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  1. Pheonix sat in her hospital bed looking out the window at the pure white snow falling all around the hospital building and landing on the ground. Her breath started to cloud the window as she moved away from the window she noticed a person coming inside the building which was rare not many people new about this hospital it was for the people who were the poorest of the poor and had life threatening illnesses much like her self. She touched her throught feeling the scars running down her neck from previous surgery's that she had. Pheonix new nothing of the outside world for the past 6 months she had been stuck inside this hospital all that she could do was draw and that was it. She looked all around the paint covered walls wishing that she could pain more but the hospital wouldn't give her any more paint on the account that it wasn't washable. She sighed and shock her head pulling out a worn and torn sketchbook she opened it up to a blank page and started to draw.

    "I wonder if I will ever get out of hear" she mumbled to herself as she looked at the picture of a man without a smile he looked so sad in her eyes but he was beautiful in her eyes even without a smile she had drawn this man countless times before but she had no idea who he was or where he came from. She touched the drawing with her fingertips and shock her head at him "who are you."
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  2. Bruce Wayne sighed as he entered the hospital "Whew!" he shrugged his shoulders as he tugged at his winter coat, causing the snow that had fallen on his jacket to fall off, trying to clean up his appearance and look as professional as he could. He didn't bother to remove his jacket, because this hospital was still fairly chilly inside. A couple of nurses smiled at him and greeted him. He smiled back as he examined his surroundings in the building. He'd came there to see about donating some funds to the hospital since he was always interested in helping others', /especially/ orphans - since he was one himself. He smiled softly as he made his way over to the sliding window where a secretary sat, she wasn't paying attention and he lightly knocked on the window with his fingers, getting the older lady's attention. She slid the window back, "Yes, can I help you?"

    "Uh, yes, I'm Bruce Wayne of Wayne Enterprises, I'm here to see about donating some funds to this hospital, can I speak with whoever is in charge here?" he asked.

    The lady fumbled around with some papers, as she stuck her hand out the window and pointed to a stair-case. "Nurse Ratchet is on the second floor right now, you will need to go speak with her." she ordered.

    Bruce nodded his head, "Thanks." he said as he began to walk towards the stairs and up to the next floor. He stopped in a very empty hallway, doors were open and he could see plenty of young children and teenagers in their rooms - looking miserable. He frowned in sadness at the site. He began to walk slowly down the hallway, seeing more and more people, but he stopped in his tracks as he glanced into a door that was closed slightly but cracked enough for him to see the girl inside. He could see a young red-headed girl who was drawing. He didn't know why, but he felt a connection to her, and he didn't even know her. He could feel the sadness that surrounded her. It reminded him of himself.

    Suddenly he was taken out of his thoughts by the sound of a woman's voice. "Hello, Mr. Wayne." Nurse Ratchet greeted him. He smiled at her, but took one last glance at the girl in the room.
  3. Pheonixes hand froze as she heard two people talking outside her door had somebody been watching her this whole time her hand started to shake and she moved towards a corner of the bed where she could see the faint outline of a male body and of a female body the man was much larger than the women and in a faint female voice she heard Nurse. Ratchets voice coming from behind her door saying a name Mr. Wayne she had heard that name before somewhere. She bit her lip going back into her memories to figure out who he was. "Maybe if I see his face it will bring a memory back." She mumbled to herself and as her pale white feet touched the cold tile floor she gave our a small squeal from the cold and she jumped back onto the bed and grabbed her dark green hospital socks and slipped them onto her feet before setting her feet back on the ground and tip toeing over to the door trying to stay in the shadows and trying to get a look at Mr. Wayne.

    She gasped when she saw his face it looked so angelic to her his pure black hair and frail snow white skin along with high cheek bones and a face that could be made of marble from a statue. She hurried back to her bed praying that nobody had heard her moving around and she garbed her sketchbook and flipped through page after page of his face. Her hands shook harder and she flipped through the pagers faster "why are you in my memories who are you." She berried her face into the sketchbook resting her for head on one of the pictures and she shock her head. "Why are you in my memories."
  4. Bruce continued to speak with nurse Ratchet about donating some money to the hospital. During their conversation he heard a faint squeal coming from the young girls room. His eyes moved to the room while his face was still facing the nurse while she spoke.

