The Jaguar People

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    Over two decades ago, the most brilliant minds joined together on a remote island to carry out an experiment that man had never thought possible. They had found a way to create a viable foetus with the unique combination of DNA from a jaguar and a human being. The question was, would it live? They implanted the first fertilised egg into a human host and waited with baited breath, anxious to see if their venture was a total waste of money or the bearer of fruits too sweet to imagine. The baby developed more quickly than a human one, though that was expected. All the internal organs seemed quite normal, though the heart was larger than most babies. Within just a couple of weeks, they where able to tell that the baby was male and more importantly, it would live.

    The scientists hurried to get more hosts to for the half-breed babies, delirious in their delight. It seemed their little gamble was about to pay off after all. They all had a streak of greed in them, all imagining the untold wealth that they could rake in from this experiment. They jokingly talked of making an army to terrorise the world, an army that would make them the kings of the universe and slowly but surely, this plan became more and more tangible. By this time the first baby had been born. His mother had been regretfully terminated. She was a loose end that they had to cut. What if she had let the whole world in on their little secret? The consequences where too horrific for thought.

    Eleven more babies where born, and eleven more women disappeared from the face of the earth. The guilt had faded away though and the scientists had convinced themselves that for there to be greatness, necessary sacrifices had to be made. The testing commenced on the babies when they where each two weeks of age. Sadly, the first baby had died from all the drugs that where pumped into his system to determine his capabilities and strength. They where careful with the remaining eleven, never letting anything get too intense to lead to death. After testing, the children would each be placed in a separate room until the next day. The scientists where too afraid to try and get more hosts. The society around them had become a little suspicious after ten young women had disappeared at roughly the same time.

    Ten years passed and the frustrations of the scientists grew. The children where not exhibiting any sign of supernatural strength or capabilities. In fact, they seemed abnormally weak. Ten long years and all for nothing. One of the scientists decided to give it one last try. The others viewed him as too idealistic and stupid. They had wasted enough money already and it was not giving dividends. The lone scientist told the others that perhaps the children needed something aggressive introduced into their environment, something that would bring out their instincts for survival. Perhaps then they would unveil the jaguars within them as they fought for their lives. The other scientists laughed and proclaimed that it was the dumbest thing they had ever heard. The children had been going through intensive and usually painful tests; they would have changed a long time ago if they could at all.

    We’re cutting our losses and leaving.’ One of the more arrogant scientists said.

    Wait. We’re leaving the children here?’ The one who had decided to stay asked?

    I can’t believe you even refer to them as children. They are abominations, useless ones at that.’

    The other scientists left him on the island alone and though he was daunted at first, his greed got the better of him. ‘There will be more for me when this works out.’ And his idea worked. It worked so beautifully that by the end of the week, he was dead, killed by the very monsters he had created.


    And now 18 years have passed. The island has been getting noticed by people and is now a booming tourist attraction. People flock there in their hundreds, staring in awe at the majestic beauty that nature has to offer. It even has a name now, Verde Isle because it is so green. Hotels and buildings are popping up every other day and some individuals even consider living permanently on the Island.

    But what most don’t know is that some people that come to the island never go back home.



    Daniella Winters (HUMAN)

    Growing up in an environment full of brainiacs always made Daniella feel like an underachiever. Her father was a scientist, and her mother was a professor at the local university. All Daniella wanted to do was paint and both her parents scoffed at this. When Daniella was 22, her father died. It saddened her greatly because even though he had been a slightly aloof man, he had still been her father. In an effort to better understand who he was and what used to drive him, she often went to his office to browse through his documentations and books. That’s when she found the experiment marked ‘X’. What she found inside horrified and fascinated her at the same time. Half-jaguar and half-human individuals… could they really exist? She was frustrated when the contents of the file abruptly ended and in that moment she decided that she would go and discover for herself whether the Jaguar people where a myth or whether they…lived.
    (You can come up with the rest)

    Caleb Sirenzo (HALF-HUMAN)

    He’s so quietly intense and has the ability to sneak up on people when they least expect him. Even though he’s half-jaguar, he’s never shifted and though he pretends that he doesn’t give a damn, he’s slightly jealous because all those who were part of the experiments shifted long ago. He has a high affinity to humans because he feels that he is more like them. Caleb feels like he’s living in a world where he’s on the inside looking out. He often wonders how it would be like to live in a real house, with a real family because he and his pack mainly occupy the forest. They only make forays into the real world to get supplies and he always feels as if he’s having a glance at what could-be. Caleb often goes into the city center of Verde Isle as unobtrusively as he can. His leader views everyone that is half-jaguar as a danger to society and they’re would be severe consequences if his little secret was found out.


