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SIDE STORY The Japanese Screaming Massacre [Non-Canon]

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  1. After being defeated by Tsubomi Kido and her gang of friends back in Japan, the duo of serial killers made up of Ghostface's current operator(Mickey Alitieri)and the enigmatic ChromeSkull(Jesse Cromeans) returned to America. ChromeSkull didn't see much use in continuing a grudge against a girl who had soundly defeated them and left him looking even more hideous/disfigured after the fact. Mainly due to getting a vial of acid knocked onto his face after being tackled by Kido in an attempt to save the lives from her friends from the serial killer.

    Narrowly saving his partner in crime after a paralysis effect that had kept Mickey frozen finally wore off, the two escaped capture from the police. With the Japanese police likely to be hot on their trail, Chrome and Mickey quickly vacated the country. Leaving behind a bad reputation with the Yakuza who had once thought so highly of ChromeSkull.

    Only for all of it to go to waste thanks to the efforts of one superpowered teenage girl and her friends.

    But this time ChromeSkull and Ghostface are coming back to the Land of the Rising Sun and they're not coming alone..



    It was then that ChromeSkull(Jesse Cromeans) and the second killer to adopt the Ghostface moniker(Mickey Alitieri) were accepted into the fold as it were of the Red Sea. ChromeSkull was asked to watch over Mickey to make sure the younger inexperienced serial killer didn't get himself in too much trouble. But for as much fun as Mickey would have with all of his new friends who celebrated his murderous tendencies, the good times would eventually have to come to an end. ChromeSkull still had a business to run back home and while his assistant, Socket, kept things in check for the most part, he'd feel more comfortable if he was back on land. Ready to kill someone at a moment's notice and not just to teach Mickey a valuable lesson.

    Eventually, the two said their goodbyes and departed, although they'd always have a means to contact Sal and Wada if the need ever arose. The same could have been said for the witch and the shark. Killers have to stick together right?

    Which is why we come to the current scene where a young girl with green hair and red eyes is sprinting down an abandoned alleyway in the dead of night. Perfect night for a killing, isn't it? Let's see just how much our murdering duo has learned.

    With her back literally up against the wall, the woman started to claw at the brick walls of the alley. One might have wondered why she didn't simply scream for help. Surely, even this late someone would come out and investigate the noise right? Well, that would have been the sensible thing to do had she not escaped from ChromeSkull's lair missing the ability to speak or make any sort of vocalization beyond a pathetic croaking. Her cellphone would surely be the next resort then! Just call 911 and have them take care of the menacing men in costumes running after you with knives. But Mickey had taken care of this and slipped the phone off her person after ChromeSkull had done the hard part and kidnapped her. Just another sign that perhaps all of the teaching Wada and Sal and Chrome had done was finally sinking in.

    Now, she had gotten herself pinned into a spot that didn't seem too safe. Their was always the option to turn back and run around, hoping maybe the random stranger who's out for a midnight stroll might be keen on giving a helping hand. But their would be none of that, no second chances as a familiar black cloak drifted into the alleyway and two steel-toed boots seeped out from the jagged bottom of the robes, attached to a pair of black jeans as the only sort of light coming off the figure was the hunting knife they were running along the wall. The girl could see that she was in trouble and clearly recognized this dark figure as being one of her assailants. Seeing as how he had her trapped between the wall and a possible chance to run and alert someone to her plight, she'd ball up her fists and wailed relentlessly on the killer as they approached. The blows impacted with loud thuds and the killer actually stumbled back for a brief moment.

    But this was just another ploy that had been taught, another lesson being put into use: Lure your victims into a false sense of security. Make them feel as if they have a possible chance to escape before finally springing the knife/machete/razor blades/hatchet/etc on them. Lashing upwards with the knife, the girl's chest was cut wide open, causing blood to squirt out like an ink-jet, coating the killer's white mask red. Using the last of her strength however, she'd push the killer up against the wall and slowly but surely tumbled to her knees and was soon reduced to crawling as she poked her head out of the alleyway, dragging a lengthy trail of blood behind her. Outside the alleyway was a freedom that would forever elude her, though a glimmer of hope would appear in the form of a late night jogger. But try as she might to call out to him, her death groans are not loud enough to be heard over the jogger's music. Having seen enough and not wanting his victim making more of a mess as she already had, the killer gripped her by the hair and pulled her back in and the less said about how they finished her off, the better as her body was left in a state far too grotesque to be described efficiently in the english language.

    More to the point, a black hearse would have pulled up at the mouth of the alleyway and the driver could have been seen conversing with someone. But only the driver's voice could be heard and their was a good reason for that. As the passenger side door opened up, another figure adorned entirely in black stepped out with a cell-phone in one hand and a small duffle bag in the other. His fingers moved like a blur as he pressed down the keys.


    The robed figure stood up from his carnage and turned to face his partner, the one known as ChromeSkull by the media and his organization of serial killers.


    "Nah, it wasn't her, Chrome. You would think that after we searched through the police records for girls in the area who fit the very tight parameters of being sixteen, having green hair, and red eyes, we'd eventually get her! But I guess you're right. Still, doesn't sit well with me that we basically sat across from where she ate and even talked to her during that hotel thing! Yet, we didn't lay a hand on her. What kind of malarky is that-Ooh, what's in the bag?"

    Annoyed by his partner's usual excitable nature, as it contrasted heavily with ChromeSkull's more professional one, he'd toss the bag towards Mickey and quickly started a new message on his cellphone.


    Grumbling under his breath, Mickey pulled down his hood and unstrapped the mask from his head. Reaching into the duffle bag, he'd pull out the traditional 'screaming ghost' one that Stu Macher and Billy Loomis had worn as he slipped it back onto his head.

    "C'mon Chrome! It wasn't even that bad! I mean sure that Brandon James guy looked like a bad Jason Voorhees from Part 2 impersonator, but you gotta get with the times! Things are changing and we're getting left in the dust! We gotta adapt and the best way to do that is mix things up!"


    Closing the phone up, ChromeSkull tapped on the passenger side window, and the driver quickly unlocked the doors. Opening them, Ghostface and Chrome sat in and Mickey eagerly leaned in to look over Chrome's shoulder as he pulled up a picture of...Some guy who seemed to have waaaay too much time on his hands.

    "..What are we gonna do with him? I mean, I'm super happy I passed and all, but what's he gotta do with us?"


    "..I dunno, he seems pretty weird to me."



    "I want to listen to the radio! If we're going out to meet this guy then I want some music to get me in the mood!"

    As the two serial killers continued to argue among themselves over who had control of the radio, the driver continued forward. An ever loyal follower of ChromeSkull's organization, the driver saw no need to speak up when his superiors were talking. The only thing he had been designated to actually do with his time was take ChromeSkull and Mickey wherever they damn well pleased, no questions asked and when they arrived? He knew what his fate would likely end up being when around three different serial killers and he was fine with it.

    So it came as a surprise to no one that the driver came to a dead stop outside the Vernon Esate. Seemed like one's typical abode in a slasher flick, the house seemed decrepit in it's construction to the point that nearby trees had started to grow onto/over the roof and entryway. To add to the spooky atmosphere, a tire swing that looked like it had seen better days swung aimlessly from side to side without anybody to occupy it.



    As the driver nodded to show he acknowledged his boss's orders, ChromeSkull stepped out of the car with Mickey following behind. Upon drawing closer to the home Chrome would have noticed some of the windows had been smashed. Perhaps a result of a would be victim attempting to make a runaway and being flung through some glass for their troubles? Or maybe it was some kids who realized something was up with this family and decided to do something about it. Or maybe it was just shithead kids. ChromeSkull hated those things.

    As Chrome propped a boot onto the front porch, he'd pause and typed up a brief message for Mickey to read as he held the phone over his shoulder.


    Ghostface gave a mocking salute and Chrome flipped him the bird before entering the house. Stepping onto the porch himself, Mickey sat down near the front door. Wasn't too often that he got relegated with the more simple tasks. Mickey guard this or Mickey watch out for the police/witnesses. Mickey stop being so goddamn annoying. Honestly, the Ghostface Killer had been working forever to get his veteran partner to appreciate him and he still wasn't feeling it even after Chrome had brought him along to get this Leslie guy because he was so impressed with how Mickey had pulled off that kill.

