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    Here is the IC: Link!


    Welcome to the World of Pandria!

    Basic Overview: The main plot of this RP revolves around a caravan of oxen with carts full of supplies, and their owner Rudolf VanKirtschein, a well-known traveling merchant. He has gathered a group of strangers together, and is willing to pay for their expenses and for their help in protecting his supplies through his journey between continents.

    The RP starts in the continent called Furus, and ends in the continent Thialea, at the city known as Novan.

    World Map (open)
    (Enjoy my hand drawn map)

    Challenges: This group of strangers will have to not only battle the elements, but will be faced with monsters, thieves, bandits, pirates and blasts from their pasts!

    Duration: The journey in the story should take up to 7-12 months, roughly, it may be more. (I’m sure there will be timeskips).

    Reward: Their reward will be riches and the chance to start a new life someplace completely new! Who doesn’t like that?

    World History (open)

    Pandria is a beautiful world, beholding many rich wonders. It is filled with all kinds of races and creatures beyond the imagination. Magic once filled the lives of many in this world, and flourished within all of the lands. However, it didn’t take long for one man with a powerful magic to be able to see the chaos it could cause and the power he could gain. He rose to the top of the hierarchy, killing all who challenged him, and used magic users to take control of all of the land he could grasp. Such a cold and crazed man he was, it took a hundred year war to take back control, until the people could be free.

    200 hundred years later, and magic still leaves distaste in the mouths of Furus’ and Thialea’s citizens. Magic unknown and powerful by nature quickly instilled fear into the hearts of people, for it began to become a known fact, that magic could only be used for evil. Many people were killed and prosecuted due to their use of magic, and it did not take long for anyone with an ability to be stereotyped, imprisoned, or killed. Some magic users began to isolate from the rest of the world, while others chose to hide their gifts, hoping to live like an average being.

    Either way, those gifted with magic must always be wary; this is a dangerous world where no one can be trusted to keep your safety. But perhaps opinions can change, memories of the past can be soothed and peace can reign… Only time will tell.


    RP Focus: I hope that everyone who becomes involved in this story is able to treat this world as a sandbox. Feel free to create your own towns with their own histories, races, npcs and events. If there is a specific event that you wish to involve, surrounding the main plot, I just ask you to discuss it here in the OOC thread. If it is an event that you wish to keep private, but may include a few characters, you can PM me about it, and then PM the owners of said characters. As GM I will be leading the way, and enforcing some of the world’s rules, but I hope that everyone will be willing to bring something to the table, an idea, an event or even a villain.

    RP Rules:

    1. Although I am allowing all players to create and incorporate what they wish, I do ask that you bring it up here in the OOC or PM me directly about it. Just so that we have an idea of what it is and if it fits in well where the RP is going.

    2. Everyone can have up to 2 or 3 characters, but any more than that and I believe posts/characters will get confusing.

    3. Private conversation between characters can be made between PM and then summarized in a post in the IC thread.

    4. General site guidelines and rules will be followed in this RP. But we will keep mature themes within PMs please.

    5. Please respect your other rpers and their characters. If conflicts should arise, PM me and hopefully we’ll be able to discuss everything peacefully.

    6. Quality is much more important than quantity. This is an advanced RP, however it will also be highly focused on conversations between characters. Please don’t try to make a novel out of a yes or no question. No one wants that. But this RP will be focused a ton on character development and bonds between characters c:
    (Don't be intimidated by my horrifically long posts D:)

    7. If you have to take a break from the RP, or will be unable to post for whatever reason, feel free to just PM me. This roleplay can be flexible, characters can get lost or split from the group and can rejoin later. Or, we can come up with a plot idea together that will allow you to leave for as long as you wish.

    Character Sheet Prompt (open)
    Character Sheet:
    [Picture and/or description of appearance]
    Race: (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Other)
    Reason for Joining:
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  3. Elrithos Quicksilver (Completed) (open)

