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The Iwaku Tea Party!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ochalla, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. There's no reason to bring politics into this, Paorou.
  2. He must work for Faux.
  3. Paorou, old bean, would you enjoy a crumpet? How about a SCONE?
  4. I say, how crass.

    *fixes monocle*
  5. *Pinky extends.*

    How very droll. *Titters behind fan.*
  6. You want tea? go fish it out of Boston Harbor!!! *throws tea into boston harbor*

    Egad, young ruffian; Now be on your way before I engage you in fisticuffs.
  8. *Eats a scone*

    Bread for the bread god.
  9. This is splendid, just splendid!
  10. *fixes monocle*
  11. I do tire of your song, and dance.

    *Adjusts his bowler, and refrains from sex in order to be more British than everyone else.*
  12. -pours tea and plays violin- ;A;
  13. *Continues breaking Tea Boxes and throwing them into Boston Harbor*
  14. *Messes up the British thing with decadent Louis XV style.*


    *Catches birds in her giant powdered wig.*
  15. How quaint.

    *sips tea from a tiny tiny teacup*
  16. *smokes a pipe in front of his fireplace*