    But before Mickey could internally angst over how his fellow serial killer treated him, some kind of music began to play. Didn't sound like something Chrome would be interested in, hell Mickey was sure that before he started messing around with it that radio was never even used! But it didn't sound like it was coming from within the house anyway..

    Drawing his hunting knife from within his sleeve, Mickey made his way off the porch and motioned to the driver that'd be going that way. Not that Mickey particularly cared what happened to this guy. People like him were a dime a dozen in Chrome's organization, which Mickey still didn't have quite the fullest grasp of what that was all about. But he supposed it wasn't his place to question Chrome's business.

    As he walked around, he could feel mud squishing and plopping underneath the soles of his boots. Wasn't exactly the most pleasant of noises and if he were chasing a victim it totally would have given him away. Was this why that Leslie guy decided to live out here? If victims somehow managed to escape, he'd be able to listen and find out where they went? Still didn't quite explain the music..


    Just where he had been expecting a would be-victim to be there was nothing but a tape recorder which seemed to have finished it's current track. It clicked and the music came to a halt. Wary of just what was happening right now, Mickey kept his knife at the ready as he approached the table that the recorder was sitting on. Seemed like something any average joe could purchase from a local electronics store. But apart from creeping the hell out of his victims what purpose did it have-


    Glancing down, Mickey's eyes widened behind the black cloth on his mask as he now had a sickle blade held to his neck. This obviously wasn't Chrome's work given that a sickle seemed a bit too 'primitive' for him and there was a voice. Sounded southern in it's delivery. Which made getting Leslie on board even better! They'd be ChromeSkull, Ghostface, and some backwaters hick fuck. This same hick fuck also had the second Ghostface Killer dead to rights and Mickey was furious over it.

    "Y-You fucker! W-What the hell do you think you're doing?! We're both slashers! Back the hell off!" Mickey screeched to the heavens above although he wouldn't make any sudden moves on the fact that his attacker could easily slit his throat if he felt the inclination to do so. Thankfully just before Mickey was about to screw dignity and call for his partner to save him, the sickle was removed and Mickey quickly stumbled forward to turn and face his attacker.


    The masked man doesn't say a word even as Mickey points a 150 Buck Hunting Knife in his direction. The sickle blade is slowly lowered to his side and he simply steps to Mickey's side and recovers the tape recorder. Pressing the rewind button until the tape makes it's clicking noise, he props it down on the table and turns to face Mickey who has gotten up in his face at this point with his knife held to his neck.

    "You think you're funny or something? Threatening me and then acting as if I'm not even here? You've got some balls, kid. I'll have you know my partner is in that building right now looking for Leslie Vernon and you're dealing with the-"

    "Woodsboro Killer also known in the media as Ghostface, yeah?"

    "Woodsboro Killer aka Ghost...Face. Yeah! I guess word spreads pretty quickly, huh? But you think flattery is gonna save you here?"

    The other killer didn't seem afraid in the slightest and actually moved to remove his own mask, revealing an average looking man behind it with black eyeliner all around his eyes. Flashing a smile Mickey's way, he nodded his head.

    "Yes. You're Mickey Alitieri and you wanted to become famous, right?"

    "...How do you know that? I never told anyone but my partners that."

    "..How do I know that?! You're talking to one of the biggest slasher fans ever! Hel-LO! Hahaha! I'm sorry, I'm sorry...I don't mean to be rude but c'mon! You and ChromeSkull aka Jesse Cromeans are some of my biggest idols! The way you two operate in sync so well together is amazing! But let me introduce myself, I'm Leslie Mancuso! Or Vernon if you'd prefer. I don't think a Leslie Vernon ever really existed to be honest but if his name gets me cred then he'll exist in my book!"

    Ghostface lowered his knife from Leslie's neck, not out of any mercy or anything like that. Mickey wasn't sure that word even existed in his vocabulary. But just more out of being unsure of the next move that this guy would make. So he was some kind of slasher fanboy? Mickey supposed he could see some common ground between himself and Leslie then, sure. But this guy was so on point with stuff that should have only been known to Chrome and him!

    "...Yeah. What was with attacking me and the music then?"

    Leslie's eyes glistened at the thought of being able to explain his motives to another slasher and a big name one at that! Grasping the recorder, Leslie gestured to it like it was a fancy prize worth idolizing or something when in reality it was just a five dollar tape recorder.

    "This helps build up an atmosphere which I feel helps out any potential slasher in training! Like me for example, so I set it to play whenever a victim wanders too close near the house. They're left wondering what the hell that noise is and where it's coming from and then when they wander back there? BAM! I jump out at em and the suspense finally pays off! I guess I just thought you were a victim...Sorry-"

    Before Leslie could continue further, he was gripped by the collar of his overalls and pulled in close as Mickey held the knife above his head, ready to strike it down into Leslie's chest.

    "I don't know how you know all that stuff about Chrome and me, I don't really give a shit! But you think you can just lure me back here and call me a victim?! You seem to know exactly who I am and that's someone that isn't to be trifled with! I'm the second man to wear the Ghostface moniker and I'm nobody's victim! Especially not one for a gutless rookie like you!"


    Which is what Chrome's phone said as it was flung through the air, eventually reaching it's destination as it cracked Mickey on the back of the head. Turning around and then downwards to see the message on the phone, Mickey stomped his foot like a petulant child.

    "B-But he called me a victim! We're the killers, not victims!"

    But Chrome wasn't taking no for an answer. Simply folding his arms, he tapped a foot impatiently to indicate that he wasn't going to wait long for Mickey to release Leslie. Not wanting to incur his partner's wrath after he had just made himself look good with his first practiced kill, Mickey relaxed his grip on Leslie. This allowed the younger serial killer(in training!) to calmly step back and reaching down to grab Chrome's phone made his way over to where ChromeSkull was standing as he passed off the phone.

    "Hey, I'm really sorry about all this. It's just that apart from my friends I don't really get too many visitors! My friends keep telling me it's because of my super bubbly nature but I don't want it to be because of that! I want it to be because I'm a slasher on the level of Jason and Freddy! So when I heard some people stomping around, my mind just assumed they were victims..I'm really sorry."


    "Oh yeah, yeah! I totally get what you mean! I mean you lead your own organization right? You gotta be able to afford the best when you can and you gotta have them fat stacks to convince the cops not to butt in on your work, right? It's totally understandable!"

    Annoyed by how easily Leslie was getting off the hook for attacking him, Mickey walked forward while pointing his knife at Leslie in a sort of questioning manner.

    "Um...So, what? You're just letting him off without a slap on the wrist even? He almost killed me, Chrome!"


    Mickey was completely and utterly flabbergasted. The very same serial killer that had threatened to kill him back when they were fighting over a victim, the same killer who had been by Mickey's side when they were trying to kill an annoying green haired bitch with super powers and her gang of friends, the same friend that went to a hotel party and went to a world filled with killers and monsters! Was now taking the side of some newbie who had more information about the two of them then he knew what to do with?!

    "I can't exactly say that he's wrong! Most slashers would have been the ones doing the sneaking, not getting sneaked up on! Hehehe, I'm sorry Mickey! It's just that getting to do that gets me so happy!"

    "It's Ghostface to you, Vernon/Mancuso, whatever the hell your name is. I'll be in the front.." Mickey grumbled under his breath as he moved back to the front of the house. What had just happened back there?! That rookie killer got the jump on him and then proceeded to read his motives to him like he were some kind of book on display at the library! Then, then the worst slight came when ChromeSkull started to defend him! Swinging his knife around like a madman, Mickey glanced at the driver still sitting blankly in his spot.

    "C'mere...I need to work out some agresssion!"

