The Jackpot!

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  1. So I was talking with my parents about the lottery and how it is at 640,000,000 right now. My parents of course bought some tickets and of course they didn't win but we were all talking about what we would do with the money. This brings me to my questions.

    What would you do if you won the lottery?

    How would you spend the money? Would you share it? Keep it to yourself? Put it in an off shores bank account in Switzerland?

    Let me know!

  2. Contact the family lawyer and the family accountant. There needs to be a plan. I want to have this money last me my whole life.

    This aside I'd pay off the family mortgage, and assorted house hold bills and debit. Then I would kidnap a handsome man to get passports and go to Hawaii for real estate shopping. Then see the world, starting in Arkansas, cause you can't start a world tour anywhere else! Oh the adventures I would have! I would then try to do good with the freedom I have. Maybe do speeches on health, energy and sustainability. Maybe write some books too.

    The world would be my oyster, but I would still be living on a budget. It would just be a vastly bigger budget then now that affords me more freedoms.
  3. If I won i wouldn't tell anybody about it. Because information like that is too good to keep secret. I would buy a private estate with a nice house, and live normally but just a bit larger.
  4. - Pay for house
    - Buy a badass brand new car.
    - Buy houses for parents & siblings.
    - Vacation once a year! 8D
  5. * tithe because I never have

    *ask my dad (and brother) his thoughts, because he's practical, intelligent, and not greedy.

    *find a way to multiply those moneyz, wait as long as needed to sort things out (possibly hide it all in cash so no one can try and tax it if they can do that >:o )

    *pay off family's debt, possibly get ex-uncle hit by a kat bus and give his restaurant chain to his daughters and ex-wife that he was douche-y to

    *pay for the best medical care for my puppy so she could get better

    *buy a new house for my brother and sister-in-law

    *pay for super-great treatment for said sister-in-law so she can haz babies without incident

    *buy a private jet and hire my almost-pilot-friends to be the pilots

    *start an organization that helps rescue sex slaves and bring them to the US if they want, take care of them in their homeland if not

    *start a care house for the rescued that come to U.S.

    *establish a protection system for them

    *buy a mall, let the children from my new orphanage shop and eat and live there. Enroll them all in school or college.

    *buy my mom the volvo she wants but can't buy because of our puppy's medical bills (we think she is much better than a volvo, though)

    *maybe just buy a huuuumungo mansion for my immediate family instead of buying a mall. Hire staff, let the rescued live there.

    *SHOPPING. SHOPPING FOR EVREH-ONE. In my family and rescued-family, I mean. Sorry, guys.
  6. Is it dollars?
    In that case it would probably look somewhat like this:

    50,000 dollars would go to my studies in japan plus the plane tickets, food and apartment.
    50,000 dollars to further studies in japan if the two first years goes as planned.
    300-700 dollars on taking car licence (haven't checked how much it will cost so just guessing how much it is in Sweden)
    1000-5000 on a car
    5,000,000 dollars will be saved so I have later in life when it will become necessary
    The rest will be given to different charity thingies like animals, starving people and so on.

    Wow 635,000,000 to charity, they would be really happy if I won xD hahah