The Justice Association of Youths (JAY)

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  1. Light City - a fairly nice city, once you get past the sheer number of criminals in it.
    From petty thieves to gang leaders, Light City has it all. Of course, this is typical of most big cities, but this one's a special case. It's essentially a launching pad for the aspiring burglar, or the wannabe thief. And it doesn't even have its own team of supers - everyone else and their mothers seem to, though.
    Enter JAY - the Justice Association of Youths.

    Based in Light City, JAY is comprised of young crimefighters. Sidekicks, solo fighters - they're all welcome. The team manages Light City, cleaning up crime wherever it is to be found, and seeking out scum wherever it may hide. It's obvious the adults don't trust them to handle big cases on their own, but time will soon show that bigger isn't always better.

    You are a teenage superhero/heroine, and you have been assigned to JAY. With your teammates, you will wipe crime out in Light City, and you will maintain it. It won't be easy, and there's bound to be a few meta-humans out to stop you. But your mentors trust you with at least this much, so don't let them down. Besides, sometimes, even heroes need saving...


    • Keep arguments in the RP. If you want to pick a fight with someone, you do it over PMs. I'll try and resolve the dispute as best I can, but if you can't cool your jets, then anyone arguing will be laid off until they can.
    • No character in this RP is a god - apart from those who are, quite literally, gods. You are not all-powerful or invincible. You can have resistances, and immunities can be evaluated. But you have to remember, this RP is all about a team's journey into adulthood. Arse-kicking will happen, but on a believable scale.
    • Unless I see express permission being given, I will not permit any character to be controlled by anyone else. If you wish to transfer control, post here. That way, we have witnesses.
    • We're law-enforcers, not demolition workers. Keep collateral damage to a moderate amount.
    • No killing. We help people, not kill them. Accidental deaths are fine, but don't make it happen to every mook you fight. You can threaten to kill, and come close to it, but our team doesn't do that.

    Name: Your character’s name. Please avoid using obscenities where possible.
    Superhero/heroine Name: If applicable.
    Age: Seventeen or below. Eighteen is practically old enough to be an adult, and seventeen is pushing it. Your character must be at least fifteen to be eligible for membership, however.
    Gender: Because not everyone’s an androgynous robot.
    Appearance: Whatshisface? What’s YOUR face? Give us an explanation of what your character looks like, both in and out of their costume (assuming they have one/are not always in it). Pictures are acceptable, though a written description (not in note form) is compulsory.
    Personality: Give us an outline of how your character acts. Note form is not acceptable, though I will be lenient with other answers – I want your character to grow as a person, so leaving them to act in only one way defeats the object of it.
    History: Include things like them growing up, discovering their powers, the origin of their powers, using their powers, and being recruited into JAY. Not necessarily in that order.

    The “super” part in “superhero”
    Power(s)/abilitie(s): Remember, we’re growing in strength – we’re sidekicks at best, not full-blown superheroes/heroines. Your powers will start off weak, but functional. They will grow as the RP progresses. Your latent abilities will emerge. So be patient. And please, if someone already has a stealth character, don’t make another one. I can’t stress how annoying it is to have not one, but two people whose full effectiveness means they have to operate on their own.
    Weaknesses: Because it wouldn’t be fun if Superman was immune to Kryptonite, or if Batman and Iron Man were immune to bankruptcy. Make it reasonable – there’s such a thing as being too weak, you know.


    Theme Song: Every super needs a super-tune, right?
    Mentor: Just for the reference, who’s the bigger fish?
  2. Name: Richard Baker
    Superhero/heroine Name: Hunter Junior (referred to as “Kiddo” by his mentor)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall, toned and possessing the kind of athletic body only gained through intense training, Richard is a fit individual, and shows it. Richard’s height makes him stand out in a group – he’s not a giant, but he’s taller than most. His muscles, despite how much training he has gone through, are deceptively slight in appearance. They are defined, yes – but the fact is that their strength outweighs their size. It is also worth noting that Richard has remarkably broad shoulders – making it difficult to grapple him while standing, and making it just as difficult to buy a shirt that actually fits him.

    Richard has a head of hair that has been cut to be practical, as opposed to being styled the way flashier superheroes seem to prefer, should their hair be loose maintains a crew cut, and though he is not particularly fond of it, he prefers it to letting it get in the way. That aside, he finds short hair to be much less of a hassle, meaning one less thing is off of his mind. His hair was once as dark a black as was naturally possible, but exposure to certain types of magic and suchlike has caused his hair to prematurely start greying. No significant hair loss has occurred, but he expects it.

