The Iwaku Traitor Game! The Great Power Beyond!

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  1. *Wipes away a single man tear* 'tis a beauty.

    Yep that sounds right! So the Evolutionists haven't sent the Collectors in yet so no high stakes drama. Two evolutionists, Damon and Rina, are just scouting the area to make sure its clear and the Collectors know where to go.
  2. (I'm not trying to insult you or Blair, I just thought it was funny)


    He and Dylan watched the footage over and over. He put his head in his hands. "So, this yields legitimately no leads. And Dagger didn't even have any cameras in their buildings."
  3. Filing. Perhaps one of the more boring portions of being a spy, but it put Due at ease. Jail's plan was unfolding just perfectly, and almost ready to move on to the implementation phase...She just had to play her part inside this office building, getting as close to the TSAB leadership as she could.

    Then, quite suddenly, she was not where she was and she was somewhere else. Some woman was yelling about a juke box.
    "Ugh. No, I don't know where we are. Please shut up."