    “Oh, don’t mind the noise. They are just not used to seeing people other than the nurses around here.” Nurse Ratchet stated as she continued to discuss the donations with him. Bruce moved his gaze back to the nurse as he smiled at her and continued his business. Moments later though, he felt eyes on him, and he glanced back over to the girl’s room – he could see that she was peeking through the crack in the door. He couldn’t see her face, but he knew she was there. He kept his glance at the door, and watched as her figure moved back away from the door. He kept his gaze on the room for another minute, before returning to talking with the nurse. They came to an agreement, and he would be donating $500,000 to the hospital to help the children there.

    Nurse Ratchet shook his hand and they smiled as they said their goodbyes. Nurse Ratchet turned and began to walk back to the room she had been in before down the hall. Bruce turned and watched as she disappeared, then he turned and looked back towards the red headed girl’s room. Curiosity got the better of him, so he started walking towards the door slowly. He stopped right in front of the door, and he could hear the girl mumbling to herself. He couldn’t make out what she was saying. He hesitated at first, but raised his hand as he knocked on the half-closed door. “Hello?” he said softly as he waited to see if she would answer back to him.
  5. Pheonix hid the notebook under her pillow and pulled a heavy quilt over her body and covered her neck with it so that she wouldn't scare Bruce away by showing him all the scars she had on her body. She cleared her througth and said in the loudest voice she could "come in." She clentched the blanket and held it close to her body trying to act tough but knowing that she wasn't really she waited for the door to open waiting for the man who had been in her dreams and in her sketchbook countless times waiting for the puzzle pieces to click together in her mind so she could figure out who he was.

    As she moved in her bed her left hand was holding onto a pistol just in case the man was somehow related to her father she would be able to get a shot of and injure him if he seemed to be a threat to her.But she doubted it why would one of her fathers men show up and just take her out like that no her father would want her dead he would want to do it himself nice and slowly. His face appeared in her mind and she shock her head ' no this man cant be anything like my father there is no way that a man who has showed up in my dreams can be at all a threat.
  6. Bruce heard the girl answer to him, “Come in.” she said. He slowly pushed the door open as he entered. He immediately saw that she was hidden under her covers, clenching them tightly to herself, only her face was visible. He smiled warmly at her. “Hey there.” He greeted as he walked into the room, stopping at her bedside just a few feet away.

    “She seems tense.” Bruce thought to his self, “I wonder if she is afraid of me?”

    He cleared his throat and spoke forward to her, “My name’s Bruce Wayne… owner of Wayne Enterprises here in Gotham.” He introduced himself. “What’s your name?” he asked her as he examined her face – which shown a look of discomfort and worry. He didn't know why, but he was drawn to this girl; he felt a connection that he couldn't explain, and his instincts led him to at least talk to her.
  7. Pheonix took a deep breath her hand slid from the blanket letting it fall off her neck and resting infront of her chest exposing the scars and she sat up "my name is pheonix nightshade" she looked a little nervouse as she set the gun back down behind her back and she tilted her head "it's nice to meet you Mr.Bruce but what are you doing at the sadly run hospital. She met his eyes and kept staring into them 'they looked so sad but there was something about them that made her feel at ease'. She then felt a spark in her heart something that she had never felt before she touched her heart and had a shocked expression on her face.

    She looked over his whole body and face examining him he had such pretty black hair with sad brown eyes a large chest build huge arms from hours of working out nice tight hips and long legs he was pure and he had some what if a dark appeal to him that she enjoyed.
  8. Bruce watched as she sat up, loosening up and letting the covers fall from her neck, exposing scars. He frowned at the site of them. He felt sad for her – and he could tell she had had a very rough life. He smiled as she told him her name; Phoenix. It was different, and beautiful, it suited her well. “Phoenix, it’s nice to meet you.” He smiled at her. He looked to the side and saw a chair next to the window, and he slumped over to it as he sat down, and turned back to look at Phoenix. He noticed she seemed to be hiding something behind her because he caught a glimpse at the last second of her moving something behind her, but he said nothing as he gave her a small smile as she spoke to him, asking why he was there at the hospital.

