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  1. hell everyone I have been wanting to do a Joker themed rp for a long time. No I'm not talking about the card I'm talking about the batman Joker yes the one that says "Why so serious" but what i wanted to do was to have the joker be a teenage version of himself with all the craziness and i wanted to add a few new characters to this idea. I'm Looking for a person who is crazy and wild enough to play a good joker because I have lots of ideas for this.

    1: the joker starting out by blowing places up
    2: him falling in love
    3: him falling into a deep depression and only the love of his life can pull him out of

    so really im just looking for a good joker i will explain more latter.
  2. I would be willing to play as the Joker with you, if you are interested. :)
  3. Sweet do you have any plot ideas
  4. Oh yes, I have /quite a few/ ideas that are just rolling around in my head.
  5. We'll let's hear them my friend
  6. 1.) Well, the Joker becomes obsessed / attracted to a girl. He has mixed feelings and doesn't know how to handle them. He falls in love, but at the same time wants to "bring her down to his level" and turn her into an agent of chaos. Tortures her mentally and physically, to try and make her his Harlequin.

    2.) He meets a girl who has had a hard life and a tragic past, becomes obsessed and kidnaps her, loves her and wants to make her his, but doesn't know how to handle his feelings. She would make him actually feel like he was still sane, and give him something to hold onto in the world. They grow close, but the girl would still be confused and unsure about the lifestyle, so she leaves the Joker to try and have a "normal" life. He would begin to go even crazier - and would be at a loss without her, and wouldn't be the same unless he had her back with him.

    3.) A love triangle between The Joker and Batman, or Bruce/Batman being an oc's friend/caregiver.

    I have a few more, but these are just a few little ideas I've had.
  7. Or maybe even one, before he became The Joker - and what caused him to become the Joker.
  8. I like 1because it seems like something the joker would do if he really did fall in love
  9. Now i really like 2
  10. Whichever one you like best, I am cool with either. What are some of your ideas? :)
  11. well my ideas seem stupid know compared to yours lol

    my main idea was that the Joker falls in love with a girl who is extremely ill and he kidnaps her and tries to make her better so during this time that he kidnaps her and tries to make her better there relationship grows to love and he goes crazy with wanting to help her but in the end he just hurts her.
  12. Nonsense, your idea's not stupid! We could mix our ideas together if you'd want - and whatever you decide I can go with :)
  13. okay how would we mi it up then have the girl be sick but the joker still wants to change her and make her his harleyquin but shes not used to the lifestyle and try's to run away but she keeps getting kidnapped and stuff ?
  14. Or we could have the girl be running from a hard life that she doesn't want to go back to and she runs into the Joker and he takes her in and takes care of her but he realizes that shes extremely ill and he does what ever he can to take care of her and he even starts to experiment on her and try's to make her immortal but during this hole process he confesses his love to her and she lies to him saying that she loves him as well but she meets a man who promises to rescue her from the Joker (Bruce) and he is taking care of her as well and she cant pick between the man that has allowed her to live longer then anybody thought or go to a dark and mysterious man who says he will take care of her from now on
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  15. Yeah, that sounds fine. You can decide the information for the OC and all that good stuff, and let me know when you'd like to start ^_^
  16. i would like to start right now if we can i can make a quick cs if you want?
  17. I really like the idea - maybe Bruce could offer to give her a home and help her get her life on track because she has no where to go or anyone to help her, and he tries to save her from becoming the Joker's.
  18. Sounds good to me ^_^
  19. love it so ill make a quick cs sheet and then we can get started im so excited :)
  20. cs sheet

    good or evil:
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