The John Lennon Story


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John Lennon, you might know him as "The Walrus" or "John Lennon". But do you know the truth behind a legend? Maybe you do, maybe not. But this is why I am here today to tell you the truth behind round glasses.

-----------------The Story-----------------​

Now we all know who John Lennon is... Musician, loving father, hating of Paul McCartney, genius, free loving hippie, SHAPE-SHIFTING MARTIAN FROM MARS? This is the question we have all been asking ourselves, but never got the answer on our goddamn dinner plate full of truffles! So today truth shall be indeed told, and it shall damn told truthfully. Lets skip the whole "Who the hell is John Lennon." and look at why this man is a Shape-Shifting Martian From Mars.


+++++ Strawberry Fields Forever - Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles - 1966 +++++

Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.
Strawberry Fields Forever.

+++++Strawberry Fields Forever - Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles - 1966+++++

Did John wish to take us up to colorful red homeplanet known as Mars? Is he trying to tell us that nothing is wrong up on Mars? I mean look at the facts, to our knowledge we think that nothing is really on Mars. John quite possibly meant with "Nothing to get hung about." that nothing was wrong up on Mars.


+++++ Do The Oz - John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon + Yoko Ono - 1970 +++++

Pull your right leg up,
Your left leg down.
Do the oz, babe,
Get it all around.
Pull your left wing in,
And put your right wing out.
Do the oz, baby,
Spread it all about, ow!

+++++ Do The Oz+++++

Now as we can see "The Oz" is a popular dance on Mars... Possibly Venus. As we can also tell is that martians from Mars have wings (Maybe just shape-shifting ones?)

At the end you can clearly hear "Do It!!!" is this a death threat that John could possibly kill anyone that isn't doing it, or destroy planet Earth for not doing it? I don't know but I find this dead creepy.

Another question is WHY is he telling US the humans of Earth to do "The Oz"? Could it be possible he wanted to turn us into Martians from Mars? Years later the word "Oz" would turn out to be a name for a prison show.

Now we know that John Lennon wanted to jail us up and never let us back out.


+++++ Yoko Ono +++++

We know who Yoko Ono is too... Lover of Lennon, hater of The Beatles, horrible singer, FOUR HEADED ALBATROSS MUTANT SHAPE-SHIFTER FROM VENUS SENT TO EARTH TO MEET LENNON IN 1968 ONLY TO HAVE HIM ASSASSINATED IN 1980? Quite possibly the truth of all truths and rumors of Yoko. Her avant-garde style of singing can quite possibly be the hits of all hits on Venus.

Lennon must have predicted that he would die in 1980 because of her, so this is possibly why he went back to Mars not to be shot.

Another thing about her is that she said "I'd never heard of The Beatles, but I knew that "Ringo" meant "Apple" so how is this possible? The Beatles were one of the biggest bands of the '60s, this is one of the reasons how we now know that Yoko is a Four Headed Albatross Mutant Shape-Shifter From Venus.


-----------------The Facts-----------------

Lets look back and contemplate these facts.

1. John likes to shape-shift into a walrus.
2. People are eggheads on Mars (Which is probably how Eggman from the Sonic series came to place.)
3. Lennon hates Tuesdays because of NASA.
4. "Goo goo g'joob." means "I am a friendly martian."
5. Lennon tried to cover up the fact that he was a Shape-Shifting Martian From Mars until 1970.
6. John wanted to take us up to Mars only for his clone to jail us in 1970.
7. "Oz" is either a popular dance on Mars, or Lennon's clone wished to jail us up.
8. Lennon's clone was a downright asshole from 1968 all the way up until 1980.
9. The clone married Yoko, a Four Headed Albatross Mutant Shape-Shifter From Venus.
10. He predicted he would die, which no other human-being can do unless with a Ouija board, tarot, or fortune telling. But in 1970 Lennon's clone said "I don't believe in tarot, or magic.

-----------------The End-----------------​
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