    “Well,” he began, “I’m here to donate some money to the hospital to help with the patients here who need help… I give donations to all orphans and orphan-related businesses in this city.” He explained.

    Bruce noticed the girl was eyeing him up and down, taking him in. He could tell she was not used to seeing other people. He could feel the fear and sadness that was radiating off of her, one that much resembled his own feelings. He examined her appearance as well; his eyes fell back on the scars that ran down her neck. He didn’t linger on them for long, he didn’t want her to feel like he was staring or to make her feel bad, and his eyes met hers.

    “Is everything alright?” he asked her, as his eyes glanced back down towards where she had seemed to been hiding something, and then back up to her eyes. He was concerned about her, and felt that if there was anything wrong (which he could tell there was), he wanted to be able to give some kind of comfort - he knew that the tiniest things could mean a lot to people as he remembered when Jim Gordon gave him a coat and a hug after his parents' had been murdered years ago when he was just a kid.
  9. Pheonix raised her eyebrow and gave him a are you serious look "I'm fine for right now I'm not being hunted anymore and I'm not dead so I guess I'm okay." She shrugged and slid the gun under her pillow and as she pushed the gun under her pillow the beat up old sketchbook that her father had given her fell to the ground. Her eyes got wide and she couldn't figure out if he noticed it yet or not so she just sat where she was and prayed that he didn't see the book open. She then looked down at her hands and she shock her head and sighed "so your just a rich boy who feels bad for those who have less than you. She narrowed her eyes at Bruce and she got up out of bed and the room started to spin around her. She grabbed her head and fell back down onto the bed with a loud thumb.

    Pheonix took a few deep breaths and the world started to get back to normal "so what made you decide this hospital hu." She rested her foot on the sketchbook and kicked it under her bed she had to act strong she couldn't look weak right now not when she was trying to prove to herself how strong she was but she new that she was weak and that her father was right. She clenched her fists and opened her eyes and regained eye connection with Bruce "Ow let me guess you feel sorry for people with scars." She had noticed him staring at her scars on her neck. "Have you never seen a person with scars on her neck." She snapped at him.
  10. Bruce took her answer in slowly, he wondered to himself who would be hunting her and trying to kill her, but he said nothing as he watched her fumble with whatever it was behind her back. Whatever she was trying to hide, she wasn’t doing a very good job at it, but he didn’t say anything about it. He heard a sound like a small book hitting the floor, and he glanced down and saw a rough-looking sketch pad. Once again, he didn’t say anything as he looked back to her.

    Suddenly she spoke, and the words were somewhat harsh, it actually hurt his feelings. It shouldn’t, because he got comments like that all the time, but with this girl, for some reason the words actually got to him. He was a little shocked at the comment, and he didn’t know how to respond at first, but before he could he watched as she rose off the bed, and immediately seemed to be dizzy. He carefully watched her with concern as she took hold of her head. “Are you alright, Phoenix?” he asked her; but she didn’t answer him, he figured she didn’t hear him. Without warning she fell back onto the bed.

    Bruce gasped slightly from this, and was about to get up to check on her, but stopped as he watched her slowly regain herself as she took deep breaths. Then she asked him why he chose this hospital. “Well,” he began, but he was distracted as he watched her slyly try to hide the drawing pad from him as she kicked it under the bed. She really was bad at trying to hide things, but he didn’t bring it up. She obviously did not want him to see whatever it was, so he left it alone at the moment. He got trailed off in his words as he watched her closely.

    Suddenly, she snapped at him, after he had looked at her scars. He choked up on his words and paused for a moment before he continued his answers.

    “Well, I didn’t just choose /this/ hospital,” he began slowly and carefully, trying not to make her anymore upset or uncomfortable with him, “I give them to every hospital for orphans, and anything related to children in need…” he started to fumble and play with his fingertips as he looked down at them. “Yes, I am rich… and I do feel bad for those who don’t have much.. that’s why I try my best to give what I can and make their lives better.” He kept his eyes away from Phoenix’s, and spoke slow and calmly. “After all, I can understand what it’s like to be an orphan… since I was one myself.”