    Conversely, his eyes are a notably pale shade of blue. The hue is completely natural and largely inconspicuous, but it isn’t the kind of colour you’d expect from someone when they mention that their eyes are blue. Richard’s lack of sleep shows in his eyes, even if he himself has been conditioned to ignore and work past it. Anyone can see that his eyes are worryingly bloodshot, and the bags under them are more than indicative. However, the fact that his eyelids constantly appear to be slightly closed is not a result of his lack of rest – it’s just how he looks.

    In his “hunting garb,” as he calls it, Richard prefers mobility and ease of movement over outright protection. This is evident in how he wears a tough variant of synthetic cotton, with Kevlar securely woven into it. While it provides minimal protection when compared with other crime-fighters natural abilities or armour, he is unwilling to change, as it suits his profession just fine. To cover his torso, he dons an unusually thick black shirt, a waist-length jacket of matching material and colour coupled with it. His trousers, conversely, are a more neutral shade of grey, but still use the same material and production method. All of his clothing is fitted snugly – allowing for optimal movement, but without his clothing being too baggy.

    Richard has no “civilian clothing,” as such. His hunting garb IS his civilian clothing.

    Personality: Despite his efficiency at killing monsters and suchlike, Richard is a fairly cocky individual – arrogant, to boot. Much to his mentor’s chagrin, he can never seem to take a battle seriously, and it’s landed the boy in sticky situations more often than his confidence has saved him. Despite this, he remains obstinate in this attitude, responding to any criticism of it with a casual shrug.
    It is also worth mentioning his disturbing lack of mercy. You can see the regret in his mentor’s eyes whenever he decapitates a vampire, knowing that if there was a cure, then he would be able to help. You can tell that he hates having to resort to killing werewolf instead of just curing it, knowing that it’s the wolf, not the person. But Richard? He kills with EXTREME prejudice. Literally. He believes any and all monsters should die. If nobody held him back, he would not hold himself back.

    History: At first, Richard lived a normal life. His mother was a teacher, his father a dentist/ Their life was not a troubled one – sure, his parents could be busy with work for a day or two at a time, but he lived happily. Mind, he was an infant – as long as his needs were met, he was bound to be happy. Things went smoothly for a year, but as is the case with most superheroes, things went awry right from the start. Namely, in the form of the vampire lord Caluard. Though not as powerful as the legendary Dracula, his own power was formidable nonetheless.

    Though he had been defeated years ago, he had recently awoken, having been regenerated by an unknown force. However, the regeneration was incomplete – he needed to feed, to recharge. And he would need a great amount of blood in order to do so. He went on a bloody rampage, draining people to mere husks in but a moment. Luckily, an esteemed hunter known as Hunter stepped in – not exactly a superhero, but he was one of the best, if not THE best hunter on the face of the Earth. Unfortunately, he did not arrive in time to save Richard’s parents. Caluard was weak enough to be put down with only two magazine’s worth of silver bullets pumped into his heart and skull, and required only a single decapitation to finish off.

    The hunter looked to the child that lay alone in his crib, bawling his eyes out, though oblivious to the fact that his parents were now lost forever. He knew it would be best to leave the child be, and to just keep going. He was hardly a brilliant father, and would be out most of the time, doing his job. He was, after all, a hunter for hire – and there were a lot of things he could be hired to hunt. But the vampires following would be looking for easy eats, and a baby was pretty much there for the taking. Against his better judgement, he took the child – as far away from the site as he could.

    Over the course of the next fifteen years, not much else happened. The child was raised, but Hunter’s style of raising a child wasn’t exactly orthodox. He wasn’t cruel to Richard, but neither was he kind. Richard grew up having to earn his keep from the get-go. He learnt to fight, he learnt how to deal with various monsters, and he learnt the fastest ways to kill a normal human with his bare hands, besides the obvious option of beating them to death. Despite this, there was an undeniable air to the hunter – that, despite everything he did, he could still be counted on when he was needed.

    Richard was the hunter’s sidekick for much of his adolescent years, but there was a certain tension between them that couldn’t be ignored. Maybe it was that he was living in his mentor’s shadow – maybe it was just that je didn’t feel at ease with his mentor’s personality. Either way, the formation of the JAY was perfect for him. Both were esteemed hunters, and given the right weaponry, both were more than a match for a number of super-powered beings. Hunter had even repelled demigods at times – though, they were always tough battles. Richard was accepted onto the team, though his mentor’s influence probably played a huge part in it. While he wasn’t officially a member of the Justice Association, his prowess was often called in for foes of a more supernatural nature.