    Name: Elrithos ‘’Blazing Wind’’ Quicksilver
    Age: 325 years old
    Gender: Male
    Race: Aavikkanians (More commonly known as Desert Elves)
    Height: 5’9’’
    Weight: 152
    Eyes: Grass green
    Hair: Shoulder length dark brown
    Skin: Mildly tanned Caucasian
    - Elrithos comes from a society were training with a harsh discipline in warfare and combat and he had not been spared of this standard. Since he was young, he was taught how to fight in multiple ways. He has proficiency with a wide variety of weapons, although his specialty lays with their cultures favored weapons. The first would be the elven long blades. They compare to any human long scimitar, except that it is a forged of much better quality steel found only in their desert and are a little lighter. Next came their oddest weapon being the Aavikkan Double Scimitar. This single shaft has what seemed to be two elven long blades on each end. This particular weapon is hard to master outside of the Aavikkanien culture, but is renowned in the neighboring regions for being a ‘deadly dance’ weapon. He can use bows and spears easily and has extensive training on mounted combat.
    - Aavikanians are also known for being tough people. They are able to stay in extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) for long periods of time. They also seem to endure more and are more athletic than their forest brothers. This also means they can survive longer without water or food, but suffers of fatigue like any other being.
    - Elrithos specifically was trained as a scout/tracker/messenger. This simply means he is a survivalist as he travels a lot and an impressive scavenger. He knows etiquettes of other cultures around their nation in the dessert but not that much for further regions of the world. The last trick comes his tracking, able to chase a man down in any kind of environment. I can take time but he would eventually find the person he seeks.
    - He carries around a few things on his journeys and travels, notoriously, his Aavikkanian double scimitar and two elven long blades. Each has a specific use in combat. He also wears the chain mail made of the rare steel found in their deserts, but will never wear any additional protection as it gets in the way.
    The great territory of the Aavikkanian people expands a great part in the deserts of the continent. They are renowned to be the masters of the extreme heats and conditions of their regions. It is said that they had come to the continent from another world many years ago, many generations past. They normally lived within the woods of the unknown world, now chased away to these deserts… But they had adapted quite well to their new surroundings. Now, they have their place within the continent as being the warriors of the sand.
    Elrithos was raised in the common household, not born a noble or a peasant. Social classes like that didn`t really exist within this society as everyone had their equals rights and everyone had to live through the same process as others. There were the council members that had some authority over others, but not that much. Everyone had roles, going from soldiers, scavengers, scouts, messengers and so on. It was chosen, by the council, for the young Quicksilver family member, to start as a scavenger and tracker, as the numbers were dwindling recently with the dangers of the desert appearing. Of course, it was always an honor for anyone to be chosen for specific roles instead of simply following the family line.
    His training had started with elders, looking along the few books they had kept for such studying. It was a mandatory process to speak the language of the land and be able to read it. It was also an important process to speak the language of the humans and the elves in the wood, which he was also taught. It would then come to the military training with the ancestral weapons and on horseback… It was something everyone had to go through without exception.
    The years past and he trained for his duty for the territory as a scavenger and tracker, just along the years where the powerful mage had tried to rule the continent with an iron fist. Fortunately, he wouldn`t cross the desert as it seemed the territory was too hostile. This meant the elves of the desert had to retreat deep into the sandy region to survive this hunger for conquest.
    The end of his reign had brought the Aavikanians to a decision that was quite hard to take; retreat from the human lands up north totally, dealing only with the ones around the desert. The council had talked for years for this decision, but they had to do it. Elrithos, for the sake of the decision though, had been further trained into being a messenger for the kingdoms up north. They still had contacts which they needed to keep, but nothing more. That is what Elrithos life was, quite simply.
    Reason for Joining: Hearing of a chance to board along to go back to rediscover their old lands, Elrithos wouldn't spit on it. He was there to give a message to one of the contact in the city and then go back. He would join them, knowing they would also need to cross the desert. His help would be greatly appreciated.

    Vordan Dawarum (Completed) (open)

    Name: Vordan Dawarum ‘The Maker’
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human of the Kingdom of Ellahur
    Height: 6’2’’
    Weight: 210 lb
    Skin: Caucasian
    Hair: Short light brown
    Eyes: Simple brown eyes
    Particularity: Is missing a pinky finger on his right hand and his ring finger on his left hand. His forearms of covered with scars of old burns, gashes, piercings and so on. It is all a result of experimenting with his magic and his new intventions.
    - His ‘trademark’ if quite a unique set of magical feats. No, he cannot shoot lightning out of his hands, but can probably build you a rod that gathers energy from around you and concentrates it into on single bolt of lightning. Can he heal wounds with his bare hands? Nope, but he sure can make bandages that make the process of healing go by one hundred times faster… And make the pain feel a thousand times worse. All in all, his magic is all about creating items with magical attributes, but as all magic, its kickback comes in many ways. The first one being that he needs specific materials that are not necessarily hard to find, but may take a while to gather all of it. The second is the item itself uses up the magic (most of the time) on its first use and cannot be reused. Likewise, it cans imply not work. The last might be that it can backfire on the person using it… All part of the risk factor.
    - Vordan keeps a detailed book of his properly functioning items, resuming to very few in fact. Most of his items were one use wonders, although some he still keeps even though the kickback is potentially harmful and/or deadly.
    - His first and probably most notable weapon is called ‘The 6-bolt Crossbow’. Oddly enough, it resembles nothing of your typical crossbow. This weapon has no string! Nope. You still have the stock and trigger of your typical crossbow, but that was all. Next followed a cylinder with six holes in it, each hole could fit a typical bolt into it. Then, a single barrel for the cylinder. The secret of this weapon? Two things: The bolts themselves are held by the magic within the cylinder and the second; the bolts are launched by a strong gust of air where the chambers and the front barrel align. His last creation and quite proud of it.
    - The second one, although technically not a weapon, is his steel gauntlet. On his left arm, this gauntlet simply lets him create a chain up to ten feet long from his wrist. Simple magical item really and the best part, he finally got the kickback to be removed… For now anyway.
    - Away from his creations, you would expect him to be as any other mercenary: A good talker and great with bargaining, brave to some degree and reliant when properly paid.
    - He has a very high pain tolerance from all the malfunctions his magic has had. He learned to take it as it happened often that his items would harm him back when misused or simply not done properly.
    - His other equipment relies on a simple dagger, a two-handed blade for more serious situations. He knows how to fight with his weapons, but prefers using his proud creation ‘The 6-bolt Crossbow’. He also has those bandages that accelerate the healing process of wounds, but creates immense pain.
    Birthed in the Kingdom of Ellahur, one of the first to defy the Dark Emperor and resist to his reign after his conquest. It was the birthplace of those who wished to be free of the terror and fought back even in underwhelming numbers. They didn’t have much in manpower, but they compensated with their own kind of magic… That of Creation. They made items that could aid the typical man do so much more. They were named the Makers for that reason and those who could wield it did all they could to bring up their skills for the sake of freedom… But that was only for the time of the war. When it all ended, these mages had created the last magical item known to their land. The Ripper. It rid the kingdom of all magic one could wield. It was, in fact, miniaturized versions of this cleanser that proved to be able to rid the magic from the followers of this King, allowing for an advance of the armies. And now, no mages is ever known to be birthed in these regions of the world. The few odd ones born with magical powers or caught using magic were brought to the Ripper to have them removed permanently.
    Vordan was said to be born without magic and raised as any other would. Simple son in a family of five. He was the elder of the three siblings and was to learn the family trade; stone carving. A fair and harsh job, but one he was actually proud of… Until he discovered his gift. It came simply by accident, as he was carving stone. He has some new materials to work with, so had tried to try them out. At the hit of the hammer, the stone he hit had started glowing intensely. Of course, he didn’t understand what was happening. Vordan ran to his parents, asking what was going on. The parents came to see, and they knew exactly what it was… They told his son to keep it secret and never use those materials again. Of course he did… Until it picked his curiosity.
    He eventually tried again and had the same result, but a smaller stone. He knew he had the gift of those over 200 years ago… And he heard the tales about how useful it was for them to win the war. So why waste it? You could say that was the beginning of his new life, as an inventor, a creator… A mercenary. Why mercenary? Easy. It was the only life style that would allow him to live AND put his mind into this magic.
    What happened from there was like any other story. Take a job, make things, make money, spend the money, lie about his magic… The typical thing, right? Absolutely. He has no regrets in the actions he has taken and live life full on… Being careful not to get caught.
    Reason for Joining: A new life to create his items and help the world really. Why hide it for the rest of his life? He has an opportunity!

