The Journey to Somewhere



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<img src="" align="left" width="75" height="75"> She ran through the town, weaving through the crowds on her way back to the tavern where her human was waiting for her with the others. She couldn't believe her luck- she found them a guide through the mountains so they could continue their journey!

It took a few minutes for the man to get over his shock at a talking cat, and then even longer for him to accept that she was actually a very well controlled talking cat that only obeyed her human and therefore could not grant him a wish like he had wanted.

But that did not matter now, because he eventually agreed to her request and was going to meet them at the edge of town in just an hour. Excited at having succeeded for her human, she bound into the tavern and onto a seat amidst the group.

"You owe me fish," she announced. "The guide will meet us in an hour." anime/BlackDemonCat.jpg
The fool sitting across the tavern looked over at the speaking cat, and quietly observed the chat between her and the bartender. It wasn't often that a creature spoke the human tongue, and he was amused by it, as he always was by things that were unnatural. He uncrossed his legs, and rose, every bell on his uniform making a soft clink sound. As he stretched his tall, slender form, he thought twice about approaching the table, before he settled on declining.

His eyes were frightening enough as they were, and his claws and fangs probably weren't a good introductory incentive either. When he decided against the intrusion, he stepped outside, hoping for a breeze, after being confined in the stuffy room for so long.
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Annabelle looked over to the girl next to her in bed. The tavern keeper's daughter may have been a virgin but she certainly knew how to rumble in the hay. The petite blonde hair girl rested peacefully in the bed with the covers concealing her bare body. Annabelle leaned over and kissed the girl on the forehead before gathering her equipment. She took her time putting on her clothing while her eyes feasted one last time upon the attractive splendor of the alabaster skin female. She smiled then decided to leave. She sheathed her sword on her back scabbard.

She gently closed the door behind her and proceeded down the stairs. To her delight, her pet cat was waiting on her.

"Hello Kit-Kit, any news on the front?" using the feline's nickname instead of her elongated exotic real name. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted someone dressed like a fool exit the tavern. Her curiosity though was more focused on what her pet may have found.
Scowling at the name her master used for her but choosing, as usual, not to respond to it, the feline nodded and jumped from the chair to rub against her master's legs, even though on all fours she reached the woman's waist.

"I found us a guide. He will meet us on the outskirts of town," she told her master, purring. She too had seen the fool leave, and was curious, oh so curious. She was so curious, she started towards the door.
He stood outside, beside the tavern, and leaned against the wall. The breeze was rather nice, but not cool enough. He entertained himself by breathing small puffs of freezing water into the air, which turned to snow and fluttered to the ground. He chuckled to himself, and played a little more. 'It's nice out,' he thought, 'but it could use a little more chill.'
Freya felt soft lips press against her forehead but it wasn't a sensation enough to wake her. She was still dreaming of the events of the night before and how she gave herself to a beautiful woman. Hearing the door click together she sat up holding the sheet up to her bare body. As Freya rubbed the sleep from her eyes she glanced around the room, only to find it empty. Quickly she slipped back into her clothes and went down stairs, smiling when she saw the woman had not left yet. "You're leaving?" Freya said, cocking her head to the side, looking at her with big blue eyes.