    Pulling the driver out of the car by the collar, Mickey slammed him up against the side of it and began stabbing profusely. It wasn't as cathartic as Mickey would have liked as the driver had gotten himself doped up on painkillers before going out, a staple of those who worked under ChromeSkull in case Chrome decided to punish them or they were captured by authorities. Eventually the driver's body stopped reacting even slightly to the stabs and Mickey pushed the corpse to the ground.

    Hearing Leslie continuing to chatter at Chrome as they walked to the front, Mickey quickly threw the driver's corpse into a nearby bush and wiped off the blood with one of his cloak's sleeves. Wasn't exactly the most proficient clean up job but he didn't need Chrome breathing down his neck more than usual.


    Oh good! They were leaving this guy behind and moving on! Maybe they could continue their search for Kido and finally murder the brat! The thought of her, laying on the ground with her clothes torn, soaked in her own blood as Ghostface stood over her, poised to finish the job. As Mickey had gotten lost in his fantaies, Leslie and Chrome slipped into the car. Chrome had idly wondered where the driver had gone off too but no big deal. Driving the car himself wasn't an issue. But Mickey was snapped right back into reality as he saw Leslie taking the pasenger seat.

    "Hey! That's my seat! I'm the veteran killer here, Vernon! You can't just waltz in and sit your ass down where the real stars sit! I have half a mind to-"


    "...Are you serious?! We're partners, Chrome!"



    Pulling open the back seat, Mickey climbed into the back seat and shut the door behind him. He supposed Chrome hadn't been wrong. There was plenty of room for him to sit and stew in his angry thoughts about how things had gotten completely fucked around thanks to Leslie poppin in. Where they going to be traveling around the country with him now? Mickey wasn't sure he'd be able to handle that! Glancing up at the car's ceiling as Chrome started to pull out of the driveway, Mickey reached forward to mess with the radio only for Chrome to slap his hand away.


    "Oh, sorry Ghostface! I was talking with Jesse before we got back here. You guys thought I was pretty crazy right? But I told Jesse that my neighbors are even crazier! They're planning on moving to Japan soon or something so I figured it'd be appropriate if I stopped in to say hello! He also said I could mess around with the radio. You want any station in particular?'


    Mickey couldn't believe what was happening. Everything he had worked so hard to build up was tumbling around him. All of his efforts to please ChromeSkull and get into his good graces? Completely sidelined by this guy who wasn't even really Leslie Vernon, just some guy using the name for street cred! What was up with calling Chrome by his first name too? Mickey was his partner and even he didn't get to do that! But it was just another thing Leslie didn't seem to mind waving around in his face! But Mickey had to know when to call it quits and when the radio was taken out of his hands, he could only surrender.

    "Just...Any station is fine.."

    "Okay! Let's see what we got here.."

    Ugh! Mickey hated this song! It was the song that Sidney's annoying boyfriend sang to her in the cafeteria! But then again knowing how much Leslie seemed to know about Chrome and him, Mickey shouldn't have been surprised if Leslie knew that and picked precisely this song to turn to! Simply folding his arms, Mickey turned on his side to try and get some sleep. He didn't want to question about these neighbors. Hopefully they were just some senile old folks who didn't know about Leslie's true colors and he could say goodbye and they'd be on their way.

    But what ended up happening was something that neither Mickey or ChromeSkull could have prepared for. As the car came to a stop, Mickey sat up and glanced around. Looked like they had backed it even further into the outdoors if that was even possible after seeing Leslie's house. Looked like their was some kind of desolate shack in the background.

    "Welp! This is the Sawyer home alright! I think they're actually getting ready to go if those bags in the pickup truck mean anything! So it'll be goodbye for both of us! Won't be but a second!" Leslie exclaimed as he rushed out of the car as Mickey huffed and folded his arms behind his head. "Good riddance. How about we bail out of here now, Chrome?"


    "What?! What exactly is your damage with him? Ever since we ran into him, you've been buddy-buddy! You even let him call you, Jesse! You never let me do that!"


    "...Alright, alright. But I expect some reasoning because jeez.." Pulling his mask off and then the rest of the robes with it, Mickey exited and the car and shuffled after Leslie who had been standing by the door almost as if he were waiting for the other slasher. Standing next to Leslie, Mickey glanced at the doorbell.

    "..Are you gonna ring or?"

    "Nah, they don't like it when people ring the doorbell. Frightens Bubba."


    Before Leslie could give an answer, the door was pulled open revealing an elderly looking man who seemed to be coated in what looked like blood and even bits of bone were stuck to his apron. Squinting his eyes at Leslie and Mickey, the old man smiled upon finally realizing who was standing around his front door.


    "Leslie Vernon! I thought I told you to stop coming around here, you son of a bitch! Hahahaha! How's the business going for ya? If you catch my drift and hey, who's the friend? Your partner or somethin? Name's Drayton Sawyer and any friend of Leslie's is a friend of the Sawyers!" Drayton explained as he held a hand out towards Mickey who was still wearing his gloves.

    "..Right. Name's Mickey." Taking Drayton's hand, Mickey gave it a firm shake before Drayton stepped to the side and motioned for the two to come inside. "C'mon in! We're gonna be leaving soon for that worldwide tour of my famous chilli in a little bit but you boys can come in and grab a bite to eat if ya want!"

    Leslie smiled and opened his mouth to accept only for Mickey to jab him in the side. As Leslie coughed and tried to catch his breath, Mickey leaned forward and pressed his forearm against the door.

    "Yeah, yeah cut the bullshit. We know you're a bunch of sick people eating fucks! I dunno why Leslie wanted to say goodbye to you guys but it sure as hell ain't got nothing to do with me! So, why don't I just see this Bubba that I heard about?" Mickey snapped fed up with having to act so polite around a bunch of cannibals! Mickey may have killed people but he didn't eat them! That was a line that shouldn't have been crossed! Which is why he repeatedly started ringing the door bell causing a loud buzzing to erupt from within the house. Hysterical crying could have been heard coming from upstairs soon after.

    "Oooh, now you've done it! You've gotten the big boy all upset! Leslie, control your goddamn friend and get him outta here! We don't need Bubba coming down here and wrecking the merchandise!" Drayton roared as Leslie seemed absolutely flustered by Mickey's antics. "Y-You're ruining everything, Ghostface! I was going to wait a little bit longer!"

    "Wait a little bit longer for what? I gotta say I'm not too afraid of someone named.."

    Mickey's finger slowly slipped back from the doorbell and he quickly started racing back towards the car with Leslie in hot pursuit. The reason they had started running? Was because both of them had heard a chainsaw revving and the big goliath wielding it racing down the stairs and out the front door, wrecking the screen door in the process.



    "Get that asshole, boy! Get him and cut him up good!"

    As Ghostface and Leslie quickly piled into the backseat of the car, Chrome didn't even have enough time to grab his phone as Leatherface began sawwing at the hood of his hearse. Shifting the car in reverse, Chrome put the pedal to the meddle and quickly backed up. He had seen Mickey ringing the doorbell and Leslie seemingly getting upset over something but he had no idea this would have happened!

    As the car started to race backwards, Leatherface raced after it swinging his chainsaw all the way, hooting and hollering. But it quickly became apparent that he wasn't going to catch up anytime soon. Shifting the car back, Chrome quickly sped away from the shack. What the hell had happened there?


    "It was Ghostface's fault! I just wanted to work my way in and then murder all of them! To show to you guys that I could do it! But he kept ringing the doorbell until Leatherface came down and started chasing us!"

    "How was I supposed to know that you were going to kill them!? You seemed pretty friendly with cannibals!"

    "Did you think we were actually going to sit down and have lunch?"

    "Who knows?! Maybe!"

    "What's your problem with me, exactly?"

    Chrome typed up as a way of disrupting the argument between Leslie and Mickey before it got too heated. As both slashers pulled out their signature weapons, Leslie turned to face Chrome and nodded. "..Yeah. It's to promote the chili that Drayton makes out of human flesh and bone that Leatherface and his brothers get. Why?"


    Finally, a piece of good news and one that didn't involve shitting on him!

    "You mean...We could actually stop and look for her?"