    Esredia The Freak (Completed) (open)

    Name: Esredia The Freak

    Age: 24
    Gender/Sex: Female
    Height: 5’11”
    Race: Human of the Mountain tribes

    - Curse of the Dark Emperor: As anyone born in the lineage of the mountain nomads who have broken the contract of the Dark Emperor, they are all cursed with the same affliction, suffered many years ago. They have a particular need to feed from blood, rather they like the taste or not, to keep them from turning to sanity and savagery… Some legends say that those driven mad by their thirst become nothing more than wild predators, losing all notion of sympathy, mercy or even decency. Most say the effects are irreversible until the curse is broken… Which none have managed to figure out, not even the mountain tribes.

    - Spirits of the Ancestors: This is unique to specific lineages from those of the mountain tribes, more so the chieftains and shamans of their clan. It is a specific link that the descendants share with those who have become one with death. Certain ancestors who’s souls are still within the realm of the living, they connect to their last first born descendant after their parents die.
    The sprits work as a constant flow of magical energy within one’s body, although traces of their personality tend to appear when their energy is being used. Esridia comes from a long lineage of chieftains and was graced by these spirits around the age of 16 and has ever since adjusted to them. These two spirits are linked to her (She can only have one linked to her soul at a time):

    ---------------- Yranda, the Huntress. Main ancestor of Esredia and usual spirit of guidance. It gives her a natural, animalistic instinct and an edge in hunting and gathering. Reacts more rapidly and has the grace of an elf.
    ---------------- Ysander, the Savage. Another main ancestor and battle guided. Gives her a warrior’s instinct and triples her physical strength.
    As any other kind of magic, its drawbacks are very apparent. The first, which most will notice right away, is that she eats for three people or otherwise seems to weaken quite quickly… Although she is not threatened to death with this kickback is she eats normally, but it can push her insanity further, like a second thirst. A second one is that she needs to consume blood for the three of them, which means she drinks a lot of blood, which can drive her mad faster than those who are not graced with the spirits of the Ancestors. Lastly, this energy can be interrupted by multiple magical means, such as intense interactions with magic items or spells. When interrupted, she cannot link a soul to her without a proper ritual and rest.

    - A simple double edged two handed sword with no guard, lighter than your typical broadsword.
    - A dagger for utility purposes
    - A short bow with a few arrows
    - Travelling back with some spare clothes (Including a long red dress)
    - A long fur cloak

    Esridia was part of a Warrior tribe of the Southern Mountains, being the daughter of a strong, proud chieftain. Even though they had to live with the Curse that the Dark Emperor had cast upon them many years ago, they went by with struggles but well. The number of mountain dwellers had dropped dramatically the last few years, evidence of lack of food and blood for the people, driving them to their own death. Most had tried to adapt to a new environment, but with their traits and mentality, were quickly dealt with. The few who stayed within the cold stone giants were able to just live a simple life… Well, until Esridia’s tribe decided to actually try and go into the forests up north.
    They had actually adapted quite well for the first few months, although a few of the people had gotten to the brink of their insanity and went off. Those who were still sane had chased them down, hopefully not too late. This included Esridia at the age of 16. They chased down the blood hungry warriors, but it was too late. They had been met by what seemed to be a group of mercenaries that were traveling towards the mountains… And when they saw other people of the tribe, they charged in. It was a furious battle, but it left the tribe reduced to one person. The mercs had captured Esridia, brought her with them… Needless to say, these guys were not mercs. They were soldiers for a noble family and she was brought to him.
    Her fate beyond there? With her terrifying features and savage attitude, she was used as an attraction, a show for the people to enjoy. She was taunted, fed little and left to fend off innocent people for the entertainment of the public. This went for a few years before she got fed up and found the opportunity to strike back, slaughtering the noble’s family and a few soldiers before running away.
    From there on out, she lived in the woods near the mountains, surviving by attacking bandits or soldiers she met, hunting and simply trying to find a place for herself.
    Reason for Joining: Help out to defend the caravan, but really, to find a new home.
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  4. Tirian Pherae
    King of Imladris[​IMG]

    Tirian Pherae
    Age: 24
    Gender/Sex: Male
    Height: 6'0''
    Race: Half Human/Half Wood Elf

    Magic of Durandal

    The first of two elemental magic possessed by the Prince of Durandal. Tirian can use this magic on whim with a kick back of burnt flesh. The level of damage received by the young man's body is directly related to the level of flame strength being used. Tirian can use this magic to cover his blade, however within minutes the sword becomes simply to hot to hold and effectively disarms him of any weapon.