    NAME: Your Character’s name

    HUMAN OR HALF-BREED: Is your character human or half-jaguar?

    APPEARANCE: You can put a description or picture.

    AGE: Self-explanatory.

    HISTORY: A general history of your character.

    PERSONALITY: How do they relate to other people? Are they confident, shy? Etc.

    PS- If I missed anything, please let me know! This is the first in-depth role-play I’ve done.

  2. Name: Elora Harper

    Species: Human

    Appearance: Undaunting is the first word that comes to mind when describing Elora. At five feet tall, she is already undaunting enough, but her build is delicate, soft, and ultimately adds to her overall appearance of a weak girl that hates exercise but loves to eat. She isn't quite fat, but her muscles are pitifully untoned and she isn't skinny. Her figure is nicely developed. Her hair is brown and full of bouncy curls that brush her shoulders. There is very little color in her dark eyes, but they are always wide open with fascination and excitement. A heavy dusting of dark freckles are heavy across her nose and gradually fade across her cheeks. Her face is small and round. Nothing she wears ever matches. Ever. Her appearance seems all at once child-like and innocent but mature.

    Age: 24

    History: Elora was born in a small town and led a very normal life. She had a large family and faithful friends, and nothing ever seemed to go tragically wrong in her life. She graduated high school and gave college a good try. She was never the brightest bulb in the box, so college was difficult for her. Thankfully, she scraped through college by the skin of her teeth and went on to become a journalist. Writing and exploring were two things that she loved, and she was good at both. Now she is on Verde Isle, examining a true paradise and experiencing the luxury of hotels so that she can write articles about where to stay, what to see, and what to avoid.

    Personality: Everything new is fascinating. Curiosity fills every corner of her mind, and she seeks out whatever she wants to know. Usually this is done with reckless abandon. As a writer, she sounds as if she would be very outgoing and boisterous. The opposite is true, though she does seem to vibrate with energy at all times. She's a little ditsy and careless, always tripping over her words when she finally decides to speak. She worries a lot of this, because she cares about people and enjoys being around them but can't communicate very well verbally. Common sense is someone inside her head, but she never seems to have access to it. In situations where she should be terrified, she only feels a little bit of fear.
  3. CHARACTER SHEET<o:p></o:p>
    NAME: Malika North<o:p></o:p>
    HUMAN OR HALF-BREED: Half-Jaguar<o:p></o:p>
    APPEARANCE: <o:p></o:p>
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    look at number 17...
    AGE: 28 goes with the pre-face you gave…<o:p></o:p>
    HISTORY: Born in a scientific facility, she knows nothing ofthe real world beyond the island, as one of the first babies born she feels aneed to protect the younger pups. It also helps to explain that her jaguarfather was the alpha of the pack. As one of the ring leaders that killed thescientists, she feels a heavy feeling of caution towards other humans. Like awild animal she loves food, and cold water<o:p></o:p>
    PERSONALITY: She’s confident with her pack members, butrather cautious towards outsiders<o:p></o:p>
  4. One question... these children (or later, adults) - what features do they have, if any? Do they look completely human, or anthro?
  5. Well, when they are young, there IQ grews tremendously along with their animal instincts but they are pretty weak and vulnerable. It takes something life-threatening or sudden need to protect those closest to them to bring on their first shift but after that, they can shift at will. Abilities are incredible night vision, they are also really strong with power concentrated in the jaws. They also have some psychic abilities and communicate telepathically with those who are like them. However, they have horrible tempers and sometimes the jaguar within them gets out of their control. Consequences can be disastrous because at that moment, the human part of the individual is over-shadowed by the jaguar.
  6. Accepted.
  7. Accepted
  8. Ah, thank you Tazmin, that clears things up :)

    NAME: Zacherinn


    APPEARANCE: As a human he has dark hair, almost black and is very athletically built. As a jaguar he has a very dark fur, almost black, but the spots still shine through. jaguar_wallpaper_1280x1024.jpg

    Being one of the first experiments-children, he is now 28.