    After Chrome had finished explaining, Leslie raised a hand like a student would in a classroom. Nodding towards the serial killer, Leslie cleared his throat before speaking. "...Who is this woman you two are speaking of? If I'm allowed to ask I mean."


    "..I see. Well, if you can stay behind the pickup truck, we should be able to sneak on no problem!"


    And so the plan would be kicked into gear with the trio of killers pursuing the Sawyer Family to the local airport. Upon which they'd sneak aboard the plane meant to bring the Sawyers to Japan and murdered the staff and hid in the back. Wasn't the most comfortable of spots but you had to take what you could get. Besides, provoking Leatherface into using his chainsaw on a plane didn't exactly seem like the smartest move for anyone involved. To make sure they weren't discovered and murdered in their sleep, Leslie/Mickey/Chrome each took turns to watch out for the Sawyers.

    Upon finally touching down in Japan, the trio stayed quiet until they were sure Drayton/Leatherface and the other Sawyers were all off the plane. From there, Chrome was the first of the three to exit.



    "Well, whatever! We're here now and we can go looking for that little bitch! We'll make her pay for crossing us, Chrome!"

    "Yeah, and I'll help too!"

    "...Shut up, Leslie."

    As the trio set about on their own place to hide and think of a plan, the Sawyers were fast to get things set up. In the center of Tokyo Square, a platform had been designed in preparation for Drayton's arrival. The rest of the Sawyers had made their way off somewhere...More discrete to hide until Drayton called upon them. He was the public eye for the Sawyers after all!

    "Alright, alright now! I'm glad all of you folks here in the land of the Risin Sun could get yourselves up and out here to see this wonderful display I have on for you! In fact I'm honored that your country accepted my invitation to be the first step on my world tour for the Sawyer family's legendary 'Last Round Rolling Chilli!' You're all welcome to come up and grab a free sample if you'd like! I got plenty for all of ya, hahahaha!"

    Wherever Kido and her friends were, it seemed like Japan had a whole new problem with the cannibalistic inbred rednecks making their way in and two serial killers with a grudge and some new blood back to settle a score...


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  2. Tsubomi Kido was out by herself for the day. Mary was feeling a little sick, so the others were taking care of her while she went out to buy some medicine. It wasn't anything serious so they weren't really super worried or anything like that, but when someone was sick, you got medicine. It seemed like she was running a fever, so Kido planned to be on the look out for medicine that'd help with that. No place to start like the supermarket, in that case. The teen began to make her way towards her destination, taking a leisurely pace.

    In the meantime, at a different part of the city, a certain boy was out and about. The Conqueror of Chaos. The wielder of the black flames. The owner of the purgatorial hellfire. This man was known as Andou Jurai, and today, he moved quickly about. Guiltia Sin Jurai was not the kind of man with so much time he could simply waste time walking around slowly.

    Was what he liked to think. Today, Andou was going out to get some food from the convenience store. They'd run out at home and his parents hadn't left anything for him to eat, so he figured he'd go quickly grab a bento for lunch. Aside from one very worthless power, Andou was actually just a normal teen. However, he suffered from chuunibyou, which came with its own set of "special powers." Prominent among them was the ability to do embarrassing things in public completely unabashed.

    Thus, he strolled down the street, humming the theme song to an anime he'd been watching recently.

    "Within your onyx wings, a power unknown awaaaits~ The blood drips down your arm, its deep crimson shining in your haaaaate~"

    Nonsensical lyrics, but that was just the kind of thing these poor deluded people were into. Unknown, uncontrollable, overwhelming powers. However, what differentiated this one was that he truly had a special ability. The ability to summon flames from the pit of hell itself. Except, well, they seemed to be some sort of knock-off brand because they weren't hot in the slightest. Maybe lukewarm at best. But it was still cool, and that was all Andou Jurai needed from his superpower.

    But his own superpower, and those of his friends, didn't prepare him for what happened. Suddenly, he bumped into someone, and some girl with a sharp look in her eyes was glaring at him. He could feel a tingle go down his spine as it felt like the girl was staring daggers into him. A gaze like this wasn't something he dealt with all too often.


    "U-um...sorry about that."


    "...Don't worry about it."

    Andou took a moment to look around. Just where had that girl come from? Sure he hadn't been paying the most attention to the road in front of him, caught up in his singing as he was, but it was still odd for him to be bumping into people without noticing. But when he looked back in front of him, the girl had disappeared.

    "Huh? Where'd she go?"

    Kido had activated her ability once again, moving away from the random boy. He'd bumped into her from behind, so she didn't notice him coming, even with his singing that she had been ignoring. No reason to stick around and talk with some random guy. Thus, she continued on her way. But as she walked on, she heard something rather strange.

    A foreigner appeared to be selling some sort of "Chilli." What was that? Something good? Well, it was about lunch time. Coming back to the others with lunch wasn't such a bad idea. She walked up to the salesman, deactivating her power as she moved forward.


    "What's this 'chilli' stuff? It's not made of something weird, is it?"

    Who knew what strange things foreigners liked in their food.

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  3. Entranced by the crowd he had drawn to his platform, it took Drayton a moment or two to notice Kido. But upon doing so, he smiled down at the young Japanese teen. It was always nice to see young folks take an interest in his work for a change! Most of the people he got were people in their mid to late 30s/40s who wouldn't know damn good food if it stuffed itself down their throats. But young people were different. They were more willing to try out new things. Though needless to say eating chili made up of minced up human flesh wasn't at the top of most folk's 'would eat' menu.

    But what they didn't know wouldn't horribly scar them for life.


    "What is chili?! Huh, I guess it's a good thing I came to this here country after all! Enlightening all you poor folks on the wonders of chili. Basically, lil lady think of chili as one big spicy stew that has chili peppers, meat, and maybe often tomatoes and beans. But, and this is very important to note! Not just to you but all of you who want a cup of Last Roundup's famous chili! We don't got no big secret for our chili being better than the rest! Just don't skimp on the meat, hahahaha!"

    As Drayton cackled, he noticed a nearby customer blink and pull out some kind of small almost tooth-shaped object from within their cup of chili. Quickly realizing that despite his best efforts, there would still be some bits he couldn't quite hide, Drayton quickly reached out to snatch up the object and smiled. "Ah, I see you found one of my trademark hard shelled peppercorns! Tend to add a little bit of zest to the meal, heh. But, how's about it lil lady? You're free to take one cup if you'd like! Wouldn't be proper Texas generosity if I made y'all pay for a good helping of some fine food after all and Drayton Sawyer's a gentleman above all else, heh heh. But if you're wanting more than a little dough my way might be required. Even nice men gotta get their pockets filled after all."

    Watching the proceedings from within the crowd was another foreigner and one Kido would have likely preferred to have stayed on the other side of the world. It was none other than Leslie Vernon/Mancuso. As the Japanese authorities were already fully aware of how Mickey looked without his costume and ChromeSkull stood out like a sore thumb, Leslie was the only one who could walk around without any hassle. Which is why he'd been silently stalking Kido for quite some time. He had seen the encounter with Andou but the boy was of no concern to Leslie.

    Still, a problem was posed in the fact that Drayton had seen Leslie without his mask/makeup. So he'd be able to spot the serial killer out of a crowd and while he wouldn't be able to pin anything on Leslie due to the slasher's relative obscurity to the general Japanese populace, he could send Leatherface to make a mess of things and that just wouldn't reflect well on Leslie! He was trying to be the best slasher he could be after all! Still, a bullet had to be bit lest he let Kido walk away and stalk her from there. But Chrome had warned him of the abilities her and her friends had. Even with Leslie, the chance of them being able to take on Kido's gang armed with just sickles/knives didn't seem very plausible.

    Which is why he'd have to take her out before she got too far. That'd' please Chrome and Mickey alright.

    Stepping forward as the crowd departed slightly to give him some leverage, Leslie made his way to the platform. Keeping his head down all the while until Drayton addressed him.

    "Eh? You got something to say, boy? Don't walk up to a man slouchin like that! It ain't good posture or good manners!"