    Distant Thunder, Lightning from Desperation: The second and final elemental magic possessed by the Prince of Durandal is that of electricity. Tirian can charge his body with a current of electricity that increases his reflex and reaction speed with a kick back that directly paralyzes his body. The Prince can discharge the electricity into stream or bolt with the very same kick back of paralyzation. Tirian must be grounded as well, otherwise the current from his magic will surge through his heart and tragically end his life early.
    Oath to the Sword

    The children, specifically male children are recruited upon birth to become soldiers of the massive Durandal army. Children are pitted against one another in a literal fashion of killed or be killed. There was no mercy in this ring of blood and one could see themselves beating their best friend to death. Those who lived were only pushed further until the will of an unbreakable soul had been forged. Once beyond the initial trial of hell those who survive are taught skills of an impeccable swordsman. At approximately age seven is when the children hold their first sword and begin learning what being a warrior with a weapon truthfully was.
    Born to the Elves

    While Tirian has the resemblance of a human his muscular structure is that of an elf. The young man was blessed with the genetics of his mother which gives him abnormal agility, speed and strength. However Tirian does not posses eyesight or hearing of an elf which counteracts his deceiving figure and form.
    Falchion of Imladris
    The sword of Tirian's mother, Allynn which was bestowed upon him after a sudden accident claiming the life of the heir-to-be of the Imladis empire. The sword is forged with the Imladis' most sacred metal Orichalcum that is only found in the underground caverns deep beneath the forests. This blade is tempered to withstand temperatures far above that of standard metals found within Pandria.
    Auriel's Bow
    True to Tirian's elven nature he developed a natural tendency for bow combat. This bow was curved and carved from a Lavaralda tree that had been petrified through the seasons of Imladris. Other than an increased draw speed and superior strengthening there is nothing special about this bow. Tirian however holds a sentimental value for this item. The reasoning, however, is not yet explained in the compendium that is Tirian.
    What Became of an Heir

    Birth of a Prophet; A Child's Destiny

    It all started with a forbidden romance. That of human and elf during a time of supreme racism and hatred. Humans hated the wood elves of Imladris and the same could be said in the drastic reverse. Continued war and harsh battles lead to the ravaging the lush land of Thialea. Only within the recent years had the groups agreed to peace, yet the hatred continued. Tyrande Pherae of Durandal and Allynn Runetheil of Imladris found a way through that hatred and brought a baby boy into this world. This young prophet had not known it yet, but war would be fought in his name
    “He's beautiful Tyrande. He has your hair.”

    A stout man carried a solemn but proud tear within his left eye as he gazed down upon a newborn baby boy laying oddly peaceful within a shoddy crib. In an empire that hated elves, Tirian Pherae's life would forever been a deeply held secret between two people. This was a moment of bliss, untouched by the plague of human hatred.
    “And he has your eyes Allynn. I will take him home. Claim him as an orphan.”

    For a mother to be condemned with a life of never seeing her first born child was like almost not worth living. The pain had become ever so evident in those sky blue eyes of the elven female, and new found mother. With a subtle movement her slender frame turned away from the claimed child, hiding pain and sadness in her face.

    “Then I take my leave Tyrande. Make sure Tirian grows strong, please.”

    The red-haired mountain of a man quickly turned to face the back of a slender and beautiful elf with worry in his eyes.

    “Are you sure? You just gave birth to new life.”

    Allynn cracked a forced chuckle and continued the stride towards the exit offering only a snide comment before finally leaving.

    “Us elven woman aren't as fragile as humans.”

    Allynn exited the hidden grotto, covered with forest shrubbery and retreated with a defeated posture to her horse. With one final look back, the wood elf disappeared to the north. Tyrande bundled the baby boy and headed to the south, two souls parted by distance but yet held together a third soul; the glue. Tyrande rode hard into the afternoon, making it to Durandal somehow before nightfall had struck the canvas of the world. The gate keepers quickly allowed the heir to the Durandal throne in without question, eying the bundle of new life as Tyrande passed through with haste.

    And thus would begin the life of a troubled child destined for violence, war and most of all. Hatred.

    The Ring of Blood

    A mere five years had passed and it would seem Tirian was due for the hell that was combat training. Durandal hadn't grown to be the superpower they were through leisurely drinking tea and munching on biscuits. No, these warriors would beat their will upon easily molded children for the very sake of protecting their special way of life. Tirian had grown to be a gentle and quiet little boy, never quarreling with his father or those around him. The boy kept to himself most of the time and in a general sense did not have many friends despite his calm and kind nature. His world would soon come crashing down.

    “Tirian! You must do it! That or face death!”

    The voice of a raspy man at wits end screamed up to a non-receptive little boy. Tirian had turned five and by Durandal law it meant he was required to participate in the initiation period. The door came barreling down as Tyrande grasped the arms of a boy entirely shut down within. Tirian couldn't understand nor could he grasp the pressure. A young boy barely able to open an adult door was being forced to kill, maim and murder.

    “This is my only son.”

    Tyrande drug the red-headed boy in front of a trio of armor bearing soldiers. Not a single word had been spoken. Only extended arms revealing scars of wars from the past. Tirian closed his eyes against the abrasive hands gripping hard enough to leave cuts. The trio of guardsmen carried the young boy to a cart that had already gathered upwards of fifty boy's. All the same age.

    In order to survive the Ring of Blood; or rather graduate one must win ten matches with his peers. Tirian would be thrown into his first match a infant, unscathed by the harsh nature of reality. He would only survive by elven instincts alone and nothing else. Slowly as each match came the boy lost a piece of his innocence. By the last fight Tirian had shifted and grown over the month of hell into a cold and distant child of war. He stood before his father, almost proud of his accomplishments.