    One of the "first". Although having been cooped up in a room in a facility most of his childhood life he couldn't help but be curious. Growing up to be an adult he focused on learning all that he could of what they had on the island. This lead to him becoming a very experienced tracker and hunter when they were finally free. Although he has the makings of becoming an alpha, he'd rather not have that responsibility and spends as much time as he can hunting and getting food for his people.

    PERSONALITY: Towards his own people he is very loyal and cautious towards the outside world. Despite this he is also curious and would rather watch than attack. If however the humans would pose a threat to his people he would not hesitate to defend.
  9. Accepted.
  10. Im thinking of joining, but i have one question
    This jaguar peoples, are they looking like humans and they can turn into jaguars or are they humans with animal parts, like tails, jaguar fur and jaguar ears?
  11. They look like humans but they can change into jaguars.
  12. Ok thanks ill be making my character as soon as i can.
  13. NAME: Mich



    mitch-hewer-cool-blonde-messy-hairstyles-for-teen-boys-_0.jpg (As a human)

    tumblr_lvwl21vCYf1qzya49o1_500.jpg (As a jaguar)

    AGE: 14

    HISTORY: Being one of the smallest members in the pack Mich isn't very strong and big so he relies on the others help for food and protection. His parents were one of the first half-breed made, but they died. Mich was just a little baby when his parents died. It was the day that the humans toke over their island, building were made, roads were created and then the humans came. Mich's parents tried to stop this but instead of stopping this madness, they died in a car accident. Because of the new technology that was now in their island and that the jaguar peoples didn't knew what that was, that made a deadly combination for the two parents.
    But life continuous, Mich has lived without his parents with the help of his pack and now he is a grown man that can take care on his own.

    Mich is a shy guy when he interacts with humans, but when he is around his pack he is friendly and very communicative. Mich is very curious he likes to spy on the humans and see how they live, his curiosity has gotten him in a lot of trouble but he never exposed his secret.

  14. He can't be that young, unless his mother had him when she was 14 as well because 28 years have passed since the jaguar people came into existance.
  15. Yeah, I can't resist the alluring power of the jaguar.
    I'm reserving a spot here for a female jaguar girl. With a temper, mind you.

    NAME: Irannia (Ira, pronounced 'E-rah')

    Half-breed, one of the jaguar people.


    As human:


    As Jaguar:

    Irannia has a slender, yet strong body, in either of her human or feline forms. Her eyes always keep the same yellow- green shade, which might give her away when she is under her human form.

    As a human, her hair is black, and her skin has a tan shade to it, although not too dark.
    As a jaguar, her fur sports bold, large marks on her back and sides; the marks join at her spine, forming some sort of chained line pattern there. She has a black 'necklace' mark that appears twice on her neck.


    Born as well as one of the first jaguar people. Although she used to be somewhat shy when she was little, she grew up and developed a resentful attitude towards most, and her hatred towards the scientists was something she never bothered to hide. In fact, she remembers killing that last scientist as one of the few things with purpose she did in her life.

    She's not very sociable. She prefers staying on her own, alone, but she will listen -not very patiently, however- at anyone that might approach her without harmful intentions; she will help another jaguar-person if she's asked to, but she will probably attack most humans in sight if they dare enter her territory. She's quick to anger and easily provoked, but she's intelligent and will always try not create much trouble. That is why she prefers staying alone.

    Irannia is a keen hunter and swimmer, and she prefers staying under her jaguar shape. Her cautious attitude made her a good stalker, although she would not dare to attack if she does not feel she there is a good chance of success.
  16. Tazmin they are half jaguars, cuz they are half animals isnt it possible that they make babys when they are younger, im just saying if you want ill fix my charcter sheet.
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  18. Alright then Nichoo, if that's what you really want, 14 years it is.
  19. Accepted. And IC is coming up on friday, yay!!!
  20. Ok thanks Tazmin. :D