    "Sorry. But I couldn't help overhearing you, sir. You mentioned something about needing to pay if you want to take more than one cup? Mind if I cut in on this young girl's behalf? If she wants to take more than one, I can fork over the dough. Provided she's okay with it."

    Leslie chimed in as he glanced up to look at Drayton who did a good job of managing to keep himself calm but inside he was steaming. The man he had known as a neighbor for so long had not only ended up in Japan but now he was trying to work his way in on a potential customer? Wasn't much Drayton could do at the moment but he knew someone who could. Until he got into contact with Leatherface however, Drayton would have to pretend to act amicably with Leslie. Leslie on the other hand certainly wasn't going to eat this slop knowing full well what it was made of. But offering to help out Kido might have lead him to making a better first impression than Mickey or Chrome had when they met Kido while in full costume. Here? Leslie Vernon was not a slasher, he was just an all around decent guy who was exploring Japan.

    "..Yeah, feel free. But she ain't even made a purchase yet. How's about you hold your horses until then?"

    "Of course. Figured I'd grab one for myself anyway."


  4. What a heavy emphasis on big. How very American of this guy. Well, on the bright side that probably meant the taste would be unique at least. As long as it wasn't too expensive she'd probably grab some. Though she found his "cover-up" a little suspicious, since he seemed to be kind enough to hand her one for free she figured she might as well take it.


    She didn't plan to buy anymore though, what with whatever that peppercorn was supposed to be. Probably didn't mince up the pork or whatever properly, so this chili seemed like it'd probably be a bit of a disappointment. At least, that was what she planned until some stranger stepped in, for some reason. Why was he stepping in? Did she know him? Was he hitting on her in some weird way?

    No reason to turn down free food, though.

    "Alright...About four should do, then."

    Of course, she'd still be wary of this stranger who'd suddenly offered to pay for her for no apparent reason.

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  5. Drayton had been hoping that Kido would have told Leslie to scram and that she'd pay for it herself. But as the young girl accepted the serial killer's generous offer, the cannibal had little in the way of rebuttals but to angrily snatch the yen from Leslie and tuck it away before scooping the chili into four cups and stuffing them into a bag. Practically shoving the bag into Leslie's chest, Drayton didn't bother hiding his dislike of the slasher any longer as he motioned for Leslie and Kido to make their way off.

    "Always happy to service folks but you two ain't the only ones here. You got your sample and more so go on now, why dontcha?"

    "Right, thanks!" Leslie exclaimed as he turned to walk off, expecting Kido to follow in step behind him. If she did so, then he'd turn to look down at the girl with a sheepish expression on his face.

    "Sorry about jumping in like that. I'm sure you probably could have bought all this yourself but I know the guy who sells that stuff. He knows me too which is why he cut down the price more than he would have otherwise. Didn't want to kick up trouble out in public and turn off potential customers."

    Noticing that he hadn't even introduced himself beyond 'nice foreigner who bought food for Kido's friends', Leslie quickly went about doing so. "Name's Leslie, Leslie Vernon. It's a pleasure to meet you...?" He'd intentionally pause at the end to let Kido introduce herself. Back at the stage, Drayton continued to hand out chili to anyone else who came up to buy a sample. But while he was all smiles and jokes on the outside, he was furious on the inside. How dare Leslie have the balls to show himself in front of the Sawyers after what he and that guy in the white mask did! Oh no, his sons/brothers were going to hear about this that was for damn sure! There would be a massacre in the land of the rising sun even if Drayton Sawyer had to bet his life on it!

  6. Kido didn't quite get it, but it seemed the fact she wasn't paying herself had pissed the salesman off. Strange. Was it that bad for her to not be buying it with her own money? It seemed to be quite the unwarranted mood swing. Oh well. Foreigners, she figured.

    As Leslie walked off with the food he'd just bought, Kido quickly stepped after him. No point in buying it for her if he just walked off. But as she was about to attempt to cut in with perhaps the clearing of her throat, he turned around to look at her. Beat her to the punch, it seemed.


    "...Is that so..." Kido muttered.

    Somehow, that didn't seem right. That wasn't the reaction of someone who'd take off the price for someone he knew. Even if he was the kind to be so business-minded that the discount would upset him, it wouldn't make any sense for there to be the discount in the first place. It seemed her initial wariness was warranted. As Leslie introduced himself, she briefly considered giving a fake name. Then again, her name wasn't exactly an important one. She was no celebrity. Her ability guaranteed that. No need to unnecessarily lie, then.

    "Kido Tsubomi." After pausing for a moment, she decided to get straight to the point. "I'm thankful you bought these for me, but why'd you do that, anyway?"

  7. [​IMG]

    "Kido, huh? Nice to meet you. But hey, hold on a second.."

    Pausing for a moment, Leslie's eyes briefly scanned over Kido's figure before he nodded. Yes, yes everything seemed to line up. Even though he knew full well that Kido was Ghostface and ChromeSkull's 'victim that got away', Leslie 'nice guy foreigner' Vernon only knew about it from the papers coming out of Japan. He couldn't say he got that information from the two men who tried to murder Kido and her friends after all. Then there went his nice guy cred and here would come the police on his behind. How would that have been for his first outing with two professional serial killers like Chrome and Mickey?

    The Newspaper (open)

    "..Yeah, I recognize you. You're the girl that the papers described. The one that got attacked by those two serial killers a while back, right? It was all over the news back in the states. To think we let a guy like ChromeSkull waltz over here and start trying to hurt people, yeesh." Leslie murmured as he had seen the actual newspaper in question when ChromeSkull managed to pluck it off a man he murdered to get the key to his hotel room. He could recall Mickey being quite displeased that the newspaper hadn't even mentioned his name like it had done with ChromeSkull.

    Given ChromeSkull and Mickey's costumes, Kido wasn't the only one who noticed the two slashers when they stopped off in Tokyo but she was the only one unfortunate enough to actually approach them. So when it came time for the police to actually make an effort to try and apprehend the two, eyewitnesses who caught glimpses of Kido's meeting with the two came forward and described what little they could of Kido, ranging from 'she had green hair' to 'red eyes' to 'she was a girl???' and so much more. Enough at least for it seem reasonable that a tourist like Leslie could piece together a good idea of the person who had almost fallen victim to the two. But despite all that, he still had Kido's question to answer. She was quite the inquisitive one, certainly final girl material, no dumb bimbo here. Maybe that's why she managed to get one over on Mickey and Chrome. But even so, if he wanted to try and form some kind of friendly relationship with Kido to lower her defenses as it were, he couldn't do it by failing to answer what she had so politely asked of him.

    "Well, I'm here on vacation and didn't see the harm in doing something good for someone. Even something as simple as forking over some yen to buy some crappy chili from some asshole redneck for a stranger. Besides, after dealing with two serial killer, I imagine you could do with a little bit of generosity. I'm glad you're thankful at least. But let's see if stays that way when you and your friends actually get down to eating this stuff.."

    The killer muttered, his voice trailing off near the end. Even the thought of eating Drayton's chili with full knowledge of what it was made Leslie sick to his stomach. He may have idolized serial killers, heck he was currently trying to impress two of the best known murderers in the world! But chopping people up and putting them in chili and parading it around and even getting awards for it? That struck deeper than any knife Leslie had on him. Hopefully his explanation worked off and Kido bought it. Otherwise this was all for naught and Chrome/Mickey would have been quite displeased with him. But even if Kido did buy Leslie's explanation and was grateful for an act of kindness like this, the question came back to whether or not Leslie would actually EAT the chili. He could have been sadistic and simply let Kido and her pals eat it up while maybe he sat off to the side and said he'd eat his later. But even for an insane killer-fanboy, that seemed a bit too beyond the pail for Leslie..What to do indeed.

  8. Kido paused for a moment as he claimed to recognize her. Had it really been such a large thing? Now she knew how Kisaragi felt, just a little bit. Still, it was a little exciting to have been on an overseas newspaper. Usually that took something pretty big. Did that mean her dying would have been that big of a deal?

    Heh, of course not. Kido was somewhat amused she had that thought at all, even if it was just for a second. Apparently the two serial killers were infamous, and their appearance and capture in Japan was the real thing that got all that coverage.

