The Iwaku Tea Party!

There's no reason to bring politics into this, Paorou.
He must work for Faux.
Paorou, old bean, would you enjoy a crumpet? How about a SCONE?
*Pinky extends.*

How very droll. *Titters behind fan.*
You want tea? go fish it out of Boston Harbor!!! *throws tea into boston harbor*

Egad, young ruffian; Now be on your way before I engage you in fisticuffs.
*Eats a scone*

Bread for the bread god.
I do tire of your song, and dance.

*Adjusts his bowler, and refrains from sex in order to be more British than everyone else.*
*Continues breaking Tea Boxes and throwing them into Boston Harbor*
*Messes up the British thing with decadent Louis XV style.*


*Catches birds in her giant powdered wig.*
How quaint.

*sips tea from a tiny tiny teacup*
*smokes a pipe in front of his fireplace*