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  1. NOTE: Before you start, this is not a guide, its not a rally, or discussion. This is merely My own opinion on Iwaku's rating system and why I choose to defend it. How I have come to see and use it. What it is to me. May you find for yourself, the way it works best <3


    I have been for a while noticing something happening with ratings.

    Rating buttons have always been used to make something known. What is trying to be said is instead put through a passive aggressive use of the rating system and all too often is it taken to heart. For as such an opinionated person myself, I am surprised I do not have more negative ratings. XD mayhaps my good intentions shine through, but regardless of my intentions, I try to refrain from certain topics and that helps. ALOT.

    All to often I am seeing people get upset over being negatively rated and I would like to point out a few things that might make some of you feel better. Cause lets face it, The Iwaku ratings are way too fun and add something genuine to the community, but like any community you will have people who don't know how to use it and even abuse the privilege. Take solace in the fact it is no longer a mark or reflection of our writing skills, it has now become a reflection of us and our social competence.

    Here are some things that make Iwaku and it's community(you) benefit from the ratings.

    if you are one of those people that can't handle being negatively rated that's ok, one thing that makes Iwaku great is that, people don't get away with saying just about anything they want like on facebook. Suuuure people still get reamed out by others on FB BUT, let's be honest, FB has a tendency to talk about damn near everything political under the freaking sun. This community itself let's it be known what the social norms are. it's real, and true when we as the community get to draw that line together.

    -WHO CARES?!
    really at the end of the day none of these people rating you live your life, know your struggles, or 'want' to understand where you are coming from(unless they PM you which HEY THERE'S AN IDEA, Keep it civil and get to know the person and you might get your negative rating revoked 8D.) If you don't get upset over stupid ratings, you can calmly communicate with the member and sort something out if that would make you feel any better. Otherwise I suggest not getting hung up on what others perceive for themselves about you, someone they barely know.

    -I once believed- that I needed everyone to like me and tried too hard to do everything, and that pressure made me an anxious ball of stress, one day I had to stop caring. I just stopped, and though its easier said than done, what people thought of me meant a lot less than what I thought of myself.

    When you have negative ratings you have to keep in mind what you are being rated on and be open to criticism. Banking all of your emotions into a negatively rated post is just ridiculous and I bet you have way better things to be thinking about. like LIFE.
    Really...Who wants to go through life, not being opposed or challenged to think differently by anyone....NOT ME.
    I do not want everyone to like me, I do not want everyone to agree with what I say, I like to be opposed so that I may look through another persons eyes, to possibly see how they see. You should stand by your negative ratings and be as proud of them as you are your positive ones. (unless you are truly being a douche and everyone is jumping on you because you said something obviously stupid)

    -ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD- its only someone else's opinion about something 'you' said. If you are going to say something you must expect consequences, good and bad. you cannot expect 4,000 some members on a RP site to agree with everything you say, feel, or share. Take it with a grain of salt, be brave, be you.

    -IT HELPS TO LEARN SOCIAL COMPETENCE- for those of us who are shy, anxious, and downright terrified to be looked at in a negative light, I truly believe you are denying yourself the opportunity to learn what is acceptable in small groups VS. The community. How much you socialize on the internet doesn't mean a thing, Its other human beings feedback and reactions to what you say that really make an impact and truly helps you to evolve and even more so in how you handle the situation.

    If somebody doesn't like something you said, and you truly feel in your heart that it was a joke, or taken the wrong way. Chalk it up to a learning experience in the strangeness of your fellow human beings.Either way, Don't let the opinion of others rue your own. Accept the fact that other peoples opinions are going to be different, if not, the opposite of yours. The world would be so boring if we all agreed on everything.

    I hope this shed some light and helps you to be more confident in yourselves, regardless of how others might react while also taking their different views into consideration.

    For those Who choose to rate another persons posts, post in a public forum, and socialize beyond Role play.

    Abusing the rating system utterly ruins the true value of what I like to consider a Liberty. Rating simply because you do not agree with stupid and weak, you should voice your opinion why instead of hiding behind a rating or keep it to your self, because I'll give you a hint, You're doing it wrong.

    It is very easy to get upset at something another person has to say, but this goes for everyone, and no longer, without saying;

    Those who rate, can rate, and be rated equally. You are putting yourself out into the public and I urge you to act with understanding, compassion, and common fucking sense.

    “As we are, so we do; and as we do, so is it done to us; we are the builders of our fortunes.”