    Power(s)/abilitie(s): Richard has no superpowers, so to speak. However, he is a highly-trained individual, fit and battle-ready, and is capable of using a variety of weapons.

    Richard has been trained in fighting with a shortsword – and a rather unique one at that. Forged by a nameless, unseen blacksmith in the heart of who-knows where, and given to him by his mentor, the blade is specifically designed to take out demons, vampires and suchlike. Made of an alloy incorporating iron and silver, it is both lightweight and sturdy. While it may not be the most powerful of blades, its speed and versatility more than make up for it.

    Iron is used, as in folklore, “cold iron” is established as being able to harm magical beings such as faeries. While the exact details are unknown, cases of such life forms being restrained with iron chains more effectively than steel ones have been recorded. Silver is obviously useful against a variety of mythical creatures – including two of the most common ones, vampires and werewolves. Apparently, the blacksmith that forges his weapons has agreed to forge a sword of immense power, where the only being capable of standing in the way of it is a god – however, it is on the condition that Richard acquires all the materials by himself, and brings them to him all at once.

    The alloy mentioned above is also used in bullets, possibly made by the same mysterious blacksmith. Richard makes a point of always carrying a readily-available supply of rounds on him, as some monsters can be quite persistent. There’s a host of other ammo types and weaponry available, but currently, Richard’s mentor doesn’t trust him with “the big boy toys.” Hence, why Richard is stuck with a meagre handgun, as opposed to more practical weaponry.

    Richard isn’t stupid enough to rely solely upon his weapons, though. In the event of an emergency, he will revert to hand-to-hand combat. The style he uses is indeterminate, but its versatility is commendable, and it certainly serves its purpose.

    Weaknesses: In order to maximise manoeuvrability, Richard refuses to wear clunky armour, instead wearing an outfit with Kevlar weaved into it. While it does provide protection, to a degree, it will likely only lessen damage from conventional weaponry – very rarely will it stop damage completely.

    Keep in mind that Richard is only human, and doesn’t have any sort of mobility aid. He’s incredibly fit as a result of his experiences and training, but make no mistake – he can’t fly, has no super speed, and he’s not even allowed to drive, normally. He knows how to, but he doesn’t dare to, lest his mentor turn him inside-out for doing it without permission.

    And then there’s Richard’s huge lack of mercy. He’s completely fine with murder, as long as it’s not a human, or an otherwise friendly race or being. He’s killed vampires, werewolves, demons, and on occasion, has put a bullet through the head of someone he feared was about to turn into an enemy race. He knows to keep it in check when he’s around his teammates, but old habits die hard, and that’s not counting when he’s alone…

    Theme Song:

    Mentor: Hunter
  3. Name: Yan Wang
    Alias: Asuran (Pronounced 'Ashuran')
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Yan Wang stands at 5,9, posessing messy medium length black hair and tired green eyes. His physique at a glance appears to be that of an average boy his age, but his actions would prove he is two times more potent than he lets on. His skin has a light tan to it.

    Yan Wang does not seem to care much for secret identities. But at the same time, he lacks a sense of fashion. You will often recognize him as the fellow in a black frog button jacket, of which the collar/buttons/cuffs and insides are white and the sleeves, with a red tank-top underneath matching the consistency of blood (As not to reveal any injuries) and a pair of dark green pants.

    Strangely enough, he seems fixated on a pair of blue high top sneakers he obtained a while back, most of the time wearing them without socks and finding them to be quite comfortable. When in combat, he will often have the sleeves of his jacket folded up to his elbows.

    Personality: Yan Wang is not a very sociable person. He does not enjoy bragging or acting out of line towards anyone-- Especially elders. And yet despite showing off what is believed to be a quiet attitude, Yan Wang carries with him a sort of silent arrogance, having gained his power through intense training alone to the point he has become something of a skilled hand to hand combatanant, and superhuman.

    Despite his often times silence/soft voice, and desire to become powerful through his own efforts, he acts with great chivalry towards others by attempting to help where he can regardless how big or small the situation is. His affection for the needs of others goes so far that he is well prepared to lay his life down for their survival and betterment.

