The Iwaku Traitor Game! The Great Power Beyond!



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This immense medium seems infinite to us, yet that is just another assumption we, man itself, attained in hopes of 'explaining' things. Yet, there are so much that has yet to be known to us, many things that could form other aspects of the real truth.

Dimensional-hopping, for example, is just another fantasy item to us, used to conjure great stories foretold of beings traveling to another dimension, another universe... another world.

Yet, it is all so real indeed. And one man - no, one entity, to be exact - sought to manipulate these worlds.

For what reason, you questioned? There always has to be a reason for everything for your... minute creatures, isn't it? Well, if we know the true intention behind this... 'Beyonder's' actions, we shall then know why had God brought us here.

The Beyonder is no God, of course. Not the God, anyway, but his abilities to alter the very fabric of reality makes him close to become a god.

And alter he did.

Like... God, the Beyonder disliked everyone, assuming himself as the perfect being. Which, might be true, but the accuracy of that was of no matter to the Beyonder when he brought together several individuals from these... 'worlds', attempting to test out his little experiment, of whether if everyone else deserves the gift that which 'The Almighty One' had granted them.

Ke$ha's curly blond locks flung around her face as she raised her bottle of whiskey to the air, shouting out loudly as she jammed out in a local club in L.A. She was at an accelerated pace, everything fading into the all-seducing electronic music. The party invigorated her very being, until, blackout. She felt a sudden disconnection, as if ripped right out of the club. Soon, silence filled her ears as she felt around the ground she was lying in with her pale hand. She groaned as she got up, looking at the now vastly different surroundings as she couldn't help but stare in shock with her light blue eyes. The hell happened to the party, man?

Ke$ha moved her hair out her face, wondering why she had been placed here. Ugh, where's the music? Ke$ha complained as she groaned once more. Wondering if others were around so that she could attempt to restart the party before a hangover set in, she called out into the bleak environment surrounding her.

"Hey! Anybody here?!" Ke$ha desperately asked. "And if so, do you have a juke box?" Ke$ha yelled.
Filing. Perhaps one of the more boring portions of being a spy, but it put Due at ease. Jail's plan was unfolding just perfectly, and almost ready to move on to the implementation phase...She just had to play her part inside this office building, getting as close to the TSAB leadership as she could.

Then, quite suddenly, she was not where she was and she was somewhere else. Some woman was yelling about a juke box.
"Ugh. No, I don't know where we are. Please shut up."