    Though it seemed he hadn't recognized her until just now, so that probably didn't have much to do with his random generosity. Would he really be willing to buy all this chili, which was apparently not even that good, just on a whim? Well, if he happened to be a rich person, it wasn't exactly out of the question.

    Having satisfied her own questions in her head, Kido finally spoke up.

    "Yeah, that's right. Thanks for that, Leslie, I appreciate it."

    Gripping the free can she'd taken and holding it up, the girl slowly turned it around, scanning the chili Leslie had derided.

    "Is it that bad?" she asked, oblivious as to the chili's true contents.

  9. Leslie waved off the notion of Kido appreciating his gesture. He didn't want to come off as too modest however. The Leslie that Kido was currently getting to know didn't have any higher aspirations than to enjoy his time in Japan and maybe make friends with some of the people here. It just so happened that he ran into the poor girl who had nearly been brutally murdered by two of the most vicious serial killers America had to offer to the world at large. Still, a muted sigh of relief escaped his lips.

    If this discussion had any gone further, Leslie honestly wasn't sure whether or not he would have been able to keep up the facade. He was noted to be quite personable, even friendly among his peers. But that was because they thought he was simply messing around with this whole 'becoming the best slasher that there ever was' when in actuality he was dead serious.

    "No thanks are necessary, Kido. I just hope ChromeSkull and Ghostface are found and locked up. People like them shouldn't be allowed to roam around as they please."

    the chili (open)

    Mickey would have certainly chewed Leslie out for hamming it up/driving the point home that Chrome and him were bad people. But that only made Leslie want to do so even more. As they continued walking however, Leslie noticed Kido glancing down at the chili and he nearly wretched. Would it have been wrong of him to simply slap the cup out of her hand and toss the rest of them in the street? It'd be a waste of money but then he got this money off a man he murdered just a couple hours earlier so he suppose it wasn't HIS money he was wasting. But then he might have given Kido reason to be suspicious of him acting so odd.


    "...Heh, well I'll let you form your own two cents when we actually get to sit down and eat. You live close by?"

  10. The girl silently nodded in agreement, the memory of her previous undesired encounters flashing through her mind. Shaking it off, she quickly had to decide to answer his question. Which, of course, happened to be about her living quarters. This wasn't someone that they were planning to have join their gang or anything. Should she lead him there, or somewhere else?

    Well, it'd be weird if she had bought all this chili for just herself. Besides, taking a long detour would probably worry everyone else.


    "Yeah," Kido nodded. "It's not much further. If it's really that bad, though, we can just buy lunches at the convenience store. That's where I was originally heading anyway. ...I can buy you a lunch too in return if you want."

    It'd be rude to just toss them after he bought them, so might as well at least offer to buy him something too.

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  11. [​IMG]

    Well, well, well this was certainly an interesting development. She couldn't have realized that there was more to the chili that met the eye did she? If she did then he'd have to come up with some kind of explanation as to why he really knew Drayton. Maybe make up 'oh he killed one of my siblings' 'oh he killed my lover' but none of that really sounded believable in Leslie's eyes. But he had gotten this far and Kido seemed to be slowly trusting him! Oh man, Mickey and Chrome would have been so pleased with him! The sweetie was even going to buy him a lunch! It was almost enough to make him feel bad but he knew that Mickey had gotten in the in crowd with Sidney at their college. So sitting down and grabbing some lunch with a girl he was going to murder with two other serial killers would have helped score him street cred!

    Before Leslie could respond however, he'd feel a vibration coming from within the pocket of his jeans. Holding up a finger to silently ask Kido for a moment, he'd glance down at the text that was blaring right in his face. Held up enough so that Kido couldn't catch a peek at it of course.

    "What's taking you so long, Leslie? Did you find her yet? Chrome's getting impatient and so am I!"

    Well, the message wasn't in all caps and Chrome wasn't one to speak in the third person. Which left Mickey as the only other person who sent this message and Leslie couldn't help but be the slightest bit annoyed. They had only just found a hotel to crash at after murdering the previous occupants and Leslie had only gotten a couple of hours to walk around! So where was the hassle in catching Kido right away? As he started to write up a message, he rolled his eyes while responding to Kido.

    "Ah, I'm sorry Kido. I got parents back in New York and whenever I go somewhere, they tend to forget I'm 20 and not sixteen.." He murmured angrily, hopefully selling the comment to the teenager while managing to get across his genuine annoyance with his superior slasher partner.

    "I'm talking to her now. We're going to grab some food."


    Another message from Mickey quickly popped up and Leslie nearly dropped his phone with how quick the response was.


    Ugh, Leslie really resented that implication. He might have been a serial killer but he prided himself on being able to make friends. If only so he could brutally murder them later on. But the ability was still there! He didn't need to go around targeting sixteen year old girls for that kind of thing, that was too far beyond the pail for Leslie. Besides, Kido wasn't his final girl anyway. She belonged to Chrome and Mickey. It'd be wrong of him to claim her all to himself. Deciding not to respond to the message for now, he'd pocket the phone and flashed a smile Kido's way.

    "Again, sorry about that. I'm down for grabbing some food with ya!"

  12. To Kido, it just looked like a foreigner receiving a text. It was expensive to get a phone or SIM card for a different country, so it was probably something important. She just continued walking with Leslie as he dealt with whatever it was. Keeping her hands in her pockets, Leslie didn't have to try very hard to keep Kido from peeking over at the little screen. She wasn't even trying.

    Thus, thanks to more or less trusting this foreigner, she readily accepted his simple, believable story. Nodding, she remained silent as he continued to text. Perhaps in normal situations it was rude to text, but when each text was 25 yen or so a piece, it meant it probably needed to be done, and wasn't just done to ignore the present company.

    Not that two strangers really needed to make sure they didn't do so anyway, but still, manners.

    Once he finally finished his business, Kido simply gave him a small smile.


    "Don't worry about it. I know they can be annoying sometimes, but you should hold your parents close while you can."

    After all, not everyone could do so anymore, she thought.

    "Alright, it's on me. Anything you want in particular?" she asked as they began to enter the convenience store.

  13. [​IMG]

    "..Yeah, good point. They're just worrying for me and all."

    Kido's response had actually taken Leslie a bit by surprise. He was pleased that she had believed his performance. But the mention of his parents made him think about what his folks were up to. They hadn't necessarily approved of their son's desire to become one of the best serial killers. But after seeing how much fame people like Jason, Michael, and Freddy had garnered and how dedicated their son was to the craft, they pushed him to continue his dream. It's not known what became of them after this. Leslie left it up to interpretation about whether or not he killed them or simply refused to talk about them. Because Jason already had the 'loyal to mother' gimmick, Leslie couldn't infringe on that.

    As they stepped inside the convenience store, Leslie shrugged his shoulders.

    "You're doing enough by paying for me. Whatever you get, I'll be fine with." Leslie quipped before absentmindedly glancing out the window and his eyes widened.


    Standing across the street from the store was what seemed to be an adult man in his early-mid forties and dressed like he walked straight out of the 1970s. But Leslie knew full well who this man was. Had he been trailing the two of them this whole time? How had he failed to seen him? Someone like Leatherface's brother Choptop would have stuck out like a sore thumb. This of course didn't go unnoticed by the general populace who thought he was some really weird foreigner. Noticing that Leslie had seen him, Choptop flashed him a peace sign before making his way off snickering under his breath.


    Wherever Choptop was, Leatherface wouldn't be too far behind and Leslie wasn't armed. Not that things would have been any better if he had been. Kido may have likely wondered why he was carrying a sickle around with him. He had to get these snacks, find somewhere to eat with Kido and go from there. Before the Sawyer's got a chance to try and steal Kido away from him.


  14. Though Kido noticed the strange man, she had figured he must have been tailing someone else. After all, she was quite used to her ability making her unable to be noticed by others, so oftentimes people would stare her way without actually looking at her at all. Besides, with all the foreigners around she'd almost decided they were just all really weird.