    “You're going to be a fine soldier son, I couldn't be prouder.”

    Little did Tyrande know, something devious and destructible had been brewing within the boy, flowing through his veins almost like blood. The one thing Durandal hated, loathed, despised, abhorred and detested was magic.

    The very same magic waiting to be unleashed by one boy.

    Becoming a man; Facing the world.

    Graduated from the Ring of Blood. Completed was his training. Now sixteen Tirian Pherae stood at the head of his group, and on-top of every boy within his training regimen. There wasn't a boy in this city that was touching his almost inhuman skills. It had become so apparent that the council had begun to speak ill of the boy. He moved like an elf, almost mirrored elven strength. But Tirian did not have the pointed ears. It would be this one trait which would keep him out of the council's grasp until solid evidence was completed. Despite the racism towards the elven people, one could not go around falsifying accusations. Durandal had been a democracy and one that abides by its' own laws.

    Tirian had begun to feel extreme discomfort within. Unbearable stomach aches and feverish outbreaks. Some days his body felt too hot to even begin moving upon waking in the morning. Others it felt almost as if his body had been paralyzed or numbed to the touch. His pride did not allow him to speak out on these issues, as a soldier one had to be tough on the outside and emotionless on the inner part.

    “Young boy. Over here.”

    Gentle, soft and angelic. These words could not better describe the serene voice coming from a darkened alleyway. Tirian felt compelled to lend his ear to this unknown feminine voice.

    “Please, unto this alley. We must share words handsome man.”

    Any other day of the week Tirian would decline, and eventually turn to force if further persuaded. This day however, had been a good day. The sun had been covered with fluffy clouds and allowed for the temperature to be delightful. Everything seemed to point towards a genuinely blissful day. The red-haired boy followed the cloaked figure for a moment, eventually until the female revealed her pointed ears. Tirian instinctively pulled his had to the hilt of his sword, only to meet the gentle touch of a soft as silk hand.

    “Please Tirian. I am not someone you wish to quarrel with. Hear your mothers words out.”

    His eys quivered with fright and shock. His throat clumped together with sadness and anger. How dare this elven female speak of his mother. Wait. Who was his mother? Tirian didn't even know of his real father. His intelligence spoke of killing this elf. His heart, spoke other wise. He would listen.

    “What do you know of my mother, elf?”

    This caused a gentle and meek laugh from the beautiful elf.

    “What do YOU know of your mother?”

    This female had a point. Tirian did not know, or even what his mother was. His eyes met her own in a stare of evident realization. They had the very same eyes. Allynn met his eyes with a warm smile, much warmer than any star could produce.

    The elf simply nodded as her slender arms embraced the muscular frame of a man who had seen hell.

    “I am your mother.”

    The entire world slammed weight down unto the boy's chest. Every emotion a single human being could feel was being realized by Tirian. He had so many questions to ask and yet it seemed as if there had not been enough time.

    “Grave mistake coming her Allyn.”

    Tyrande interrupted the happiness of reunion with cold steel drawn and threatening the mother of the red-headed boy.. Tirian slipped to the side with watching eyes as Allynn quickly snapped back with an ice cold tone.

    “Don't you think our son deserves to know who is mother is?”

    Allynn felt disgust within her heart with eyes on the man she once loved. He was not that same person.

    “You're not the man I once loved. You're a corrupted old pile of worthless bones.”

    Tirian snapped those sky colored eyes to Tyrande with a sudden realization that these two were his parents and they seemed to be at war with one another, but why? His father wasted no time lunging forward with a quick slash that met nothing but resistant air. Allynn had seemingly vanished fifteen feet backwards.

    “What will you do when Tirian uses magic? Had you never thought of that Tyrande! Your son would be slaughtered. Or does that even matter? Is your throne and fame worth more than his own life!”

    Something snapped the older man, harsh eyes turning his very own son. That pride and happiness disappeared from those harsh yellow eyes of his. The hatred flowed freely even within his gasping breaths. Tirian felt something inside of him crumble as a sudden inferno of flames erupted from his every pores. Everything happened in an instant. Tyrande tried evading the flames to the best of his ability and Allynn quickly jumped to the aide of her son. An immense flash of light radiated within the area and Tirian had vanished from sight with his mother.

    Allynn brought the duo directly to the front gates of Imladis, the elven capital she had recently become Queen. Both magic users fell unconscious as their body had simply used too much energy to sustain anything more. The explosion of flame magic had been dispersed evenly throughout the boy's body to allow for minimal damage.

    New beginnings, Old terror.

    The elven people openly accepted Tirian. It had been odd for the boy at first who had been raised in a society that had hated elves more than anything in the world; except magic of course. It took the boy time to grow accustomed to the new way of life and yet he could never shake the unbearable feeling that his father was never too far away to come after him.

    Tirian, now twenty-one had been given the best life possible. The elven people had been tolerant and went as far as too train him in their own ways. The boy could openly practice his magic without fear of outright death from an intolerant empire. This peace would not last, the fate of his life and Allynn's would rest forever on this caravan. The queen herself had been called to the elven council to the north. If there had been any time to attack it would be now, and she knew it. The unshakeable feeling of atrocity welled deep within, it was her time. The most important thing was Tirian, he had to survive no matter what.

    It happened so fast, a brigade attacking the caravan. Flames erupted as explosions covered the area. Arrows hailed into the caravans with deadly precision. Oxen fell to the ground lifeless and within seconds the entire traveling company came to a halting and forceful stop.

    “Where is he you bitch. Where is my son!”