    If you fail to make use of these three human virtues, when being a presence amongst the public of a community, You will be subject to equal scrutiny and must be prepared to handle the consequences of your actions. Considering the voice of the many is an absolute MUST when publicly speaking and voicing interests/concerns/opinions.

    Truth be told, your actions absolutely effect others.

    Please think, or even communicate before you act in public.....

    Never know exactly who is watching.

    you are all wonderful people, in your own ways.
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  2. Very eloquently put! <3

    In short, the ratings are a tool to help show support and teach! Give people LOVES when they do something great. Give them NO NOS when they need to rethink their posts. Don't take them as personal attacks. ...And if someone IS abusing the rating system, they will find their privileges revoked.
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  3. Ratings can be revoked?
  4. We can delete ratings when someone has abused them. O_O

    And by privileges revoked we mean "Slap you with a warning and/or kick you out". >>;;
  5. You can apparently undo your rating on a post. If that changes a person's ratings numbers, I don't know.
  6. I see I see. Thank you Diana.

    Yes, removing your rating, then removes the rating from the members record. Nothing is set in stone.
  7. I agree Fijoli and also miss hearing from you!
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  8. I just don't bother with ratings at all. They don't matter to me.
  9. Advice: If it bothers you, delete the rating as soon as you get it.
    No hard feelings, kids. Live life!
  10. @IceChateau777

    You can't delete ratings that someone else has given you. Only thing you can do is delete the post. >__>
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  11. Unless you are a bribing donating member, that is. The green ones can delete other's posts and ratings. (Or that's how I understood it when someone with a green label got pissy of my negative rating.) The power of money is amazing, innit? Too bad I don't trust myself a credit card and I don't trust PayPal, so I'll probably never be one of those. Unless direct bank transfers come about. And I doubt that.

    Anyway, @Fijoli put it good up there. I don't usually comment anywhere or actually pop up anywhere other than my own RP because I'm a hermit that doesn't care about the happenings around in general, but I thought this was so well put that it deserved a rating and an encouraging comment. So. Yeah. Here's your encouraging comment...?

    Okay, I think it's time for me to crawl back to my hidey hole and stop making anymore of a fool of myself. Just so you know I'll be waving a tiny flag from there somewhere.

    EDIT: I think this guy puts it well when it comes down to dealing with criticism and giving criticism.
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  12. Donating members can soft-delete and I believe un-delete posts in their own threads. If you soft-delete a post, it clears the rating history.
  13. @Ozzie Chanter


    RIGHT! I totally knew that. I just kinda forgot to mention it earlier and yeah...

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  14. I'm technically the most disliked person on iwaku :D Just wondering - you can delete ratings on your own posts cant you, does that remove them from the total ratings?
  15. I just don't use the rating system. If I have a strong enough opinion of your post that I feel the need to express it, I'll just make my own post quoting it.
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  16. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have found Fijoli's Iwaku Zodiac.
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  17. I was wondering why I had 2 dislikes and it magically went down to one at some point. Someone must have deleted the post, that's why I think.
  18. At first it hurt me when people gave me negative ratings because they did it to be mean or without good reason, and it broke my heart to see that I was one of the most negatively rated members after not having been active for that long. But I guess I've sorta moved on now. I'm still a bit confuzzled over what ratings count as negative and what counts as positive. I mean dislike doesn't count as negative, and you get a cookie sound positive although I do't know if it counts as a positive rating.
  19. I am unfortunately one of those sensitive babies that gets upset by things like negative ratings and downscoring. I never pitch a fit about it, but I'm so eager to please everybody that I get internal sads when it happens.
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  20. I've never gotten a negative rating (.... Am I jinxing myself?) I have no idea how xD I guess I'm just not active enough in the discussion topics haha It seems like that's where all the negative ratings are when people disagree with each other.

    Personally I don't give negative ratings. I don't think it's very useful if you can't leave a comment with the bad rating, telling them what you found to be wrong with the post. Of course you can do it through PM or just comment on the thread, but in that case I'll just comment on it without rating it, as my point will come across either way. ^^ But I don't condemn (or think negatively of) the use of negative ratings, that's also a way of showing that the person should think a bit more about their posts before they actually post it. Just use it wisely and don't make it into a bullying tool :)

    I do use positive ratings a bit now and then, usually when I think my partners have made an awesome post in our rp, or when the admins have given us a great new feature. But it happens that something makes me interested enough (or someone says something I really agree with) in the chat section to give it a good rating too.

    But yeah, what I wanted to say was, don't abuse the rating system, aaand try to give constructive criticism if you give someone a bad rating, then it's easier for them to understand what was bad with what they wrote :)
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