    Leslie at least seemed reasonable though. Thus she continued to ignore that strange man, walking over to grab a few lunches. It was a small store and she came by often, so it was easy enough to find what she wanted. Leading Leslie to where they had some lunches, she spent a little while deliberating on what to get. Would he want something more Western since he was from there, or would he want to try something from here since he was visiting? It was actually a little harder to work with his "anything goes" response than if he wanted something in particular. In the end, since he was fine with anything, she decided to just buy what she'd normally buy. Just with one extra, of course.


    The teen passed him a rice ball and two wrapped breads. She figured she might as well pass it to him in case he wanted to eat as they walked.

    Though she had noticed him reacting to the unsightly foreigner from before.

    "Did you know him, or something?"

  15. "Ah, let's just say we used to hang around the same crowds. His tastes ended up differing from mine though so we went our separate ways."

    Whereas anyone else might have interpreted taste in a multitude of ways ranging from taste in friends, taste in things they liked, maybe even their taste in music! But Leslie knew better. He'd been neighbors with the Sawyers for some time since he started out trying to become a slasher. The Sawyers were amicable enough and were understanding and even supportive of Leslie's desire to become the best serial killer the world had ever feared. But once the body parts started getting turned into ribs/chilli then Leslie knew it was only a matter of time before his facade would shatter and he'd come to blows with the cannibals. Because murder was one thing, you hack somebody up and that's that. Eating them was something else entirely and a practice Leslie wanted absolutely no part in.

    Even more so when the Sawyers had a bone to pick with him, and by extension Chrome/Mickey. But he refused to let them have Kido. He may not have been the one to plunge the sickle into her head himself, but he was working with the two killers who'd do that and so much more. He wouldn't let a bunch of inbred cannibals get away with this.

    But he still couldn't turn down food.


    Taking the rice ball and bread, he plopped the rice ball right into his mouth. As he started to head for the door however, he paused. He heard a sound that seemed to be getting too loud, too damn quickly. Cursing under his breath, he glanced back at Kido with a tense look on his face.

    "Kido? I want you to go and hide. Right.."


    "Too late."

    The poor owner of the store likely was freaked out of their mind as they saw a stout man wearing what appeared to be a mask made out of human skin and wearing a butcher's apron, all the while standing at least seven feet tall and wielding a very huge and very menacing looking chainsaw.



    Just as Leslie had suspected, ChopTop had likely been scouting out Leslie and Kido's location and then informed Leatherface-dumb oaf as he was-on where he needed to go. All while Leslie was unarmed and couldn't get into a full on slasher vs slasher battle with Leatherface while Kido still believed him to be a decent guy. Taking a cautionary step back, Leslie kept his eyes focused on Leatherface, while keeping a hand outstretched towards a nearby two liter of Dr Pepper.

    "Well, here you are then, huh Bubba? Drayton send you..?"

    Muttering under his breath knowing that Leatherface was too unintelligent to offer up any response, Leslie glanced around to see if Kido had taken his advice and hid or if she was frozen in shock. He couldn't really blame her for the latter but standing around in horror movies got you killed! He should know, he was a slasher in training!

    "Head's up!"

    Throwing the Dr Pepper at Leatherface, the cannibal sliced it in two with his chainsaw. Resulting in him being quite with the splashback which earned Leslie an assortment of angry pig-like squeals as he charged towards Leslie and Kido with chainsaw raised.


  16. "Wh-wh-whaaat?!"

    Kido couldn't even pretend to keep her cool with the spectacle before her. Leslie didn't need to tell her twice. If a large, strange man came at you with a chainsaw, you ran. That much was common sense. But could her body actually take action?


    Fortunately, it could. Unfortunately, she'd had more experience with people trying to kill her than most. Though perhaps in this case, that was actually a blessing in disguise. After all, she still wasn't dead, and she planned for things to stay that way. The teen quickly side stepped away from the raging beast, whose vision was likely obscured by its hideous mask and the soda Leslie had just thrown.

    Kido wouldn't just hide though. This guy had decided to buy her chili for no real reason and then even bothered to tell her that it wasn't any good. For someone like that, she couldn't just hide and let him face off with this monstrosity. It wasn't like he seemed incapable or anything, quite to the contrary, but she couldn't in good faith leave him by himself. Of course, it was obvious that she couldn't simply brute force her way with this guy. It'd take a bit of dexterity and tactical thinking here.

    As Leatherface charged forward, she continued her sidestep to make her way behind the chainsaw-wielder.


    She let loose a kick into the back of his knee in an attempt to stagger him. Then she reached over for a crate filled with food, probably chips or instant ramen or something. With another shout, she arched her back and slammed it as hard as she could onto the huge man. She didn't expect it to seriously damage him, but that wasn't her plan.


    "Leslie, let's go! Quickly!"

    As soon as they were out of range, she could make them invisible with her ability. All they had to do was run for a little bit!


  17. [​IMG]

    "RAAARGH?! ARGH!!"

    Needless to say after being soaked with soda, the last thing Leatherface expected was to be smashed with a box! Food crashed to the floor around him and he let out a series of pathetic sounding pig-like grunts. This nasty green haired woman had hurt him! She'd pay for that! As Leatherface began to rise up, Leslie gave him a sharp kick to the head. Sending the massive cannibal stumbling into a nearby shelf, toppling it over and forcing him to drop his chainsaw off to the side of him. Watching as Kido stared to head for the exit however, Leslie couldn't help but be the slightest bit wary. There was no way Drayton or Choptop expected Leatherface to be capable of taking him down and capturing Kido by himself. Drayton didn't like to get involved in the messy nitty gritty affairs of his brothers. Which left only one other accomplice.

    "Kido, wait!"

    But Leslie's call would come out too late for as soon as Kido stepped outside, she'd see a shadow loom over her. Suddenly a grimy looking hand reached out and gripped her by the collar of her hoodie, preventing her from running off. If she looked up to see just who had grabbed her, she'd be looking right into the face of a deranged lunatic. The same lunatic who just so happened to be the former vietnam vet and Leatherface's brother, Paul 'Choptop' Sawyer. As drool dripped down his gnarled teeth, the moonlight reflected off the exposed metal plate in his skull as well as the hammer he was holding in his free hand.


    "Hehehehe! You've been hanging around Leslie, huh huh?! You don't know the real Leslie Vernon! Not like Bubba and I do! But it's okay! He'll be seeing ya off! Hehehehe!" After his mad rantings had been given, Choptop swung the hammer to smash Kido right in the nose with it. Not enough to knock her out but certainly stun her enough for Choptop to throw her over his shoulder and whistle to Leatherface. " LEATHERFACE! LEATHERFACE, YOU STUPID MORON! WE GOT THE GIRL, LET'S GO! FORGET LESLIE!"

    Picking himself up from where he'd fallen, Leatherface retrieved his chainsaw and sought to follow after his older brother. But Leslie wasn't about to let the Sawyer clan's muscle run off that easily. Reaching into the nearby fridge, Leslie grabbed a bottle of beer and rushing over, he sought to try and crack Leatherface over the head with it. The good news was that he succeeded and blood could have been dripping down from behind Leatherface's mask. The bad news was that Leslie had gotten too close and with a mighty swing, he ended up getting a decent sized gash across his stomach.

    "AGH FUCK!"

    Blood began to drip down from the wound and Leslie stumbled back himself. But Leatherface wasn't quite done yet. Holding the chainsaw in one hand, Leatherface used the other one to grip Leslie by the neck and throw him up against the fridge door with enough force to shatter the glass. Pleased with his actions, Leatherface slung his chainsaw over his shoulder and glanced over at Leslie, coated in blood and glass shards.



    For as many people as he sentenced to death by bringing them back to his family's abode, Leatherface knew Leslie to be a friend at one point. But if his family wanted Leslie dead or at the very least, his plans with those other killers ruined then so be it. He couldn't go against what his family wanted after all. They would have been mean to him if he disobeyed and he couldn't handle that. He was far too sensitive. So off he went and the Sawyers vanished with Kido able to see/hear everything that went down. Crossing a hand over his wound, Leslie glanced over as Choptop got further and further away with Kido.

