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  1. Admits a clearing in a silent grove, a once tranquil meadow was visited by a dimensional anomaly. Swirly, the green vortex dislodged a man, who was none to happy of such happenstance. In his groans, he slowly recovered from the multiverse-jetlag as a nimble sprite sipping a carbonated berry floated by.


    Disturbed, the man noticed the whimsical loudmouth handed him an asterisk-shaped stone. Rubbing between his palms, he was astonished as the enchanted voice speaked into his mind.

    • What do you prefer to be called?
    *Though to himself.* Well, I used to go by a few goofy names, which I rather not delve into out of embarrassment. So just call me the Gentleman... No, that doesn't right... Wait, how about Jent?

    • Boy, girl, or a mystery?
    I always though my self as a guy, as last time I checked my body showed the phenotype characteristics of an XY Homo sapiens, yet some tend to describe me a bit effeminate. Not my fault if I'm not the assertive type.

    • How old are you?
    Judging by the revolutions of the earth back in the main universe, I should be twenty. But hey, bodies typically age faster than we expect.

    • Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    Yep, started ever since I got back into a certain game series: Creatures. Originally my grandmother got me it as a gift, a game with artificial life involving furry animals called norns. Trying to raise them, teach them, and protect them long enough from the resident grendel, it was an curious gem for a pre-teen.

    Of course, like with many interests, I forgot it for a few years. Then, remembering I still had the somewhere, but couldn't find it, I looked online for another one. Surprised, I saw the game develop into a niche series in version 3.5 (Docking Station). Downloading, I played it for a short while before I looked for help on new concepts the game had. Of course, I found a few more things than I expected.

    Not wanting to go too off in a tangent, the rest is summarized. Found an rp section of a Creatures site, played on it badly (:p). Followed a few members to a new site, with the owner's epithet being the 'God of Insanity.' Still inexperienced, I slowly grew in skills as the forums fluxed in activity before finally closing. With me and a few others, now reside on its spiritual successor. Given that roleplaying there varies in usage, I decided to go to another forum to spread my own madness as I dwell in both forums.

    • Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner?
    No real preference. To me, tt is just some types of threads work better in bigger or smaller groups.

    • Do you like running through grassy meadows or sitting under the cherry blossoms?
    Could I just walk around instead? Not much in the running mood right now, I'm not the Doctor after all.

    • SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?
    Hmm... I'm not sure-WHAT!?

    *Breaking the fabric of reality again, the same portal tore asunder, revealing a deranged blue mage grinning wildly." I've got friends on the other side.
  2. *Shoves the crazy mage back into the portal.*

    Why thank you, and also I looked deeper into this stone. What are these Ilium Allegiances I see? Is there a particular style to the groups in any particular manners to which they act?
    I wish I would've thought of doing something like this when I joined a few days ago. o;

    Send me a PM for a 1x1. c;
    You know... If you're interested. cx
  4. Why thanks, TRH. Hey sprite, could you send this off to there mailbox?

    *Procuring a piece of distorted glass, a mini Jent inside waved as the little fey delivered the message.*

    Now... anyone heard of Creatures?
  5. Whispers in the dark as I pet my oversized Tiger.~ fu fu ...

    Welcome to the Madness.
    - SuitMan- I shall call you xD

    Remember nothing is what it seems here.^^'
  6. *Stare* O____O Hiiiiiiii there Jent!
  7. *Eyes the tiger owner with unease, though relaxes with the other two.*

    Yeah, quite a warm greeting, sir. As for you two, great thanks.
  8. Chuckles badly at your behaviour as now I rise my Flying tiger above the forum munching Oreo biscuits xD

    You are most welcome..~
    [ I am a Woman.^^]
  9. ((I am sincerely sorry for the confusion, though that pet of yours reminded me of a certain General Zaroff.... ))

    *Wipes away the clingy portal magic from his face.*

    Sorry about that, Miss. This leftover warp-dust in my eyes doesn't get off easy at times.
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  10. Be aware!! I bite~ rawwrr !

    Like I said nothing is what it seems in Here.^^

    Anyways enjoy your stay in this Madness.>:)
  11. Oh I will, dealt with a mad god obsessed with pocky, I believe I can survive here for the most part.
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  12. Hello there kind gentleman. I hope you have quite a bit of fun here and make a lot of friends.
    if you would like to RP you can just send me a PM :3
  13. Well hello there, you seem to be quite the wanderer and as such I would ask you to gather round my fire, and listen to my stories. Maybe partake ^^