    Then he glanced back up to her, and looked to her scars again, sadly as he answered. “I’ve seen a lot of horrible things… I didn’t mean to upset you, or make you uncomfortable…” he apologized. “I’m sorry… I do feel bad for you, and what you have been through… you don’t deserve it.” He gave her a half-hearted smile, he was trying to be as positive as he could, but his sadness was beginning to show and he knew it. “I’m sorry to have bothered you Phoenix… I’ll leave you be now.” He spoke as he slowly rose up and began to walk towards the door.
  11. Pheonix shock her head and she reached out for Bruces hand "don't go please I'm sorry for what I said I just don't know how to communicate with people very well please stay I want to show you something." She had reached her hand out to him before letting it fall into her lap softly she reached under the bed and pulled out the notebook and she held it up to bruce "For the past few months Iv'e had dreams about a man with no face no way or figuring out who he was but all I know is that he seemed to be trying to protect me." Her hands started to shake.

    "All I know of this man is that he is rich and that he wants to help others no matter what he has to be put through and that he has had a rough past him self." She swallowed hard still holding the notebook out to him and her head was lowered "But every time I get near this man this faceless man ho wants to protect those who he cares about another man shows up in my dreams and steals me away." She was chocking on tears now "If you could do this one thing for a broken girl just look at this notebook and tell me if any of it looks familyer to you even if its just the smallest detail. That's all I want and I want to thank you for helping these children who have lost somebody important."

    She couldn't control what she was saying anymore no matter hoe badly she just wanted to close her mouth and try to forget it all she couldn't not know not after just begging him to look at a stupid notebook that she had been drawing into. She felt embarrassed and ashamed of what she was asking. She dropped the notebook and it hit the ground with a soft thud and dust rose from the impact. She could not control her self anymore she was a glass doll that was breaking she was scared of death and she didn't want to die she wished that she could be saved or be free but she didn't want to lose herself in the process of death she wanted to be who she was when she died.

    In a chocked out voice she whispered just loud enough for Bruce to hear you "I know you felt the spark when you walked in like something was bound to happen between us for as long as I have left which isn't very long make me a promise Mr. Wayne promise me that you will continue to help other children who are in need and help them to the best of your ability even if you save just one life that one life can make a difrence in the world."
  12. Bruce stopped in his tracks as he heard Phoenix call to him, asking him not to go. He listened to her words carefully with his back still turned. He heard her say she wanted to show him something, and he turned around to face her as he watched her frail and weak body get down in the floor and reach under her bed for the drawing pad. He gave her a confused look as she handed out the drawing pad, and listened to her as she spoke. He noticed her hands were shaking and he could tell she was very nervous and upset. He looked her in the eyes and gave her a sympathetic look as he listened to her carefully.

    Suddenly, his eyes widened at what she said next... he was shocked, and surprised. He watched as she lowered her head and continued to speak. It broke his heart to see this young girl tearing up right in front of him. He hated it. He couldn't stand to see it. He felt chills as his heart sank when she began to cry.

    He was so distracted by her, almost in a trance. Suddenly he watched as Phoenix dropped the drawing pad in front of him, it hit the ground, and he looked at her sadly.

    Bruce couldn't take it anymore, he inched forward to her, as he slowly and carefully wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a hug as she cried. "Shh. Hey... it's alright. Just breathe." he whispered softly as he softly rubbed the back of her head, trying to calm her down and comfort her. "It's alright..." he reassured her again.

    "I've dedicated my life to helping others'... it /is/ my life. I promise you Phoenix, that I will give my life if I have to in order to save someone in need. Including you." he stated as he ran his hand up and down her back, trying to comfort her and make her stop crying. "I can't explain it, but when I first saw you... I got this feeling that reminded me of myself." he explained to her.