    "I'll save you, Kido! I'll get you back!"

    Of course with likely a busted or at the very least bloody nose, Kido likely had other concerns on her mind. But she could rest assured that Leslie would stop at nothing to get her back. But while her thoughts of Leslie doing so may have been a bit more heroic, Leslie saw it differently. He just had to get Kido back so he wouldn't disappoint Mickey and Chrome. Speaking of which..

    "Fuck, they're gonna be so mad at me..."


    Staggering up to his feet, the shop owner who had been hiding behind their counter the whole time slowly peeked up. Their store was a wreck and one of their customers had been kidnapped and the other was bleeding with glass shards poking out of his back. "I-I'm calling the police!" He called out to Leslie only for Leslie to mentally groan. He wasn't infamous enough for the police to recognize him but dealing with them might have lead to too many questions that Leslie couldn't afford to answer. But he had to get Kido back before Chrome and Mickey found out he had lost her...

  18. Andou had been on his way to the convenience store when he bumped into Kido. However, he'd been slowed down a little bit in his confusion about the green-haired girl. Most people probably would have attributed someone disappearing suddenly as them just walking off. But Andou wasn't most people. He knew that superpowers definitely existed, and nobody should be left to deal with them all by themselves! So he'd attempted to go find her fruitlessly. Her ability to go invisible, for obvious reasons, made finding her extremely difficult.

    Eventually, he had to give up and just buy his lunch.

    But when he arrived at his destination, his mouth hung wide open.


    "Wh-what happened here?!"

    He was hardly thinking about lunch now. Compared to his everyday life with superpowers, this scene was ten times more crazy! A completely trashed convenience store with signs of things being...sliced? Nobody could do something like this with a small weapon like a knife. Andou turned his head to the store owner. He hardly seemed composed enough to talk about what had just happened. The injured man sitting in the drinks section, strangely, actually seemed overall less harmed in terms of mental state. Perhaps the pain had awoken him to the reality of it all?

    In any case, that was probably the person he should talk to. It felt kind of weird to be talking to the injured person...no, actually, wasn't that kind of like a light novel? Shaking unnecessary thoughts from his head, he approached Leslie and decided to try his luck.

    "Hey, what happened? Are you alright? Want me to call an ambulance for you?"

  19. "Fuck..."


    Before Leslie could worry anymore about what Chrome and Mickey would think if they found out he lost Kido, some kid randomly strolled into the store. Likely after seeing the damage and commotion Leatherface and Choptop had kicked up while kidnapping Kido. But wait, this guy was familiar. Yeah! He was the same guy Leslie had seen Kido bump into earlier while he was stalking her. Small world, huh? But he couldn't sit around and play sixty questions with some guy he was supposed to not have known. Leaning on a nearby shelf, Leslie gripped onto a particularly thick shard of glass that was lodged into his forearm and braced himself.

    "Okay Leslie, take it slow..One..Two..Three-EEEEEEH FUCK! FUCK!"

    He had succeeded in ripping the shard out. The only problem was the damage it did while he was pulling it out. The agonizing feeling of glass cutting up and mincing his flesh. Not to mention the cuts it left on his hand to grab it like that. But it'd only hurt more and come back to bite him in the ass if he just left it in there. If he got knocked down, who's to say the shards wouldn't get pushed further in? No, his best bet was to deal with them now. Which is why Leslie threateningly held the shard in Andou's direction as the boy approached him. "I know you probably don't mean any harm kid, but as you can probably guess I'm a bit on edge. Being assaulted by redneck cannibals, one of whom's seven feet tall and wielding a chainsaw tends to do that to a guy. But no I don't need a hospital.."

    Ripping another shard out of his back this time around, Leslie dropped it to the floor and shattered it under his boot.

    "I need someone to save my friend."

    Noticing the blood dripping from the newly opened gashes, Leslie ripped off a portion of his shirt and wrapped it around his forearm. It wasn't the perfect bandage but it'd have to do until he got out of this store and got to his costume and equipment. He was still in no condition to fight Leatherface head on without Chromeskull and Mickey backing him up. Let alone the entire Sawyer Clan. But this kid talking him up meant he was going to have to be postponed-Wait. If he could convince this kid to help him out then maybe he could distract the Sawyers while he followed in behind him and 'rescued' Kido and got her out of there before the Sawyers were any the wiser! Then it'd be just as simple as bringing her to Chrome and Mickey and he'd finally be an accepted slasher!

    "..Listen, kid? Can I call you Kid? I know the people who did this to the store. They're the worst America has to offer. Bunch of inbred rednecks who got a hankering for human flesh and they just ran off with a friend of mine, green hair, red eyes, wears a purple hoodie? Dunno if you know her but that ain't important. What is important that I need your help. Not the help of some cop who'll go in underestimating these guys and get axed off and feeling threatened? The bad guys might take care of my friend too. I don't want that and I'm sure you..ugh..Don't want that..AGH!"

    Shouting as he ripped a notably sized shard out from his side, Leslie winced for a brief moment before getting back to business. He was a slasher, pain was part of the game. That and every second they wasted, was another second that Kido was likely being prepared to be served up as a din-din for the Sawyers.

    "I'm Leslie Vernon and I'm sure whoever you are, you're a nice guy. Nice enough to help me out with this. So, no cops, just us. We sneak in, get my friend, and then get the cops." Idly tossing some yen on the ground, Leslie meant for it to be used to pay for the damages he had caused by being beaten up by Leatherface. Shambling out of the store, Leslie glanced around. He had made sure to dump his costume somewhere nearby incase the hotel room was compromised and he wouldn't be left without a guise to hide behind. "I think I saw them head in the direction of that..uh...One abandoned theme park? Nara something something Dreamland was it?"

  20. [​IMG]

    "Eh?! S-sorry!"

    Apparently he'd made a huge mistake talking to him! He was aiming a sharp piece of glass at him just for talking to him! Fortunately enough though, it seemed he didn't plan to threaten him for long. Long story short, he'd been attacked and his friend had been taken off by whoever did this to this store. A friend...that matched the description of the girl he was looking for in the first place! Green hair, purple hoodie, that was her exactly! What a lucky coinci- er, no, that was probably weird to say when she'd just been basically kidnapped.

    Though the situation was dire, it was indeed fortunate he'd heard about. Who could kidnap someone like her, who'd gone invisible before his very eyes? It had to be someone with special powers, like his own group, didn't it? That meant it was up to someone like him to help her! Well, he was the only one like him here, so in the end that just meant him, of course. He wasn't sure what exactly a redneck was supposed to be, but eating human flesh? What kind of monster was that?

    Ah, even for his everyday life with superpowers this was pretty crazy. But, though he didn't want to think it, perhaps some sort of vampiric-like power created monsters like that. That wasn't more crazy than the ability to stop time or create things, after all. It was just significantly less pleasant and more grotesque. The time had come for a real battle, and his superpower would have to help him! ...As a bluff more than anything else, really. He knew his power was useless. But nobody would expect a dark flame coming from a boy to be useless. He'd have to count on that.

    "Alright, I'll help."

    Andou collected himself and nodded firmly, a calm, confident smile plastered on his face. The authorities didn't need to know about superpowers just yet.

    "My name's Andou, and- eh?! You left already?!"

    He'd closed his eyes in thought when he'd nodded before, and now that he'd finally decided on what to do Leslie had already walked off. Yeesh, no wasting time, huh? Noting the yen on the ground, he picked it up. Hmm, it wasn't his but he did need some materials if he planned to fight people with usable powers.

    "Ha ha...sorry Dark and Dark..."

    It was so useless.

    Yet he wouldn't leave that girl for dead! That absolutely wouldn't do, even if she was a stranger! She had a power like him and everyone else! He looked around and picked up a few cans of soda. In a convenience store, that was probably about the best he'd find. He placed the money needed to pay for it on the counter and walked out of the store.

    "Now, Dreamland huh? ...It'll be wide open, but they'll probably be hiding in one of the attractions. I just need to find which one..."

    The boy quickly made his way over to the abandoned park.

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