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    let flights of admins code thee to thy rest!

    So yeah, until the groups system comes back online, I hope everyone following Steven Universe (and, to a lesser extent, Adventure Time -- I REMEMBER YOU) would congregate here, discuss last-episodes and fan theories and shit, as before. I don't really have much to say about this week's episode -- sure, I thought it was good, made especially special by the whole Garnet focus in the first act (huzzah to Estelle singing!), but it still feels kinda overshadowed by the great flurry (fallout?) of episodes that was the Nuke, and somehow it felt a little too direct (but that may just be me). Still, again, thought it was good, knew it was solid -- but yeah, that's all. How about y'all?

    But dang, people really drove away Lauren Zuke from Twitter. Even the Peridot thing is dead! PERIDOT (@PERIDOT5XG) | Twitter :(
  2. I haven't seen the latest Steven Universe eps yet, but I just finished season three a week or so ago and those little Rubies were frigging adorable. Also that Bismuth episode was a feels trip and the season was wonderful and you've reminded me that I need to go and catch up xD. Also Lapis and Peridot living together is cute and their art is terrific.

    As for Adventure Time, waiting for the last two eps of the season :0 Preboot and Reboot sound like they're going to be intense. Curious about what story arcs they'll focus on in season 8 (if we'll get to see more of the whole Betty now inside Simon's crown thing, or if we'll ever see Martin again), wondering how many more seasons we have left and what the movie is going to be about.
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  3. aw shit I didn't know there was an SU group! My people :')

    Thursday's episode was definitely very direct, but the message meant a lot to me. It took me a long time personally to learn to acknowledge my emotions, and I felt the manifestations of Steven's guilt were pretty powerful. It can feel a lot like that (to me, at least.) Also I loved hearing Garnet's and Stevonnie's duet -- that's another song I'm gonna need to download for my music library!

    I heard about the Zuke thing, too, and I'm still pretty appalled by it. This fandom does complete 180s on people so fast; I thought Zuke was their doll. I guess that's what you get when your fandom mostly resides on The Bad Side of tumblr. I hope she is okay. :(
  4. I really liked this week's episode and found it extremely relatable. I, too, can often get caught up in negative thoughts -- to the point where things that shouldn't even be an issue start reminding me of all those things that I'm ashamed, angry, or regretful about. I just feel like this episode was an important reminder about how to deal with all those things, and how to look at them and realize, "it's just a thought".

    Also, seeing all the things weighing on Steven's mind was really interesting. It's easy to find fan discussions pointing out how he probably blames himself for a lot of the shit that's happened lately, and how the way everyone constantly talks about how great Rose was probably makes Steven feel like he's inadequate, like he'll never be as amazing as her, not to mention the way that he sort of blames himself for Rose's death. But it's so rare to see all of that brought front-and-center in-canon to see how much it's really affecting him.

    And it was really interesting to see just who came to mind during that whole sequence, and why. Bismuth and Eyeball were understandable, as Steven hurt them both, and he feels incredibly guilty about it. We know that it was in self-defense and that Steven didn't have much of a choice, but, it still weighs on him. But then there's Jasper... Steven didn't even do anything to Jasper. Jasper was the one who tried to fuse with a corrupted gem, and then became corrupted, and then refused Steven's help when he offered it. Steven did everything he could to help. None of what happened was his fault. He wasn't even the one who poofed her! And yet, he still blames himself for what happened to Jasper.

    And then, at the height of his anxieties, there was Rose -- and the way she looked at him, man... that look of disapproval. That hurt. All the other gems keep building Rose up like she was a saint. Rose could've helped Jasper. Rose could've helped Eyeball. Rose is upset with Steven for all of his failures -- for the fact that he couldn't help those gems. That's how Steven sees it, anyway.

    And this is made even more complicated with the news of Rose shattering Pink Diamond. Steven can no longer see Rose as this perfect, forgiving pacifist -- Rose is capable of doing harm, too. Maybe that's why she looks so angry at Steven. The perfectly kind Rose that Steven knew up until recently wouldn't be angry with him. But the Rose that shattered Pink Diamond... well, who knows what she's capable of.
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  5. I love this show.

    Also Stronger than you and Here comes a thought are fighting for dominance over my mind, but it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay. The two of them aint gonna follow my rules.
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