    He continued to embrace her, then slowly let loose of her as he gently placed his hands on her shoulders while lightly gripping them – to continue and try to comfort her in some way; and he looked down at her in her eyes, and gave her a warm small smile. "I'd gladly look at what you want to show me. I want to help, Phoenix.” he spoke, desperate to help her.
  13. Pheonix leaned against Bruce her body felt so small an fragile almost like glass compared to his large stone body that would make anybody in his presence fear him. She reached down an picked up the notebook and she opened it to the first page it was an extremely realistic picture of a man with his back turned away from pheonix his large frame was easy to tell but there was a dark presence radiating of the picture. She quickly flipped the page to the next picture where a man with the face that much resembled the joker had a girl tied down to a torture machine. Her hands continued to shake and she went page by page trying to find a away to explain to Bruce what had happened. "Do any if these pictures look familyer to you in any way Bruce?" Her voice was full of concern and worry.
    Once her face had dried from the wetness of her tears she leaned against Bruce not realizing how much of her energy she had used the past hour that she had been with Bruce. She slowly closed her eyes and lissioned to his breathing as her ear rested alover his heart "Bruce thank you for lissioning to me I know most people would just walk and call me a freak but your special."
  14. Bruce sighed as he had finally helped Phoenix to calm down, and he watched as she went to pick up the drawing pad. She wasted no time opening it. The first page, there was a drawing of a man… that almost gave him a feeling it was his alter-ego, The Batman. It made his heart almost skip a beat from the shock. She quickly turned to the next page, which made his heartbeat begin to pound in his chest as it sent a chill down his spine. The man in this drawing looked exactly like the Joker; his arch enemy. Once she finished showing the pictures, she asked him if any of them looked familiar to him… At first, Bruce remained quiet as he reached his hand out and took hold of the drawing pad from her. He held it in his hands and stared down at it and flipped back through the pages again – this time slowly taking them all in. He stopped at one that the man who resembled the Joker, these drawings sent a chill down his spine. It honestly freaked him out. He didn’t want to worry her or alarm her, so he only spoke, “These are interesting, Phoenix… have you seen these things in your dreams?” he asked again, trying to understand as he took a quick glance at her, but continued to skim through the artwork. “Don’t worry.” He tried to assure her, “Everything’s fine.” He spoke as he turned to her, giving her a half-hearted smile. She laid her head on his chest as she thanked him.

    Bruce was trying his hardest to hide how worried and concerned he was – he wrapped his arms around her again and began to run a hand through her hair. His smile instantly faded as he thought about what had just happened the past hour. He had a horrible feeling about all of this.

    “Hey… Phoenix? I’d like to invite you to come stay with me. If you are interested… you don’t deserve to be here in your current state, I want to be able to help you and give you a good life that you deserve.” He spoke. “I’ll give you a place to live, maybe get you into school if you want… I’ll get you the best treatment I can for your illness, and above all I will protect you.” He stated. “If you are interested… it’s up to you if you want to or not. All I know is I want to help you.” he spoke softly as he looked into her eyes. "I can adopt you."
  15. Pheonixs eyes snapped opens And she say up looking at Bruce her eyes where as wide as a deer in headlights she opened her mouth and shut it with a loud snap. "Bruce I could never take advantage of you like that you have your life to live you shouldn't be worried About a simple girl like me I'm strong." She tried to give him a reashuring smile but all that she was able to manage was a broken smile that she didn't want him to see. She took a deep breath and looked down at his hands and she took them into her hands "are you sure you want me to love with you I mean you just let me an hour ago and you already trust me I mean why all I will bring you is pain and sadness."

