The Iwaku Shipping Spree

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  1. Diana don't kill me but...

    We are now going to ship* members in a very platonic and joking way that will NOT CAUSE ANY DRAMA OR HURT FEELINGS WHATSOEVER because we are mature people that can handle poop and butts with only a few giggles.

    So here's the plan:

    You, participant, will need to present us with whomever you consider to be the most bestest iwaku ship in the universe, along with reasons why. We will then debate this, and counter with our own pairings until one of many things occur: A.) We agree on a ship B.) The thread dies because y'all are party poopers or C.) The thread gets locked.

    Keep in mind that we are doing this the way Lizard Squad does things -for the lulz- and that if shit hits the fan you need to drop it like it's an infected anthrax blanket. If you're aware of any past relationships on Iwaku, I'd probably suggest avoiding those pairings as well.

    Otherwise, knock yourselves out. If it gets intense... add a spoiler.

    *"Shipping, derived from the word relationship or friendship, is the desire for two people, often fictional, to be in a relationship, romantic or otherwise." - Wikipedia
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  2. I ship @Fluffy with @The Butterfly. Why? Because thy are both butts. Fluffy, the Fluffbutt and The Butterfly the butt goblin. There.
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  3. @Sansa Stark and @Elixir because they're both cute fangirls.

    I wonder if I can ship myself with someone... 'Twould be a pity if I couldn't...
  4. Platonic? Fuck that shit! @Ser K+ I ship us! c'mere baby boy and gimmie kiss! >:[

    I also ship us!

    Fuck it, I'm shipping everyone! Harbor = fucking empty!
  5. Well, seeing I can think about plenty of people who will approve of this...

    I ship @Gerontis and @ChromeHound .

    Why? Cause I feel like trying to make everyone on Iwaku ship em.
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  6. I was getting scared the moment I saw the title of this thread.
    Now my fear is confirmed...

    Oh pancakes..
  7. @redblood and @Darog (I hope this is Dargo's username here.)

    Because they both sound like they are reading from a script whenever they discuss something and it's just perfection. (So does everyone involved with the Roasts but still these two stick out and haven't been mentioned already :D)
  8. Brick is the best ship ever! Wait.. It's platonic? Damn it. >_< ONE DAY!!! -starts writing fanfics-

    o.O I don't know what to think about this. Now I'm suddenly glad it's only platonic xD So what's the shipping name? Bloodar? Redrog? Create a ship and it needs a name!
  9. I'm horrible at this.... Redog or Darood

    And you labeled it as a debate too. O_O Are you crazy.

    I'M NOT GOING TO PROTECT YOU NOW! -snatches her suitcases and storms out.-

    Also @Ochalla and @Ozzie Chanter wooot! Boss lady and hot mansecretary for the win!
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  11. If you gotta ship, don't use UPS. Those collect on delivery fees will getcha.
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  12. Salixir is the shipping name! *feels dumb after realizing two usernames weren't a shipping name*
  13. I don't own people, so I can't ship them....
    *proceeds to ship*

    I don't roll my carpet down that runway, son.

    Tegan x Asmodeusu
    Because they're canon. Present too.

    @Ser K+ x @heliacalRebirth
    They'd make a cute couple, eh? Eh?
    Totally kidding.
    (explain to me why my phone wanted to change that to "kissing") This is that platonic you were asking for.

    @jared555 x Iwakubot

    @Expllo x my list of possible stalkers.

    @Shadow x his hand.
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  14. As sad as it is, I can't deny this ._. Not at present, at least. Lately I've been getting shut down by people and friends who I wasn't even interested in to begin with.
  15. @Razilin and every female member with an avatar that shows boobs.

    How has no one said this yet?
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  16. @Diana and nipples, apparently.

    According to @Torsty, at least.
  17. I GET A HAREM!?


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  18. It's platonic, Raz. You can look, but you can't touch!
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