The Journey

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  1. 4 of the most likeliest beings will come together from all over the world to bring down the one thing they can Demons. The demons in the qorld were getting stronger and killing of humans, the Fae and Fallens life source. The world had become a dark grey blob full of despicable people and creatures a like. One creature is Fae, she- devil from Ireland, she was here to restore man kind for her own personal gain. She has it all even in a failing world. She was rich among the poor. A Fallen Angel from Australia who pretended to be homless. But when the prophecy came to him. He shed his mask and went to find the meeting spot. Another Fallen Angel
    is from America to join this group. Last but not least a Alien, She is from Russia to join as well. These 4 must work together to survive, and save the himan racr, will these 4 rises as guardians or fail and fall further into despair.

    The rain ran down as the world outside looked Grey and dull. The Man named Dylan sat under his blankets and hoodies. He watched the fire sputter as small drops made it into his shelter. He and many other homeless sat out in the rain and watched the passers by. He hated the world that had always hated him. That was till a vision came to him.

    Zoey sat under a over hang she waited as the rain ran down. She sighed taping her claw like nails. She stopped seeing a vision. She frowned, she got up and followed it. Her body shivered at the cold rain, she looked up breathing. She started to run and just kept running till she was in patk. She looked around lmthe light haf stopped. She was soaked and her breath clung in the air. She stopped when she saw 3 others walking up as well. She stopped and stared. She knew she was somewhere in london, she had run all the way here.

  2. Ann was sleeping under a tree in the park, slightly drunk off of some old liquor she had found. Eventually, something came to her, which she assumed was a hallucination from being drunk. But after a few seconds, she found her legs pushing herself off the ground as she walked towards the center of the park, seeing three other forms near her. She still had the bottle placed loosely in his hands as she looked at the rest of them, hiccupping slightly as her cheeks flushed.

    Luke was sitting on top of an abandoned building where he could see almost everything in sight. Small fires of homeless people were everywhere, and the city was so dark, none of the light could touch it, just the way he liked it. Shaking his blond hair, he watched the lights flicker in the distance as he looked for anyone or anything he could find. But suddenly, a vision came to him, and when it disappeared, he was on the edge of a park, seeing three other figures in the distance.
  3. Zoey looked around had she really run to London from Ireland. She stepped into the park and when she sniffed and smelled them. she stopped as she knew the smell of two and not the other. She may be a Fae, but her smell was also unique and not many species new it. She stepped forward and looked at the other 3. She met them in the middle of the park."I guess we were all here for a reason." She finally said. she sighed and looked at them, she had no Idea what to say or how to convey anything, she was pretty sure she was speaking a foreign language to them, she had spoken in Latin. She tired again this time in a universal language English." i am guessing you all got the message as well. She said and bit her lip, hey atleast she was trying.

    Dylan looked at the others and walked slowly. One woman spoke up and he looked confused. She tired again and he understood her this time. He sighed and nodded his head."So what do we do now, we can't just ignore a message like that. We have to save the world before it falls into darkness." he said. He looked at them knowing this be easier said then done. he could tell the girl who had spoken first was uneasy about them. He had no Idea what she was or the other girl. He however did know his fellow fallen they had runs before this even though from different places
  4. Ann moved forwards towards the other people, listening carefully to their footsteps and tone. Unlike the rest of the idiots, Ann could decipher the tongue, since audio was kind of her thing. Chuckling, Ann hiccupped again, smiling lazily. "Well, I mean I guesss you could probably call it a message, I don't know. This is all kind of new to me." She said, swirling her bottle around before taking another sip of the liquor.

    Luke looked around at the others, but mainly at the male across from him. His wings, which were tucked into his shirt rustled restlessly as he stood there, looking at the four of them. "Well, this does have to mean something." Ignoring the drunken girl to his left. "We couldn't have all just poofed here for no reason. The universe is telling us something." He mumbled, looking out at them.
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