    The voice had been none other than Tyrande's. Allynn shot worried eyes to Tirian who held a simple smile. There was no sign of fear in those warrior eyes of his. Without warning the red-haired boy drew Allyn's blade and exploded out of the caravan's roof and landed directly in front of a small army of no less than one hundred men.


    His former father had scarring to the right side of his face from their last encounter so many years ago. Tirian spit to the side with clear disgust held in his stern eyes, brows furrowing and nose flaring. Every memory of being forcefully thrown into violence flooded through the young man.

    “Not anymore.”

    Words had been cheap. Actions here and now would speak louder than anything Tyrande or his men could ever hope to say. Static began to crackle off the boy's body as his magic settled into his nervous system.

    “Six minutes. That's all you have before I kill each and every one of you.”

    In reality Tirian had six minutes before his magic would totally paralyze his muscular system and prevent him from moving any further. Roughly seventeen kills per minute to eradicate one hundred men within that time period. It would be nearly impossible without flame magic as well. Tirian erupted forward with speed that left a visible stream of dust behind him. The first strike landed on his father, a palm strong enough to send the two-hundred and fifty pound man in armor crashing into a group of soldiers fifteen feet backwards.

    The boy fought his heart out, protecting his mother to the very last second of his limit. His body collapsed to the ground with seven soldier still left breathing. One of which had been his father. Blades of steel came slowly towards the magic bearing son of Tyrande, aiming to strike down his life. They were pushed back by an hurricane like gale of wind as Allynn landed in front of her son breathing heavily. Blue eyes unmatched in beauty in all of the land cast back to her son with a saddened smile.

    “Take that blade and life son. Run until you're ready to confront your destiny. As long as that blade rests in the hands of elven royalty Imladris will survive. I... I love you.”

    Tears streamed down her perfect face. Tirian wanted to scream. Tired to scream. Brightness soon engulfed the area and Tirian vanished, leaving Allynn behind to face the cold steel of Tyrande. Her life had been sacrificed for Tirian's. The boy appeared in an unknown land on the outskirts of a major city. His body still paralyzed by the effects of his magic. However, tears rushed down his face as the sadness overpowered every inch of his body.
    He would avenge Imladris and get revenge for his mother.

    Towards The Future.

    Three years have passed since that day. Tirian found himself on the western continent many miles away from his destination. The boy took on a new name, Roy and hid from everyone his past and heritage. Not a single soul on Furus would know he was the heir to Imladris' throne and the son of the dictator of Durandal. One empire had been thrown into darkness without a leader, and the other completely controlled. No more was the democracy of Durandal. Tyrande broken down the council and stripped everyone of rights. Anyone outspoken against the king found their heads on a platter. The time would soon come. An invitation from a traveling merchant and where should they end? The outskirts of an empire Tirian would be destined to silence.

    Lucille Hearthstone
    Goddess Reincarnate[​IMG]

    Lucille Heartstone
    Age: 18
    Gender/Sex: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Race: Human

    Grace of the Goddess
    Lucille is capable of healing most wounds with her magical abilities. There are limitations to this magic, however, as Lucille cannot heal wounds that would otherwise kill a mortal being. The set back is also severe, as any pain induced by the wound is transferred onto the caster. The stronger the pain, the more severe the consequences for the healer. Sudden transfer of intense pain can cause seizures, blackouts and in the rarest of cases severe brain hemorrhaging and complete internal organ failure.

    Genesis Blade
    This red bladed weapon is the sole protector of Lucille Hearthstone. Tempered with Alexandrite and Mythril, this blade is much stronger than normal steel or titanium. However, the strength is not hindered by the weight of this nimble blade, in fact this blade is incredibly light to allow for the very quick style Lucille has been trained in.

    A Tortured Past

    Auriel Demeria
    The Ice Queen [​IMG]

    Auriel Demeria
    Age: 1524
    Height 5'6"
    Weight: 123
    Race: Dark Elf/High Elf

    Cold as Ice
    Auriel possesses the natural ability of turning outward energy into ice, morphing nearly anything into the cold substance. Doing so drops her internal temperature slightly or very dramatically depending on the size and succession of such magic

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  5. Setna Roan (open)

    Name: Setna Roan
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’ 10’’
    Race: Human

    Ability/Weaponry: Sword and shield.

    - Setna was trained from a young age to become a warrior and knight to his kingdom, like his father. He was trained in the use of swords, whether one handed or two handed, daggers and bow and arrow.

    - His favorite combination is the sword and shield, using the shield as cover before striking an opponent.

    - Although trained, he is an incredibly poor shot with a bow.

    - Carries a sword stolen from his father. A relic from Syndarea past. On the blade is an enchantment of sort, but Setna does not know what it means or what it does. He never really cared enough to listen to the explanation.

    Background: Setna and his sister Serna are from an isolated kingdom known as Syndarea.

    The Syndareans are known for their barrier magic, and were able to isolate themselves to the world due to this. They were once a well-known people, having been at the right hand of the Dark Emperor, the same man that used his own magic to take whatever he pleased. The Syndareans were a key role to his triumph, keeping him protected to the point that it took 100 years to finally reach him. After the fall of the Emperor, it wasn’t long for the resistance to turn on the Syndareans, forcing them to leave and isolate themselves in the deepest woods of Furus. A large barrier, kept up by the Syndarean King and his loyal guards, keeps their kingdom completely separated from the world.

    Syndarean barrier magic is able to form physical light and become a shield to anything the magic user grants, whether on their body, around an object, or in any clear space. The toll however is that it causes great strain on a user’s head, leading to bloody noses, intense headaches, seizures and hemorrhaging in the brain. This magic usually develops in a user during puberty, and the Sydareans fully train their warriors so that the kickback becomes less intense. The more training they receive, the longer they can use their magic before the full extent of the kick back occurs.

