitting Batarangs emit a high-frequency noise to attract attention and disrupt an opponent's focus. The Batarang is a trademark gadget of Batman's, and is quite possibly his most recognized tool.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Batgrapple[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - A gas-propelled, motorized grappling hook used for vertical and horizontal movement. Batman often utilizes this particular gadget to scale buildings and other structures, in order to gain higher ground to better survey the situation below. It is also useful to move across large distances quickly without losing elevation. Additionally, it can be employed to wrangle fleeing opponents.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Batclaw[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - Operating on the same principle as the grapple, the Batclaw is designed to pull objects, or people, towards Batman. It is very often used in combat situations, or to retrieve objects located in hard-to-reach places.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Smoke Pellets[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - Miniscule capsules filled with a compound that, once activated via striking a hard surface, creates a thick cloud of smoke. Its chief purpose is to limit enemy visibility in a combat scenario, but it can also be used for the purposes of distraction and deception.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Acetylene Torch[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - A small, laser-based cutting tool that can cut through most materials. Batman employs this gadget to cut through tough cables and chains, or other particularly troublesome materials that are susceptible to the laser's intensity.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Electronics Remote Control[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - A belt-worn module which acquires signals for electronic apparatuses such as lights, televisions, and computers. This gadget allows Batman to control their operation, often used to shut out the lights in areas populated with large numbers of opponents, or to disable electronic devices connected to a grid.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Batman also employs a multitude of vehicles which help him to quickly maneuver around Gotham:[/BCOLOR]

    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Batmobile[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - A highly-customized automobile of Batman's own design. It is a medium-sized vehicle that serves as his main mode of street-level transportation. The Batmobile is outfitted with a variety of weapons, an armor system, autopilot, and various other additions made to ensure Batman's success.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Batwing[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - A jet-class aircraft for rapid air travel. Capable of autopilot and equipped with various weapons systems. The signal the Batwing gives off to radar and other aircraft tracking systems is similar to that of a small bird, making it an effective stealth aircraft when need be.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Batcycle[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - A rather bulky motorcycle equipped with twin machine guns loaded with rubber bullets. Despite its size, it is a nimble vehicle, useful for road travel without the cumbersomeness of an automobile.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Batboat[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] - An armored craft for surveying the waters of Gotham Harbor. It allows Batman a better scope of activities that occur on and around the docks, as well as the goings on on private vessels of the more affluent criminals.[/BCOLOR]

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw: [BCOLOR=transparent]Despite his training, knowledge, and arsenal, Batman's single most crippling weakness boils down to one single fact: he is only human. As such, he is susceptible to every injury, breaking bone, and sickness that affects every other human being, and while his training regimen and diet are specifically designed to help prevent crippling ailments, he is not immune to them. Also, having built his crime-fighting career out of an obsession over righting the wrong of his parents' deaths, they serve as his biggest distraction, and should anyone discover that Bruce Wayne is Batman, they could potentially use the memory of his parents against him. Additionally, Batman is fixated on protecting the innocent. Should anyone put innocent peoples' lives in danger, he would be forced into a situation to help them, regardless of his own personal safety.[/BCOLOR]

    Relationship: Not currently available; Doesn't play well with others.

    Occupation: CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Philanthropist

    Sample Post: It was another dark and dreary Gotham midnight; the earlier rain had married the cold air and was beginning to create a relatively thick cloud of fog, making it hard to get a good visual. That is, if one weren't currently equipped with a set of thermal lenses, which the Batman was utilizing to his benefit as he scoped out the docks. Some thugs, under Penguin's employ, were offloading large crates from a ship docked at the port. The large wooden vessels were labeled as "fragile," passing off as dishware and other trivial items. But the Dark Knight was all too aware of what was truly contained within them:

    Guns, and lots of them.

    Penguin had been orchestrating something for quite some time. He'd watched as money exchanged hands all over Gotham, trying to see where the trail lead to. He was aware it didn't involve anything benevolent; probably just Cobblepot supplying another gang war...or initiating one. Activating the camera lens of his cowl, Batman began to capture pictures through an IR lens filter, capturing the red-colored silhouettes of the thugs below in a series of still pictures, before having Alfred contact the police.

    Then, it was time for him to move. Swooping down, he cut through the fog like a dark blade, exacting terrible vengeance as his feet collided with the first man's back, causing the crate to fly from his grasp and smash on the concrete ground, spilling the weapons cache within all about the area. Some of the men mad mad grabs for their weapons, but were summarily debilitated by well-aimed Batarang strikes. Moving fluidly from grunt to grunt, Batman utilized fists, feet, and skill as he effortlessly shut each and every one of Penguin's goons down, leaving them broken in his wrathful wake.

    When he was done, the sounds of groaning and labored breathing were all that remained, as sirens echoed in the black expanse of the cityscape. Taking the time to capture some additional needed images, Batman sought to make his exit before the police arrived on the scene. He was confident these men would not be going anywhere other than to jail and/or the hospital, and so took his leave.

    Batgrapple in the air, he ascended into the night, prowling for another opportunity to mete out his personal brand of punishment, praying for any unfortunate soul stupid enough to be caught breaking the law tonight.
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  12. Holy poop, I did not get alerts xD

    All are accepted (Avower, just finish your sheet and it'll be officially "accepted")
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  13. Alright, so now that a majority of the sheets are here (still waiting on a few), let's discuss our first major plot!

    So, with the addition of Starfire and Raven (if @ch0sen1 is still with us), we have a few possibilities to run with plots. As both Kota and ch0sen have mentioned before, the two characters will be arriving on Earth for the first time in the start of this RP.

    What I think would be an interesting plot to follow would be something involving the Crime Families of Gotham (Falcone, Penguin, Black Mask, Zucco, etc) as a new drug is unleashed upon the underworld. In a matter of weeks, its killed over 2,000 people in Gotham Nightclubs alone. Nobody knows who's manufacturing the drugs, but that's what our team can find out. We would operate as a kind of "Pre-Justice League", where we take on a smaller situation that builds to a larger one, as opposed to jumping straight into a super-villain brawl (most of them would kill the heroes we have. If we get a Big hitter like Supes, then we'll be more prepared for League-based stuff).

    However, I'm also thinking the crime families want something to do with the "new arrivals" (Raven and Starfire), most likely something involving using their powers as a means to gain control over Gotham's underworld.

    Sound good to everyone, or shall we discuss some other options?
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  14. Um... Bumpity?
  15. Sorry, been busy with the weekend. Was very hectic. Also, need to decide what character to play since playing Babs as a complete rookie doesn't sound all that fun.
  16. Okay, I'm terribly sorry. I've been dealing with 43950 essays and studying for finals. But Tuesday is my last day then I get a whole month off, ugh.

    I am perfectly fine with the plot, so no complaints here. I'm also fully committed to this rp so I hope it takes off soon.
  17. Question: Being a fan of Joker (ans him being pure evil), would it be possible to play him as a villian and actually as an anti-hero who doesen't care for anything? It be so dang insane to actually see how that would actually work LOL.
  18. Do you want to play him as a villain, or an anti-hero? Because if he's an anti-hero, then you'll have to discuss stuff with Afterman, but if he's a villain, then sorry but no. We're trying to keep the team full of heroes, and Joker can be a little too-chaotic as a villain.

    I would be up for him being retconned as a vigilante hero, however. More of a Red Hood kind of anti-hero, you know?
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