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  1. He was wating in the bar like he did every night. Most people who wish to hire him could find him there. He was slowly drinking his whiskey rubbing the large scar on his sholder he felt the burning beging once more and the memorys beging to push through. He sighs rubbing his eyes pulling out his pills and poping a few sighing. He looks around the filled bar full of drunks sighing he hated being in bars like these but most people with problems come here and he needed the money and also to lose himself often enough he trys to lose himself in the boozes. The smell of booze and sadness filling the air. It was the one place this man hated above all else. He hated being here in this bar with all these people it annoyed him greatly to be here. But this was the place his contact had deamed they should meet. It did make him smile a bit. When they had met him no one expected him to look the way he did. He was not a hulking man he was rather thin but still well built. He had cold eyes dead but filled with sadness at the same time. His cold blue eyes stareing down at his whiskey.
  2. Lunita sighed heavily as she kept a stern grip on her steering wheel. Sweat began to creep over her pale skin, so she turned up the air conditioner. The engine was left to idle as she stared intently at the bar. She hated being around people, she hated bars worse of all but this was the place she was told to go to. Lunita wasn't sure whom she was meeting, all she knew was that they would spot her. That was eery in itself. An envelope lay in her lap, unopened a delivery for this person. Now, she was here, sitting in the car and just had to give the stranger the package and go. After a few minutes of allowing the air conditioner to dry away the small amount of sweat, she turned the key out of the ignition. Was it too late to turn back? Maybe she could have someone else meet up here. There was no one else, she knew that, but her contact also knew how much she hated being the messenger. With a deep breath, she opened her door, stepping toward the bar's entrance. Another breath as she opened the door and entered. She kept a tight grip on the envelope, so much that the paper began to wrinkle and get damp with her sweat. She used her other hand to brush her long hair away from her face as she peered around the bar. All of the people seemed to be the same, and the smells in the air were nauseating. She felt so foolish just standing there, looking completely lost. The feeling of fleeing kept building up inside of her. It was settled, she came but no one seemed to fit the description. Maybe this mystery person never showed? It's happened before. This is when she turned back toward the door but hesitated. She had to force herself to stay. She knew what would happen to her if she didn't complete her task. So, now she just stood there, not sure of what to do. She could see her car from where she was standing. Go or stay? She was fighting with herself, blushing because now she became aware that other people were noticing her, too. Great, just peachy.
  3. The man at the bar smirks and looks at the girl. He knew that had to be his contact as he walks over to her and smiles" Dear come on i told you i would come home in another hour" He says his words slurring greatly now as he looks at her for a moment his eyes showing he wasent drunk. It was clear to the other patrons of the bar that this was a mans wife he smiles for a moment and pulls her outside lighting a smoke he looks at her" what do you have for me" he asks the girl and looks down taking the folder from her" You know my rates yes tell me then what is the job" he asks her again and rubs his sholder a spike of pain shooting through his arm and his back from the scar. He reaches back and rubs it gently looking at the women his cold eyes peering through her. He was a veryof putting man very unnerving something about this guy showed that he was not afraid of death nothing would scare him.
  4. Lunita's eyes widened as she was led outside. He had the folder now, couldn't she just leave? She also didn't like the way that he grabbed onto his shoulder that way. All sorts of thoughts were running through her mind. She didn't have any information save the folder he was holding already. She just stared at him wide eyed, "Really, I don't know your rates, I don't know what the job is or anything. It should all be written in that folder. I'm just the delivery girl. My boss just told me to meet you here but that's it. So, uh you have the information, so I can just go right? I don't like this place and I don't like being grabbed by drunk guys." She took her phone from her pocket, texting her boss to let him know that the package was delivered and that she was leaving. However, she received a reply telling her to stay with the contact until told from him when to go. Lunita's heart sank. She just told this guy off and he really did not seem like the kind of person you would mess with. What was wrong with him? Why did his eyes look so void but sad? Why would she be the one that had to stay?
