The jewel thief

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  1. There we were: I, cupping the kingdom's precious gem in my hands; she, a finger on the trigger pointing right at me. Who knew it would end this way? Who knew it would just be the beginning?

    I am the notorious jewel thief and I have plagued the nobles of this kingdom with worry and loss over their prized possessions. My actions have caused wide-spread panic over the kingdom. Curfews have been raised. Police have brutally threatened-- even torture-- poor, innocent people in search of me. I couldn't care less though. I can't, even if I tried. See, I have no heart. Literally.

    Someone once told me hearts are gems enchanted. This is why I steal. Somewhere out there, my heart lies in wait for me to reclaim. I will stop at nothing to get it back.

    No one has caught me yet. Heck, no one has even seen me in action. At least, not before her. The girl with the pistol aimed at my heart.

    Who knew it would end this way? Who knew it would just be the beginning?

    * * *

    So, this is how the story starts. Or we could start somewhere before that. That'd be cool, too. Now, for the details.

    The main characters are the heartless jewel thief and this noble chic with a gun (which is unusual in the setting). Actually, I was thinking that she be the queen but if you have another idea then go ahead. So long as she's a noble of some sort. I was planning on playing the jewel thief but if you prefer it, I don't mind being the girl instead.

    The setting is your typical kingdom. Imagine an era around the 17th century. No cars. Lights are candlelit. Nobles ruled the land. Most of them are ruthless, much to the commoners' frustration. There are whispers of an upcoming revolution. Some say the jewel thief's actions is a symbol of rebellion but we both know his intentions are far less noble. Meanwhile, the nobles are desperate. The smart ones know they need to put out the jewel thief before he sparks a wide-scale revolt. The dumb ones just want him dead so they could sleep at night knowing full well their jewels will be safe.

    As you see, there will be a hint of magic in this story. I mean, how the hell could a person survive without a heart, right? But magic will not be the main focus. At least not at the start. Life goes on here with little traces of magic. Obviously, romance will be the main theme. Politics, too? Hopefully we could rich vs poor elements there as well. If you're comfortable, we can add sex scenes too.
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  2. I'd be interested in this (^.^)~
  3. Awesome! Please post an intro of your character and then we can work on the details of the story.
  4. If you have any other stories like this in the future I'd love to be a part of them!
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  5. I'll be sure to PM you Iona as soon as I think of something.
  6. Awesome, thank you so much!
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