    She focused in Bruce's first question and opened the notebook "every night I have dreams about these men Bruce if you know anything about them please telle because I feel like there is a key to there lives that could help me with my life and with healing myself. I know it sounds stupid but I'm seriouse, Bruce tell me if you know who these people are especially this man." She flipped through the notebook to a evil face if the joker "because I fear this man more than I have feared anybody in my whole life." Her voice quivered in fear and her hands shock.
  16. Bruce sighed in sadness, "Phoenix, you are not taking advantage of me - you /deserve/ it. And I know you are strong... to deal with what you have to. People like you are the strongest in the entire world." he smiled at her. He saw her return one, but he could see she was mostly trying to convince him. Suddenly she took ahold of his hands as she asked him if he was sure. He smiled at her again as he answered her. "Phoenix, I am sure. I see something in you. You're special. I've felt it since I first saw you. I feel a connection with you. Obviously, I'm not your father, but I can try my best to give you a guardian who will care and be there for you when you need them. I will help you get through your life, I will be there through it all." he said as he gazed into her eyes. "You will not bring me pain. I promise, I will do everything in my power to give you happiness. The choice is up to you, though." he said as he gave her a small smile.

    Then she answered his question about the drawings, asking if he knew anything. Indeed, he /did/ know about the people in her drawings, but he didn't want to alarm her and scare her. So he kept some of the details to himself, "They do look familiar." he said looking back down to the drawing book. "If you come with me, I will help you with it all. I'll talk to you about it, and help you figure it out."

    Then she flipped to a page that had the man who resembled the Joker again, he flinched slightly from the image, knowing who it was. He was severely worried about it all, but tried to hide it. "Do you know who this man is?" Bruce asked her calmly. "Or who it might be?"
  17. Pheonix sighed realizing that she wasn't going to get anywhere with the pictures so she just closed the book but when Bruce asked her if she new one of the men she shock her head. "No I don't now the man I have never seen him in real life just in my dreams an I'm sorry for bothering you about the pictures so much I just thought because you travel around a lot you would now something about them or have seen them before." She rested her head in Bruce's shoulder and gave his hand a tight squeeze "I will go with you in ine condition I find a way to pay you back for your services okay." She looked into Bruce's eyes with all seriousness "please let me find a way to repay you for all your kindness you are giving me."

    Once she finished talking she went quiet for a few minutes not sure exactly what to do now that she was leaving the hospital. She touched the wall that was next to her bed that glad painted with a flower and she sighed thinking about how much she was goin to miss this small little home that she had been living in for over 6 months.
  18. Bruce nodded at Phoenix's answer. "I see." he said. "Well, once I get the adoption paperwork done and it becomes official, I'll tell you what I know. Right now isn't the best time to bring it up." he explained.

    Bruce tensed up slightly as she laid her head on his shoulder - he wasn't expecting it, but he loosened up as she took hold of one of his hands. He listened as she agreed to go, on the condition that she pay him back for everything. "You don't have to pay me back, Phoenix. I have plenty enough. But, if you would like, I could find something small; but we will worry about that later. For now, let's just worry about getting you settled in and take care of what needs to be done." he smiled at her.

    He watched her as she suddenly pulled away and relaxed on her bed, as she began to run her hand along the wall. She seemed to be deep in thought, so he spoke up "Well, I've got to get to a meeting in less than an hour. I'll go and see about the paper work, and I will come see you tomorrow, ok, Phoenix?" he smiled at her, and lazily stood up and began to walk to the door.
  19. Pheonix nodded her head at Bruce and she have out a small yawn before she smiled at him "okay Mr. Wayne I'll be hear and ill find a way to pay you back just you wait." with her eyes growing heavily and closing every few seconds she fell into a deep sleep where her greatest fears and greatest longings resided.

    Pheonix opened her eyes to a long hallway that was covered in pictures that she had drawn over her months of staying at the hospital as she examined each one she saw that there was a detail to the faceless man's picture each time she moved down the hall a new picture would show more details about him. She followed these pictures till she came to a door the door had the full face of the man it was indeed the joker his lips had been cut and he was wearing makeup. She took a deep breath and she rested her hand on the door handle it was cold colder than ice but for some reason she opened the door.

