The Judge [Crime/A bit of horror/romance/dark/gritty]

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  1. || Warning: Will eventually contain talk of Child abuse, Character death, violence, and bad language.||


    || 4-6 Players ||

    It's not everyday you accidentally adopt a delusional serial killing man-child, now is it? Hence the reason you should join this RP. One unlucky couple decides to become foster parents. The first child they take into their home, may just be their last. The moments of peace and tranquility they'll experience will be short lived, as child makes abuse allegations against the husband, things only get worse as the couple--or at the very least, the husband. Will he or anyone else figure out what exactly they've brought into their home? It's all a game of manipulation and survival and in the end, the courts of law will have the final say-so. Are you willing to risk it all?


    Basically, a couple accidentally invites a killer into their home, quickly getting caught in his web. Trying to get out will be futile if the killer succeeds in manipulating everyone around you. Fail and your life will be over, succeed and the world will know the truth about the monster walking among them. As the player, you'd have a variety of roles to chose from--and then some.

    Available Roles (open)

    Character A: The Foster Mother (must be female and married to the foster father); The Mother is the primary target of the serial killer's delusions. The fantasy in his head is cooked up around her--and every other female who will show him motherly attention and care.

    Character B: The Foster Father (Must be male and married to the foster mother); The father is the primary antagonist in the killer's mind. He veiws him as a threat that must be eliminated one way or another so that he and the mother can live happily ever after.

    Character C: The Child Psychiatrist (Can be male or female); The serial killer/child is required to go to therapy once a week. The allegations are first voiced to the therapist, depending on the therapist's reaction, determines whether the psychotic killer will view them as an enemy or as a ally.

    Character D: The Judge (Can be male or female); Once the plot escalates to the point where the allegations get taken to the court of law, we're going to need a judge to determine who's right and who is wrong in the eyes of justice. This reminds me... we're probably going to need lawyers as well...

    This RPG will be very player driven, there are so many routes it can take and it'd be up to you all to explore them all. The rpg fits into the following genres: Crime/Psychological/Thriller/Romance(if you squint). In short, it might get very dark at times. I'm going to allow for other possible roles, in the event that players want to make multiple characters, or I get a response from more than 4 players.

    Other Available roles (open)

    -An older child of the foster Family
    -The romantic partner of the therapist
    -Friend or family member of the foster mom or foster dad
    -Head of the orphanage
    -The secret lover of the mother or father



    Full Name:


    (No Anime Please, but any other art or face claims are welcome): Try to get detailed, okay? Tell everyone about that strawberry shaped scar on your character's butt. Thanks.

    Personality: Hot head? Chill Bill? Let me know what type of person this character is. It will make it easier to destroy them MUWHWHAHAWHAHA

    Background: Ever been to prison? Divorced? Remarried? Got kids? Lost kids? Did your mom give you enough hugs when you were little?

    Occupation: If you're playing as the therapist or Judge...well, there's no occupation for you to pick. But everyone else, how do you make your green?

    Other: Please include all vital details here.
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  2. I so want to be the mom
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  3. @BarrenThin hey, would you be interested in anything like this?

    Great! Lol.
  4. @Justin Charming , aye. I'm back in business. Would you be interested in something like this?

    @Scorpio Queen Hey, I also forgot to mention that there would be a post requirement. 3 paragraphs minimum, decent grammar and all that. :P Just looked at your roleplaying resume, so I'm sure you'll be fine!!
  5. yup I am good with that though I am on my phone so the grammar gets iffy with auto correct
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  6. I get that. :P

    One time I dropped my laptop in the bathtub and was computer less for an entire year.
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  8. Come on guys. Small group RP. It'd be fun. V dramatic.

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    Why do ya'll hate me.
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  9. Made the thread prettier. Siiiiigh.

    Also, I'm gonna consider sticking this libertine. I mean, there shouldn't be any heavy smut, just dark themes. So maybe not.
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