    "I guess I'm not leaving, yet after all. Look, about the stuff I just said I hope that you didn't take offense to it. Like I said before, I'm just supposed to be the delivery girl." She began trying to back away from him, partly out of fear and partly out of just not wanting to be at this place.
  5. He nodds and looks down at the folder reading over" I see so this is the target" He tells hr and smirks his hand going to his gun it seemed that her boss had done the un thinkable" Looks like i know my target and in the amount of 50 grand" He tells her and shows her the photo of her. It seemed her boss wanted her dead. He pulls the gun from his side and looks at her smirking" Good thing for you that i dont kill innocent people" he tells her and puts the gun away snapping his fingers he takes her phone and makes a call fireing the gun in the air" The job is done do not contact me ever again" he tells him and breaks her phone looking at her" He will think your dead but only for so long so get in the car and go where i tell you to" he tells her and smiles his eyes were cold as ice as he holds his hand out" My name is zero" he tells her and shakes her hand that was the name of the iron soilder the one that people fear some people think he is imortal because he has been in a lot of gun fights. He smiles at her. Zero looks at her" get in the car" he tells her
  6. Well, this was not exactly how she expected to spend her night. Zero...Zero...that name rang a slight bell but she couldn't quite place it. The fact that her boss wanted her killed was devastating and she really started freaking out when he showed her the weapon. She thought she was actually going to die. Then, he didn't kill her but told her boss he had. Was this just a nightmare? Any moment she would wake up, right? She gave Zero a dumb look for a while, he was telling her to do something but she could barely understand what he was saying. It hit her suddenly that he wanted her in the car. There was little hesitation to that request. She buckled up, started the car, waiting for his instructions. "I ...I really don't understand why he would want me killed. I don't understand any of this. Where are you going to take me? Why did you destroy my phone? How do I know that my boss won't figure out that I'm still alive?"
  7. He nodds and sighs deeply" He will find out your alive you are coming to my place and i am going to find that out that is my job conisder this you have just employed me to keep you alive and i shall" he tells her and points her to drive when they came to a home on the outside of the home he gets out" come on" he tells her and smiles for a moment shaking his head he leads her inside the warm home it was invting in. he looks around the name zero was also familer with the fact of a murder almost 15 years ago itwas the murder of a family where it was a compleat horrer show. This was bad but when he walkd in he lays down a photo of him as a child with a mother father and older sister. He looks at her" want a drink" he asks her
  8. Lunita took a look around at his home, which seemed rather nice. It was more inviting than she expected actually. She was still thinking of when she heard of him and then stopped in her tracks, putting the name together with the incidents that she heard about. "Wait, you're Zero? YOU'RE ZERO!" She started feeling sick to her stomach. This man was the murderer that she had bad dreams about as a kid. "So, wait I don't get it, why are you going to keep me alive? I mean that's not exactly what you do. I mean I appreciate that you are going to try to keep me alive and everything but it's just that you do more killing?" She placed both hands in her hair. She could not figure any of this out. Her living alone, delivery job, life just got ripped to shreds. She just looked up with him with sadness, and anyone could see how scared she was now, "Yeah, I think I'll take that drink, please?"
  9. He sighs and shakes his head" I didnt do that killing i was the boy who lived through that nightmare" he tells her most people made that conncetion" why i do what i do is so i can set aside my humanity so i can do what i need to" he tells her and sighs picking up the photo and handing it to her showing her the pictuer showing her who he was" I was only 5 that day when it happend i saw the whole thing" he tells her and smiles for a moment" Now i am on the track to who was the one who killed my famiy" he tells her and sighs deeply sitting her down" what does your boss do" he asks her" I need to know so that i can figur out whu you have a death sentance on your mind" he tels her
  10. Lunita holds the picture gently in her hands, "I am so sorry that you went through that." She just sat there quietly for a long while. It didn't matter anymore what her boss wanted since he put a hit out on her. Still, she could not comprehend why he wanted her killed. She closed her eyes, trying to keep herself as calm as possible under these circumstances.

