The Iwaku Hoedown

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Iwaku Hoedown

Welcome everyone to the Iwaku Hoedown. As some of you may know this is a game that comes from Whose Line Is It Anwyay? If you do not know the rules to the game then I shall explain them.

First we get a subject to sing about. This could be just about anything. The subject will change every four responses.

Second we write four verses that rhyme in AABB fashion at the end of the line.

Finally the tune we sing it to is:

[ame=""]YouTube - Whose Line: Going Bald Hoedown[/ame]

So we will start out with something like this.

Category: Something you always wanted to be.

Answer: Iwaku Admin

Let's begin the Iwaku Admin Hoedown

Oh I always wanted to be an Iwaku Administrator
I thought I'd always get to it so I scheduled it for later
So now I'm sitting in the Staff as a GM man.
At least it is better than what they did with Pan.
I feel like Ryan about this stuff, mang.

I always wanted to be a really big dope dealer
And so I got started with a small business in Harlem
But it all came down some five months ago
And so I got thrown into jail with a guy called Stacy
Says the guy with the homo in the first hoedown he thinks up -_-
Oh I always wanted to be a homo
But instead I ended up bro mo' ;(
I think it's all the fault of Jinx
I'm an administrator, I think I'm really cool,
When people ask me questions, I treat them like they're fools
But what I really want to be is something so much more
I want to be a novelist and have money for whores!

Does that mean I get to choose the next topic? Sweet!

Category: Overused character races

Answer: Angels

I wanted to have power, a character with zing
So I wore a plastic halo and some paper wings
After I beat every foe I face, they ask me what to do
I chop them into gibs and say, "Become an angel too!"
Oh I'm a shiney angel, reciting poetry
An outlet for the writer's bisexuality
I'm stern but really sensitive, I'm vulnerable but strong
You know you want to sleep with me and suck my massive schlong!