    History: Yan Wang was raised in the Hunan province of china by his grandfather Lu Man, a respected doctor who made use of western and traditional chinese methods alike. He had been born to a man of irish descent, and his mother, who had been in Shanghai studying at one of the local universities when she got into trouble with a bad crowd. His father, in a very 'happily ever after' style fairy tale ending had met up with Lu Man, and studied martial arts from him, and the two had rescued his mother.

    Unfortunately, an event occurred in which Yan's father had gone missing helping some relatives. His mother, having recently completed her own training, decided to seek him out, and also disappeared, leaving Yan Wang in the care of Lu Man. As the boy grew older, Lu man saw it best to occupy his life with something he could devote himself to, and had him train from an early age in the art of fighting, and Yan Wang had grown very attached to it after hearing stories of his parents, and other chivalrous heroes bringing justice where it was needed most. He had become so attached, he was trained even further, through hellish conditions which once conquered, would make him superhuman in ability.

    With his skeleton and musculature made denser under the Earth's relative gravity, chi flowing through his veins, his breathing and physical technique refined, he was more than capable of standing his own in a brawl of inhuman powers. It was when his grandfather took him to visit an uncle from his father's side in New York, in which he had explored Manhattan with great joy. How he loved leaping from rooftop to rooftop, and exploring. It was a jungle of concrete and colorful lights, which had inspired him. So much in fact, that whenever he came across a crime on the streets (and he found many!) he would answer it immediately, appalled that such things could go on without anyone to answer them.

    After some time doing solo work at 15, Yan Wang was noticed by one of Earth's champions: The aztec lord of storms, Tlaloc, who admired the boy's tenacity and drive as a warrior, comparing him to the beings known as the demigod Asura of Hinduism and Buddhism. The two would go on to combat both mystical and cosmic threats, dealing with chupacabra and phantom one moment, then spacegoing travelers such as alien conquerors and cosmic energy manipulating entities, the latter of the two types of threats, Tlaloc often times handling the all-powerful big bad alone, or with someone on par with him, leaving Yan Wang to handle anything on the side, like henchmen or lesser monsters.

    Yan Wang himself is actually somewhat disappointed in the JAY program, feeling as though he had been demoted so the adults could keep all the 'fun' to themselves, having felt more alive standing by Tlaloc's side, one warrior to another, unlikely but fantastic mentor to a gifted pupil.

    Powers/Abilities/Weaknesses: Yan Wang practices the martial art Liewu Quan, or 'Prey Fist.' In reality however, it is the name of the martial arts school and legacy his mother's side of the family was in charge of, practicing various techniques that are comparable to those of some others from around the world, but with its own variation on how it is performed or used. Yan Wang's personal style resembles wing chun/jeet kune do, with influence from other styles he's either seen or trained a little in every now and then.

    - Superhuman Physique: Yan Wang's muscles and skeletal structure are supernaturally dense under gravity such as the Earth or lower. As a result, he feels somewhat lighter, making him quick, strong and agile. Let it be known however, that he can still be pierced by any weapon, no matter how many more fatal blows he can take than the average human being. Being put into an area or impacting his personal gravity to be higher than his own would diminish his physical abilities. He also seems to dislike pressure point attacks, having had a 'bad experience with practitioners of a powerful style' or something or other.

    - Chi Control: Yan Wang is learning to control his body's life force, and can currently use it to temporarily power boost himself for a short period of time. It is imperative however, that one who uses chi understands that their body will become more exhausted whenever the finite pool of life force is used. It also does not help if the user's flow of blood is altered, like say from too many cuts and gashes.


    Strength: Capable of currently lifting well around 25 tons, striking power exceeding that, the upper level unknown.

    Speed/Agility: Yan Wang is capable of jumping hundreds of feet into the air. Over short distances, he can move faster than the eye can percieve, appearing as though he teleported when in reality he's moving incredibly fast. Over longer distances, like say one state to another, he would have a top sprinting speed of 200mph.

    Durability: Yan Wang can take great levels of blunt force. Most weapons can of course, pierce him. Great willpower however, allows him to trudge on through injury to an extent. At least until the blood loss kills him and further depletes his chi reserves.

    Energy Projection: Yan Wang's ability to outwardly project chi life force energies are limited. Even so much as wrapping his fists in chi is a great feat for any.

    (Did you want stats? Like how much he can currently lift or run?)

    Mentor: Tlaloc, Lord of Storms
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  4. Exact stats are helpful, but not necessary. It;s up to you, but it's helpful for superhumans.