    With a barrier keeping everything out and nothing new able to penetrate their society, the Syndarean people are incredibly stuck in their ways. Their society follows very old and rigid traditions, especially towards gender roles. Men are supposed to inherit the barrier magic, and are the ones to become the fighters. Women on the other hand, take care of the household, farms and of course, children. They have invoked the separate spheres for both men and women. Men take hold of the public sphere while women take control of the domestic sphere, and it is the men that have all say in society.

    Although the men are the only ones that are supposed to inherit the ability to use barrier magic, woman can also inherit it. However, these women are used as human sacrifices and are burned on the stake during the summer solstice of their eighteenth year of life. The Syndareans believe their magic is granted to them by their gods, and when a woman inherits it, it is a call to sacrifice. These sacrifices are the assurance that their magic will live on in their sons and their gods will continue being pleased with them. At least, that is what the religious leaders preach. Another part of killing them off is due to the fact that they believe a woman’s body is unable to handle such a powerful magic and using it would only lead to their brain deteriorating and a painful death. Thus, they are never trained like the males are.

    Setna Roan is a bit of a hot head, and usually goes all out without thinking it through first. He is not a strategist but instead overcomes his opponents with his own will power. He is never willing to go down without a fight, even if he knows he’ll lose. He was the pride and joy of his father, who hoped that he would continue to become one of the greatest knights Syndarea had ever known. All that was left was for him to inherit the traditional barrier magic… unfortunately he didn’t, his twin sister did.

    His sister was taken away from him and his family, and forced to live in the religious sect of the kingdom. Upon hearing that she would be killed because of it, he kidnapped her and fled the kingdom, leaving his parents and future behind.

    Setna is incredibly loyal, stubborn, and rather naïve. Growing up completely isolated from the world leaves him and his sister disadvantaged, as they are rather ignorant and unknowledgeable. However, he continues to push through, unwillingly to stop or give up because it would surely end up with his sister’s death.

    Reason for Joining: Setna joins the caravan because he is hoping he can find a place in the next continent where his sister Serna can live out her life in peace. He is also trying to escape the Syndarean scouts who wish to recapture them and take them back home.

    Serna Roan (open)

    Name: Serna Roan (Pronounced Seer-Nah)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’ 6’’
    Race: Human

    Ability: Barrier Magic

    - Unlike her twin brother, Serna has had no prior training or combat experience.

    - She has never used her magic to its fullest extent.

    - She has never been trained to use it nor to handle its kickback.

    - However she is a great cook, and is also rather proud of her sewing skills.

    Background: Serna is Syndarean like her brother Setna. Once she hit puberty, it became apparent that she could use barrier magic. One day while watching her brother spar, she watched as he took a misstep and as his opponent attempted to strike him while he was down. Serna reacted on her own. Reaching out, something burst from inside her and a shield of light appeared, protecting her brother before the strike could land. It wasn’t long for this news to spread across the kingdom, and Serna was immediately taken away by the religious sect of the kingdom and kept isolated from her family and friends. Except for Setna, who always found a way in to see her and bring her news about their mother and father and even the pets.

    Serna spent the ages of 13-17, being kept under watch by the religious priests and nuns of the kingdom, who taught her the ceremonies to which she would give her life for her gods and her people. When not learning the ritual dances for her sacrificial day, Serna spent most of her time learning how to cook, sew and perform other domestic chores. She helped the priests with their sermons, cooked for the rest of the clergy and learned what she could from the vast library in the head church. However, keeping herself busy didn’t help to stem the loneliness she felt, nor the dread at knowing her life had a time limit.

    Her only happiness came when her twin found some way to sneak in and see her. He always brought a gift, and would excitedly tell her about what he was doing, how mother was coping, and how father was still a stubborn mule. They remained close even though walls separated them. As they both reached 17 however, both twins had to face that their time was coming to an end. If something didn’t happen soon, Setna would lose Serna forever. As their 18th birthday began to loom on the horizon, Setna decided that the only way to save her was to kidnap her and flee.

    And he did.

    There was no plan, no formal meeting, except for showing up in the middle of the night and convincing her to leave. They fled from their home with only a few supplies and a horse from their barn. Exiting the barrier in the split seconds as the shift between guards changed, they were finally free but had nowhere to go. They drifted from village to village until finally Setna picked up an ad for a merchant looking for people to travel with him to the next continent. He quickly decided that that was the best way for them to find a place where she could live peacefully, and Serna was forced to agree.

    Serna is the opposite of her brother. She is quiet and meek, unwilling to share her opinion and is more likely to follow her brother’s over enthusiastic whims. She is incredibly kind and gentle though, and all she wishes for is that her brother will return home safely. She has been brought up to put herself below others and does so constantly, especially with her twin brother.

    Reason for Joining: Serna is following her brother’s whim to save her and find her a place to live. Her hope, however, is that her brother will return home.

    Aaerynn Lightweld (open)

    Name: Aaerynn Lightweld
    Age: 280
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’ 9’’
    Race: Wood Elf

    Ability/Weaponry: Bow and Arrow

    - Aaerynn has been using a bow for more than 200 years, and proves to be an impeccable marksman.

    - She is a fully trained hunter, able to stalk and take down prey quickly and efficiently.

    - Elvish traits: Aaerynn is incredibly light, much like her Wood Elf brethren. She can easily walk on top of snow and her steps are nearly silent. She is agile and fast, and her eyesight and hearing are incredibly advanced. She also has a friendship with many animal families that she has met throughout her travels.