    She finally opened her eyes once more, focusing on Zero's eyes as she tried to speak. "I am not really able to tell you what he does, exactly. I haven't even met him, that I know of. I live by myself, no family ties or friends so I guess that is why he chose me? He knew that I wouldn't be missed if I suddenly vanished. He would send me a share of money with a file that he wanted delivered. He made it clear that I was not to open the files. He let me know that he would know if I made the deliveries or not. Usually, I would put them under a door or tape them to a wall or something like that."

    Lunita took another look at the photo, "You think this job is related to whoever killed your family?" She handed it back to Zero, looking a bit concerned
  11. He thinks for a moment and nodds" I see that was his end game" he was putting togther all the peices in one he knew this man wanted him he jumps up and yanks the girl up" What else did he give you anything" he asks her patting her down pulling at her clothing he was in a panic when he rips off her shirt leaving her in her bra he looks it over finding a small bug he looks at it his eyes growing wide.": Basterd" he growls and runs to his room grabbing his bag and stuffing all he needed into the bag grabbing her arm and yanking her to the car still with out a shirt on. It was at this time that the house went sky high the flames engufing his home he looks at it sadly" He put a tracer on you. He knew i wouldent kill you and the file had a high grade explosive attached to it. He knew that when i brought you back both me and you would be killed in that fire ball" he tells her and sighs deeply tears comibng to his eyes as he pops some more pills washing them down with whiskey he looks down sadly" My own home gone in a flash" he tells her softly
  12. Lunita rubbed at her arms and attempted to hug herself to hide the fact that she was shirtless. She was feeling quite dizzy now and sat hard to the ground, watching the home engulfed in flames. Now, she felt guilty that Zero was trying to protect her and now his home was gone. She placed her head down, sobbing quietly with her hair draped over her face. All of this was getting to be a bit too much. She sniffed through her sobs and spoke very low. "I'm sorry."
  13. He shakes his head and sighs deeply for a moment" it is not your fault" he tells her and sighs whispering a prayer and moving to the car and pulls out a shirt for her" Put this on" he tells hr and smiles gently his eyes were a little more warm this time as he helps her up" I have a friend that we can stay with for now she will give us some help" he tells her for a moment and puts her in the car before slowly driving away from the flames he sighs deeply he looks at hyer for a moment taking her hand" dont worry all will be well" he says to her gently
  14. Lunita takes the shirt offered and quickly puts in on. She was also grateful that he began driving because there was no way she would be able to. His gentleness helps and gave as much of a smile as she could muster. She kept quiet while he drove though, keeping a hold of his hand, releasing it when he needed her to but mainly just staring out of the window. It was scary how at any moment anything could happen. She really hoped his friend was able to help them, and that her boss wouldn't be able to find them there.

    After a while she realized that she never gave her name to Zero, though it was probably in the file that exploded. "My name is Lunita." She stopped staring out of the window to look at him while she introduced herself.
  15. He smiles and holds her hand in his tightluy he wanted to know she was ok." Nice to meet you miss lunita" he tlls her and smiles" My friend she is very old so just know that she has been around a long time she is in her 80's she took care of me after my family she broke me out of the mental hospital and she trained me to get my vengence she is a kind lady but she does speak her mind so just be honest" He tells her and sighs deeply for a moment shakuing his head" I dont know what to do so we have a bit of planning ahead of us" he tells her and lets go of her hand. Zero was a handsom man very handsom but he knew when it was best to be quiet." Once there then we make out next move" He tells her
  16. Payne pulled the jacket tighter arpund her as she walked into the bar. This was not her type of place but she needed help. Her dad had been missing for a month and the police werent doing anything. Sighing she waited by the bar until someone took her order
    "Um milk please.."

    Several people laughed but she merely toyed with the napkin
  17. Lunita smiles once more and nods her head "I just hope he doesn't find us there and tries to hurt her as well." She went back to staring out of the window, just trying to keep her sanity. She did find her rescuer quite good looking but there was so much to do, trying to figure out what will happen, where to go, where to live. So many questions and how to stay alive seemed to be the most important out of them all.

    "Think we can stop somewhere to get something to eat?"
  18. He nodds for a moment and gets a call on his phone" yes but let us stop here first i have another contract" He tells her and pulls up into the bar parking lot walking in he looks around seeing the girl at the bar with the milk he sits down next to her and orders a hard whiskey looking at her for a moment" You have called for me" he asks her and looks back to lunita and nodds for her to come up. "She is with me for the moment but you have a job and you know the price some tell me what it is yoiu wish of me" he asks the girl
  19. Payne jumped at the males voice then bowed her head to both him and the female with him "y..yes um,"she dug out the envolope and handed it to him . the money was all there.
    " dads been missing for a month. ive been trying to find someone to help me search but the police told me he had ran off. hes not like that. i also found this,"

    She pulled the photo out of her dad and some other tall man with glasses.

    "I dont know him but the police said he wasnt even a suspect. i dont know anymore except that my dad left everything at home and he wouldnt leave without his medicine"
  20. Zero nodds and looks at the photo he wonders who this man was he thinks for a long time and sighs deepl" DOnt worry we will find your dad" he tells the girl and hands her back the money" this one is free" he tells her and thinks for a moment" if you need to get in contact with me" he tells her and gives her his work number as he looks at lunlita and smiles for a moment sighing" COme on if your dad was taken then it is a good idea for you to come with me it wont be long before the man comes after you to" he tlls her
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