    The first thing that hit her was the cold air that touched every part of her body even her deepest memories. This coldness was natural she could feel it creep all around her skin and even under her skin. Her body sank to the ground as she started to shake the only thing that she could do was look up at the figure standing on the other side of the room with his back to her. She opened her mouth to speak but realized that the coldness had affected her ability to talk. She shock her head and tried to wake up but realizing she couldn't she tried to stand up which she some what succeeded in when she was half way against the wall she took a few short steps getting closer to the man. She fell back down again on her knees with a loud thud praying that he could help her some how she started to make nouise to get his attention.
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  20. Bruce slowly shut the door behind him. When the door clicked shut, he stopped in his tracks, and sighed as he pinched and rubbed his forehead with one of his hands. He thought about everything Phoenix had said, and he was worried beyond belief. After taking another deep sigh, he ran his fingers back, and through his hair as he began walking to leave the hospital.

    As he was walking down stairs to the lower floor, he could hear the voice of an angry-sounding man arguing with one of the nurses. As he reached the lower level, he slowly and quietly edged around the doorway of the staircase as he peeked out to see what the fuss was about. There was an older looking man leaning over the counter, and almost in the nurses station window, yelling loudly at the nurses, "I know she's here!" he shouted, "I know she is, you can't hide her from me!" he shouted.

    Bruce kept his gaze on this man; he got a very bad vibe from him. Slowly he inched his way over to the man, as he heard him continue to go off into a rage at the nurses. When Bruce was merely a few feet away he spoke up, "Excuse me, sir? Is there a problem?" he asked him in a loud voice - but as calmly as possible. He knew it wasn't his business, but the vibe this man was giving off was unsettling to Bruce. To him, it felt like he was dealing with men that he had to face every night - the scum of Gotham. It was the plus-side of being the Batman, being able to pick up on people who were evil.

    The man immediately turned his head and glared at Bruce. His expression and his overall appearance gave Bruce more reason to think he was up to no good. He was an older man, probably in his late 40's or early 50's; he had dark brown hair that was long and slicked back - and very greasy looking. He had a goatee and deep dark circles under his eyes, a hooked nose, deep wrinkles and an angry scowl that was basically engraved into his face. His eyes were dark, almost black, and in them Bruce saw a broken, evil man. His clothes smelt of alcohol and smoke - which was an all-black suit that looked worn-out, his shirt was slightly unbuttoned which revealed a jailhouse-looking tattoo that ran up the front of his neck about an inch.

    “What the hell do you want?!” he shouted at Bruce.

    Bruce clenched his jaw slightly from this man’s reaction – he already didn’t like him, and his attitude was making it even worse. “What seems to be the problem, why are you going off on these women?” he asked.

    “It’s none of yer damn business, ya bastard!” he shouted at Bruce as he turned his whole body to face him, bobbing his head as he shouted.

    “Listen, you need to calm down—“ Bruce tried to keep his cool, but the man lunged forward at Bruce as he shouted “I don’t need to do sh*t!!!” he roared as he threw a punch at Bruce. Bruce immediately threw his head backwards to avoid the blow and quickly jammed his hand up, gripping the man’s wrist as he pulled him and maneuvered his arm behind him, restraining him as he pushed him down onto the ground. The man roared in anger, “GIT OFF ME!! GIT YER HANDS OFF ME!”

    “I will let go of you when you calm down and act like a reasonable man!” Bruce ordered as he slightly pushed down onto the man, making it clear that his strength was greater than his.

    The man groaned in defeat, and Bruce let his grip on him go, letting the man get up. He pushed himself up as he shot Bruce a death-glare, panting heavily out of anger. He then turned to the nurses as he pointed at them, “I’ll be back!” he hissed at them. “You best believe I will be back.” He stated as he gave Bruce one last glare while he exited the hospital.

    Once he had left, Bruce turned to the nurses, “Are you all alright?” he asked.

    “Yes. He didn’t touch us or anything.” The secretary answered in a shaky voice.

    “What was he so upset about?” Bruce asked.

    The nurse hesitated at first, but sighed as she answered, “He was demanding to see a patient here.” She explained.
    “But we aren’t allowed to give out information to strangers, where they are all minors here.”

    “Who was it?” Bruce asked.

    The nurse sighed, “We aren’t able to tell you that… but we’re going to contact the police about it, so don’t worry.”

    Bruce nodded, slightly disappointed, because the person who came to his mind was Phoenix. He couldn’t help but feel like it was her this man was after.
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