    - She is also highly trained in the use of elvish medicine, although her practices are quite costly for her patients.

    - Her weapon of choice is her elvish bow, and she also carries an elvish dagger that is light weight and incredibly durable.

    Background: Aaerynn grew up in the northern forests of Furus, within a large community of Wood Elves. The Wood Elves of Furus, used to have a peaceful and symbiotic relationship with the humans that lived close to them. The Elves taught them how to best farm their land, how to use the forests to live. The humans made sure to keep the forests orc and goblin free for the elves. There was a deep and understanding friendship between the two races. However, once the Dark Emperor began to terrorize, kill and steal, the Wood Elves were forced to seclude themselves in the deepest parts of their forests. The humans that were once friends became betrayers, willing to sell out their location to the Dark Emperor and his troops. Betrayal, vengefulness and hatred soon grew a seed in the hearts of the Elves, whose immortality and piercing minds made sure that they would never forget what the humans did to them.

    Further relationship with humans ceased, and the Elves took to looking at the human race as roaches to be ignored, or stepped on whenever convenient. There was to be no further contact with humans ever again.

    Aaerynn, however, upon reaching her hundredth year, fell in love with a farmer’s son. His land was close to the forest that she called home and one day she happened upon him trying to lead a lost lamb out of the woods, and utterly failing. Whether it was love at first sight or not, Aaerynn would never tell, but the two began to visit each other every day at the same time. They would eat together, talk of their dreams, walk through the woods and frolic through the flower fields. For the first time in her life, she found what love was. They promised themselves to each other, whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ear under the weeping willows, and enacting their own wedding ceremony amongst the flowers. It did not matter that she was an elf or that he was human. She was willing to give up everything for him.

    After months of secretly meeting each other, he finally asked her to marry him, no more pretending. He promised her everything. It did not matter that he was arranged to marry another, he would leave everything for her. They would travel far away from these woods to somewhere new where they could live together without worrying about anyone. They had promised.

    Aaerynn was too lost in love to realize that a human’s promise is weak willed and easily broken. As she began to break ties and betray her family line, he didn’t come. As she was cast out for loving a human, he never returned to their meeting spot. She waited, for hours, from sun up until sun down, she waited. She waited until the moon dipped below the horizon and the sun began to rise. He never came. Lost and bewildered, she left the spot and walked to where she knew his farm was. It was there that she saw him working, as if it was an average day. She approached him, confronted him and he revealed his cowardice.

    He was unwilling to give anything up. He couldn’t do it. He yelled at her to get away, to leave. He was done with her. He couldn’t just up and leave his family’s farm. His parents depended on him, and the girl he was arranged to marry was nice, and just the woman he needed. This was where he was supposed to be. Besides, an elf and a human were never supposed to be.

    Aaerynn was left with nothing. Nothing but bitterness and hatred for the human race. She wasn’t allowed back home and was now left betrayed and abandoned with no one to turn to. It was her own iron will and pride that pulled her from dying of sadness and weariness.

    For the rest of her 180 or so years, she roamed through the land, alone. She made friends with animals that she crossed paths with and lived awhile in the woods and mountains alone. The only thing that truly kept her interested though, was earning money. She began practicing the art of elven medicine and started using human desperation to earn gold. She set up a con and began turning a profit by over-exaggerating a patient’s symptoms to the point of hysteria, then easily solving the illness or injury with superior elven medicine. Once cured, she would then charge the family for a rather hefty bill.

    She’s sent people bankrupt, taken everything valuable they owned, and has never batted an eye at it. Blaming it all on human stupidity and ignorance, Aaerynn doesn’t look
    away from taking advantage of people. After all, certain riches last forever and money can buy you things that are far better than placing your trust into any other individual ever again…Or so she thinks.

    Reason for Joining: Money. Not only will she be getting paid for going on the journey, but she’ll be able to scam tons of new patients and their families within the new continent. It’s a win win for her.
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  15. Lillith Zhao (open)

    Name: Lillith Zhao
    Age: 27
    Gender/Sex: Female
    Height: 5’5’’
    Race: Human
    All Seeing Eye: Lillith comes from an island directly north of the beautiful continent of Thialea. This island is isolated from most of the world, surviving on their own principles and self-sustaining way of life. They are loosely related to the common day’s Buiddhist Monks, everything in moderation and inner peace. Many people born to this society possess a special power, the power to see pressure points and magical workings of a human being. These special persons are deemed “Electus” or chosen and trained in the ways of Flowing Fists by seers who lose their eyesight in the previous years. During this training the chosen children are shown how to release their Chi into their enemy and forcefully shutting down their magical systems. This combative style does nothing more than combat magical enemies, evening out the fight and eventually overcoming them with mastered martial arts. This ability comes with a severe kickback of eyesight loss. Due to the nature of their philosophy, if a chosen child overused this magic they would go blind permanently, however in great moderation the eyesight would comeback without any signs of damage.
    Background: Not much is known of the lady, however, there much knowledge of her homeland Nibelheim. The society of monks and pacifist is widely renowned as the most peaceful society Pandria has to offer. The society bases all life on three indisputable rules. Everything in moderation. Leading a moral life. And being aware of all thoughts and actions. Hand in hand with these rules are the noble truths each child learns throughout their life. The first is that life is suffering, nothing can deny this fact. The second is that suffering is caused by want, greed and aversion. The third is that suffering can be overcome and that true happiness exists for every single being. Under these rules and truths, all people of Nibelheim lead morally positive lives, including Lillith Zhao who happens to be on Furus for a journey of enlightenment.
    Reason for Joining: Lillith wishes to join the caravan simply to have safe traveling home following the ending of her long pilgrimage.
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